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can't rep u again :( awesome
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AnemicRoyalty is a name known to all (524)AnemicRoyalty is a name known to all (524)AnemicRoyalty is a name known to all (524)AnemicRoyalty is a name known to all (524)AnemicRoyalty is a name known to all (524)AnemicRoyalty is a name known to all (524)

Skinning Contest #14 WinnerSkinning Contest #15 WinnerHero Contest #2 - 1st Place


The models you have submitted do not meet the standard of quality necessary for approval. As such, I'm moving the ones that are pending to the Model Editing forum for the time being. This seems harsh, I know. Maybe I'm being too strict. After all, the models submissions technically aren't my responsibility. And if any of the other staff feel that I've been unfair, I invite them to reverse my decision.

Mistertea, I know that you're very persistent, so this won't be much of a setback for you. Take the time to improve your skills and put more effort into perfecting your work before submitting. Take it from me, it really pays off :)

General Suggestions
  • You need to improve your texturing if you are going to use custom textures on your models. The rules for textures apply to models with custom textures, too. Take some time to practice texturing, it'll really lift up your models. One option may be to work with someone else and have them handle the texturing end for you. Doing it yourself is pretty satisfying though and in addition, you don't have to rely on other people not being busy.
  • It's a good idea to post work in progress shots in the Modeling or Model Editing forums before you release in order to get some feedback. The Submit a Resource forum is not a workshop, it's for finished work and any final polishing.
  • At some point in the future, you should definitely consider modeling objects from scratch. It will greatly expand the possibilities for what you can make, as opposed to being limited by the models already in the game.
  • Practice and study 2D art! Having a knowledge of anatomy, proportions and the way light interacts with objects is a huge help to 3D art.
  • Heroes in Warcraft are larger than life; they really need to stand out from the regular units. Do some research, google references of weapons, armor and ogres. Ogres are a popular subject in fantasy art, so you might want to try looking on art websites like ConceptArt.org, GameArtisans.org or the official website of the Blizzard artists - SonsOfTheStorm.com to maybe draw some inspiration from what other people have done. DeviantArt is another possible.
  • Take each thing you release as a personal project, dedicate time and energy into making it the best it can be. As you're working, step back and give your own work a critical appraisal. If you were reviewing it, what would you ask to be improved?

Ogre Thug

  • Good use of the Sea Giant model and animation set. Very fitting for an ogre.
  • Good overall idea - Three-Headed Ogre King is pretty wicked.
  • The model seems unbalanced with the giant belly, tiny feet and forward-leaning posture. Those aren't inherently bad things, but by adding something on his back maybe it'd balance it out a little better.
  • The lack of a talk animation for the portrait is a bit of a disappointment.
  • The weapon clips through the ground in the stand animation.
  • The texture is lacking. The back is particularly messy, you need to blend your colours better there (and define the shoulderblades as well). Using small brushes (1-2 pixels even) for fine detail can help reduce the blurryness in those areas. For blending colours, TDR has a great tutorial on the subject. Ideally, the texture should be 100% freehand. In addition, the texture is quite dark in-game, especially when compared with the other ogres. Some stronger highlights (I don't mean blanket brighten the whole texture, just what it says - highlights) would be good.
  • He probably needs proper bracers, rather than the random-Team-Colour areas from the Sea Giant. Team colour is good, though, try work it in where you can. On that note, some bracers on his ankles would help balance out the composition. You could even go the whole hog and give him full pants and boots. It's just a matter of seeing what works.
  • On the whole, the texture could use some livening up, he is a hero after all.


  • Interesting use of the Mountain Giant model, as far as I know, the Gronn hasn't been attempted in WC3 very often. Looks fairly good, but has a number of issues.
  • You need to include the texture path in the first post. Just for consistency.
  • The decay animation does not fit the model. Try it on a normal unit (I used the Druid of the Claw) and you'll see that it randomly dives into the ground... then pops back up again to slowly decay. It definitely needs a skeleton to remain for the corpse and you should add an event object so that it sprays blood when it dies as well.
  • Texture is generally dull and in need of some clear, interesting details. The colour doesn't match up where the seams meet in a few places. Again, it needs bracers or tattoos or SOMETHING to break it up a little.
  • Don't be afraid to rewrap the UVs if the mapping isn't particularly good on the original model. One area is the shoulders, where you've got the one tiny amount of team colour. It'd look much smoother if they were attached properly to the arms and rewrapped so that you can clearly see the runes.
  • The teeth (particularly on the portrait) could be made more prominent (like the Pitlord's teeth maybe) for extra badass. On that note, the portrait needs to look more like an ogre and less like the mountain giant that it's based on.
  • Google some good refs for the model to see how they tackled the concept. Here's one, and another, and another.
  • The knees just aren't working; it doesn't give the impression of the dog-legged knee structure (there has to be a better word for that :P) the Gronn has and the result is just weird in-game.

Ogre Cannoneer

  • This one seems pretty good, are those custom animations for the attack?
  • I like how you've done the facial hair and bald patch :)
  • Texture: Needs. More. Freehand.
  • In addition, the shirt is this solid orange... something. Surely you could have come up with something more interesting than that? Also, he needs pants. Seriously. The goggles could use some refinement to separate them from the face a bit more.
  • The model disappears in the portrait while moving or just randomly. I'd say go with a separate model for the portrait.
  • There's an issue with the event objects in the death animation. Occasionally, whenever he attacks, it creates the blood splats from the Cannoneer model in the centre of the map. I honestly have no idea how you would go about fixing this, try PM Rao Dao Zao about it. He's the model editing guru. Also, what's with the green blood? You've got a couple of extra event objects in the Node Manager which are the green blood splats. Not sure if it's intentional, but I don't see why it would be.

Ogre Warlock

  • This one is definitely my favourite, the texture is pretty good and it has a lot of character.
  • One thing that could be really cool - see those flying runes? You could remove the flat textures and add attachment points there so you can attach effects in-game just like the Blood Mage's flying green orbs. Just rename the attachment point Sprite - 1 or however it's done on the Blood Mage.
  • This model definitely needs a talking portrait.
  • The constant spurting blood on the staff seems kinda out of place, it'd be better to save it for the spells and attacks.
  • The red markings on the face really should be team colour.
  • The super-saturated almost-glowing blue skin colour could be toned down just a little - it's the same colour as the teal team colour which isn't good for contrast when you're player 3.
  • The staff arm behaves oddly after attacking.
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  • Finish and release a bunch of stuff
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Exclamation Answer

well,I believe that the ogre cannoner,whose .zip I didn't check,was from a previous model. Attached is how it would be like. As you can see, all the texture is freehand (I prefer not to Uv too much so I used the ogre texture as base,but it's only noticeable in the head and arms)
As for the blood splats,I don't have that bug -.- so I dunno what you're talking about and can't fix it.
There is a portrait. Again,I believe this was just a bad uploading of the .zip. My fault.
Here is the .zip that should be attached.

About the warlock, ok,I'm toning the skin and deleting the blood from the stand and death and all that. As I said in the post,the warlock should attack with an instant attack who has only birth and death anim.looks a lot cooler,try it.

I can't make his head marks teamcolored because of its teeth.

The ogruul is not a gronn,but a mountain ogre.I made him furry and beastie. I was doing a gronn model for a request,but I think I may not finish it.
The texture,indeed wasn't posted.
A skeleton,yeah I noticed,but I forget in the next minute.I'm adding one.
When I add the corpse,reconsider it not being a gronn,but a mountain ogre.(I don't even like the gronn idea) and give advice with this on mind.

About the ogre thug(or ogre king or whatever):
The model is very big(in filesize)but I can add a talking animation to a portrait,if you wish.
The weapon always making trouble -.- I hate it.
I'm reediting the texture,god, the back is awful.
Maybe I could add something to liven up,like a back shield or something.

Well,I'll Pm you so you know I've posted in here, but see if you can approve or give criticism to the real cannoner,not the gay orange g-stringed one.
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Woah, that cannoneer looks a lot better imo.

A couple things though, the portrait doesn't talk (not a big deal to me but maybe other people will care).
The cannon goes into the ground when he's holding it (stand animation).
Also, you might consider changing the attack animation. I like how it looks when there's only one canoneer, but when there's a lot it doesn't look very good. Maybe give it two attack animations, or more?

This model has come along way from the G-string, pink toe-nailed ogre you posted a couple weeks ago, good job! The idea is really original, and it works, I seeing a giant ogre firing off a hand held canon for some reason... Now, I'm interested to see what AR says :)

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Submissions (6)

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He doesn't talk??
He has a portrait talk animation,I don't know what's happening

I'm trying it now on We,let's see...

-Edited: Yes,he has a portrait talk.and indeed he talks. Maybe, you used the mortar team as base. As they have portrait talk one and two or right and left or something like that, it won't work there. I'm uploading here the portrait that works if thats not the problem

I'm now working on the ogre warlock, I've fixed all the Uv bugs I've found and I have toned a bit his body (Now it's as a normal magi)
I do only have to make the portait and I'm finished
As for the other two models,I'm thinking of giving a cape to the ogre king,(like posted below) and giving him shoulderpads.
I'm reediting the texture of the ogruul,giving him more tattos and details(like fur on the shoulders, not like before).Again,I don't like the gronn model,so I'm going to make him the less similar the better.
I may add some spikes to the shoulderpads like the gronn model,though
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Lisa needs braces
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