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Closed Thread
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Old 03-07-2004, 10:39 PM   #31
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CommonsNat has little to show at this moment (0)



AGE:unknown, but looks about 16-22



APPEARANCE:brown, untamed hair(as in, hair strands coming down the side, SIDE, of his head) a white cape, blue chest armor under the front of the cape, and... the rest of his clothes... i dont know. and he always looks and acts very mysterious. though he is mysterious, he is also very friendly and funny, though he always has a look of sadness and thinking on his face.

ITEMS (No stat raising items for the moment):Rapier, crystal that lets him use lightning type magic

PROFESSION AND SPECIALITY:rapier guy(dunno what he would be called), his specialty is... THE RAPIER!

BIOGRAPHY(PLEASE DON'T POST TOO MUCH ORPHAN BIOS):his background is a mystery to his friends, but little by little they find out bits and peices of his past.
(In a D2 fan fic on b.net, there were so much orphan characters that we could create an orphelina)


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Arching Blades
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Ah! Finally, Nat! Place your location clearly, please. In a better way than your char description. You really never wrote anything, be it fanfic or Rps? Never a single story without a request from a teacher? Could you precise on the speciality? I don't understand what the Rapier is.

For the others, I'm still waiting to see how you want to conclude the battle against Tir.

Firessa glanced at the elves. They backed away. She immediately knew what they were thinking about. She backed away too. Slowly, the blood lust of Tir dissipated though sendinnnnng occasional shockwaves around. For sure, they could have been fatal while she was still in close-quarters. Tir became smaller and smaller until he reached his original form. He was enraged, reddened by the fury that was consuming him.
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[quote=Arching Blades]Ah! Finally, Nat! Place your location clearly, please. In a better way than your char description. You really never wrote anything, be it fanfic or Rps? Never a single story without a request from a teacher? Could you precise on the speciality? I don't understand what the Rapier is.QUOTE]

"Place your location clearly,". What are you talking about??

"You never really wrote anything, be it fanfic or Rps?". What are you talking about?

"Never a single story without a request from a teacher?" What are you talking about?

Oh, and a rapier is... a long skinny sword that is usually used for sparring and not for... killing or hurting. A good example would be that Raphael from Soul Caliber 2 if you've played.
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Pherexio: Well, it just said server busy after about 25 mins. worth of writing, so I have to type it all out again because I didn't copy it before pressing submit. :( Well, here goes (I'm going to try a first-person this time):

"'Archers! Dismiss!' A simple phrase, but none-the-less it made my job easier. Now I wouldn't have to worry about harming the others.
'Go away you fool!' That isn't good, must be their commander, she must want to fight.
'Gaaah!' Oh no! what are they doing!?! Oh... oh! My goodness, why didn't I think of that.... oh yeah.. what happened last time.
'Fools! Desist at once, or I shall destroy your forest!' Desist at once *sqwuak* Or I will blow up your blank.*Sqwuak, whistle* Always the same taunt.... what a bore.
Woah! Little close with the sword there, better be more careful; this is dangerous.
Aha! The bloodlust, it wears off! He is mine now...
'You have lost Tir. I end this today!'
'Stop!' What! Oh you insolent girl! You have no idea... fine.
'Out of my way woman, or I shall skewer you along with him.' What am I saying... it's hard enough to have to skewer Tir, because... no, I must put that thought aside... I know Kar is thinking back to that moment just now. That scar must... no! fool! get a hold of yourself, kill him!
'Go ahead.' Damm!t, why didn't you move? No! He's gone! I should've struck!
'Fool! He escapes us now! You have damned yourself, along with this forest!'
'Then so be it; he shall not destroy a single leaf and live to tell the tale.'
'You have no idea of his power; you couldn't possibly understand... no, you're much too young to understand it. Someday, you'll know, but for today, I guess we whall have to continue running; we cannot very well stay in these woods any longer.'"

Defi: Baaah! I had a half-a-page here! This stinks, I have to write it all out again!? I'm not going to do it. :<
Dreadnaught: Fine, I remember it well enough, so here's Defi's part (sort-of):
"'Gaaah!' The other elves were besting him, and he knew full well that they would only wear him down; Three elves would be enough to do that.
'Fools! Desist at once or I shall destroy your forest!' He could easily see the mocking look in Köl's eye, that only fed the bloodlust spell. The swordbites however, were draining it.
It took several moments, but the spell eventually wore off, leaving him at the mercy of the three elves, and their mercy wasn't someplace he wanted to be. He bagan to silently cast his spell, recalling the last time he had had to use it...
'You fool! You'll never get me off guard!' 'Indeed, but you are outnumbered soon; Karazai slays your minions, and will soon aid me in your doom!' That claim however, would soon fall flat as Tir's footman knocked her off balance with his final act. She fell and caught herself, right between Tir, and Köl, just in time to be hit by Köl's spear. 'Kar! No!' *poof* And Tir was out of there... past and present.
He reappeared in Drachnorr's base camp; Drachnorr was waiting for him.
'M'lord Tir, you are injured!'
'Keep your distance human dog, I am in no mood for you trifling words.' Tir stormed off to the medical tent; Drachnorr knew he had lost."

No I'm not introducing my character yet, but he's coming soon, so don't worry.

Karazai: Now it's my turn to wrap up this fight scene once and for all!

"'Oh I see, we'll drain his pwer and then he'll be at our feet! Good thinking!' Kar was more than relieved as the archer-commander offered her suggestion. She let out a quick sigh and joined the battle. It would take a little while, but that didn't phase her.
Her elven infravision providing the view, she watched as their successive attacks reduced Tir's size to that of a normal elf. 'Finally, we can end this. I can finally stop running! At last, I can go back home and live how I want to live... free.'
'You have lost Tir. I end this now!' She held her breath, and immediately let it all out at the interruption.
'Stop!' 'No! No! No! Get out of his way! He must finish this, before he gets away!.' Thinking that brought her back to the one time she'd been wounded...
'Hah! I'll have your commander soon boy, you should leave now and spare yourself the trouble of dying today.' 'Wench, I'll 'ave your 'ead for tha'!' 'Humans have such horrible speaking skills; no beauty in their voices at all.' She was thrown off balace, just as Köl stabbed at Tir, and instead, hit her. 'Kar! No!' 'Köl!' Tir teleported away 'Oh no.. are you... oh thank the Gods! It's only superficial.' 'Yeah yeah, big fancy words, whatever, it may not have hit me dead on, but it still hurts like hell; what d'ya coat that spear with anyway? Shimmerweed?' 'Actually, it's kind of complex, but that doesn't matter right now, right now we have to treat that wound!' 'Treat nothin'! I can... can... ca......' 'Kar!' That was where she blacked out. She never asked for the rest of the details.
Now the scar on her side burned as if it had just been struck; she knew Köl could tell too. Tir was apparently gone, like he was on that day, and she was going to black out soon. Köl and that other elf had just finished arguing apparently, and she was glad for it.
At a simple hand gesture, Köl leapt over to her and caught her, jsut as she fainted.'

Don't y'all just hate how our stories are just the same 20 or so minutes replayed over and over? ;) Well, that ends our turns. Whoever's next...

Oh, I just notcied, we have a third person. Hello mr. Nat! Welcome abaord, and the term your looking for is fecncer; Rapheal is a fencer (You could use the older term for it, duelist, but then again, people would start confusing you for a person who summons unbelievably huge and overpowered monsters of total stupidity... so fencer is a better word nowadays). I also just noticed the comment on your character's age, funny, my character is the same way. Well, whoever's next, your turn!
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CommonsNat has little to show at this moment (0)


want, I have another character I can give. His name is Jack, but that's all I'm saying unless you guys wanna hear more. I know you are all gone or asleep or something... Karazai? Do you have AIM or AOL? :( Oh, and Arching Blades, please tell me what you mean about the things I said in my other post. :D Thank you!
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Pherexio: I've got AIM, you could proll chat w/both of us.. .err.. all... bunches of us.... ya... well anyways, Karazai won't get it, neither will Defi, Dread, Gann, or any of Kar's other personalities, so I'm jus a medium sometimes. Well, My SN on AIM is Pherexio (what a thought!) so If ya catch me on sometime gimme a shout, I get the whole crew and you can talk to 'em all! Just one thing I gata say: Good luck! :D

Karazai: Well I just hate AOL, that's all :P. anyways, ya... what he said. Also, Blades meant (at least by the last two) what are your writing skills? have you written anything before? How did you write it blah blah blah. Blades just wants to know how you write/are you a pro/do you write/etc. Well, til next time; Leeterz ppls!
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Arching Blades
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First, I meant 'say where your character is'. Then I meant if you never wrote a story on your own and lastly I meant if you ever wrote a composition for your teacher.

I'll edit this post later to tell a bit of the conversation that occured between Kol and Firessa.

“Who are you?� Kol asked Firessa when the battle was over.
“I am Firessa, Lieutenant of a night elf scout squadron. Who are you?�
“I am Kol'Aronos, a skilled pikeman and as you saw, fugitives of the human commandant, the high elf, Tir'Aronos.�
“What! This little general was an elf. I thought he was a human."
"Yes, I know. I think he did something about that because he hates to be an elf. Why didn't you go when I asked you to?"
"I know this kind of spell. I experienced it many times. Err ... Look your companion is awake and ready to collapse again."
"Oh no! Kar."
The female elf fell into Kol's arms, unconscious again. Kol laid Kar down and turned to the elven Lieutenant again but she wasn't here anymore.

Firessa watched from the bushes. Kol had turned to further talk to her but he didn't find her. Sighing, she thought secretly, "We'll be seeing ourselves again soon. The high elf commandant has not yet finished with your case."
She walked away slowly to a nearby night elf base, thinking about what will happen later. Accidentally, she was deviated from her original direction and stumbled into a bush near an undead base. "What are they doing here? I thought we defeated them some hundred years ago!" Firessa thought. She went away to warn her brethren but also the fugitive elves.
At her base, she rallied two squads of archers and huntresses; then sent a runner for alerting the priestess of the moon. After that, she posted her squads at different points of the battle while she went away to the cave where the two elves were staying for a moment.

"Kol! KOL! I have some unpleasant news!"
"What is wrong?"
"Who is here, Kol?" Kar said from behind.
"Lay down quietly. Let me deal with this." Kol answered her.
"Kol, if you continue in this direction, you'll go right into an undead base."
"UNDEAD! What are we going to do?"
"Well, we are ready to launch an assault upon them? Will you join us? And if possible with any other allies."
Kol thought about it.

Well for you all, think if you are going to accept that offer. Dreadnaught, It's a perfect occasion, I think, to insert your character as friend to Kol and to help us with the assault on the undead base! And for you CommonsNat, if you're ready to begin moving your character, say where you are. You can of course say if you are in dreadnaught's army(if ever, he is inserting his character now) Then for you, Defi, you can think about an ambush somewhere. Kol and Kar will be heading for a friendly high elf base, okay? let's give it a name and please do not repeat the conversation, just continue where the one before you left the story, but describe it quite well. I, for one, could encounter some problems with describing, I'm not too good at it. Karazai and Pherexio, think about it well!

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Okay! Let's see. I've never written a book, but I'm writing one now, not hoping to get it published, but I've drawn him... I guess if you want to see a picture of him I can put it up! ^_^

Oh! And for the story... Well... My character has a background and... Well... I wouldn't think he'd be in the army thing. Is this thing your writing the story? If so I'll tell you where my character comes in. :D
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Pherexio: Fine, we'll go from where the story was at, but we'll prolly end up restating conversations a lot in the future, but I'll try to refrain. Oh and just one last thing before we move on...
Originally Posted by Pherexio
Items: Long Spear
Spearman! Spearman! There's a difference between a pike and a spear! Just figured I'd point that out. anyways, on with the story!

"'She's gone. I suppose it is for the best; she shouldn't be hanging around us... it's dangerous for her.' Köl was thinking out loud. 'Lieutenant.... hmm. What a coincidence...'
'How is that a coincidence?' Köl nearly jumped when Kar spoke suddenly, and would have if he hadn't been holding her.
'Nothing... you should rest, we have a lot of walking to do.' Kar let loose a short sigh when she heard that. Köl would have as well, but he decidded it safer if they were being watched not to do so.
'I guess your right... we should find some place to rest in first though.' She paused while she spoke; Köl could tell she was troubled.
'Why not right here, it's not too bad, and the fire is still going, though dimly.'
'Alright, fine.' After several minutes of worthless attempts at manually lighting the fire, Köl finally gave up and used a spell.
'Much better.' Was Kar's only response before Firessa got back to them.
She was half-out of breath and she blurted out, 'Köl, unpleasant news!'
'What is it?'
'Who is it Köl?' Kar said, already half-asleep.
'Don't worry about it Kar, just get some rest.'
'What is this news?' He said, turning back to Firessa.
'If you continue this way, you'll walk directly into an undead base!'
'Undead!? This may prove challenging... how many are there?'
'A bases' worth you fool! Do you think I'd call it a base if I could dispatch it alone?'
'Right right right, we'll help you get rid of it, when do you attack?'
'In two hours' time.'
'I do not believe that is enough time -if you could give us four...'
'They are preparing for battle. We will fight them in two hours, with or without your help.'
'You will have our help, but if we are not there in two hours, hold your lines as best you can, as we will be two hours off at least.'
Firessa stomped off angrily, or at least the night elf equivalent of stopmed off.
'Battle?' Kar said, full awake.
'Yes, and we both need some sleep; it may have only been a few minutes, but battling Tir after a full day's forced march is quite a feat. hurry and sleep, I'll set up the defenses.'
'Alright...' Was Kar's response througha yawn. Köl knew they wouldn't need the wards in these woods, but they still made him feel better; he didn't want Kar to get hurt.
He finished setting up the wards and fell asleep next to the fire on the wall."

Karazai: I'm not going to post a story update, Pherexio pretty much got it all. Anyway, CommonsNat, you can put your character in anytime you want, just make sure it doesn't majorly disrupt the story (i.e. saying he was talking to Köl while Firessa was; that just wouldn't work). Be creative!

Dreadnaught: Army? What army? Siroff is just a single person, he doesn't control an army. Anyways, he gets to be in the story now, so yippee! ^_^

"'I seen 'em wi' me own eyes, I 'ave.' An old man told his captive audience.
'Where are they?'
'We must kill them before they kill us!'
'Speak old man!' The crowd was getting anxious; Siroff had them in the palms of his hands.
'They o'er yonder, just pas' the treeline. Nasty critters, them undead, and a whole lot o' 'em aswell.' As he said this he pointed toward the forest.
'Look! Its Arlo! He'll be ebil ta tell is if this beggar be tellin' the truth!' A human scout was sprinting toward the small town. As he drew nearer the townsfolk could tell he was badly wounded and was missing most of his affects. He finally stumbled into town and said the one thing that froze everyone in fear.
'Undead.' He uttered this last word and fell over, a severed hand still lodged in his back. Several women fainted in the crowd and the men that weren't helping them turned back to Siroff.
'You were right old man, so tell us, how should we arm ourselves?'
'Bows and swords lads. Bows and swords are all you got; take 'em all!' His act was as convincing as ever. 'And would ya be so kind, young lads, to lend an old man some money for food and drink? I 'aven't eaten in days...'
'Here old man, take this.' A man threw a few coins Siroff's way. 'Cheap bastard.' Siroff thought. 'Oh thank ye m'lor' you are most kind.'
'To arms men!'
'We march in one hours' time!'
'We will kill those undead!' The crowd dispersed and Siroff was glad for it. He slipped into an alleyway and, when he was sure no one was watching, dispelled his magical disguise. Adopting his warrior's form, he walked back into the town square toward the tavern. 'I'll get all I can outta these fools, then I'm out of here.'
He flung open the door to the tavern and the place went dead silent: his favorite sound. He approached the bartender and ordered, then he sat down and waited for his drink.
An hour went by in which he had successfully joined their ranks and gotten a promised pay of 500 gold pieces: enough to last him long enough.
The humans began their march on the undead base, just as dawn was coming.

Defi: Well, I guess I'll give a quick update on Tir's part, so:

"'Drachnorr get in here!' Tir yelled at his inferior, even though he was already in the tent.
'Yes, sir?'
'Tell me Drachnorr, where will Köl head next?'
'I am unsure, I have only been concerned with this outpost, as you --'
'Don't give me an excuse! Answer the question!'
'South, sir. It is the direction he had been heading in.'
'South eh? Well then, move the base south, full march and I want us fifteen leagues ahead of Köl by the next three dawns, that's an order!'
'Yes, sir.'"

Like I said, quick. Alright then, next up?
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Is it too late for me to attempt to join this story? I just found out about it, could formulate a character pretty quickly, and would love to join in.
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Kar: Not too late to join this one, the more the merrier! (I think my mind will tell you that!) :D :D :D
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Arching Blades
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Pherexio, good work with conversation. Rogue-gladiator, join if you want. Karazai is right, the more the merrier. Glad you understood, commonsNat. Sorry for the profession mistake, pherexio.

Firessa turned back angrily. She sprinted back to the perimeter of the undead base. The elven warriors would try to arrive in two hours' time. But she didn't think they were strong enough to hold out that long. Once she was at the perimeter of the base, she reated for a moment before planning the assault with her captains.
"Archer, huntresses and ballisters will be posted in four directions. Archers attack first, then huntresses and ballisters move forward. The huntresses defend while the ballisters attack the structures as best as they can. Archers continue shooting. I will be in close-quarters. All clear?"
"We would need more forces," a captain said.
"Yes, I know. I am expecting some warriors in two hours' time. And I'm also hoping another force will come to attack them alongside us."
"We would barely be able to hold for two hours," they said in unison.
"I know this too. Let's pray to our goddess for a miracle."
They moved out into their respective groups. Firessa went into the northern group. They were all awaiting her signal.
Arrows shot out, killing as mush ghouls and fiends as they could. Then Ballisters moved out to attack the structures, huntresses trying to defend from the ghouls. Archers continued to slaugther; Firessa accelerated forward, unsheathing her fiery katana.
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APPEARANCE:StormRider looks as if he has been in many battles. As most orcs, StormRider looks like a brute barbarian,many scars and scratches. On his shoulders are two metal shoulder armor.
ITEMS:StormRiders main weapon is his axe, he has a knife and he has food,mainly meat that has been smoked or turned into jerky for longer preservation
PROFESSION AND SPECIALITY:StormRider is a fighter,he has no use for magic,which he almosts hates.
BIOGRAPHY:StormRider was in the war of the orcs and humans nearly fifteen years ago, under the command of Ogrim Doomhammer, StormRider was a good fighter,he virtues bravery and ambition over smarts,now mind you he isn't dumb,he is a good tactician and will try to find the best chance of winning in the battlefield, but he is no longer a soldier of the horde and is now a drifter.He still resents the humans and the other members of the alliance.
WRITING SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE:English 3, ive written a story for my campaign www.freewebs.com/shadowwolf27/campaigns.html that is where the story is
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Dreadnaught: Ok so now here come the humans.... weak as they are :>.
"The humans marched directly in front of Siroff in a ramshackle sort of way. They wouldn't last long; the most veteran among them had only truly battled once, and even then the odds were so great in his favor there was no way he could lose. No, this time was different; these undead would cruch this human opposition, and then make undead warriors from their corpses.
'No use, my dyin before they do; it'd be a waste of my life, besides, I owe and a debt unpaid to an elf is a terrible thing, especially mine...' Siroff's thoughts trailed off until the sounds of battle cought his ears. None of the other humans heard it, but they would soon enough.
'Oi! A fight goin' one beyond this hill! Our sister cities must've preempted the undead! Let's go!' Even as the commoner finished they crested the hill and could easily see that the other warriors weren't human at all, but night elves. Siroff could tell the humans disliked the elves, but they would fight beside them until the end... if they made it that far.
The elves were losing badly -vastly outnumbered and outpowered, they were on the brink of doom until the humans loosed their blades and battle cries.
The new threat seemed to trouble the undead, but not cause their siege on the elves to falter. In stead, a wave of zombies came at the human warriors, and drew the first human blood of the eve."

And the battle continues, one hour more!

Pherexio: No problem about the class mix up; I normally don't make a big deal out of stuff like that.... ok so I do, but that's only because of OCD (No I'm more insane than just that). Anyways... I guess that makes it my turn.

"'It's been three hours, I definitely have to help the night elves, but I can't leave Kar, and she won't wake up... I can't take her with me; that would put her in too much danger while unconsious...' Köl's thoughts were cut off when a night elven runner entered the cave nearly out of breath; she must've sprinted the whole distance.
'You! You must... come quickly! We are losing and... need reinforcements! Bring all that you have!' The runner had a difficult time getting out her message.
'All I have is in this cave right now, and I can't raise an army in an hour, let alone ten minutes, and I can't help you until she is consious; I can't risk her death.'
'Then I'm afraid all is lost.' The runner had regained her breath and looked sullen at the news.
'Maybe not -can you do me a favor?'
'What? And what will it matter, one elf cannot take on a whole army of shambling hordes!'
'Then yo don't know who Köl'Aronos is! But hold! I must know if you can help me, and I've not the time to tell you my tale properly. Tell me, can you do one thing?!' The runner noticed the urgency in his voice and the glance at Kar; she understood.
'I can, but not here, I shall have to take her back to our base.'
'That will do fine, but you must get her to saftey,' He grabbed the runner's arm as she strode toward Kar and spoke in a low, menacing tone, 'and know this: if any harm befalls her, it will be repayed triple to you!' The runner was startled and afraid of Köl's threat, but it also told her enough to know ehn to get moving.
Köl ran due south, toward the undead base, and quickly saw the death before him. Night elf corpses had been raised and were attacking their sisters, just as human corpses were doing also. He then noted the small force of ragtag human malitia on the western front with a commander clad in what looked like gold. Köl knew him at once for Siroff Bernhardt, but didn't do anything to chase him down; he had to help the elves first.
'Firessa! Firessa!' Köl yelled out as he slashed at oncoming reanimations.
'It's about time! Where are the other elves?'
'She's recooperating in your base, but we have bigger things to worry about right now!' Firessa looked troubled, but Köl was calm and collected as he fought and conversed strategy. 'Protect those balistae at all costs, and keep them firing! Get them in one group on the northern front!'
'But that will--'
'Do it!' Köl's harsh response didn't earn him any respect, but that wasn't what he needed; he needed obedience right now if he was to conquer this mountain of a task.
'Move all the ballistae to the northern front and keep them operational! That's an order!' The night elves moved with precision, even in the conditions of battle. 'This is going to be difficult,' Köl thought as he spied a new threat on the field, 'Oh no, a crypt lord!'"

So lets see, it's been about 3.25 hours in the battle so far, and the night elves and humans are hanging on for dear life... how ever will this work? Especially with that new crypt lord! ^_^

Karazai: Hey, she may be knocked out, but I can still update her situation!
"She knew the scene all to well; death, destruction, chaos, and other nasty, horrible things -A battlefield, recently used, was splayed out before her. This time was different than all the other times however; before it had been humans fighting high elves, but now.... Humans, Night Elves, and a single High Elf battled an undead legion.
In her dream, she was quickly able to identify the High Elf as Köl, her only friend in a world ofdestruction; One of the humans was Siroff Bernardt, only he could ever have wielded that blade so lightly; and lastly, the night elves, who were regrouping on the northern front had a single commander: Firessa, the night elven lieutenant she had met earlier.
The tactic was simple; it was Köl's usual strategy, but he had never had an opportunity to try it out on some undead, at least she didn't know if he had. Lure them all into a single line, then riddle them with arrows and gigantic bolts from ballistae, or any other flammable ammunition; then, it was a simple flame wave spell and *bang* they'd all be dead... or at least cahrred so they couldn't move; undead messed up all the rules.
Another hour into the supposed battle, and she saw this tactic fail time and time again; Köl was drained of his paltry mana reserves, Siroff was fighting the monstrosities alone (his human allies now slashing at him in an undead frenzy), and Firessa was trying to get the ballistae in a better position.
It all faded into blackness, and only a few lone figures were left: Köl, Firessa, Siroff, and an undead abomination: a crypt lord. Each was fighting to the best of his or her ability, but none of them could get the upper hand. Locked in eternal combat, the elves would fight the undead beast forever until Siroff died at this rate. She still couldn't make it end.
Time seemed to slow in her dream and another figure came out to the battle; a night elf atop a fearsome looking tiger.
Even with this new ally the crypt lord still seemed too strong to overpower.
A low chanting seemed to reach her unconsious ears. 'Kar... Kar... Kar... Kar...' It was Köl's voice, but it seemed distant. She began to reply and the chanting grew faster and louder. 'Kar! Kar! Kar! Hurry! Kar!'
She awoke quickly yelling out Köl's name at the top of her lungs. The only face to greet her was the night elf runner that had brought her to the base in the first place. The runner pointed to a moon well and Kar ran to it. She collected her equipment and looked for the runner.
She had turned just in time to see the runner move swiftly into the trees. Over the canopy, she could barely make out an unearthly green smoke. 'Undead...' She said to herself; then her dream came back to her vividly; she ran toward the battle, now nearly five hours progressed."
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The two newbies can join (forgot your usernames) and let's get going with the battle.
The army of militia wasn't really helping. That's was perhaps the miracle she had been waiting for then. She needed some diversion. Moving to the north defending the ballistae proved to be difiicult. Never had they used that tactic, but she had trust in the high elf; he had a commanding aura about him.
Firessa lunged forward into a crowd of ghouls. They were overpowhelming.
"Oh god! Help us," Firessa shouted to the moon. She slashed forward, decapitating the ghouls. Anything that came that way were hit by arrows but that was not enough still.
"Kol needs help with that crypt lord! Sisters, let the ballistae fire at the spirit towers and continue advancing," Firessa said. She ran towards the cryptlord, jumped high enough to land some meters besides the cryptlord and rolled under it. She slashed as she rolled, startling the cryptlord for a moment. She backed some meters. Kol was still in close-quarters.
"Back away, Kol!" The elf did so; he seemed to have some trust in her too. She poured mana into her katana; then moments later, she slashed into the blank air, revealing an arc of fiery air speeding towards the cryptlord. The latter was engulfed into the fire and smoke upon collision. Then she dashed to help the commander of the newly arrived militia.
Siroff was busy fending off attacks from the zombies and defending the militia to prevent more contamination. Firessa dashed right into the crowd of zombies, katana horizontal to cut two of them at a time. The katana flames engulfed the zombies it touched, leaving a few of them for Siroff to destroy. Warriors were needed everywhere; Firessa soon became tired of running around the base helping everywhere she can as soon as she can.

EDIT: But she quickly became so tired that once or twice, instead of she helping others, it had been Siroff or Kol saving her life from deadly close slashes. She moved back to her own team and remained there to cause no further difficulties to the ones she meant to help.
"The undead are just numerous! Fight on, my warriors!"
Then a wave of ghouls arrived killing more night elves. The assailants' numbers had been greatly diminished since the beginning of the battle. Firessa managed to destroy the wave of ghouls; she went for the cryptlord. Siroff had also destroyed all the zombies and came to fight the cryptlord. Now, it was three against one. The cryptlord had raised carrion beetles against which Kol was fighting. They came just in time to fend off the cryptlord's sneak attack.
They had been fighting for some moments when another wave of ghouls were launched against them. Right then, all seemed lost. The ghouls neared; Firessa fired a fiery arc at them and fire arrows too; but their numbers were just overwhelming. From the east then, light surged; not the light of dawn, no; but the light of hope. More archers and huntresses had come and with them, Kar, the female fugitive elf who was running away from the humans with Kol. Now, hope regenerated Firessa with a new energy. Once again, she thanked the goddess of the moon for this blessing and went back to battle.

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