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Old 11-21-2007, 01:57 AM   #76

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I really like how those spells work out with the hero since he is a king, nice job candy, those will fit perfectly:)

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Hero Contest #2 - 2nd PlaceSkinning Competetion #3 - Elementals


Originally Posted by Candy_Warlock
Since they won't play against Wc3, I'm rehashin a few Wc3 Ladder/ D2 / Dota skills. I got like 10mins for this so here goes.

King's Will - (active target) Target unit gains 10/15/20% attack and movement speed. Can target on self. Low mana cost and cooldown to be used in combination with King's Blessing on a unit.

Dual Smite - (active) The next attack will do double the damage and stun for 1 second and slow for 10/15/20% for 3sec. Fast cooldown low mana cost for spamming.

King's Blessing - (active target) Target unit is buffed but if it moves too far from the king it loses the buff (range is slightly smaller than aura). Lasts 20 seconds. Cannot be cast on heroes nor on self. Unit gains +10/15/20 damage, +1/2/3 armor. 10/20/25% damage dealt by King heals this unit and vice versa. Moderate mana cost and cooldown.

King's Presence - (aura, ultimate) Friendly units gain 20% attack speed and +2 armor while enemy units lose 10% attack speed and get -2 armor. No idea if that's a weak ultimate.

Basically this hero would need to hang around a few units (like an entourage) to really shine. Using Blessing and Will on a strong unit in conjunction with the aura will make for a capable duo supporting each other.

Okay so for duel smite, the attack 2 animation will be perfect.

King's will and blessing can just use one generic spell cast animation with a nice glow around a hammer.

The other is just an aura.

Okay, I shall make it so, thanks Candy!
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Old 12-07-2007, 08:22 PM
This message has been deleted by Chriz..
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Captain Drenn Stoneaxe

Well, if he's a tank, I presume he needs defensive spells... How about:

Granite Form - Toggelable
Adds damage resistance (10/15/20/25), spell damage resistance (15%/20%/25%/30%), chance to stun melee attackers (due to toughness of his granite skin) and reduces movement speed. Toggelable, but has a cooldown after you deactivate it. Uses the "stone" transformation animation.

Hammer Swing - Active
Swings his hammer in an arc in front of himself, damaging, stunning and pushing back all enemy units. Low-med damage, stun, relatively low cooldown and mana cost, so it's spammable. Animation should be some frontal swing with fiery effect on his hammer and maybe dust or dirt effect on pushed units.

Jorin Brordi

Gear Aura - Aura
Brordi likes when everything around him is tuned up. Increases move and attack speed of nearby units, lowers cooldowns on Brordi's other spells and ally spellcasters cast spells more rationally (receive a percentage of mana cost back when spell is cast). I saw a nice Gear Aura effect, just can't remember where... It's like a cogwheel. Would be suiting... Spellcasters have the same effect as of a mana fountain regeneration when they receive mana back.


Hollyness Aura - Aura
Gives nearby allied units increased hit point regeneration and whenever the priest casts a spell nearby units are healed and gain a temporary defense bonus.

Holly Fire - AOE target
Targets an area and smites it with fire from the sky. You can add all sorts of secondary effects (DOT, slowing, missing, armor decrease), can be instant, channeling... Should have something like fire and holly effects in the area.

Blessed Armor - Passive
Priests are equipped with only the best armor that is blessed in their monasteries. As priests strength grows he is able to incorporate more and more holly power to his armor. Gives armor bonus, has a chance to heal all nearby allied units when the priest is attacked and increases mana regeneration.

Mort Blackblade

Fighting Master - Passive
Blackblade has spent his whole life studding and improving different fighting stiles and has a large amount of special moves in his repertoire. Gets a percentage chance to do a special move when attacking. There should be several of these moves, like: damage and slow enemies in the area, damage and stun all enemies in front of him (like impale but without bouncing them of the ground), do a % more damage to a single unit and stun it, bounce back a single unit, hit different body parts (legs = slow, weapon/arms = lower damage, head = stun or silence) etc. All moves should come with it's own effect (ground crack, blood, different effects on the sword...).

Terrifying Shout - Active, AOE buff/debuff
Shouts a hearth stopping roar. All nearby allied units gain more damage but also receive more damage, and enemies have lower armor. There are a lot of "shout" effects on the net at your disposal.

Obsidian Guard

Soul Armor - Passive
Obsidian Guard's armor is powered by dark magics. It gives defense bonuses to it's wearer and induces fear in his enemies. For every unit killed Obsidian Guard gains armor bonuses and an armor decreasing aura that effects enemies. Has a starting value, increases with each unit killed until a maximum is reached. Splits effects in half (for example) if Obsidian Guard is killed.
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Old 03-22-2009, 11:22 PM   #79
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Some spell ideas...

By the way I could do some spell coding for you.

-Earthquake: Slams the ground with a mighty hammer, knocking nearby units back a few feet, then a 2nd wave hurls them into the air, sending them back even further and damaging them when they hit the ground.

-Sword/axe/hammer of the Inferno: Causes the weapon to be heated and turn aflame, and on the next attack unleashes flames in 5 "veins" that spur out and burn the ground.

-Hammer/axe/sword of the Heavans: Causes a lightning bolt to come down and strike the hero's weapon, enchanting it. He then does the blademaster's "slam" animation, shooting lightning at 3 enemies in front of him, which then branches off to hit 3-5 more each (like 3 chain lightnings).

-Lightning Feet: The hero's feet are enchanted with lightning balls which allow them to leap over a great distance (about 1000-1500 range), shocking enemies under him, then causing a thunder clap when he lands, knocking back enemies.

-Path of Destruction: Emblazens the hero's hands and feet and sending them shooting in a straight line, cutting through enemies and slamming them aside. They have 10 bonus fire damage for 5 seconds after the spell is cast.

-Thunder Fist: Punches/strikes an enemy with a thundering fist of might, hurling them back 800 range and knocking enemies they hit aside.

-Horrifying Gale: Calls an incredible wind to push a huge section of enemies and allies back 800 range and knock them down (death animation), stunning them for 3 seconds.

-Avatar: Unleashes the hero's inner potential, connecting their spirit to the real world. They turn black and their eyes glow white and gain incredible abilities.
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Old 03-24-2009, 01:21 AM   #80
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I doubt spell ideas are still needed. This thread is about a year and a half old.
Hey.... yeah. I don't want to think of a sig.
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