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Old 03-07-2014, 01:22 AM   #1
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Hello, I represent Relentless Conquest. Relentless Conquest is a conglomeration, and clan formed by several ORPG/RPG Map Staff. We specialize in ORPG/RPG Maps with a save/load function.

Relentless Conquest is affiliated with several ORPG/RPG Maps, such maps include: Etales ORPG/Return of Legends ORPG/ST's ORPG/Defiance ORPG/CoT Steels/Final Fantasy Epic ORPG/ and several others.

Project Eclipse

However, recently Relentless Conquest was presented a unprotected version of Eclipse ORPG from it's original map maker. Eclipse is a very old map that has been around for 2-3 years. However, the map has been neglected in terms of updates. However, Relentless Conquest approved the map and has formed a experienced Staff to completely revise/revive/update this wonderful ORPG.

Statement from Relentless Conquest Administration - "We approve [Project Eclipse] in the hopes to bring back this wonderful map to the community, and present a quality map that represents our organizations standards."

Project Eclipse Staff
LordSquishy - Project Leader/JASS Specialist/Lead terrainer
Blue_Rays - Support Trigger/JASS Specialist
Robbepop - Advisor/Relentless Conquest Quality Inspector/Media & Advertisement
SS4Gotenkzz - Support Trigger/Bug and Glitches support/Hero Balance Team
[Open] - Lore Writer
[Open] - Artist/Loading screen design.

Obviously, our staff is not complete, and due to Relentless Conquest's involvement in several ORPG/RPG Maps, our availability for these positions are limited, which is why we are asking for individuals that are interested to please contact us.

Each applicant must have some form of voice communication, this can be Ventrillo/Mumble/Raidcall. Also, if failure to be active within the staff, we hold the right to remove you from our staff as well as your name in credits.

Since we were given a basic outline to go off of for Eclipse. This is the following we hope to implement/change.

- Add/Remove Heroes
- Add a story line/quests
- Redo terrain on Tundra/Undead area completely
- Revamp all NPC Town/Cities
- Redo all triggers/JASS
- Revamp Save/Load system (Codewipe)
- Add a "Raidmode" feature, as well as include endgame content
- Add more items, such as "Raid Set" and overall items.
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I played about an hour of the version of eclipse orpg over on the hive workshop. It was okay, I suppose, but really nothing special. What makes it worth your while to revamp an existing map rather than just make a completely new one?
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Old 03-17-2014, 05:13 PM   #3
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Essentially that's what we're doing is pretty much making a new map in general. The unprotected version we received from the map maker is a general outline at best. We plan to essentially "modernize" the map with features that ORPG/RPG players find in the presently popular maps such as TKoK/Gaias/etc.
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