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Information Ways of hiding the Damage-Reduction (tooltip of armor-icon)!

Most strings of Warcraft 3 can be changed simply through editing the Game-Interface-Strings.
If you ever tried to change or hide the % from the tooltip of the armor-icon, you will probably have run into some probs, anyhow I did...
In the next lines I will show you 2 methods of hiding the % from all 8 armor-types.
Here is our initial standard situation (compare picture "Screenshot_Normal_cut2.jpg"):
Zoom (requires log in)

In the further tutorial I will paraphrase some expressions, beside that, note that I own the german version of the game, so the uploaded pictures show german labels:
  • Damage-Reduction [%]
  • VALUE ["VALUE"] (so quotes are just there for better readability)
  • Warcraft 3 World Editor [WE]

First things first...
Where do I have to change the strings?
In the upper task of the WE you go to "Advanced" > "Game-Interface ..." and voilą, you are there!

To be able to customise these settings (beside string-definitions, there are also blp-paths you can change) you have to check a mark in the top left corner where it says:
Use own Game-Interface.

The next step is important for us, so that we are able to change the equal strings.
It's because of different languages, the descriptions of the settings may vary.
So that we can make a clear customisation, you temporary have to check another mark on the bottom left where it says:
Show Raw-Data.

Before we go ahead, you have to face a situation which I won't treat here:
Beside the strings for normal armor-types there are extra strings & blps for upgradable armors.
So if you plan to have upgradable armors, you should have a look for them too!

Now, after things got cleared up, we can get into the real action!
(Note that the following descriptions are only one way you can hide the %, if you know of a better or another good way, you are welcome to show us.
I already tested mpq-editing with FrameDef-Files or adding the ability Invulnerability, but there were major problems I couldn't circumvent.
For the Invulnerable-Issue I want to add 2 links:
1 link to a thread where bboy-tiger- had the same issue with the Damage-Reduction, but kept going the way of Invul. (compare post 12)
1 link where darkwulfv asks for a solution through attack- or damage-types.
Update: Tested all combinations of attack-, damage- & weapon-types and can certainly say, that with the current Patch 1.26a, invulnerable units can no longer be damaged through any of said types!)

Methode 1.1 /2: All tooltip-infos are kept, % is greyed out)
One way to get rid of the %, is by just greying it out (compare picture "Screenshot_Methode1.1_cut2.jpg"):
Zoom (requires log in)
No! Wait! Not just in the Screenshot, but in the Editor! ;)
Remember the 2nd mark for Raw-Data?
Now it is time to check it.
Next, go and find the name "COLON_DAMAGE_REDUCTION" and change its value to "|c22222222".
(This is a more or less well known method which is also used to get rid of the "100%" from the upkeep-tooltip. Look here (PipeDream) or here (not greying, but tricking) for more info about this.)
After that, find "COLON_MOVE_SPEED" and add "|r" before the original string.
Congratulations, thats all about it!

Methode 1.2 /2: Lowest tooltip-info armortip is removed, % is greyed out
Generally it's the same like the 1st methode, only that the armortips are now removed too, in the case they aren't wished (compare picture "Screenshot_Methode1.2_cut2.jpg"):
Zoom (requires log in)
Again, like in 1.1 /2, check the mark for Raw-Data.
Change the value of "COLON_DAMAGE_REDUCTION" to "|c22222222".
Change the value of "COLON_MOVE_SPEED" by inserting "|r" into the 1st position of the original string.
Then, have a look for the following names and change their values to ",s":

Aha aha haha... So what does that actually do?
For short: It removes all following string lines and sometimes even more! For further infos about this, look here.
(As you certainly have noticed, the list of armortips consists of 8 different armor-types.
There exist 8 choosable armor-types and even a 9th called UNKNOWN, but I wasnt able to give it to a unit, even by renaming the units "defType" to "unknown" or "null".
So we forget about the 9th one and stay satisfied with the 8 armor-types, unless your r willing in further exploration!)

Methode 2 /2: Move-speed-info is lost, % is hidden!
Another way to get rid of the % (the one I prefer), is by cutting it out (compare picture "Screenshot_Methode2.1_cut2.jpg"):
Zoom (requires log in)
Like in the descriptions above, 1st activate raw-data.
Then, you can decide whether you want to enter additional info (f.e. because the move speed is gone) or just have a smaller tooltip.
Either way, look for the following list of names:

Now if you dont want to add or remove any infos, then add following at the end of every original string-value:
"|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cff ffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffff ff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r".
Hell yea, what's that again?
Well, we need to feed the tooltip-window with that much info, till it hits the char-limit and automatically cuts the last strings at the end.
The 19 "|cffffffff|r" represent white color-codes which start with "|cffffffff" and end with "|r".
In the end you wont see them as text in the tooltip-window, but still they are counting against the char-limit.
An interesting part of this limit is, that it doesn't refer to the limit of the whole tooltip-window you know from ingame.
It is just the part which normally comes in a grey color, which includes the armor-type, the % and the move-speed, but not the armortip.
The armortip at the very end of the tooltip-window is independant from the part above and has its own char-limit.
So, there's no need to loose the armortip, but if you still want to hide it, just go ahead and set it up like already described in 1.2 /2,
the section where you change the armortip-values to ",s" (compare picture "Screenshot_Methode2.2_cut2.jpg"):
Zoom (requires log in)
Now back on the road again!
After successfully changed the values of the list from above, we search for the name (you should already know what comes next ;) )
"COLON_DAMAGE_REDUCTION" and change its value to the max possible string length, like the following:
"|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff |cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff|cffffffff |cffffffff|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r|cffffffff|r".
The reason and the explanation stay the same as before.
To find out the max string length, change the value in the game interface, click "OK" and open the value again!
You will notice, that the max string-length you can write, isn't the same as the actual max string-length the WE accepts.
Always check that, so that you end up with a color-code of "|r" or "|cffffffff", otherwise it's possible that your tooltip will contain some unwanted chars later.
By changing some "|cffffffff" with "|cffffffff|r" or the other way round, you can reach the actual limit by incrementalism.
But simply copying & pasting the given string in the quotes should do the job ;)
Remember what I said at the beginning from methode 2...
...if you don't wanted additional info, then Congrats: You are finished now!
If you want further info, theres no big deal!
Just replace some color-codes with some nice words and there ya go!

If you replace color-codes for additional infos, it is simpler to do this by beginning at the end. (Example: "|cffffffff...|cffffffffStart here with additional info!")
This way, you can fit your total string length again by incrementalism of the remaining white color-codes and ingame, when some strings are cut, you immediately know on what position/ word.

Always use enough chars as tight as possible to the cutting-limit, otherwise the % is loling again!
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Screenshot_Normal_cut2.jpg (86.8 KB, 78 views)
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File Type: jpg Screenshot_Methode1.2_cut2.jpg (86.3 KB, 46 views)
File Type: jpg Screenshot_Methode2.1_cut2.jpg (89.1 KB, 45 views)
File Type: jpg Screenshot_Methode2.2_cut2.jpg (83.7 KB, 50 views)

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