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Old 03-11-2014, 04:56 PM   #31
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New release!

 * Expanded the managed JASS type wrappers.
 * Implemented script-side events (issue #4) 
 * Implemented new method for calling natives with strings, resulting in more speed, since we're avoiding conversion.
 * Implemented a better method for adding trigger actions.
 * Implemented a few more Jass types.
 * Minor improvement for the InternalNatives.JassStringHandleToString if check.
 * Added missing DelegateAction type.
 * Included commit number in the version number.
 * Fixed a bug with returned JassStrings when calling natives directly.

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I've attached the latest release to this post, along with a map that showcases a few features in the example plugin that comes with the release.
I want to try it & downloaded the attachment "SharpCraft.v2.2.5.124b.zip (1.09 MB)", but couldnt find the said map.
I have no idea how things work, so is there a manual or tutorial out there?

found the test map "SharpCraft - Natives.w3x" on the hive.
(beside that I just realized that theres a new JNGP version 2.0 out! )

to run the test map "SharpCraft - Natives.w3x" from above, you have to use an older version of sharpcraft. sharpcraft version from current JNGP2.0 doesnt work with it:
by starting "...\jassnewgenpack207\SharpCraft\Start game windowed.bat", navigating in singleplayer to the map, selecting it & clicking on start game, warcraft 3 just returns to the same screen where you can start the game again & again!
instead you have to use the version included in the attachment from the test map link from above. this is sharpcraft version with this i could run the test map in warcraft III.
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Old 03-03-2015, 06:00 PM   #33
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oh thanks MasterofSickness it really helped :)
anyone can make SharpCraft 2 or 3 working ??
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