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Old 04-26-2009, 09:11 PM   #1
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Default Jasshelper and JassCraft

I tried using JasshelperCLI with JassCraft, but when I syntax check with any file, it just puts blizzard.j into a folder called logs and checks the syntax which also gives an error.
Can anyone help?

Output of Jasshelper

Checking tool existence...
Textmacros - initializing...
Textmacros - parsing...
Textmacros - writing...
Libraries - parsing...
JASSHelper - Step 1 (textmacros, libraries, scopes)
Line 2: Could not find correct main function in file. / unclosed string
(First five lines of JassCraft's blizzard.j here.)

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Old 06-27-2009, 07:54 AM   #2
Dark Defiance
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might be because your on an apple? im on an apple and there are no such downloads so far that work. if not then try the troubleshooting
OMG im on an apple so im cooler then u
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Old 01-20-2014, 09:42 AM   #3
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Idea "Line 2: Could not find correct main function in file. / unclosed string"

Came to this old thread by having the exact same error message. The problem wasnt solved here, but after some fiddling I could get rid of it, thats the reason im replying & reviving this thread! Think this is ok then... By the way, I didnt even used JassCraft.

Add this to the top of your script which should get parsed:
function main takes nothing returns nothing

course of events:
Downloaded latest JassHelper (JH) (used version: 0.A.2.B) & extracted.
Downloaded latest JassNewGenPack (JNGP) (used version: 5d) & extracted.
From JNGP "...\newgen5d\jasshelper\", copied: "Blizzard.j", "common.j", "pjass.exe", "sfmpq.dll" & pasted to JH "...\0.A.2.B.jasshelper\executable\".
Created folder "bin" in "...\0.A.2.B.jasshelper\executable\" & pasted "sfmpq.dll" there a 2nd time.
Created a BAT-file (Im on windows) in JH "...\0.A.2.B.jasshelper\executable\".
In the batch file I wrote:
jasshelper.exe --scriptonly common.j blizzard.j InputTestScript.j OutputTestScript.j
Command line usage described here:

Apparently I also pasted the script file - which should get tested & parsed - into the same folder (the "InputTestScript.j").
As a test I tried parsing Vex's Table script.
What happens then? Yeah, see post #1!
What helped? See solution above!
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