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Default Anyone want to help in this co-op oriented project.

I am designing a co-op themed map... Well 5 essentially that will use the same basic template/layout though will use different terrain/items/creep camps and major opponent.

The theme of the map will be 4 allied players utilizing all 4 races. Against 4 basic computer allied opponents utilizing each race. This will be a very large map and at first will play out similar to a melee game against 4 standard computer opponents.

This is where things get interesting. In each map there will also be 1 additional computer controlled race with a heavily fortified pre-constructed base, more powerful armies, and buffed heroes. This computer opponent will remain largely inactive in the beginning. This uber computer player will become active after a timer runs out or all 4 computer opponents are destroyed, or their base is attacked. Each of the maps will feature a different race being the "boss opponent" in a fortified location with a huge advantage over all other players.

There will also be other slight tweaks such as the heroes max level being increased, the maximum number of units you can produce, upkeep penalities being moved further up, and buildable sea ports.

Awhile back I was developing the Naga and Burning Legion further as a playable race; though I've decided now of merging the two together that will combined units and buildings from the two races and utilize the Naga Queen, Pit Lord, Dark Ranger and an Archimonde caster type hero as their four heroes. I have already developed this race quite substantially and plan to utilize it as a computer race and possibly a player controlled race as well. Main thing would be balancing and AI scripts for the race if they're going to be utilized properly.

Each of the 5 maps will feature a different "boss" computer opponent in addition to the other 4 computer opponents.

An example of this in one map of the 5 maps would feature, Human's, Orc's, Legion/Naga, and Night Elves as your basic allied computer opponents who start with no advantage over you. But the Undead in this map would be considered the "boss" opponent of this map who would trigger their assaults once the weaker 4 computer opponents have been wiped out, the timer expires or their base is attacked. The races would be switched up in all 5 maps to ensure each race can play the role of the "boss opponent"

To break down, the maps would play out like this.

4 allied players begin the map in standard melee fashion, confronting creeps, leveling heroes, building your base and aquiring more powerful items while the other 4 enemy computer opponents do the same while waging war on you and your allies.

Once the timer expires or these opponents have been wiped out or an aggressive action is taken against the boss opponent, they will begin a vicious assault on the allied players.

Once the uber computer is defeated, all 4 players will face off against a final map boss that's related to the boss opponent race"

That will essentially be it. I really just need to make one map, since this template/layout will be the same in all 5 maps; though feature different opponents, items, tileset and creeps.

Human Boss: Northrend, Icecrown or Loderon winter Tileset
Orc Boss: Barrens Tileset
Night Elves Boss: Ashenvale or Lorderon Summer Tileset
Undead: Felwood
Legion/Naga Boss: Outland Tileset

Anyone think they might be interested?
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