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Ancient Tactical Battle
v1.1 AI+


The main point in this game is using all your skills, brains, and abilities as well as possible to defeat all your enemies. Brings the victory for your Hero on the endless battle in a forest battlefield. All the abilities here are not so easy to use. So you have to train your fingers, brain, eyes, and heart first! Enjoy and good luck!

Heroes & Abilities

1. Archer
- Power Arrow
Archer shots a powerful arrow to the targeted point.

- Night Shadow
Archer has ability to become invisible at night.

2. Troll
- Berserk Mode
Troll enters his insane mode. Greatly increases his movespeed and attack rate.

- Throwing Axe
Troll throws a throwing axe to the targeted point. Deals damage and maims all nearby enemies.

- Double Strike *new
Troll has chances to do a double attack at once.

3. Assassin
- Fading Away *updated
Assassin become invisible for a moment. Has a backstab damage.

- Blink Strike
Assassin teleports into a short range and deals damage to all nearby enemies in the targeted area.

- Trasnparent *new
Assassin is permanently transparent. Give him ability to evade an attack.

4. Stalker
- Shadowdash
Stalker dashes toward his position. Deals damage to all enemies in the path.

- Maim Attack
Stalker has ability to maims the attacked unit and slows them. Has 3 seconds cooldown.

5. Trapper
- Plant Trap
Trapper plant a mine that will explode when an enemy is getting closer to it. Deals damage to all nearby enemies.

- Transform
Trapper has ability to transform into a tree or bush to fake his enemies.

6. Bombardier
- Bombard
Bombardier launches a missile to the targeted point. Deals damage to all enemies in that area.

- Flare
Bombardier launches a missile that will reveals the targeted area for a moment.

7. Hooker
- Hook
Hooker throws a chain hook to the targeted point. Deals damage to a first hitted enemy unit and bring it to the Hooker.

8. Mage
- Hecatomb
Mage creates a magical area on the targeted point. Deals damage to all nearby enemies after 2 seconds.

9. Shaman
- Place Ward
Shaman summons a magical ward to the targeted point. Has Spell Immunity and Healing Aura.

- Fiery Shackles
Shaman and all of his nearby wards blind the targeted unit with a fiery shackles. Deals damage over time.

10. Ghost
- Permanent Invisibility
Ghost passively become invisible. But revealed when using ability and attacking a unit.

- Fearing Aura
Ghost brings an aura of fear. Makes all affected units have chances to miss on attacks.

- Boost
Ghost gains bonus movespeed for a moment and gains ability to walk trough everything.

11. Fiend
- Shadowraze
Fiend creates a wave of dark energy into a range in front of him. Deals damage to all nearby enemies.

12. Electhron
- Electral Links *updated
Electhron sends an electral link to the targeted point. Has Spell Immunity.

- Chained Strike
Electhron sends an electrical pulses trough all of his links. Deals damage to all enemies on the path.

13. Warchief *new
- Shocking Wave
Warchief sends a wave of shocking energy to the targeted point. Slows all enemies on the path.

- Earthcrack
Warchief creates cracks at the ground that will explode after 4 seconds. Instantly kills all enemies at the area.

14. Elemental *new
- Crushing Wave
Elemental releases a wave of crushing water in to the front of him. Every second of the casting time increases the damage and maximum range.


Special thanks for
- Hiveworkshop & wc3c forums as the informations and resources provider.
- DotA for some abilities inspirations.
- All of my friends for supports.
- eubz, Callahan, and Pinachet for many cool and useful models.

See credits at game info menu

Give me comments and critism for my game by sending PM or just send e-mail to


* v1.0
- Map Uploaded

* v1.1
- Added 2 new Heroes
- Added 4 new runes
- Gameplay improvements
- Environment improvements
- More balance
- New Abilities for Troll and Assassin
- Filesize optimized


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