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Default Use Custom World Editor Tools on a MAC

NOTE: Parallels can now run the WE as well as VMWare Fusion!!!

Now I use a mac and I love it, and I am sure there is at least two other people out there that use macs one being pyrogasm and the other is the person reading this most likely ^.^

Anyway This tutorial will let you use world editor tools such as jass helper as well as programs such as 3ds max on your mac (trust me 3ds max on a Mac Pro with 16GB ram rocks your socks)

Now to do this you do need an Intel mac (at least as far as I know it is possible that you don't but i doubt it)

Download direct x compatible emulation program (vmware fusion)
Ok well first things first go here http://www.vmware.com/products/beta/fusion/ and download the Fusion BETA program. Install it and run it.

Note: Parallels will also work now although Bootcamp is still iffy. VMware Fusion is the only program I know of that allows this to work.

Install Windows
Now you will need to install windows, now as a mac user I know you might not have windows but im sure that you can make a friend online that is willing to let you have his copy. (with everyone upgrading to Vista and all )

Now installing is not as easy as it seems listen close.

Create an ISO of the windows install disk.

Create virtual machine
Open the program and create a new virtual machine assistant. Select the version of windows you will use. Now you will see an little triangle under that screen click it and it will open a menu. You will now click the install with ISO button. Select the ISO of the windows disk and click continue.

Zoom (requires log in)

Zoom (requires log in)

Select the name and location of where you will save windows and click continue.

Custom Settings
Now you will see the System Settings again click the triangle. Now set the number of processors (I recommend 2) then select the amount of maximum ram that windows can use. Now this is tricky you don't want to set it too high or you can crash windows so I would say set it about 512mb below your total, now click continue again.

Zoom (requires log in)

Zoom (requires log in)

Now at the next screen hit install.

It will now start installing windows put in the cd key yada-yada.

Install Vmware tools
Now when windows is installed and you are at the desktop put it into windowed mode and select virtual machine. Then click install VMWare tools. install them and shut down.

Now goto virtual machine then settings and click display and check the box Accelerate 3D graphics.

Zoom (requires log in)

Now start up windows again.

Install Warcraft 3 and you are good to go Congrats you can now use 3d windows programs on a Mac!!!

If this helped you please rep me this took me more then a week to figure out from start to finish.

PS: you might need to use daemon tools for the wc3 cd's

PPS: I already submitted it however I was away and so it got graveyarded I have made all the updates that were asked
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Originally Posted by cohadar
I really should not be the one telling you this
Originally Posted by botanic
I think we established that

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Yeah, much better now.
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