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Default (10) Paintball EXTREME V 1.10

(10) Paint ball EXTREME V 1.20 - RELEASE (Paintball EXTREME V 1.20.w3m)~ Xios6

This game is a shooting game, it has my own skins (they aren't great but its more fitting to the game than the blizzard skins).
there is 6 different games:

Hamburger Hill: one team starts off at the bottom of the hill, and can attack from a 360 degree angle, the aim of the game is to get into the center square on the very top of the hill.

Speed Ball: both teams have to run into the center (taking cover behind the boards if needed), grab the flag in the center, and take it into the opposing teams base.

The Fort: one team starts deep in the forest, the other in a fort. the attacking team has about 10 different paths to choose, to keep those defenders guessing. the defenders can stand on the walls to get a good shot. get one man inside the center of the fort to win.

Maze: both teams start at different ends of the maze and fight to the death, the last surviving player's team wins.

Prisoner Of War: one team has to run to the center of the area, and find the prisoner of war, then escort him to the enemy's jail. the added extra is that the prisoner of war has 3 lives, and if he is hit 3 times he will die and the attacking team will loose.(use gas grenades )

Sabotage: each team has a bridge with 2 lives, you have to go searching in the forest or rockies for bombs, walk with the bomb to your enemy's bridge and blow it up!!! if two bombs reach your bridge you die.

-New 3rd person camera view!
-You can be either horde or alliance, you can choose between 5 wins to victory or 10 wins, you can choose from 6 different games, and attacking/defend.
-It has 3 unique spells included:
-Shoot (hot key (A))- shoot your enemy's (this is used so there is no team killing.)
-Gas grenade (hot key (G))- plants a giant Smokey ward, this is very useful.
-Courage (hot key (C))- gives a 10 second speed boost, this is very useful.

Xios6 - I did everything

99.9% it is released, i am adding new features all the time.

[ATTACH]Paintball EXTREME V 1.20.w3m[/ATTACH]
*In the immortal words of Tony Harrison*
Unnnnng... This is an Outrage!

(On the left Saboo, on the right Tony Harrison.)

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