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Old 03-31-2011, 05:49 PM   #1
Dan van Ohllus
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Default Succorbenoth


Model by: Dan van Ohllus (aka Kuhneghetz)

This model was created for the Mini-Modeling Contest #4 which follows the theme towers.
You could also say that this is a complete remake of my old Demon King Statue model, even though this version has an organic demon.
The demon is attached to the tower and will attack nearby victims as soon as they get too close. It attacks by creating a glowing ball that will shoot deadly projectiles when it bursts.
Since the demon itself is linked to "bone_turret", it will rotate towards a target unit when in combat mode.

The name Succorbenoth was taken from a mythologic demon, who's described as a "chief eunuch, sexless, demon of gates".

Model descriptions:
Mesh is made from scratch via 3DS Max 2010, but the hands are taken from the Tree of Life model.
The animations on the demon were heavily modied from the unused animations on the Tree of Life portrait model.
An external portrait model is included that uses Archimonde portrait animations.
No custom textures are used.
Icons are included, both BTN, DISBTN and Scorescreen.
The particle effects look best when viewed ingame (or in World Editor).

Feel free to edit this resource for your projects as long as you credit me for the resource you based it from, so please disregard the outdated permission part in the readme file.

MDX files can have any path, though the portrait model must be in the same
path as the main model.

Icon paths:
Scorescreen icon can have any path.

Enjoy! ;)

Recommended Object Editor settings (Visuals):
Art - Ground Textures = Spirit Tower, Nerubian Tower, Ziggurat, Nerubian Ziggurat
Sound - Construction = UndeadBuildingConstructionLoop

Recommended Object Editor settings (Combat):
Art - Projectile Launch - Z = 330.00 (or somewhere at that number)
Combat - Attack 1 - Animation Backswing Point = 0.700
Combat - Attack 1 - Animation Damage Point = 0.700
The visual combat settings may not be perfect, but that's as much as I can do to avoid awkwardness when launching projectiles. If you know a more professional method, let us know.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg SuccorbenothScreeniePrev.jpg (109.5 KB, 2066 views)
File Type: jpg SuccorbenothScreenie.jpg (139.0 KB, 756 views)
Attached Files
File Type: zip Succorbenoth.zip (75.5 KB, 402 views)

I don't take requests, so don't PM or e-mail me for any.


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Old 04-04-2011, 10:51 PM   #2
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Nice work, it looks a lot better than the other one.
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Old 04-14-2011, 10:15 PM   #3
Mc !
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Hero Contest #3 - 2nd PlaceModeling session 2 - Chimeras

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It looks cute :)... Everything seems to be in order, screenshots and data-wise... It even has a readme containing some fairly useful info for the everyday modder...

Alright, now on to real criticism:

It seems fine enough... Though some of the particle effects could use a bit more of awesome... (say, the Work particle could be changed to look more demonic or such tiny details)...

I'd say the animations should be a bit more exaggerated too, considering that after all it's not really an ancient or building. Because of the game camera it looks a bit more static than it actually is... so exaggerations would have been nice...

Talking about tiny details... The face is lacking some... Say, actual glowing eyes, even fiery eyes would have been a nice touch, and some unwrap tweaking to make it feel less flat would have made it more scary, while keeping its cuteness (in a way)

But the model itself is great, and having a no custom textured model that looks original is harder than some thing, so that is also a plus. The ammount of info and icons included also make it a nice resource. And yes, it looks well overall...

~ Approved ~

Awesomeness = #Rep / #Posts

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