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Default Transcendence - A "Hybrid RTS"

Due to the imminent arrival of SC2, I am going to scale this project down.
From now on I will be aiming to complete one race, most of the Legendary Units and just the Overworld map. This does not mean that I am abandoning everything else, I will add it on if I have time later.

This is a "Hybrid RTS", with most people playing "Empires" - the RTS players - and some players playing as "Legendary Units" - Heroes.

General Information

Units in this map will have very low amounts of health (around 1 or 2 for many), and combat will be very luck based, as "health" will be approached in a way similar to Warhammer, units will have "armour saves". These will involve Evasion abilities in hidden spellbooks, and the normal armour value (which will give no actual damage reduction) will be set to that of the armour save (ie. 50 armour = 50% armour save). This will also introduce an armour penetration mechanic, some units will have a chance to completely bypass armour when they attack.

Units will also have comparatively high regeneration, not to the extent that they are invincible, but will be able to be killed as long as the unit they are fighting isn't killed and if it does, another doesn't immediately take its place.

Gold will be gained through income (different for every race), but also through killing enemy units.

Buildings will be realistically scaled, and will be very resistant to the attacks of most foot troops. They will need siege weapons to destroy.

Alliances will be player-decided, which i hope will lead be intrigue and treachery >:D
This map will involve a lot of units onscreen simultaneously and I need a way to control large amounts of them at the same time. I guess i could have a Mass Send ability, but I would prefer something more precise.

I hope to make the world very alive, with an NPC settlement and proper creep lairs (no, not random gnolls around a campfire). I will also include boss battles. With the settlement, there will be one major Human city, and and possibly a smaller village. These will (hopefully) have a populace that goes to bed at night, retreating into houses. The major city will feature guards, each with his own patrol path (all set at the start of the game.) or set position. These will not sleep.

This game will have a Rumours system. This involves simply going to a Tavern (In the town) as paying a bit of gold. Doing this will display a message (A different one will be picked every day) that may help. Some examples of these are: certain locations (Locations of large creep camps, Underworld entrances etc.), the progress of others (namely Legendary Unit players), army suggestions. These will also include a bit of useless banter, and even misleading comments, so it should not be relied on. These taverns will also sell mercenaries - miners, lumberjacks, spies and specialized soldiers.

As well as the normal map, there will also be a subterranean counterpart to it, with numerous entrances scattered around the place.

There will be a mechanic, where it is possible to essentially craft your own terrain by destroying Debris underground. I will look for a possible way to stop other players from just ruining this.

Death will be handled in a hopefully interesting way that does not disclude the player from the game. When an Empire player loses all their units and buildings, they will have a number of choices. They will be able to negotiate alliances, and even Share Control with other players, helping them. The alternative to this is to take control of a Neutral Hostile creep camp, and being able to control these and train new ones. This will not be as complex as the actual Empire play, and will not have nearly as much impact on the game, but will be a welcome alternative to just leaving.

At the start of the game, players will have to choice of either starting it immediately, which will display a short description about their Empire or Legendary Unit, and their role in the game. The other option is to watch a little cinematic which explains how the game works. During this, players will gain gold, so as to not give them a disadvantage.


I currently have ideas for 3 different empires.
Humanity - A realistic medieval human race, no magic! This race will have a large tech tree, but without many requirements, meaning you can specialize in whichever units you want. However, some of these upgrades will not be available until later in the game (ie. Gunpowder). This will consist of more "practical" upgrades that will not lead on to unrelated things, they will either be available or become available after a certain time period. Some examples are: the aforementioned Gunpowder, Horsemanship, masonry, metallurgy etc. Humans gain income from building farms and estates, and also from owning Villagers, which are very weak units with no sight (they are not directly ordered by the player, but only when units are around them) that wander around, meaning that putting them in the aforementioned houses would be a good idea.
Human military will be largely dependent on Captains. These are slightly stronger counterparts of almost every unit that bestow different positive effects on nearby allied units.
Undead - An undead race that gains bonuses and income in accordance to the number of units they have. Most of these will have expiration timers, meaning that Undead armies will gradually die off. However, these are very long (Ranging from a few minutes for weaker units, to an hour for creatures such as Bone Drakes). The Undead will also have human units - Necromancers, who are able to summon more troops. They are also able to find Phylacteries, items hidden in Creep-held dungeons, that transform them into almighty Liches. A lich with 3 phylacteries becomes a force that is capable of standing up to even Legendary Units! I may add a mechanic in which dead liches can be resurrected, providing the player still has its Phylactery. Necromancers, along with Liches, will have a very important ability that dramatically increases Undead regeneration, making units a lot harder to kill. The only downside of this is its very short range.
Demons - I haven't really planned this race out much, except for some vague unit and building ideas, but I know that their income will increase over time, making it a race friendly to new players. It will also have a lot of building upgrades.
This will most likely not be implemented.

Legendary Units

Dragon - Uses olofmoleman's Lindormr Dragon model (which I love). This will start off as a hatchling, and gradually grow to become extremely powerful. To grow it will need to kill enemies and eat. This does not necessarily mean he has to attack other players, there will be plenty of creeps (as i mentioned before)
Shadow Spawn - Uses shamanyouranus's Shadow Spawn model. A relatively fragile Legendary, with low health. However, this only takes 1 damage from all attacks, meaning that it is protected from other legendary units and siege weapons. It can become invisible at will, meaning that it will be good to pick off units. Finally, it has a Shadow Form ability, that changes it into a very fast moving Shadow with no attack and a low sight range. This is permanently invisible.
Manipulator - Uses the Blood Mage with olofmolemans Mage of the Damned skin. A scheming individual that has a series of abilities that allow him to take control of enemies. The first one merely gives him shared vision with a targeted unit (heros and builders are immune). The next one kills all such units. The third one takes control of all of them (while retaining the colour). He will also be able to change his name and player colour, effectively masquerading as another player. In terms of defense, he has low health, but a lot of mana and a manashield ability. He also has a Doombolt spell, that does horrific damage to all units in a line which, with good positioning, can devastate small armies.
He will also (probably) have Rituals, a number of spells that create a circle into which certain items must be placed. It doing this, something will happen, depending on which Ritual was used. For example, a Ritual of Summoning will summon a powerful creature to help you. A Ritual of Death will give you a single-use ability that deals huge amounts of damage.

Legendary Unit death will reincarnate them as a "Silhouette", as far weaker version of them that cannot be killed (In just respawns soon after it's death). This will have to find an item, or kill a certain creep, which will give them control of their original unit again. However, this can only be done once, and a subsequent death will have them playing as a Silhouette for the rest of the game - they can leave if they want.

The Infection

This will be the final "empire", but it cant really be called that, as it's gameplay is nothing like theirs.
These are inspired by the countless Zombie Infection maps and will center around the notion of "Kill to strengthen yourself". Yes, when you kill an enemy unit, you get one yourself. However, unlike the Zombie maps, these will get weaker over time. This will happen using a "Generation" system. When one of their units kills something, the resulting spawn will be of the generation after that of the killing unit (There will be about 8 or so). This player will start off as a single unit (he must be careful, as he is not that strong) near an isolated village, and will have to gradually get kills until it is strong enough to mutate into a Hive, their main, and only building. This hive will be upgradable and with every one of these, it will spawn more 1st generation units. When the highest level is reached, 7th and 8th generation units will be able to mutate into Subhives - which can spawn new, 3rd generation units. Flying units will also become available at some point, as well as a separate breed of siege creatures, starting with a revivable hero.

Status: Handed the map over to leet.firefox, who will be working on the terrain for a while.

Annotated Terrain Plan

I am looking for testers, please let me know if you're interested. Otherwise, you could just play the demo map and tell me what you think I should change. I am always open to constructive criticism.

Note: This thread is copy/pasted from Hive, and is not necessarily up to date (though I will try to keep this to a minimum). The original can be found here.
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Looks interesting. i look forward to seeing some screenshots.
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Screw screenshots, have a demo instead...
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