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Thumbs up The Birth of Fallasar - A peice of lore writing

Hi people. Here is a peice of lore writing I made up for a project I am working on currently, still in very early stages. It describes the begining of existence up to the creation of the world called Fallasar, where my project is set. It's quite long so I hope you can be arsed to read it, and I also hope you like, and feedback is very welcome of course .

At the very moment that time began, the great hall of Mae Khada came into a solitary being, a home for all the beginings of existence. Out of the nothingness which was before, came a grand and intricate design, and it was all that had ever been known. Mae Khada was a great hall which housed all of space and time, and yet existed within no perceivable barrier or plane. Its four walls suddenly came and divided the surrounding darkness from the light which they contained. For some unknown age, Mae Khada stood alone and empty, the only thing that had ever come to be. Time had not yet found its measure, and the length of each single day would meandre between a fraction of a second and a hundred lifetimes.

Then, out of the uncertainty of physical being, came something new. Formed from the depths of some unfathomable reasoning, a new, brighter flicker of light began to burn within the halls of Mae Khada, and so it lingered there. Over time, may it be days or millenia, this new presence took gradual shape, it grew a body of substance, and so was born Mae Rala. It was slowly moulded to a definate form, and so began the developement of awareness of all that was around it. Then, from the depths of the blank void, the great and wonderful tree of speech was seeded, and the voice of Mae Rala echoed through the vast emptiness of Mae Khada.
"What am I?", it questioned itself, yet its voice was left unanswered, to dwindle away, the newfound voice left to linger with its owner.

And so, after the forming of the second single existence, time began to acquire a measure of its own. Gradually it would speed up and slow down both at the same time, striving to find the perfect balance. With this new definition, Mae Rala began guaging its own being. For hundreds of years, it was simply there among the vastness of Mae Khada, knowing absolutely nothing of life or purpose, it forever questioned the totally of absolutely everything. However, as time continued its finest adjustments, and all was becoming settled at the begining of this new time, another being was formed of the light, and born was Mae Quena.

And so, Mae Rala began to question Mae Quena, as it found its own form and its own voice. No longer was Mae Rala's voice left to echo loneliness into the darkness, instead it began a barrage of questions, asking of Mae Quena to describe everything it knew. So Mae Quena spoke, and knew nothing, as did Mae Rala, so the two beings merely existed together for many more long years. However, growing restless within the confines of Mae Khada, the two began to string their thoughts together, and thinking as one, began the long journey to peice together an epic jigsaw puzzle, waiting patiently for time to slowly reveal each new peice to the final solution. For three millenia, Mae Rala and Mae Quena waited patiently, peicing together a grand picture of purpose and understanding, until one day, Mae Rala looked up from the picture and said to Mae Quena,
"I understand now."

At last, it had come to be that Mae Rala's existence had found a reason, it understood all it had ever known until that point, and could now understand all that would come. It also learned of itself, it understood what it was, who it was, and why its birth had come to pass. Explaining all to Mae Quena, Mae Rala spoke out,
"I know now that I have a purpose here." it explained, and set to work upon some new craft.

By itself, Mae Rala forged a solid identity for itself, sickened by its long and unnoted presence, it wanted to be known, as it had come to know other things. So it crafted itself a great throne from the wooden beams of the great halls of Mae Khada. For days it laboured, and when it had completed its task, it stood back momentarily, then set to work on creating another, identical throne. When both chairs were complete, Mae Rala invited Mae Quena to sit with it, and when both beings were rested, it began to speak more than it had ever spoken,
"I am Mae Rala, king of this grand hall, and all it holds within its walls. You are Mae Quena, my queen, and queen of this grand hall, and so you shall share with me equally in this kingdom, my kingdom, Mae Khada."

Finally a king and a queen had taken to their thrones, to reside over Mae Khada for all of time, watching over the progression of time and existence. The two continued to unearth their understanding, and gave new names to the things they had still to find reason for, the most important of which was the darkness spanning outside Mae Khada. To this unknown realm, they gave the name Acaatsai, but still, never they dared open the great doors of their hall and step into it, for still they knew nothing of it.

Therefore the feeling of curiosity grew within them both, not able to surpress it, Mae Rala and Mae Quena found themselves one day opening that looming door to the dark realm. As Mae Rala stepped out first, his only footstep echoed out into the darkness, giving rise to fear, as the new king and queen retreated back into their hall, and barred the door tightly shut behind them, hoping never again to set foot beyond it.

However, that footstep into the darkness had formed an unbreakable bond between the two realms of light and shadow, and soon thereafter, the light gave birth to a third being, which was shunned into the darkness due to the confusion caused as light and darkness melted together and intertwined. Forced to fumble about in the blackness, the third being had not yet found its understanding, as had Mae Rala and Mae Quena, and so when it eventually stumbled upon the door to Mae Khada, it could do nothing but hammer upon the timbers with relentless force. It knew nothing of light and dark, yet it felt somehow that the darkness it resided in was wrong, and longed to be in the warming light of Mae Khada. However, Mae Rala and Mae Quena kept their door firmly locked to the darkness, overcome with fear, reacting with hesitation to the presence of the third being.
"Please," it begged, "I ask only to bathe in the glorious light of your hall, take me in with pity and save me from this palid shadow realm outside."
Mae Rala and Mae Quena refused the beings plight, not through arrogance, but through suspicion and fear of what it may truly be, born of the darkness. So the new being returned to Acaatsai, only to return each day to Mae Khada and plead for acceptance, only to be turned away each day for year upon long year. Then, one day the being returned to the great door and called,
"Here me most noble king and most precious queen, for nearly one hundred years I have come to you asking for your embrace, yet still you fear me. I have yet to show any justification for your fear, so why do you still leave me to the ravage of this foul shadow realm?" the being questioned, a flicker of anger in its voice. Then, as suddenly as the feeling had come to Mae Rala, his fear turned to greed. No longer, he realised, was he overcome by fear of the new being, he just could not bear the thought of sharing his beloved kingdom with any other than his dearest queen. Upon this thought, Mae Rala rose from his throne and called to the third presence,
"No longer be it that I fear you, but it is my awareness that you would come here and take from me my kingdom if I open its door to you, and that, I cannot allow. Now, begone from my door, and pester me no longer for you now have your answer!" he cried, and with that, the third being turned its back on Mae Khada one last time, and retreated to the darkest depths of Acaatsai, a place where he had never ventured even in his long existence in the shadow realm. As he went, he mouthed foul curses at the king and queen, swearing to one day exact his revenge upon them.

So the new being furthered its journey of understanding, as had Mae Rala and Mae Quena. Over many long years, it too formed its own shape, and created for itself a name in the darkness, and so it became known as Fah Ghodhur. It also forged for itself a new kingdom, but in the dark shadow its vision was impared and all it could muster was a twisted and hellbent refelction of Mae Khada. None the less, Fah Ghodhur set about filling his own kingdom with a sickly witchlight, and then he named it, Dhar Abala, and opened the door to his new hall, to take his place on its throne and become its dark king.

Knowing nothing more of the fate of the rejected being, Mae Rala and Mae Quena set about their greatest work of time thus far. As their greed had taken foul root upon their rejection of Far Ghodhur for selfish motives, it began to grow within them. No longer were they content with the size of Mae Khada, and so they began expanding upon its realms. Mustering all the powers they had learnt of, they began to destroy the edges of Acaatsai, still knowing nothing of it, to expand their own kingdom. The realm of darkness had craddled Far Ghodhur while he came to his own great understanding, and so its destruction bought a bitterness upon him.

And that is how it began. As the two great halls, Mae Khada and Dahr Abala were born of light and dark, so were the forces of good and evil, evil being spawned from the greed and jelousy of good. Slowly, light from Mae Khada began to filter from under its door, seeping into the darkness. Where the two forces met, a dangerous and eternal struggle began. And so did Fah Ghodhur set about his plans to take Mae Khada as his own, and forever imprison Mae Rala and Mae Quena in the cursed Dahr Abala. The begining of war caused Mae Rala and Mae Quena to curse their own selfish ways, and vow to return the balance of light and shadow one way or another.

So as the patrons of the two great halls battled against one another, they began to create the mortal worlds, seeking sources of knowledge and power to use against their enemies. They hoped for places from where they could, in time, call great champions of an evolving combat to fight against the opposing power. It was Mae Rala who crafted the world of Fallasar, the first world to come into existence. One day, he had lopped a chunk of wood from his grand throne, and began to shape Fallasar, gouging out great oceans and lakes, covering the land with lush grass and greenery and forging a fiery, beating heart beneath the surface of it all. When he had finished, he showed his new creation to Mae Quena, and she took it from him, and set about adding her own elements to her king's greatest work. So she took from her own throne another peice of wood, containing the pure essence of Mae Khada, and forged with it great mountains, a sparkling blue sky and dense and thriving woodlands and forests. When she had finished her own work, she returned both the peices of Fallasar to Mae Rala, and he joined them together into the final peice, the grandest work of Mae Khada. Then the king and queen stepped back to admire their work, and were pleased with their most intricate creation. Finally, Mae Rala took from atop his throne, a glorious ruby, and set it upon his own half of the new world. Next Mae Quena took a great shapphire from her own throne, and set it into her own half of Fallasar, and the combined radiance of the two precious stones gave creation to the very first mortal life. Mae Rala and Mae Quena poured the essence of all that they had come to understand into the oceans of Fallasar, and then took it to show Fah Ghodhur, hoping to sway his heart towards the light with its shear beauty.

Unfortunately, Fah Ghodhur was not so easily fooled by beauty, and instead, he set about creating something of his own device. He took from the dark throne of Dhar Abala to great shards of rock and metal, and from each, he created two worlds of his own. But the dark patron did not take it upon his blackened heart to fill his worlds with life, he left them mere empty vessels, devoid of life. Instead, Fah Ghodhur suspended his creations into an eternal orbit around Fallasar, destined to haunt it for all time with their incipid lights in place of their dark creator. The new moons of Fallasar would orbit it for the rest of time, until the stunning world finally fell to sheer darkness.

This served only to anger Mae Rala and Mae Quena, and this is how the Cursed War finally came to begin. The heralds of light themselves allowed fury to taint them both, and so they slipped into a ruthless and neverending battle with Fah Ghordhur, for all three beings now knew only one side could exist, and so more than ever the mortal worlds would come alive, to serve their creators for purposes of good or evil.....
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