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Old 08-24-2010, 07:27 PM   #1
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Default Medieval Life

Name of project: Medieval Life
Current development: At the moment, I'm brainstorming, collecting ideas and collecting resources such as Systems, Models, Skins and Icons!
Team: eleljrk...
Credits: eleljrk... (Will soon contain authors of items we use)

Project tasks:
(Green: Available / Red: Unavailable)
  • Terrain Designers (Looking for 1-3 people..)
  • Triggering (eleljrk)
  • Creating Units (eleljrk)
  • Creating Buildings (eleljrk and 1-2 additional people...)
  • Creating Items (eleljrk and 1-2 additional people...)
  • Creating Spells / Abilities (eleljrk and 1-2 additional people...)

Map Information:

  • You are a human, no other races will be in the game. At least for the first version.
  • All villagers / citizens will have the same models. They will wield attachments instead of changing models trough the game. (Babies, Children and Adults does not share same model, though..)
  • You are a hero with various spells and items used to survive in the game. You can also build constructions.
  • You can build a town and grow a empire. This empire will be self-expanding as it will grow naturally and without the players need to care for it all the time. (Thought, the builder in the cities needs to build buildings that the player order them to build. They will not build their self, but the town will grow in population by it self..)
  • Fight other player in the game. At the moment it's planed to be 9 players able to play at once.
  • Fight various dangers and enemies lurking in the forest, water or mountains. There will be 3 enemies that all players will have to stand against; Dinosaurs, Aliens and Animals.
    • Dinosaurs - The dinosaurs will come from a portal hidden somewhere in the map. This portal wouldn't be there if it wasn't because of some crazy scientist from the feature that made a time portal. This portal will transport dinosaurs from their own time to the Medieval Times and fight against the players in the map.
    • Aliens - They come from the sky in their fancy airships and lands on Earth for a search for intelligent life to destroy. The ships are useless because they all crashed because of the strong gravity on earth. Their guns does shot gas. The gas has no effect on earth as the wind blows it away. Therefor the aliens has to create more primitive constructions and weapons made by the resources on the surface of the earth. Still, their intelligence is way above the humans at this time. So they have more advanced weapons then the humans. The only advantage you have as a player is the amount of humans and the cruelness they're born with.
    • Animals - The only enemy that is in the game from the beginning, since both the Dinosaurs and Aliens comes later in. The animals does not care much about humans and does not attack their cities and towns unless the humans takes their area. The animals can be found mostly in the forests and in the sea, but also on the few mountains in the map. There are no attacking birds, as they are peaceful in the real world.
  • The players can create alliances and declare war at each other to make the game more flexible and realistic.
  • You can at no time train units that fights in this game. This does not mean you can't have soldiers! When the game starts you have two units that you can control. One man and one woman. This is the foundation of your empire!
  • Here is some information about the people in your empire:
    • Baby (last 30 seconds) -> Child (last 1 minutes) -> Adult (last 5 minutes) -> Dead (Will became a bottle of ash that can be picked up and used)
    • At the game start you can chose either male or female. This is the sex your main character will be. So the two first characters will not live forever! The non-main character will die as everybody else..! (But to make the game easier, the main character will live forever)
    • You can't control other units then your main character, his/her partner and their children. As a child becomes a adult, you loss the control over them. They will find their own partner and create own children and so on..
    • The children has to go to school to get an adult, else they will never become and adult and die young. (They only need to go there once)
    • The adults will automatically find a job and work there to their death. They will also have to find their own house for their family. There will also be house differences. With smaller houses, the fewer children the adults will get. The bigger the houses are, the more children they will have. About 4/5 of the children will go to school and become an adult.
    • As the founder of the empire, you have to make sure everybody got work, house, school and even more! If you don't expand the city, the population would not keep expanding.
    • All homeless citizens will die and all children without school will never become a adult. So remember creating houses and schools if you want a larger town!
    • The family would get no children if only one of the adults got a job. The adults will die if none got a job! So you need to create places they can work at.
    • Since you will only have control over your own children and partner, you can't make anyone go to school or make anyone get that job and chose that house! Everybody lives their own life.
    • Building all this could sound weird, since you will only obtain one builder, but don't worry! The builder will get just a few building that he can build. These buildings are in fact useless, because they are nothing else then a foundation for the building you chose to upgrade it too. So you can build "wall foundation", "school foundation", "house foundation", "office foundation" and then upgrade these foundations to the construction you need. All foundations will have more then one option.
    • All adults can in fact have unlimited amount of children, but it all depends on their house. If the house is for three, they can only have 3-4 children in a life time. If the house is for ten, the amount of children is around 30-40! Which is quite a lot, but there again a house for 10 would probably not be in the map!
  • The plan was to make all players chose one special "Human Type". Like Vikings, Chinese and British. If I actually do this, it requires much more work then just one base "type". Alternative, only the military units would be affected by this "type" and not the villagers and buildings.
  • Information about how the military and jobs works:
    • It's not 100% sure, but it may happen that only males can become a military unit. Else both of the parents may be in the military and I have to create a feature where children has to be sent to special camps when both their parents are working as a military unit.
    • When the villager / citizen chose job. He can chose to be a soldier. If you got 10 buildings for military, 2 offices, 3 gold mines, 2 factories and 3 lumber centers.. The chances for joining the military is 1/2. So about half the adult in the town is military. Becoming a lumberjack has a chance of 3/20 (Also for becoming a gold miner) and the chance of becoming a factory worker is 1/10 (Also for becoming a office worker).
    • Becoming a military is something special. Because you actually get minor control over the villager / citizen. You can call them to arms and send them to attack or defense, but you can't control each individual.
    • You can control each military base from the construction sending commands. This shouldn't be to hard. Actually quite simple as you can order more then 12 units at the same time.
    • When a villager / citizen comes to the military base, you have to have the weapons, armors, helmets and shields ready for use already. The blacksmith is essential for creating an army! All the military bases wont contain the equipment, but the weapons storage will. There each unit will chose their own armors.
    • Each battalion will contain same helmet, armor and shield (If not the weapon is two-handed) to make it easier to create armies. The units will take all the weapons they find in the weapons storage and if it's to less, they will go home. Each unit needs it's own weapon, but the rest of the equipment is for the whole battalion. This means the player can chose if a whole battalion should use same or mixed weapons. The game will generate the formation of the battalion to a logical solution. (Melee in the front and range in the back.)
    • Each military base needs it's own weapons storage, else it's useless to call the base to war! (No weapons!) The base and the weapons storage requires to be connection trough a spell. Only one weapons storage each military base and only one military base each weapons storage. (Q: So why not just keep the weapons in the military base? A: To use your resources and make the city look bigger.. More buildings makes it larger, that's a fact.)
    • Jobs: (Note that this is a brainstorm made by me at this single moment!)
      • Blacksmith
      • Lumberjack
      • Gold miner
      • Military Unit
      • Traveler
      • Trader
      • Stonemason
      • Builder
      • Teacher
      • Office Worker
      • Hunter
      • Farmer
      • Fisher
      • Sailor
      • Your ideas..? :)
  • The gold, lumber and food system in WC3 will be used for other purpose. These is the current plan: "Population", "Kills" and "Military Force". Where population is the number of villagers / citizens you have in your empire. Kills is the amount of enemy creatures or people you have killed. Military Force is a percentage of the amount of military units that does have armors, helmets, shields and weapons. It's also counting the total amount of unused "slots" in the Military Bases, so if you got all the equipment that is required for every single military base, but still just got 70%.. Only 70% of the military bases "slots" is used. Note that it's a good thing to never has this to 100% since then the blacksmiths got nothing to do and the Military Bases can't have new recruits.
  • A multiboard will be created will all personal information. (Each player will have his own multiboard with resources and other information..) This multiboard will have 2 modes, expanded and small. The small version will only contain resource information, while the expanded version will give much more information about your empire... (Schools, Jobs, Houses, Dying persons each minute..)

As usually, this list will contain human error.. I probably gave all to less information about what you are interested in, but just ask a question in a replay.

Now I've shared a lot of information for the Internet. I've never trusted it and either do I now, but I trust most of the people out there. So I hope you are a honest person and the day you start creating a project, you don't copy my.

Thank you!

Ohh yeah..

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Other tasks that are not required, but would be nice to have.
  • Model Creator
  • Music Creator
  • Feedback & Ideas
  • Map Testers

Maybe you got something that's not listed, but you want to do for us! Just post a replay or send a PM if you are interested. Not-listed tasks will be considered.

Ohh yeah..
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Medieval Life

Yeah... :P
Other than that, it sounds pretty cool. The enemies sound really strange though. I like this kind of maps. ^^

Also, perhaps 'Scientist' as a job, people who do researches(upgrades) for your army.
Resources: "I'm going to cut you into strips, dry you, and smoke you in my pipe!"
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"Hasta la vista, baby!"

~Gladiator, Sacred

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Thanks for the idea. And did you read about the Aliens and Dinosaurs? I've described why they are in the game.. :)

Ohh yeah..
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This thread can be closed as I don't want to confuse people with two threads.
If you're interested in this map: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/p...l-life-176923/

Ohh yeah..
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