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Old 06-09-2008, 07:26 PM   #1
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Default Battle Trains!

What is Battle Trains?

There are 1-8 Players. The trains ride on tracks. and you shoot other trains to win.

For Driving you can either continue going straight or angle left or angle right.
and when the next cross section of tracks comes. If you angle left and there are
tracks there that angle left you will turn on to those tracks.
The Tricky part is if your train is doing south or down. the left is on what side of you?
Its still your left but its the opposite left of when you were going up.

You can also drop land mines, they take 5 sec to activate.
Or shoot missiles at the train in front of you!

If slam into another train you will both take some damage and reverse direction.
Every round you get a level. you can upgrade one of 6 things.
You have 4 spells, Brakes, Engine boost, Mines, Missile.
You have 2 other things, Spikes, Armor.

Project group: rover2341(Triggers), Hiafi(Trigger/Missile Spell), Don (Terrain)

Progress So far:
Hidden information:

Whats Done:
Input System
Auto Trains
4 teams

Made Auto Trains with arrays

Remade Auto Trains checking the terrain
Made input System

Added models

Game now runs 5 x smoother.
Plus 4 players.
re made Input System (Other way worked fine but people dindt like it)
Added Cameras.

Added Sounds
Worked on Auto Trains.
Cleaned up new input system
In Long What i have done

Hidden information:


General Concepts:80% done

Auto Train: is in progress. I decided to do this with a multidimensional array.
Its True the GUI Doesn't allow them. But as i did in a previoes
game i found a way around this. you just make one large
array and do the math as if its a multidimensional. 45% Done


Auto Train: concepts 90%, auto train 90%,and input is about 60% done.

I Had a suggestion to change it from a multidimensional array....
After i finished it with multidimensional arrays...100% worked...
to check the terrain type. this way you just put up grass or
something and your tracks are all inputed. instead of typing
in all the corrindates (2,3) that went throw i trigger with a lot
of math to put it on the screen in the right spot. It Almost killed
this project I had some logic errors and a tough time converting it.
So Auto Train is 90% done. Just got to add turn around at
Dead end and finish players input. Also got to add if trains hit
Other. And For some reason its not working with more then one train
at the moment one of my variables isn't set up right...cant find it...


Auto Train: Yes! Auto Train works! about time...It seemed every time i got a way to work
I found one that would run more smooth and give me more power.
Auto Train is still not complete...After adding hitting a dead end/ hitting another player.
It will be. At the moment it can support up to 6 trains (12 players or 6 teams of 2).
Also I fixed up a bit of the terrain/recoded a bit of it so when Don gets it he wont
Have such a hard time changing the terrain with out messing up the code.
The Current Map Now has a Train model/Tracks. And the tracks were simple before
but now are very complex. so you have alot more freedom to go where you want.
Hopefully next progress i will have some screen shots or at least have auto trains done. :)


Auto Train: Its So Much more powerful then it was before!
And i got a setup for when trains hit each other...
It appears after testing it still not perfect (Trains hitting each other)
I got a few ideas that should fix it...but one part of the idea not working.
The other part is a pain and i might not have to do if the first part works.
So Alot Of tweaking and streamlining done.

What left to be done for show version. Rebuilding (Trains hit each other).
setting up Spell For cameras. And some text.
Also Depending on what Don thinks Show version might just keep terrain as is.


Auto Train: Sadly Auto Train still not working 100%. Perhaps my logic is off. or more likely i have some variable off some where...
Added Sound effect. Also Added a Section for the winner and losers. so game ends. (not working 100% yet)
Re Did input system and getting pictures set up for arrows. currently have some but getting better ones

Whats left:
Hidden information:

Making it so you can play several Rounds/or play to so many points
Fixing it so When i player quits hes train leaves. or if he wasn't there to start with
A Score bored.
Make Slow Down And Speed Up Spells
Make 3 Playable playable levels.
Upgrades for everyone per round, Plus 1-3 bonus upgrades for most kills most dmg and winner.
Make Map playable for 8 players.
Intro/Ending 5-10 sec Video
terrain ing starting at 3 levels. and will be hammered throw out.

My background Experience With World Editor.

Completed Games: Tank Dodge, and Tetris.
Current Projects: Battle Trains
Idea Projects: Surelock homes un-told cases
Abandon Projects: Ticket To Ride The Bored game. Felt wasnt worth my time
got 35% complete. or more all the main concepts work
just needed to take the time and put it to a large scale.

Want To Help/Do the project with us?
Projects I cant do well:
Start Screen: A Mini Screen when your in the chat room about to start you see a picture.

Note:The current Map is not protected. Feel free to look at the triggers ect.
I plan on using the engine i have set up for this game for several mini games
At some point.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Battle Train 1.JPG (256.6 KB, 46 views)
File Type: jpg Battle Train 2.jpg (336.0 KB, 45 views)
Attached Files
File Type: w3x Train Game Alpha 1.8.w3x (78.1 KB, 17 views)

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Old 08-11-2008, 09:39 PM   #2
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rover2341 is on a distinguished road (24)

Default bump

Its been some time, i am have got back to work on this, i just wondering if this is something people are interested, or if i should go back to work on something else.
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Old 08-12-2008, 07:00 PM   #3
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Last time I saw this I thought it was interesting. You probably should edit it IMO but it's really your choice.
Give +REP to people who help you with things or make good resources.
Better Ways of Requesting For Help - Race Contest #2 WIP Thread (Bone Race)
As of December 1st I have my blue rep. Yay :D
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Old 08-12-2008, 07:14 PM   #4
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Approved Map: Dodge The Wisp Wheels

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Haven't seen the thread until just now. Neat idea, I think you should go forward with this, but also enhance the terrain a bit. Perhaps make it more cave/mountain oriented instead of a field?
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Old 08-13-2008, 01:50 AM   #5
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rover2341 is on a distinguished road (24)


ya i got someone willing to do that, but i still working the core. to me that's just touch ups.

I want to at least get a finished game for this. even if it doesn't have all the features i want. i have too many unfinished games like this.

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