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Old 08-24-2009, 01:02 PM   #16
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imo 10% evasion != 2 Armor != 10% more health

At 10% evasion, I would say 2 armor and 10% evasion are equivalent. Your graph even shows that (.11 more health =~ 10% damage reduction). As evasion gets higher, they're no longer equivalent (50% damage reduction ≠ 50% evasion).

Perhaps my comparisons are strange, I did not intend to make the connection that armor and evasion should be treated as equals, simply the way in which you arrive how they change a unit's worth.

in my opinion a game where its important if a unit with 1 hp and 50% evasion can live long or not is not a well made game.

Well I think your opinion is made in haste then, because there are many maps where there are a wide spread of units that range in health values (like an RPG where a hero begins with 100 hp and ends with 10000) and giving enemies too much evasion can make them way more imbalanced than first thought.

I agree with your assessment basically, but what I'm saying is you're ignoring the possible extremes – which should be what a guide on evasion should be about. Evasion is pretty easy to balance on "Normal" maps.

The best way to think of evasion is "x% to NULL damage" the word evasion sort of makes it more arcane than it really is.

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Originally Posted by FlowerofSpeech
The best way to think of evasion is "x% to NULL damage" the word evasion sort of makes it more arcane than it really is.
I disagree; Evasion *is* a little more complex than that. It not only nullifies the damage of an attack, but also any effect it may have (Bash, Poison, Slow, Purge, whatever). This makes it (in special but numerous situations) anywhere from marginally to exceptionally more useful than armor.

I would suggest adding true damage-negation abilities (% chance to receive x or x% less damage from an attack and/or spell) to this guide as well, but what do I know.
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another thing to keep in mind with evasion is that there is a gameplay constant for moving unit evasion percentage...
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