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Default Solar Conquest (10) and Cruiser Command (10)

I'm presenting 2 decent space maps which was originally started by Callex, but then I continued the development of both maps and developed it and improved it as he lacked time and new ideas to continue both maps. Callex did most of the work when creating both maps from scratch, so he's really deserves most of the credits. It has been developed over a few years (now 3 years) and has reached closer to perfection. I'm quite lucky which was allowed to continue both maps so it was been fun developing it when I had freetime (but much less now due to reallife). Due to my limits of skills in the editor, the triggering and systems in the map isn't the most optimal, but I've done my best to make sure it's playable (as long you don't have a very old computer).

It's taken a huge amount sweat, hard work and lots of hours to develop both maps at this stage, which should still make wc3 worth playing. If you think it doesn't exist maps which can entertain you, maybe you are wrong if you willing to test these maps. Maybe it's not the map for you, but I can assure you it's at least worth a try. If you like space maps I will guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Both maps is in a late beta stage


Solar Conquest by Callex, Eleandor and TKF --- (4-10 players)

Type: Complex Strategy Game

-The Game-

Battle on land and in space for total control of the solar system whilst developing new and ever more devestating technologies along the way.

Begin by securing your home planet through diplomacy or brute force, and then expand your empire into space. You are then up against other spacefaring civilizations in a battle for resources and ultimately other planets. It can be up to 2 players on each planet and by default they are not allied. There is a total of 5 planets in the map with space included.

-Planet Interface-

At start you see the view of your own starting planet. This map features an unique camera control like nothing your have experienced in any space maps you might have played. On the planet you can manage economy, base building, researching and production of ground armies. Having an strong army protects your from potential invasions

-Space Interface-

After a while ingame after you estabelish a reasonanly good economy you can research space travel and build space workers to launch them into space and begin your development of your space fleets and orbital defenses. Having a large fleet is importand to control the space.

ESC - Zoom the camera out into space view, you can then view a planet's surface by double-clicking it.
F1 - Opens the Empire controls menu in which you can rename your empire, check income rates and manage relations with other players.
F2 - Opens the camera control manager for easier controlled camera switching.


Cruiser Command by Callex and TKF --- (6-10 players)

Type: Role Game / Team Game

-Cruiser Command-

As crew of a heavily armed battlecruiser, you must work as a team to destroy the enemy. Each cruiser features an arsenal of powerful weaponry, advanced equipment and launchable strike craft.

Player Roles:

Captain: The captain must lead his crew to victory. He can manually steer the battlecruiser and fire any armed missiles. The captain must ensure each player is pulling his/her weight and instruct new players on what to do; good communication is therefore essential for this role.

Pilot: The pilot can fly one of the two launchable vessels within the cruiser. The mining vessel is the most important of the two ships, as the battlecruiser cannot function without a steady mineral income. The fighter vessel is useful for assisting battlecruiser assaults or harrassing enemy miners.

Engineer: The engineer has access to some of the more advanced battlecruiser technology, including the refinery and the molecular constructor. An engineer will need to refine any minerals delivered by the mining vessel, and use the product to construct missiles and other equipment. Engineers can reroute power to different areas of the ship to enhance shields, weapons or engine speed.


Screenshots is posted below (woops, some had extremely low resolutions sry). Provide feedback about the maps cuz I'm not sure they are good enough to be submitted at wc3c yet, without professional feedback. The maps can be downloaded through the link on the names.

More screenshots at my album at hive (Required login)
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