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fladdermasken will become famous soon enough (55)fladdermasken will become famous soon enough (55)

Default The Ultimate Terraining Map 4.0

-  ___  ___   _________   _____ ______           ___   ___        ________     
- |\  \|\  \ |\___   ___\|\   _ \  _   \        |\  \ |\  \      |\   __  \    
- \ \  \\\  \\|___ \  \_|\ \  \\\__\ \  \       \ \  \\_\  \     \ \  \|\  \   
-  \ \  \\\  \    \ \  \  \ \  \\|__| \  \       \ \______  \     \ \  \\\  \  
-   \ \  \\\  \    \ \  \  \ \  \    \ \  \       \|_____|\  \  ___\ \  \\\  \ 
-    \ \_______\    \ \__\  \ \__\    \ \__\             \ \__\|\__\\ \_______\
-     \|_______|     \|__|   \|__|     \|__|              \|__|\|__| \|_______|
- Original map by DungeonM. Supplemented by fladdermasken
Let me first say that this may end up being a disservice to terrainers. The solution isn't smart, it's just piling trillions more models onto the already loaded UTM 3.0. Loading times may be a pain. Even just opening some palettes may take you an eternity on slower machines. That said, seeing as this is something sought after, here you have it.

Table of Contests

What is UTM? (Top)

UTM is short for Ultimate Terraining Map. This was an idea introduced way back by DungeonM and is basically a map containing the (most) useful models for terraining, properly organized in the object editor for ease of use. For a good while it was also set as a standardized contest map (or rather standardized resources allowed). Most habitual terrainers these days have their own customized terraining map with all their preferred set of imports and organization. This map is not intended to fill the role of its predecessor. It is intended as something to fall back on.

Note also that the filesize is redonkulous. It is so because a majority of all imports have high poly count/high resolution textures/whatever. Where I'm going with this is that this map should probably not be used as a template map for map making, as much as terrain art where these properties are (moreso) valued.

List of Credits: (Top)

- DungeonM :
UTM 3.0 (model credits found inside)

- Talavaj :

- tobyfat50 :

- oGre_ :

- Born2Modificate :

- Deolrin :

- Uncredited :
Some resources are uncredited. If you know the creator of an uncredited resource, please notify me or the terrain board moderator.

Organization (Top)

Same as before, with additions.
Excerpt from original thread

A default directory, pathing has been removed but no new doodads are contained here.

Contains flashy doodads.
Contains subgroups such as Fire, Lighting, Particles, and Sky.

Another deafault directory, not much to be seen in here.

Contains enviromental-themed doodads.
Contains subgroups such as Animals, Crater, Crystal, Farm, Fissure, Grass, Ice, Mushrooms, Rock, Shrubs, Trees, Underground, Vines and Water Life.

Pathing Blockers
Normally unused this directory should see some more use.
It obviously contains pathing blockers to be used in playable maps, the new addition is that of shadow doodads. These doodads have no graphic but will create a shadow on the ground, useful for making a place seem darker if the terrain texture is too bright.

Generally smaller objects and props used in the world.
Subgroups include Banner, Barrens, Bones, Book, Carpet, Church, Death, Debris, Demon, Farm, Fence, Flooring, Furniture, House, Items, Lighting, Misc, Moria, Obelisk, Pedestal, Platform, Ruins, Ship, Special, Throne, Tile, Torture, Underground, Wall, Ruins (2).

Includes buildings and some of the larger props/objects.
Subgroups include Archway, Barrens, Bricks (A Building Framework Pack), Bridge, Building (All Kinds), Castla (Castle Set), Castle (Another Set), City Building (Blizzard Default, Column, Fountain, Framework (A Building Framework Pack), Gate, Hobbiton, Log (A Building Framework Pack), Misc, Naboo, Palisade, Pav (A Building Framework Pack), Roof, Ruined, Ruins, Statues, Stone Wall, Tile, Underground, Wall, Water.

Mostly default Blizzard trees, a few custom combinations of standard Blizzard Models/Textures have been made.
Contains Wall Trees, Canopy Trees and a few other Destructibles.

Contains Debris, Ice, Ships.
More importantly has 7 standard Blizzard water tiles and iNfraNe's water model, all very useful.

This version includes, among other things, these updates

- Added two terrain glow versions by tobyfat50
- Added omni star model by tobyfat50
- Added cloudfx doodad by b2m
- Added black glow model by Deolrin

- Added shrubs and rocks from Refuge in Ruins by _oGre to rock and shrub categories
- Added trees from b2m and toby under the tree category
- Added felsen variations, rocks from toby's ruined pack and sc2 conversions under rock category

- Added all props from Modular Kingdom by Talvaj under category "Modular"
- Added all props from Refuge in Ruins by _oGre under category "Refuge"
- Added a new category, "Modern", with a heap of models fit for modernistic terraining
- Added lion statue from Toby's Ruined Pack
- Added gears and cogwheels under category "Gears"
- Added chains model

- Added most variations to all structural models from Modular Manor by Talvaj under category "Modular"
- Added most variations to all structural models from Refuge in Ruins by _oGre under category "Refuge"
- Added most variations to all structural models from Toby's Ruined Pack under category "Toby"

- Added rivers and waterfalls from Refuge in Ruins
- Added rain drop effect
- Added circular water plane model

The only tile added is the alpha tile (Outland Abyss). With somewhere close to 100 custom sets to choose from I made the call not to include any at all. Both to prevent the default tiles from being unusable and to keep the filesize down.

How to use UTM (Top)

Originally Posted by DungeonM
Simply open it up in World Edit (USWME is prefered) and follow these easy steps...
1. Go to Scenario ---> Map Size And Camera Bounds
Check off both Camera Bounds and Map Bounds
Use the arrows to adjust the map to whatever size you want, remember that you can always come back here and change it should you want to shrink/increase the size.
2. Go to Advanced ---> Modify Tileset
From the dropdown menu select whichever Tileset pleases you and press OK.

You're all set, start Terraining!

This is still early days. I tried keeping the filesize down a bit by not including redundant variations so it should run alright (considering the circumstances) if you aren't running this on a really slow machine. If you find things that need fixing, post it here and I will see if I can be arsed to take a helping position. If you find things I forgot to add please post in this thread.

Download Here!


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Looking good, I didn't check the map but I trust you. Great post and thanks for the effort.
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