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The Seven Labyrinths
Ragnus,the god of death has been freed by a group of necromancers.His undeads minion are still advancing in the kingdom and killing everything in they way.An old legend talk about a magical blade broken in 7 pieces.Each one can be found in a labyrinth but it's garded by bosses.
Some features
-A combat system IIIIIIII
Hidden information:
Each weapon has a range,an attack speed,damage and sometimes a special effect in attack.

-Inventory system IIIIIIII
Hidden information:
Players can carry 25 items and wear 1 weapons,1 other weapon(or shield),2 rings,2 pauldrons,1 armor,1 helmet and some other things...

Attachment system : IIIIIIII
Hidden information:
An attachment system allow player to see the weapons,armors,boots and other objects that they have equiped.(I need a modeller for that]

Dungeon system IIIIIIII
Hidden information:
A nice dungeon system will be implemented in this game.Dungeons will be filled with traps,secrets areas and hard bosses with special abilities

-Quest system IIIIIIII
Hidden information:
]allow the leader to make a choice when finishing a quest.Each choice affect the reputation of the party.Also some quests can only be accepted if you are good or bad.

-Stats system IIIIIIII
There is 6 stats in this RPG.
Hidden information:
Strenght :Each point give +2 atk power which increase damage deal by weapons.
Constitution:Each point give 5 hp and 0.05 hp regen.Also give 5 AP and 0.05% AP regen.AP is required to attack with weapons or use of warriors skills.
Agility :Agility give 1 atk power.Also give 0.10% chance to deal critical strike.
Dexteriry :Quickness give 0.11% chance to evade an attack and 0.03% chance to evade spells.
Magic :Each point in Magic give 2 SD (Spell Damage) 0.09% chance to critical strike in a spell,0.6% to evade a spell.Also give 5MP and 0.05 MP regen.
Luck :Luck give 0.06% chance to critical strike;0.07% chance to evade.

Informations about game

Progress :
Systems : IIIIIIII
Monsters : IIIIIIII
Dungeons : IIIIIIII
Profession : IIIIIIII

-Areas :

  • -Silvia Village(Humans Town)IIIIIIII
    -Wolf Forest(LVL 1-5)IIIIIIII
    -Bandit Camp(LVL 3-7)IIIIIIII
    -Labyrinth of time (Dungeon)(LVL 5-10)IIIIIIII
    -Desert of Sachtar (Level 11-14)IIIIIIII
    -Folm'gor (Orc Town)IIIIIIII
Monsters and drops
-Young Wolf :
Hidden information:
HP : 15
Damage : 3-4
Speed : 1.35
Armor : 0
Spells/Abilities :
Critical : 2% x1.50
Can drop : Wolf teeth (Can be selled for 2 golds)

-Wolf :
Hidden information:
HP : 25
Damage : 4-6
Speed : 1.35
Armor : 0
Spells/Abilities : Critical : 3% x 1.50
Can drop : Wolf teeth (Can be selled for 2 golds)

-Heroes :
Defender : IIIIIIII
-6 strenght
-8 vitality

-5 agility
-4 quickness
-2 magic

-5 luck
Skills :
Lvl 1 : Taunt
Lvl 3 : Parry (10% chance to counter attack dealing x2 str)
Lvl 5 : Battle Rage (Increased atk power.AtK bonus is Str x1.45)
Lvl 10 : Shield Mastery (Each equiped shield give 1.50% pf the normal Def bonus)
Lvl 10 : Block ( +10% to parry an attack)
lvl 12 : Defensive Position (+50% defense but -50% damage)

Hidden information:
-3 strenght
-4 vitality

-3 agility
-4 quickness
-9 magic
-5 luck
Skills :
Lvl 1 : Fire Ball : x2 SD and 0.1 SD every seconds for 10 Seconds
lvl 1 : Arcane armor

Labyrinths :
The labyrinth of time
Name : Hojas
HP : 400
Speed : 0.45
Dmg : 2
Armor : 30
Abilities : Time walk.
Special : Some slowing traps appears near the bosses.
Drops : Time blades (Speed : 0.50
Dmg : 18-25)
Time armor (Armor : +15
Special : 1% chance to return with the life that the user has got last 5 seconds.)
Forum : http://wrathofragnus.forumactif.com/game-help-f3/
Recruiting : Modeller

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