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Taur is... MY SISTER!!!

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Well to test out this newfangled forum system, I'm going to post a story.

I gotta apologize for not posting in so long - or even being active, that is. I had to go on two different vacations, then I lost internet connection, then the forums went down...

Anyways this story isn't near perfection, but it might do for a good read. If you dont want to read all of it, give me some credit and just read a little and comment on that.



Part 1

A black spot appeared on the horizon.

What was it? I wondered to myself. Surely no one could be out in the Barrens, where it was widely known that most people who had gone out there in the past never came back. But as the spot slowly grew larger, it knew was definitely a person. He looked weak. I considered running out to get him, but I didn't have my protective footwear on - just my regular shoes. I glanced down at the hated green spikes growing from the ground which dominated the Barrens (but were not to be seen anywhere around Dramin). Death within hours, even if you just touched them. I silently wished him good luck.

He came closer, and closer. He looked nearly delirious, and certainly not in shape for a trip into the Barrens. He was an older man, easily 60 or 70, with a long white beard and a lined face. His eyes looked like they had seen way too much that they didn't really want to see. He wore clothing that must have been in good quality at some point but was now shredded, as if he had been through some vicious battle. As I continued looking over him, I realized, shocked, why he looked so bad - his footwear had been torn into pieces, and I knew with terrifying certainty that he had been posioned, and was going to die. But I didn't tell him that.

"Sir, you need immidate med-", I started.

"I know that, stupid boy," he snapped. "But it's too late anyways. The boot was shredded almost two hours and about ten miles ago. I tried hopping on one foot, but then the other one was cut as well. But my ...life is.... inconsequential. I have... something much...more... important..."

He stopped talking, and his breathing slowed, and then his eyes closed. The posion combined with the energy needed to walk that far that fast finally caught up to him. I figured there was no time to lose, and hefted his body. I decided to take him to the hospital, just in case there was a chance.

He woke up.

"Don't...waste your time..." he whispered.

"But, sir, I have to," I said. "If there's even the smallest chance-" I put his body down.

"There isn't! Now listen to me. The Plague..." Once again, he lost his breath. His face was slowly going pale, and I then knew that there was nothing I could do - he was going to die.

"The Plague?" I asked, curious.

"Yes... I found... an... antidote..." His hand made to move towards his pocket. Then, suddenly, his breathing stopped altogether. I shook him, but his eyes remained staring blankly ahead.

I was in shock. I didn't even know this guy, and he was already dead. I couldn't think straight. Only one thought came to mind: What should I do with him? I considered bringing him to the hospital, but it was overburdened with plague victims.

So, I decided to bring him to the cities' graveyard. I dug him a grave, but before I lowered his body into it, I recalled the short converstation we had had. Right before he had died, as I remembered, he had reached for his pocket while mentioning something about an antidote for the Plague. I felt a little like a grave-robber, but I found a piece of parchment in the pocket. I looked over it. It was short: definitely not an ingrediant list or anything similar. It was more like... instructions to go somewhere.

I decided to leave the graveyard and show this to my friend. As I left, I looked over the graveyard. Graves seemed to stretch on endlessly, only stopping at the horizon. Huge trees watched over the graveyard - their branches seemed to stretch on infinitely. I was told that at one time, before I was born, Dramin was a great city. But Plague infections recently had accelerated and was now spreading to almost everyone. And if Dramin was killed off, was there anywhere else in the world that people lived?

As I walked towards my friends house, I took some time to appreciate Dramin. The buildings had been, at one time, beautiful. They were constructed out of a lightweight but strong dark blue material called rynx, and were nearly indestructable. They were in general very tall, and some had balconies or other nice touches. But now, with the plague claiming lives left and right, they had fallen out of repair and were covered in dark dirt and soot. There was a huge bridge that connected all the buildings together high in the sky, but no one walked on it any more because it was very easy to contract the Plague if you strayed even close to someone else up there who had it.

I finally got to my friends house. But I knew something was instantly wrong - all the blinds were pulled up and no one was around the house. When I got to the door, I saw the word QUARINTINED on a huge poster, and the door was locked. At once, I felt sick. If my friend got the plague... words couldn't describe how horrified I would be.

I walked quickly back to my house, and inside I read the parchment. It offered some pretty clear instructions. Walk south until you hit a mountain range. Then walk east until you find a cave. Inside that cave, apparently, would be the antidote.

So I set off. I packed a lot of food and water, and I brought along my trusty sword, which had never let me down. I had no one to part with; my parents had died when I was a baby of the Plague. I felt no sadness about it, though - I had never experianced having parents anyways.

What I learned pretty fast was that the South Barrens was much different then the North Barrens which I had been staged as watchpost when I first met the old man. At first I had to walk through the green spikes for about a half a day. I had my footwear with me, fortunately. But as it turned out, the green spikes were the least of my problems.

After the green spikes, all I saw was barren land - dirt, mostly - stretching on all the way to the horizons. To be honest, it looked quite dull. Here and there, there were occasional plants and shrubs, but other then that it looked as if there was absolutely nothing out there at all.

The parchment had warned about a few things. It noted something called "flameia" which it said was slightly dangerous - to me, the name made me think of flames, which is a little obvious. It also said that something called "aquavia" would be better off ignored completely for my own sake - it was classified as moderately dangerous. It said that something called "Pol" was "dangerous", and something called "Aa" was "very dangerous" - stay away from it at all costs.

All this information was great to know, but what was really aggrivating me is that there were no pictures of these things, or anything else at all that would help me identify them. So when I stumbled right into some "flameia" I had no idea until it was all over.

I was just walking along, not doing anything wrong, when I accidentally stepped on a little red leafy plant. It instantly burst into flames nearly as high as my knee, almost consuming my boot. The flames then spread into a ring which continued outwards for quite a distance, which surprised me. I jumped up and managed to dodge it, but somehow the flames hit another "Flameia" which also exploded in a ring of flames. They call that "slightly dangerous"? I don't think I want to see "Aa".

I continued onwards, sleeping at night (not near any Flameia) and hiking by day. I still had plenty of food and water - so I was good, at least for now.

Eventually as I continued hiking, I stopped having to dodge the Flameia. I continued walking, and I noticed something: a little bit of fresh water in the ground. Figuring I could use a refill, I bent down to get some, but as soon as I touched it, it zapped me with some electricity. I took a few steps back and guessed that this was the aquavia. The electricity wasn't that bad, not nearly as bad as flames anyways. I wondered why it was classified more dangerous then flameia.

As if to answer my question, it exploded with the force of a small bomb. Fortunately, I had stood back, or else I might have been killed.

I kept on walking, and walking, and singed the skin of my legs with so many near encounters with the exploding aquavia. And then when I started to think that I was actually going North instead of South, I saw the mountain range. I reached it and started heading East as the parchment indicated. And then I had my first encounter with "Pol".

I was walking along, minding my own buisness as usual, when I stepped on an uneven lump of dirt. Immidately a huge plant sprung up out of the ground. The only thing I could compare it to would be a venus fly trap. It had a huge green "head" which seemed to be really just a big mouth, held up by a thick stem. A roots came out of the ground and wrapped around my legs while the head of the thing started snapping at me and I had no doubts that it was going to eat me alive. I quickly unsheathed my sword and cut at the roots holding my feet. I managed to jump backwards a slight bit, but then more roots came up. I realized that was a waste of time, and then slashed at the thick stem holding up it's head. It was pretty thick, and I took another swing (as it continued snapping at me, getting nearer and nearer) and managed to chop off it's head.

The roots wrapped around my legs let go.

I really didn't want to fight "Aa".

It didn't take long to find the cave. It wasn't that high up the mountain, and there was definitely something ... mystical about it. I did a quick estimate of how long I had taken to get here. I figured not more then a month. I walked inside the cave. There were torches illuminating the walls, and in the middle of the cave, pretty far back, there was a small, light blue vial on top of a desk.

I walked over to it, picked it up, and pocketed it.

As I walked out of the cave, I heard a shout. "Hey! That's mine! Give it back!"

I turned around to see a man in white robes. Probably a mage. "Er, excuse me for stealing, sir, but my entire city is infested by the Plague, and -"

I wasn't watching where I was walking, and I stepped right on a small purple sprout.

The ground started shaking like an earthquake. One thought went through my mind.


Part 2

Almost instantly, 5 gigantic tentacles burst out of the ground. In the middle, there was a huge head, and the plant sort of reminded me of a huge octopus submerged beneath the ground. Before I had even properly registered what had happened, one grabbed me and started shaking me. But before it could eat me (What else? I was starting to get used to it), I felt some heat on my back. The tentacle dropped me on the ground, which hurt, but I wasn't complaining because I wasn't getting eaten, yet.

"Woohoo! I still got it in me!" the guy in the white robes shouted. So I guess he was a mage, and he had used a fireball or some type of spell. But I could make up for my lack of mage powers with my sword, and I proved it as I chopped off another tentacle.

"Nice one!" he shouted. "But watch this!", and I turned around and watched him hold out his hands palm first and close his eyes. The Aa stared at him, but then he suddenly he let go a blast of light energy, and the entire Aa exploded into little white bubbles, which floated upwards before popping.

I stared at him. A mage who could destroy a "highly dangerous" Aa with a single blast had to be pretty dang powerful.

He laughed. "Yeah, I try to be. But I grow old, and weak, and I'm starting to lose it. Oh, did I mention I can read minds? But most of the time I try not to - it's impolite. Anyways. I know your intentions with that vial, so you may go. You have better use for it then I."

"Thanks!" I said, jubiliant, and ran off to Dramin as fast as I could go.

My return journey is mostly boring and totally inconsequential, because nothing at all happened during the nearly three weeks, at least until the last half day when I finally got to those green spikes. I was walking through them, but after a few hours I noticed that my boots were becomming quite damaged after all the fire and electrical bombs and whatnot.

That's when one of them tore.

At first when the old man told me that he had hopped on one foot, I thought it almost funny. But now, with my life at stake, I proceeded to do the exact same thing.

Until the other one tore.

Not good. Well, at least I had the antidote. Even if I died, the city would still live on. And what other choice did I have? So I ran. I ran as fast as I could. My feet got cut and scratched by the green spikes, and I was slowly getting dizzy. But I made it to Dramin.

I walked, slowly, to the hospital. But as my slowly fading mind was thinking it's final thoughts, I realized that something was very wrong with the city. But... I couldn't quite place it...

I stumbled into the hospital. There was no one in the waiting room... that was strange... i walked... into the patients wards... to give them the vial, perhaps... and stumbled... over a dead body...

and then... my brain connected...everything...

there was no one here...anywhere...

everyone ... in the city...had died...

i took out... the vial... and fell to my knees...holding it

i was ... tired...i closed... my eyes...

Part 3

Much later, the White Mage was walking through a ruined city. Bodies were strewn everywhere, and he wondered what happened. And then as he walked through the ruins of a building, he saw a skeleton lying on the ground, grasping a small light blue vial in it's hands...
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Taur: btw dun tell anyone but I bribed the wc3c admins with a life supply of packaged peanuts to host UL ^^

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guess what blade?
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Originally Posted by johnfn
I gotta apologize for not posting in so long - or even being active, that is. I had to go on two different vacations, then I lost internet connection, then the forums went down...
Gee, that situation is somewhat similar to mine, or at least, the free time that is available :P For me it existed out of birthdays of friends and more random parties. If that isn't enough, I'm sick now -_-
At least the forum seem somewhat more alive now with you posting a story :P

Right now, I only finished the first chapter and... ah, to cut a story short, it kept me reading - not to mention, I'm not really in the mood to read.
Unfortunately, while reading, I didn't understand anymore what was going on halfway through chapter 1. This is not necessarily your fault, John, this could be because I'm, like I said, not in the mood to read and that I got quite a headache.
Whichever was the reason, it kept me reading as long as it did.

Uh... I'll finish the story somewhat later on.
To anyone who feels like hearing it, it has been a while. ^^
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Taur is... MY SISTER!!!

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Submissions (3)

johnfn has a spectacular aura about (129)

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I have to admit it doesn't really pick up until the very end... That is, if it picks up at all.

But thanks for the comment anyways.
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Taur: btw dun tell anyone but I bribed the wc3c admins with a life supply of packaged peanuts to host UL ^^

Taur | Unsung Legends says:
guess what blade?
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