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fakedrake Presents

Table of Contents:
1.Background Story
4.Special Features
7.Map Overview
10.Game Commands
11.Auther's Notes

Background Story
Serving for the devil lords' evil conspires, the Dark Chasers have entered the Ruined City where hides an unknown mystery from the pasttime. The Ancestors, on the other hand, believed that its their duty to hinder any evil plans by the Dark Chasers. Thus, they established their basecamp at this ruined city and ready for a war with the evil forces. In this ancient war you fight as one of the forces, either defending the city or to destroy it.

Suggested number of players:
-Five players per team along with an insane computer.
-One hero per player in a game.
-The forces of elders are either located on the left or right, each player has the choice to pick a hero and buy items. The main goal is to aid a melee Insane-degree computer to destroy the enemy town hall.
Simple Hint:

The players are dominant at early game and late game, where in middle game it's easier to aid the computer rather than fight alone.

-The melee computer are insane computers, they are fragile in early stage and have very weak heroes but they recruit fast. The worker-type units are invulnerble, but would die out once town-hall no longer exists. All buildings have much higher hit points.
Hero-based AI is now available and they are able to buy items, cast spells, attack, fall back etc.

Special Features
-This map ISN'T an AoS or hero Arena map. It has a melee computers for each force who recruits troops and heroes. This therefore provide a new experience with new strategies than other HERO-TYPE maps!:grin:
-AI is available!
-48 heroes in total including 24 custom heroes and 24 blizzard heroes.
99 custom spells which can mostly be combined as a synergy.
-8 shops in total, 48 basic items, 31 recipe items
-Special hostile structures and bosses gives extra bounties
-Gives hints in game
-Can buy recipe when full inventory
-Hero becomes hero soul on death waiting for revival
-Attribute Points System
-Unique game ending




Guardian Ancestors

Dark Chasers

Map Overview
Map Overview


Special Thanks to:
Adrian for making the loading screen and minimap preview
xDeathKnightx for helping me finishing my terrain

-BerZeKeR----Counter Slash, Demonic Grip
f0rsak3n---Raging Slam
8Ball_777---Sand Burst
RaiJin---Rapid Strike
popo8000---Taunt, Greater Bash, Charge of Valor
cyberkid---Essence of Shade
Paladon---Lightning Strike


SD_Ryoko---Item Charge Combine System

bigapple90---Electric Charge
inhuman89---Boots of Decay
KelThuzad---Corrosive Blade
CRAZYRUSSIAN---Raging Slam, Purification, Frost Strike
lelyanra---Spirit Burst
Anachron---Chaosflame, Bind of Nature
Mr.Goblin---Essence of Shade
Juice_F---Sand Storm
Nudl9---Sand Elemental
Dentothor---Naga Guard
lilaznelementz---Watery Illusion
Hellx-Magnus---Soul Cleft
Deathclaw24---Arrow Rain
4eNNightmare---Soul Burn
67chrome---Cold Aura
Peekay---Charles' Boots, Radiation Sphere
Yak---Cloak of Intellect

assasin_lord---Hero Glow
alfredx_sotn---Sand Elemental, Air Elemental
JetFangInferno---Sand Storm
Xazuki---Potion of Rejuvenation
Daelin---Cold Aura
General Frank---Radiation Sphere
Dan van Ohllus---Aura of Decay
Norinrad---Holy Blessing

Dentothor---Naga Guard
67chrome---Light Sylvanus
enjoy---Naga Siren
M0rbid---Selection Circle

Vexorian---Map Optimizaer
Shadow Daemon---Button Manager
Magnus---Model Editor


-Much better looking terraining
-Fountain regenerates faster
-Peon-type units are now invulnerble but still possible to die
-Some hero game balancing done
-Few items changed such as the Boots of Fly
-Fix some leakings and bugs

-Added two player slots
-Added hint in game
-Hero tooptips, Ability and item description improved
-Can now buy recipe with full inventory
-Changed background story
-Movement speed checker improved
-Terrain improved, increased map size
-Hero Experience rate decreased
-Increased bounty for killing creeps
-Increased shop selecting range
-Added orb effect detail
-Item Searing Blade can now be turned off
-Multiboard now shows hero level and hero icon
-Leaks fixed
-Added a storage warehouse for each player
-Changed game ending mode
-New shop Ancient Craft
-New ability pick items for the horse
-Hero become a soul when waiting for revival
-Full detailed credit list
Ability changes:
-Reduced Soul Hunter's dopplewalk duration, allows dopplewalk image to move after summon
-Soul Hunter's metamorphosis decreased hit point bonus and is no longer Chaos attack
-Axemaster changed primary attitude to strength
-Elder Assassin changed summoning spell to a damage dealing ability
-Elder Assassin's blood strike now counts by attacks, not chances
-Warlock's Orb of Annihilation increased aoe
-Warlock's ulti changes to instant cast
-Lightning Revenant's unholy fervor ability changed to conductive body
-Changed Spirit Keeper's force of corrupted to soul steal spell
-Dark King's Soul Steal spell changed to Demonic Fist
-Sandstalker's watcher spell changed to summon sand elemental
-Phantom Blade changed spell bladestorm to a custom spell blade fury
Changed ulti for the following heroes:
-Stone Giant
-Naga Siren
-Dragon Lord
-Soul Hunter
-Spell Breaker
Modified ulti for the following heroes:
-Lightning Revenant
-Dark Lord
-Orc Warlock
New items:
-Amulet of the Wind
-Gauntlet of Courage
-Shield of Valor
-Ring of Rejuvenation
-Power Gear
-Corrosive Blade
-Radiation Sphere
-Mask of Sacrifice

-AI who can buy items, attack, fall back, guard, use and learn abilities
-Bonus Attribute System that allows you to upgrade your stats per level
-Few skins
-Removed some previous lag problems
-New Shop Fel Orc Merchant
-New Item Charles' Boots, Kanade's Handsonic
-Item now can combine charges
-Item undroppable when in cooldown
-Race-based item in race stores but are only availabe to computers
-Few features to Spirit Knight's Elder Illusion
-Shadow Meld ability for night elf heroes due to balance needs
-Item drop from bosses
-Light Ranger's ability bugs
-Item combining bugs
-Some leaks in hero spawn and some spells
-Game ending display
-Workers' hit point but make them spell immune and can block large amount of damage
-Bounty from bosses
-Light Ranger's purge ability to Enchanted Bow
-Phantom Blade's ulti to form an illusion instead of blink
-Effect of Druid Protector's ulti
-Spirit Keeper first and second spell
-Lightning Revanent's conductive body power but no longer increase movement
-Elder Assassin's blood strike is now agility based and do not increase movement in invisibility
-The effect of some Blizzard spells such as Holy Light and Death Pact no longer depends on undead or living units but on enemy or allied units
-Frostmage's Frost Nova to Frost Strike
-Guardian of Tirisfal's spacial durance to a passive ability Holy Blessing
-Spell Breaker's forked lightning to cloud ability
-Darklord's Unholy Frenzy spell type to activate/deactive type
-Lightning Revanent's first spell to Lightning Shock and ulti to Lightning Strike
-Medivh's Sea Elemental to Water Elemental
-Holy Ranger's Cold Ward to Enlightening Field

Game Commands
Player 2 to can type the following game modes
-ap Allows players to pick heroesfrom all taverns.
-ar Every player gets a random hero.

Individuals can type
-random The player gets a random hero
-repick The player repicks a random hero
-ms Know the movement speed of your hero
-ma Matchup the heroes that your enemies control
-hint Turn on/off the hints

Auther's Notes
People are welcome to contact me at fakedrake@yahoo.cn.
Map is PROTECTED, but if you want an unprotected version you can email me as well.
Attached Files
File Type: w3x Legend of the Elders v1.56.w3x (1.98 MB, 93 views)
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Read the rules.
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Kino will become famous soon enough (69)Kino will become famous soon enough (69)Kino will become famous soon enough (69)


-This map ISN'T an AoS or hero Arena map. It has a melee computers for each force who recruits troops and heroes.

It isnt a traditonal AOS but its definitely close. You just replaced auto spawns with an AI that actually trains troops. I supose it does have benefits but it makes the game damn slow to start thats for sure.
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Captain Griffen is a glorious beacon of light (497)Captain Griffen is a glorious beacon of light (497)Captain Griffen is a glorious beacon of light (497)Captain Griffen is a glorious beacon of light (497)Captain Griffen is a glorious beacon of light (497)

Approved Map: Warlords[Quicksilver #2] - 1st Place


Needs a jpg attached. Also, what's the maximum players?
Originally Posted by Earth-Fury
Griffen is correct, you are not.
[13:32] <Akolyt0r> hmm.. stil i want to have some unused women
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