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Closed Thread
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Old 05-25-2008, 03:53 AM   #46
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Default Burning Legs of Bone

Bony Butt (Incubus)
The model looks good and fits into the world of WC3 but is not overly complex or showy while doing so. The skill set the hero has is both suitable to the model and suitable for a melee match in that it remains flexable to any situaton, whether pestering the enemy with just the hero Arcane Blasting their workers or picking off the strongest enemy units in battle with Consume Soul and keeping the enemy hero afraid of getting to close to the front lines with Impaling Blow all the while protecting or best units from enemy spells. The skills are also basic enough so that they lend themselves to creating combos, All told the hero is enjoyable and would be well suited for a melee match, being my favorite. All told the hero is enjoyable and would be well suited for a melee match.
+1 pt

Spider(Brood King)
This hero I had a lot of fun with in large battles, seeing all the little spiders spawning from the corpses and some times pulling my line back to pop out of the ground sending the enemy flying. The model fits fits into the melee match and with Spider Armor he could solo a bit but this hero really hits it off in large battles which is what most of late game melee is. The ultimate which I first though when I saw it was going to be almost useless turned out being not only useful but really fun to play with, the bouncing ball of cobwebs can do a large amount of dmg in close area battles if aimed well. There may be some heros that have better skills or models but the two of them together on this hero is just fun and effective together.
+1 pt
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Old 05-25-2008, 03:56 AM   #47
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Alright, well normally I’m just a lurker who stops by once in a while to check out the spells and skins. However, this contest had some awesome looking heroes so I wanted to vote. With that said, my votes are as follows.

My first point goes to the Ogre Shaman. I just loved the way he seemed to come together, a lot of the other hero’s felt like spell sets slapped on skins, but when I was testing him it really felt like I was a big nasty ogre warrior who wanted to smash, bash, and then catch some Z’s in the middle of the battlefield. Also, he does get a bonus point in my book just for the great visual you get when crippling blow hits the Shadow Hunter, it still makes me giggle.

As for my second point It was down to either the Incubus or the Tidal Lord. However, in the end I had to choose the Incubus. Part of him did feel a bit incomplete to me but I just couldn’t deny the visuals on him, from the skin to the amazing SFX’s are used for his spells. Personally he was the 2nd most enjoyable hero to test. Maybe it was his crazy upper cutting attack, maybe it was his berserker play style, or maybe it was just the visual look that caught my eye (especially on Arcane Burst) but for whatever reason I award the Incubus my 2nd point.
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Old 05-25-2008, 04:01 AM   #48
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Hero Contest #3 - 2nd Place


So, we can't really afford any more extensions. So, the poll has ended, sorry if you wanted to vote but don't hae time anymore, you should have voted ages ago...

it will take some time to count the votes and whatever, so be patient, results should come within 12 hours.
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