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This is definetely a work in progress, but the terrain is coming a long and is estimated to be done before the end of this month. This is heavily inspired by WoW Risk (so people should not comment on it being too similar) and will be using a lot of WoW Risk's triggerings and its balancing system. Priwin has agreed to do the triggers once the terrain is completed.

All of Outland's instances will be included (except Gruul's Lair) and it will be possible to turn them off as a hosting option.

This map will attempt to draw the same crowd that plays WoW Risk but also be different by mostly the terrain and also innovations into risk gameplay.

Below are screenshots of the terrain, some finished some not. As of now, all of SMV is finished and Terokkar Forest has been done but will be editted later for the final touches. Shattrath City and Auchindoun (just the exteriors in Terokkar), however are done.

Please post any ideas or suggestions here.

We could use a good modeler that can keep file size small for things like - Broken Draenei models, Sporregar models, a Gruul model and a few smaller models like a good mountain spike for the Blade's Edge Mountains.
We also need someone skilled at triggering. Priwin is very busy with life and WoW Risk so we need help with the non-risk triggers and triggers that will complete the terrain. The map will include all the instances of Outland (minus Gruul's Lair) and including Shattrath city so we need a good deal of work on all the walls, bridges, doodads etc that will need to be made walkable.
And good advice is always helpful :). I would of course give credit where credit is due and in return help you any way I could. Please, if you're interested contact me at theschoolmasterd@hotmail.com (for a more immediate response) or post here.

We could also use some help in the race/unit development department. This would entail balancing races and designing unique perks (a system Priwin uses, explained below) and roles that each race would ideally fill.

An explanantion of the WOW Risk ballancing system that Outland Risk plans to use and how I'd like to modify it.


The units of Outland risk will use the current countering system that WoW Risk uses. If you are not familiar with this system it goes like this: there are three armor types, and each one counters the other, making for a rock paper scissor kind of balancing. The armor types and what they counter are unarmored > heavy > piercing > unarmored. This is also used to balance a race, but what I'm looking for, mainly, is ideas for new perks that would make races unique and tuned to different playing styles. New perks will be used for the Outland risk races but also old perks from WoW Risk. Below is a list of these WoW Risk perks and a separate list of perks that might be used exclusively for Outland Risk. Feel free to use them for any units you would like included in an Outland race, but remember, what I'm really after is new perks that are balanced and would fit into a risk format.

"Offensive (+15% DPS, -5% Effective HP)";

"Defensive (-5% DPS, +15% Effective HP)";

"Skirmisher (+10% DPS, -5% Effective HP, +40 MS)";

"Defender (+5% DPS, +10% Effective HP -40 MS)";

"Caster (Heal, Abolish Magic, Bloodlust or Faerie Fire)";

"Berserker (+25% DPS, -15% Effective HP )";

"Tank (-15% DPS, +25% Effective HP )";

"Anti-Caster (Mana Combust )";

"Rounded (+5% DPS, +5% Effective HP )";

"Anti-Melee (+14% Defense vs Melee )";

"Heroic (Hero Armor and Damage )";

"Critical Strike ( +10% DPS )";

"Evasion (+10% effective HP )";

"Suicidal (Suicidal Attack )";

"Punisher (15% Thorn )";

"Moon Gleve (50% Bouncing Attack )";

Potential Outland Risk Perks

"Defensive Stance (50% defense, -40% attack, would only use this on a range unit)"

Provided by Eldubs "Passive ability that gives a % chance to cast shadowbolt when attacking"

Modified from Eldubs idea "Phoenix - When Phoenix dies a Phoenix egg drops that has 10 health. If the Phoenix egg is not killed after 12 seconds a unit with half the stats of the original Phoenix is born."

Eldubs "Healthy - Health regeneration is greatly increased"

Eldubs "Rage - As the unit takes more damage it deals more damage" (needs to be more specific)

Modified from Eldubs "Archer's Bane - Incinerate that activates when attacking ranged units"

Modified from Eldubs "Poisin Tip Arrow - Decreases targets movement speed by 10 and decreases attack speed 5%"

Thats all I've got for now, if you think you've got a good idea for a perk, please post it! I'll make sure people know it was your idea :).


What I'm looking for here is units and races that are balanced but also unique with their own strengths and weaknesses that will encourage different strategies and playing styles.

Thank you,

List of Confirmed Races and Explanation of How to Submit Ideas for a Race


These are the current races planned for Outland RISK, provided in most part by fattythefat, with some edits by myself. Thanks fatty!

The unit costs and perks will be roughly based off of the WoW Risk ones to give us a starting point and in an effort to keep races balanced, however I want the races to have strengths and weaknesses or just something that makes it unique but balanced in comparison to the other races. So, I suggest using a WoW Risk race as the starting point for designing a race to be used in Outland Risk, though it's not necessary.

Scryers: Vorenthal the seer, blood elf caster, capital: scryer part of shattrath

Aldor: High Priest Ishanah, dreanei priest, Cap: aldor part of shattrath

Cenarion Expidition: Ysiel Windslinger, nelf, Cap: Cenarion Refuge

Honor Hold: Danath Trollbane, human knight/seargent model, Cap: Honor Hold

Thrallmar: Nazgrel, orc shaman-based, Cap: thrallmar

Mag’har: Garrosh Hellscream, orc warrior-berserker, Cap: Garadar

Naga: Cap: Coilfang Reservoir, Lady Vashj, frost-based naga caster,

Arrakoa: Terokk, wind-based/shapechanging Arrakoa, Cap: Skettis

The Cabal/Shadow Council/Ethereals: Murmur, soundbased elemental, Cap: Auchindoun/Shadow Labyrinth (A more caster-based race than fel orc, and with other races than orc)

Broken/Lost Ones: Arechron, broken champion, Cap: Kurenai (I did not use Akama and his draenei in SMV as a race because there is already three races in SMV and Nagrand needed another race)

Ogres/Gronn: Grull, warstomp-based/growth gronn, Cap: Grulls Lair.

Wretched: Kael Sunstrider, Cap: Tempest Keep.

Goblins/Consortium: Area 52, Lead Sapper Blastfizzle, bomb-based goblin/shredder, or The X-52 Nether-Rocket(like flying dalaran i guess).

Fel Orcs, Kargath Bladefist, orc(there exiists some good models i think, daow and i think coth got one too), or Magtheridon, Pit-lord, Hellfire Citadel.

Mok’Nathal: Rexxar, beastmaster/axe half-ogre, (Mok’Nathal units are a difference between ogres, orcs and half-ogres), cap: Mok’Nathal village.

Netherwing Dragons: Neltharaku, Netherdrake, Cap: Netherwing fields (I'll probably combine the twilight, black dragons and netherwing dragons into one race using the hero Sintharia. This is because there isn't enough Netherwing models and black dragons are present in Outland and the twilight dragons were created in Outland, plus they were all spawned from Deathwing)

Wildhammer Dwarves: Kurdran Wildhammer, dwarf stun/hammer thrown. Cap: Wildhammer Stronghold.

Burning Legion: Doom Lord Kazzak, Cap: Death Door (this is the legions capital rather than the Throne of Kiljaedan because Blade's Edge Mt.s needs another race, and Deaths Door is a portal to the Twisting Nether)

Possible Races

Sporelings: Fhwoor, tankbased fungal giant, Cap: Sporregar (the problem with this race is their limitation on units and I'm not sure what wc3 models to use for them)

Need suggestions!

How you can help with me with the races of Outland RISK

Race suggestions with capital, hero and justification.

Fillout a race with Unit Names, Description, gold cost, even the perk. You could also add what wc3 model to use. I'm also willing to use a very small amount of models and skins if its a good one and the model is needed and the file size is small. You don't have to do all of this at once, you could just start with the outline of one race in this thread and update it as you go.

Example Race


Netherwing Race

--Netherwyrm: Based off http://www.wowwiki.com/Netherwyrm This will most likely be the most expensive unit of the Nether Brood. This model, the Nether Mage and the Nether Whelp need the phase shift art added to it so it will look something like this and maybe a glow effect like the original Nether Brood models. I'm sure there is a way to do this, but I don't know how. http://www.wowwiki.com/File:Nether_Dragon.jpg
--Nether Mage: Under Custom--Neutral Units—Ashenvale.
--Nether Dragon:
--Nether Drake: Could also be called “Adolescent Netherspawn” because I think there is already too many units here with “Nether” infront.
--Nether Hatchling: All of these 3 could just use the models already provided for them under Neutral/Melee—Outland. However, I would swap the Dragon model with the Drake model since the Dragon model is green and the Netherwyrm model will be blue. Also, the Nether mage model will be mostly green. This way, the two more infantile netherspawns, whelp and hatchling, will have a purplish tint while the two adolescent netherspawns will have a greenish tint, drake and mage, while the two eldest netherspawns, dragon and drake, will have a blueish tint. The Enraged Netherspawn is just an idea that a pissed off Netherspawn might turn red with rage.
--Enraged Netherspawn: Uses the Pheonix model. There's blue drakes and green drakes, so why not a red one? The Pheonix looks enough like a Nether dragon with its bright aura.
--Whelpling: Uses the Blue Whelp model, pretty much the same, but more purple to match the Nether Hatchling.
--Netherflight Spellcaster: This uses the mage model as the Nether dragons can take human form, like all dragon flights.
Wingless Netherspawn: Could be a mutation of the Nether dragon or a Wymrest of the Netherflight. Uses the Blue Dragonspawn Meddler model. This model should also have the ethereal, phase shift look.
--Enchanted Netherwing: Uses the Dragon Fearie model.
--Hero: Neltharaku http://www.wowwiki.com/Neltharaku We could use the same model for the Netherwyrm. It would be differentiated by being slightly larger and having auras. The map would also have a find hero ability, like WoW RISK.


Outline of Outland (Overhead view of Outland)[/b]


Shattrath City (exterior)


Shattrath Interior (needs pathing, help wanted)


Shadowmoon Valley






Hellfire Peninsula




Blade's Edge Mountain





*IMPORTANT: Zizuzazu is the creator of this terrain NOT me. I'm just directing/producing the project. If you want, you can reach him at Zizuzazu@hotmail.com

My clan is BHoR on East, a WoW Risk clan.

Thanks again!

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