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Deaod is a jewel in the rough (192)Deaod is a jewel in the rough (192)Deaod is a jewel in the rough (192)

Default Gravity Hook 2

Gravity Hook 2
Beta - Build 1308/300709

Gravity Hook 2 is the successor of Gravity Hook, currently still being reviewed. The main novelty is the multiplayer mode. Yes, you can play with or against your friends over the 'net (that is, if there are no bugs).

While you hold down your left mouse button you get sucked towards the mine next to your cursor when you pressed the button. As long as you hold down the button you are accelerated towards that mine. But: As long as you hold down the button you can collide with that mine. Once you release the button you can no longer collide with the mine, but you also lose the acceleration.
You will start to fall down, and once you reach the lower bound, you lose (unless you fall on the ground, in which case you will bounce).
You can also bounce off the walls.

The goal is to get as high as possible. You use the acceleration from hooking to mines to swing yourself higher. Then you hook the next mine and use that one as your catapult.

The red line indicates the mine you will be hooked to when you press the left mouse button, unless you are currently hooked to a mine, in which case it indicates the mine youre currently hooked to.
The white line indicates the mine youre currently hooked to. Its invisible while youre not hooked to a mine.


Zoom (requires log in)Zoom (requires log in)
Zoom (requires log in)
Zoom (requires log in)
Zoom (requires log in)

- Multiplayer via RtC (dynamic joining and so on), including spectators
- Enhanced controls using RtC
- A simple to grasp, yet difficult to master gameplay


/connect <ip[:port]>:
Connects to the given IP address on the specified port. The port defaults to "6112".

/host [port] [gamename]:
Starts a server for Gravity Hook. If no port is given, it defaults to "6112"; If no gamename is given, it defaults to "Gravity Hook 2 Server"

Turns you into a spectator. Only works when currently playing.

Joins the game withe the start of the next round. Only works when currently spectating.

Sometimes, after reading the Quest-Log, the mouse triggers malfunction. This command recreates those triggers.

/nick or /n:
Changes your own nick in-game.

Clears the screen of game messages.

- MindWorX and SFilip for their RtC project.
- Adam Atomic and Danny Baranowsky for the original game.
- Vexorian for JassHelper, his Optimizer, TimerUtils, Table, ARGB, xe and his dummy model.
- grim001 for his TimedEvent library and for fixing up the physics in this map.
- Ammorth for his GetPlayerColored library.

To Do:

  • Make a UI for starting a server/joining a game
  • New models for ships and mines. Maybe even variations.
  • Preview image.
  • Extensive testing with more than 2 players.
  • Other cosmetic stuff
  • Maybe add powerups (still thinking of ideas for possible powerups).

I am no modeler or artist at all, so i would be thankful if some artist/modeler would lend me his hand to polish this map.

If some proficient coder could look over the code and tell me about difficult or illegible parts, so i can add comments to those and explain them, i would be very grateful. If you have some ideas on how to improve the code, dont be shy - tell me about it.

I dont have more than 2 PCs at my home, so i would be thankful, if some would be up for some testing with me.

If you find any bugs, feel free to report them (here).

This map is still in a very early beta stage, dont expect too much. Single player (just hosting and no one joining) works fine, testedly, but thats about it. Two or more players werent tested yet, although it *should* work.


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requires vJass
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grim001 is just really nice (277)grim001 is just really nice (277)

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Still crashes for me. Maybe I need a clean reinstall. Anyone else have this problem?
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