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Wow, this forum gets smaller everytime i jump on. :( . Still, here's a draft i wrote a while back. Its nothing great, but it did help me write another one of my stories. Hope whoever reads it might like it, though i kinda doubt many people will read it. ^_^

The Reaper of Light

“The sky is so high,� said a man to himself. He stared at the sky, as if waiting for the clouds to shallow him whole. Suddenly a crow flew above him. His face grew pale. He got up from the grass ground. He looked at the impression on grass and saw how it sunk, noting that he was still alive. He reaches out his hands and held it to the blue sky. “Why can't I touch the sky?� he said.

He started walking. With every step, the world shifted and zoomed by him. He felt lost in time, never able to realize any truth. With every step, he came closer to completing another of his job. He was sick of his job; he was a reaper, a reaper of angels.

His paced stopped. He stood before a hospital and gave a small laugh. He took a step and came before a room. He didn't read the number or the name. He learned long ago to forget everyone. He walked in, and came before a small girl and her angel.

His job was simple. He was a reaper of angels. He took the last breathe of the angel. Angels watch, help and guide over everyone with a good heart. If a person turned evil, then the angel leaves and is assigned a new person.
When a person is about to die, their guardian angel gives its last breathe to that person, so that the person can die peacefully. The angel's spirit moves on, and becomes something even the reapers know not.

This is only the first part of the job of a reaper. The second part of a reaper is that of watching the dying die. The reaper must verify the passing of the person, making sure that the last of the angel spirit has pass.

The Reaper walked towards the angel. The angel looked at him. Its face saddened, as the Reaper held out his hand. The angel looked upon the small girl on last time. Then, it went and gave her a small kiss on the forehead. It looked at the Reaper and smiled. It took a step towards the Reaper, though its feet never touched the ground.

“Angel, will I go to heaven?� came a small weak voice.

The angel stopped and stood still. It looked sad, but angels cannot cry. They weren't given the ability to cry and because of this, they rose above humans. The angel turned its head slightly, but then shook it, trying to not look at the girl. Then it walked towards the reaper and held out its hand.

“Angel?� said the girl.

The angel held the Reaper's hand. The angel grew bright and turned into pure light. Then it shattered into millions of small orbs of light and feathers. The orbs and feather fell upon the hospital floor, and then drifted up as if carried by an unseen wind, and landed upon the girl. Then in a blaze of light, they were gone.

“Was that you, angel?� said the girl. Then she started coughing. She was weak,
and her death was near. The Reaper saw her life aura dying. Her candle was reaching its end, burning the last of its string.

There is a rule that Reapers are told when they assigned their job, and that is to never get attached to the dying. The Reaper stood silent, waiting for the girl to die. Every second lasted forever. His mind started to have flashbacks of his past human life. Reapers forget their past life, so as to make their new life easier to bare. They are given their new title and their gifts. But, they are not given the ability to forget everything.

He remembered his dying sister, and his weakness that couldn't help her. He remembered the sorrow and the helpless feeling. Here again, he was helpless, even though he would never age. Their gift of endless youth and powerful regeneration helps to make their time easier. Reapers rise above mere humans. They are humans who have true power, and thus have risen from sheep to wolves.

“Do not worry, girl,� replied the Reaper.

“Angel?� said the girl.

“I'm not an angel, but your angel did tell me about you,� said the Reaper, “Your
name is Coraline. It's a beautiful name.�

“My daddy gave me that name before he went to sleep,� replied Coraline.

The Reaper began feeling sorrow for Coraline. He had lost his sister at a young age, but both his parents were there to support him. The girl standing before him lived a hard life. Why do people fall in love to only cause sorrow? He looked at Coraline, and could feel the sorrow when she was first told from her mother that her daddy would never come back.

Still, he tried to smile. “You're very sick aren't you?� he said.

“Everyone tells me that I'll get stronger. Do you think that I'll get stronger?� replied Coraline.

The Reaper looked at her. He saw the angelic light fully taking hold of her life energy. She would pass in a few minutes, and his job would be over. Yet, he never want this job to been done. He wanted her to live.

“Mister?� Coraline asked.

“Do you think that you'll go to heaven?� asked the Reaper.

“Yes. My mommy told me that if I was a good girl, the angels would take me to
heaven,� said Coraline.

“Your mommy sounds like a very nice person,� said the Reaper.

“She is,� answered Coraline. She coughed again. Then, she lay back upon her bed. The Reaper watched her. Only a few more seconds and then she would be gone.

“Will you take me to heaven with you?� asked Coraline.

The Reaper stood silent. He knew there was no heaven. He had wanted to know the same answer when he was still human. He gave his own humanity to find the answer. He found angels and demons. He found a world he only read about. But he never found God. He never found peace. All he found in the end was the Reaper he was now. He fell asleep human and woke up as a Reaper.

“Yes,� he said. Coraline smiled and closed her eyes.

He lied to a dying girl. A sick gut feeling came over him, but this was his life; this was his existance. He watched the line on the screen move up and down, and then break. After, it stood still, and the same scene of chaos filled the room. People ran in and tried to help, but she was gone. He watched the last of the energy drain and dull. He wanted to cry, but he had given away the ability to do
so a long time ago.

The funeral was small. He watched as only the girl's mother and grandparents showed with four close friends. She was buried in a small cemetery, with a small tombstone right next to her father. The flowers were tossed and slowly, the crowd went there own ways to suffer their own hell. He stood before her grave. “I'm sorry,� he said. He saw a crow fly into the sky. He threw a rose on her grave and went on.

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prob not that important but

“Will you take me heaven with you?” asked Coraline.
shouldnt there be a "to" there ?
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hehe, thanks. Didn't get much time to correct this.
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