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2D Art Tutorials (Skinning)
Title Author Description
2D Art - Signature Style~ Grunge Image Blending
01-30-2005 10:17 PM
Alpha Mapping
03-30-2006 02:08 AM
Orc_Tamer Want to remove a weapon from a model without editing the model? This tutorial outlines basic use of alpha channels.
Basic metal light reflection
03-14-2006 08:36 PM
Zapp90 Metal reflections and the theory behind them, if you’re preparing to skin armor; read this first.
Basic Skinning and Skinning on Mac
07-19-2007 10:10 PM
Blending colors without smudge
04-08-2006 05:53 PM
TDR A basic video tutorial on how to blend colors properly, without the use of smudge tools. Perfect for beginners.
CG Tutorial
03-29-2006 03:45 PM
Color blending technique illustrated
03-19-2007 07:07 AM
Creating High Quality Synthetic Textures
04-20-2004 03:11 AM
Thunder Pickle Very simple steps to creating clouds, fire, foil, stone, glass, fibers, fur and metal. A great beginner’s resource.
Creating Seamless Textures - from tiled textures to complex UV's
08-30-2007 01:54 PM
Crystal effect for Icons
01-06-2006 10:25 PM
Mc !
Easy Skinning Tutorial - Metal
11-13-2006 02:24 AM
Hair/fur the easy way
11-14-2006 01:14 PM
wij The spelling looked horrible ;)
How to make an icon
01-07-2006 01:33 AM
Tiki A complete icon creation guide, from adding borders, to states, to drawing the icon itself. A must-read for beginners.
Paintshop for Beginners
09-12-2004 10:04 PM
Thunder Pickle An outline of the tools and options available to you when using Paintshop.
Shiny & Cute Jewels
12-06-2008 04:55 PM
Simple Metal Shading
05-02-2006 04:12 PM
Travinkel A video tutorial which displays the process of shading metal objects; previous knowledge is expected.
Skinning - All about Tiles
10-17-2004 11:06 PM
Lil Blue Smurf A thorough explanation of tilesets, where to find them and how to edit them.
Skinning Chainmail Tutorial
11-25-2006 11:33 AM
Skinning Realistic Metal Armour
03-14-2006 03:06 PM
Jumbo_pie A great step-by-step for Photoshop beginners, following the process of making realistic metal textures.

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