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Hey everyone, Ive gone through the entire Story Board forums and dug up all the works of literature I wrote and posted (i left a few to die...because they sucked) anywho all these stories got some good reviews, ill write a breif description of each story before it so you know where it came from...If you dont feel like reading them all (if you do i recommend you do a story a day) please make a post, and edit it every time you read a story so that way you dont have to do multiple posts on this post....dig? OK here they all are....

This is Bad Chi, the first chapter of a short story I was going to write...it sorta died but i like the chapter.

Bad Chi

Run in at the temple

"Suyu! Wait up!" Yelled a unseen person.
I turned around to see who it was only to see someone running towards me, I could not make out who it was but obviously whoever it was, was not used to running.
"Suyu! Please!" Yelled the person again.
Obviously bad sight too for not being able to notice I am standing still, wearing my traditional sky blue robes. Now I could see who it was.
"Yes Tikau?" I said back when he catched up.
Tikau was a plump man who obviously prefered the more mental part of our training over our physical. He too wore the blue robes but it almost seemed too small for him.
"Suyu! You wont beleive what news I was just told!" Tikau said. Now when Takau is excited about something it usually is a big deal.
"What was told to you friend?" I asked.
Fixing himself Takau said in a voice fit for a emporer, "You are being sent out. Out of our walls. You must make haste to the council chambers to know the rest, for I do not know."
I started to run Takau said something while I was running but I was sure it was just a "good luck" not something of any importance.

I made my way through a gap between two large housings, then caught totally off guard I catched something out of the side of my vision. Wiping around to look I saw a cat, but it was more than a cat. It was too big and muscular to be a cat but it was also to small to be a panther. It reminded me of a story we were told as children, the story of the strange people of the forest who are able to change forms from cats to men. But thoughs were just legends... right? Before I could take a better look the cat saw me then almost dissapeared into the shadows.

I could not think of illusions and myths now, I needed to get to the council chambers and see why I have been summoned to go outside our walls.

Fly is a poem I wrote about funerals, nuff said.


Church bells are heard not to far away, making the sound of a thousand weeping angels. The ground is damp with the air foggy. Although there is no rain the patrons hold umbrellas in a hand with a rose in the other.

One by one the roses are placed on the wooden surface, the flowers completely cover the lid of the oak imprisiment. The coffin lowers into the ground.

A man in white robes quote sayings from a leather book before bowing his head saying something to a higher power.

The patrons walk away. The robed man walks with a crying girl and consoles her.

Everyone has left heed one. The one takes a shovel and pours the dirt onto the coffin. Some roses fall to the sides of the box.

The hole is full. The one walks away.

From the confusing tumbling of the soil a small earthworm emerges from the ground. A raven lands on a branch. Then swoops down picking the worm with its mouth.

Now he shall fly.


Quite proud of this story, came from a story my mother told me, but i changed the ending :D a bit freaky

Dead man knocking.

"OK, OK guys we gotta focus for this!" Said Sarah in a grown up tone.

"Focus shmocus Sarah!" Yelled back Michelle.

It was a Friday night sleep over at Kates house. Although sleep was involved in the name none of us were doing it. We were all around a Wiji board. Sarah brought it in hopes of freaking us out, but naturally none of us took it seriously.

"Cmon guys lets give it a chance. We may talk to my old goldfish!" I stated.

With that we all calmed down and looked at the board.

"Ok. Everyone take a hand and put it on the dial. Ill be on the bottom cause Ill do the talking." Explained Sarah.

No one really knew what to expect. I guess it was going to be a surprise.

"Tortured souls and spirits around us. Who is out there?" Said Sarah in a chanting tone. A few of us couldnt help to look around in a sarcastic look.

Suddenly the dial moved. First to Y...then E...then S. Yes said the board. No one could move. Sarah seemed content with the reply but the rest of us were freaked out.

"Who are you?" Asked Sarah.

Then in the same way as the first reply the board began to tell us. Bill. short simple answers.

"Are you related to any of us here?" Sarah asked. These were really weird questions.

Yes. I began to think this spirit lacked originality. I had suspicions it was just Sarah playing a joke. Untill the fourth reply.

"To whom?"

Jackie. OK now I was freaked out. Everyone was in on it on me. I knew it.


Grandfather Frank Now this seemed like a normal response but keep in mind that my Grandpa Frank died last year...and I came to this school only a few months ago so none of these girls would know.

"Prove you are really with us Bill." Now Sarah was saying her questions slow and steadily.

Out of no where knocking came on the wall from the next room. Alot of the girls tensed.

"Was that you knocking Bill?"


All the girls tensed now even Sarah.

"Then who was it Bill?"

My son.

"Your son is there with you Bill?"

No. He is with you.

A night of a teenager was written at 2 oclock in the morning on a firday night/saturday morning which i took different parts of my life and others lives and made it into one night, some good drama. im somewhat dissapointed how i solved the ultimate climax with the girl but it was one of my first full stories.

NOTE: This does contain FOUL language and this should not be read by someone that hasnt watched south park. This is a somewhat mature story.

A night of a teenager

"What do you mean I cant go to Toms?" I yelled at my parents. "Because!" My stupid mother yelled back. Its the same thing every night, I finish my work then ask if I can go out. "What the fuck kind of answer is that?", "Dont you swear at your mother!" My dad responded. "Then stop being cunts!" Right after saying that I regreted it, Stupid, stupid. "What the fuck did you just say?" My mom doesnt like the word "cunt" she thinks it offends women. "I said CUNT!" Of course I know I am just getting deeper and deeper in shit but if I back down now then I may never recover. Then quickly thinking I said "And dont say fuck!" it was pretty bad but I think I got them. Then angerly my mom said "FINE! Do what ever you want! I dont care anymore! Go smoke weed, drink or shoot people for all I care!" Now she was getting out of hand. "I dont fucking do drugs you dumb ass!" She knew this but she always uses that stupid guilt trip. "What about drinking?" She got me there. By now my dads left the house to go for a drive but now it was just me and her which was better than the two of them. "I DONT DRINK!" I lied, but she bought it. Great now we have covered two out of the three things she doesnt care about. "What about gangs? How do I know you dont sell the drugs or alchohal?" Now she was getting really stupid. "Dont be a fucking idiot!" by now I am leaving the room going out the door. I heard her yell something back but she was muffled by the door.

I was halfway to Toms when I saw Rachel and her "posse" walking down the street. I blushed. I have no problem with talking to girls but when that group is together they can make you do some stupid shit. "Hey Ryan!" Rachel yelled, now walking faster I yelled "Hey rach!" Jesus Christ I hope they dont follow me. Last time the girls came over to Toms with me it ended up with his mom walking in on us all naked in his hot tub and pool...that did not go over well with his parents, my parents just made sure I was having safe sex (but I wasnt even having sex) and that were all ok. My parents are cool like that. But right now I needed to make sure I got to Toms alone. By now Rachel has run up but the rest of the girls stayed behind, which can only mean one thing. A rumour about me or someone I know has started. "So why did you do it?" great something about me. "Do what?" I said. "Dont act dumb with me!" Great she thinks I know "I seriously dont know what the fuck your talking about." She sighed then went on "FINE! Im just going to pretend you forgot. I am about to remind you...." She then whispered into my ear the most horrifying sentence I ever heard. "Why did you fuck Mel?" Oh my fucking god. I then exploded. "WHAT THE FUCK? I NEVER FUCKED MEL! I NEVER EVEN KISSED MEL! I HAVE NO THOUGHTS OF FUCKING MEL! IM STILL A FUCKING VIRGIN FOR FUCKS SAKES!" Crap now the whole world knows Im still a virgin when the whole school thinks Im a sex god. Dont get me wrong being a "sex god" is great but having people know Im not can not only make more rumours but ruin my life. I quickly looked to the girls. They didnt hear me, Thank god. "Dont lie like that. I beleive you that you didnt fuck her. Mel isnt that type of girl, but we all know that your not a virgin." Well that was a scary moment in my life. And now its over. "But....." shit she has something else. "You know I really want to go to Toms with you....", "Fuck no remember what happened last time?" She remembers. "I do! But I can ditch the others!" Now this didnt really matter, what damage could a single girl do? "OK fine but do it quick I am freazing my nads off here." Although it was the middle of summer it was a saying we made up for getting impatient. "OK hold on." She ran to her friends said something. Then came back to me. No giggles, odd. "OK lets go!"

"So...while were on the topic of sex, how many girls have you hooked up with?" Great that question. "The number dont count." Oohh I liked that answer, I felt pretty proud of thinking of that. "OK....I heard its 32...is that true?", Shit a exact number. "I aint sayin shit OK?", "OK OK calm down." I looked over to her and to my horror to see her biting her bottom lip and looking me up and down. Every guy knows that if Rachel Binato does that to you it could be really bad....or really good depending on your outlook on things. "So....do you know if Toms parents are home?" Crap thats bad, especially if they are. "I dont know" I replied. "I think they might be." More like I WISH they might be! "Why?" Now she would have to come clean. "No reason....", "Bullshit Rach your such a bad liar!" Now we were getting into a more joking friendly mood, I figured if I can kill the sexual tension we wont run into this problem again. "I know I know." She stopped biting her lip and looking at me, thank god. We came around the corner to Toms house. It was fairly big for a corner house and as kick ass back yard. Enough to throw a foot ball and a pool with a hot tub. I knocked on the door. Rachel hid behind a bush she gave me a "shhh dont tell him" looks. Tom opened the door and said "Hey sup?" Right before I could warn him Ms. Ninja attack jumped infront of him and I swear he screamed like a girl. We both laughed for a few minutes then headed inside.

"So Tom....are your parents home?", "Nah Rach they out for the weekend." SHIT! Im afraid to look at her. Either shes gonna get me or him. I looked. Crap its both. "Im gonna go to the washroom." She knew that both of us knew. "What the fuck are we gonna do?" Tom said. "How the fuck do I know?" I was nervous. "OK heres what we do. One of us will say we have a headache.", "Then?" I needed to know his plan. Tom is good at thinking things out. "Then one of us takes the bullet. We both cant have a head ache she'll know somethings up." So we were in a agreement. But we couldnt decide so we went to the most even and scientific method, rock, paper, scissors two out of three. After doing about 10 games including ties it ended up with me needing to take the bullet. Shit. Tom was releived. "OK guys what do you want to do?" Rachel was done taking what I can only think the longest washroom break ever. "Well Tom has a headache." That was a good lie and she beleived it. "Actually what I think Im gonna go take a nap in my room you guys can watch TV" Tom was setting me up. And he liked it. I guess this is in revenge for super glewing his hand to a girls ass. "OK ya. If we get to loud just come down and tell us." Rachel said. Crap shes a slut. "Ya. Maybe youll feel better after a nap." I hope he does. So there we are. On the couch, alone, watching a rerun of Cheers. Then suddenly without any warning she starts to take off her bra. Shit what the fuck am I going to do? I looked up at the ceiling and just wished something would happen. Then suddenly my wishes were answered in the form of a small silver box. "Oops thats me cell!" Rachels cell phone is ringing and if my luck works out she will have to leave. "Ya.....what!?......ok.....im on my way." YES! Holy shit my life is saved. "M-My grandmother is in the hostpital....." God dammit I wanted a reason for her to leave not a bad reason! "You ok?" I had to ask. "Ya...its been a month like this. It was gonna happen sometime I guess." Ok good shes accepting it. "Ya its for the best I assume." She nodded in aggreement. She then left with her mom. Tom comes running down stairs yelling "YES FUCKING YES IT FUCKING WORKED!", "What what worked?" I really hoped this was good news. "What was the reason she left?" He asked excitedly. "Dude her grandmo-" he didnt let me finish. "THAT WAS ME! I PHONED HER MOM PRETENDING TO BE HER AND ASKED TO GO HOME! THEN I PHONED HER IN A HIGH VOICE PRETENDING TO BE HER MOM!" Tom was a fucking genious. "You fucker. You dirty little smart fucker." We were both smiling. "I think this will be the only time I will ever say that this is the only time Im glad someone didnt get layed." I agreed with Tom.

I decided to phone my parents and ask if I could stay at Toms for the night, and I appologised. My parents forgave me before I hung up. I think the space will help us get a little bit more cooled off. But at the moment all I needed was some sleep.

(P.S this was based on different events in my life and different events in other peoples lives that i know of)

I wrote this when i tried to do the campaign for The Fall of Teran, I may make chapter 2+ someday still...

The Fall of Teran


Chapter 1:

As we all know the titans create and shape worlds to their liking. We also know that they are kind peacefull people who wish only to bring beauty to all the worlds of the universe. But sadly one titan does not feel the same way. When Azeroth was invaded by the Burning Legion led by Archimonde, comanded by the dark titan we only knew little of the demons. We knew that the world of Dreanor fell to them, that is all. But other worlds have been shattered by demons.

One world that the titans feel is more original from the rest is Teran. Covered completely by water the planet seems almost dead. But far below the surface of the vast ocean lives many races ruled by the water god Tiw. Tiw is a creation of the titans to safe guard the planet and he does so well. The more popular race the Vilaw constructed large towers and buildings around the planet with help from Tiw. Although the Vilaw seem to have controll over the world other races live in harmony, one of these races is only known as the sky children. Everyone knows of them but little know about them. All that is known is that at the age of 23 a Vilaw can decide whether to stay below the depths and continue his or her life or travel to the surface and go through the ritual that will change him or her for ever.

The Vilaw ruling the water with the god Tiw and with the sky children above the waves Teran has remained untouched by outsiders. That was untill the waves became more violent as storm clouds formed above. From the sky came raining down comets of fire. The fire evapourating the water leaves the Vilaw gasping for air as they watch the rest of their commrades die around them. But what emerged from the craters was a horrible sight even to Tiw. Behemoths made of fire and rock emerged destroying and killing everything in their path.

Now Tiw has gone into hiding and all is left is the sky children....

Chapter 2:

Huna one of the orignal three sky children flew down over the now large mountains and valleys. The mother of storms as she is known as is shocked by this sight. Behind her flys Yian another original the keeper of the wind, and behind Yian flys Riuag the sky runner.

They spot a fire beast and fly down at it. Leading the way with incredible speed and agility is Riuag followed by the other two. He creates a whirlwind by flying around it almost putting out its demonic green flames. Huna then brings down lightning onto it charing its rock body, the demon goes into ashes as Yian scatters the ashes with a large gust of wind.

"Wha-What was that thing?" asks Yian.
The other two remain silent, Yian knowing that was a silly question.
"We must find Tiw. He would have the answers."
"That we must" Replies Huna to Riuag's comment.

The three are off again into the sky. They fly around the large mountains that were once submerged untill they come to the massive Temple of Wind and Water. The three know it well for this is where a Vilaw would go to undergo their transformation. The swoop down to a hidden cave leading into it. First Huna who seems to have the lightest step of all three, the other two seem to clomp their rarely used feet. They fold their large scaley wings behind them and continue to walk down through the caverns...

Chapter 3:

After wandering through the paths for a period of time the three come into the main room of the temple. They find Tiw fighting with a beast that resembles them but only red and more lizard like, and it is purely evil.

"Take this you overgrown Yiha!" Bellows Tiw. With one final strike Tiw takes out the doomguard with what seemed as ease.
"Now sky children I think I know why you are here." Begins Tiw. "To answer your future questions. I dont know." he then states "I am just as concerned as you are."

After the discussion between the four dietys and the retrieaval of Tiws enchanted helm they come to the conclusion that they must summon the rest of the sky children through a sky portal.

Begining the portal Tiw says outloud the ancient words.
"Tel amish rig cafir dela moor vuch."
Repeating that over and over the sky children then join in.
"Tel amish rig cafir dela moor vuch."

They continue to chant this untill a portal is made. Through it steps atleast a thousand sky children. Untill now no one knew exactly how many there were. Tiw departs the temple to find any other races that survived this horrific experience as the rest of the sky children come through.

"Sky children!" Begins Huna. "We have a problem on our hands."
"These creatures threaten our very exsistance!" Adds Yian.
"We must stand our ground and fight! We will over throw the invaders!" Yells out Riaug.

The crowd is restless as small chatter goes on.

"I will fight!" Yells out a patron.
"What are you called?" Asks Huna to the sky child.
"I am known as Filar, mother of storms."
"You are Filar the cloud lord?" Asks Yian excitedly.
"I am known as that yes." Replies Filar.
The three sky children talk for a few moments excitedly and happily.
"Who else will rise to the call?" Riaug asks.
The rest of the crowd cheer with delight.

After a few moments of speech Tiw appears with a flash and spray of water. Behind him are atleast fifty water spirits. He then explains that in a secluded area in the northern part of the world there was a small lake. He summoned as many spirits as he could from the water. These spirits are little seen but have been known to be able to destroy their enemies with great ease. They gladly would help the great god of water.

And so began the resistance against the Burning Legion on Teran. Little did they know that fighting such a great force led by a Archimonde would give a great fight...


Based on a fan art pic i saw on www.blizzard.com i wrote a story...quite dirty.

Romance Across Sides

"Shh we must be quite darling." Whispered a voice in the dark.

"I know, I know. Its just I cant stop gigling!" whispered another.

"Ok. Ok, give us some light here." said the second voice.

"Very well."

A bright flash of light appears and then dims a little to reveal a female night elf with long dark green hair and a male troll with gray hair in a mohawk.

"You know we should not be doing this." Said the troll.

"I know! Thats what makes it even more naughty!" Replied the elf.

The two are clearly affectionate. This type of relationship would definetly cause death and punishment for both of them.

"Ok. We must be quite you know." Said the night elf.

"Yes we must. But I cant stop myself from just screaming when I am around you, Revanis." The troll answered.

Revanis and the troll kiss and fondle a bit more. They giggle quitely.

"Now I must put out this light before we get more...intament, Vagal."

Vagal nods to his partner as she mutters a few words and the light dissapears.

One of my prouder works, The Life of an Alliance Hobo was a interesting Diary theme story inspired by TheReapers "A Ghouls Diary", im very proud of this story...

The life of an Alliance hobo.

I woke up suddenly outside the cathedreal steps early in the morning, well rudely woken up i say. stupid priests....they think theyre better than me. But i had to be off. i first decided to head over to the trade quarter of the city to ask for money and check the garbage of the local cheese shop. when i got there the two army losers were theyre again yelling out random crap about the alliance army. i dont really pay attention to them anymore. once i got to the cheese shop i grabbed a few slices of tossed cheese and started to make my way towards the great moat. i headed down the hill and the stairs and started to bathe myself. some of the local merchants say i wash my self more than our great king! after washing myself and eating the remnants of the cheese i headed over to goldshire where i would then walk to northshire. one thing that is really cool about northshire is all the new paladins, warlocks etc dont know what theyre doing so theyll do ANYTHING.

i started off by getting a rogue to get me some wolf skins. when he asked for his reward i told him he went up a level (i cant beleive it worked) i sold the skins and after about an hour of ripping off the new ones someone reported me to the local guards and i was escorted out of elwynn forest. stupid government.

i was then thrown into the shit hole of the alliance Westfall. this place is so full of crime the army just gave up. well after trying to help the local militia (hey it was a free meal) and that proved useless i went to the defias traitor. he told me everything about the defias and then said i can get 50c if i kill a few of them. i headed over to theyre base and right before i was slashed into a bunch of peices i explained i wanted to join teh defias and ill do anything to prove myself......

it turns out joining the defias sucks bullocks cause i swear i was paddled atleast 50 times. then i had to walk across a plank over water THEN i had to run up to a gnoll slap it then run back without getting hit. but it was all worth it, i was finally in the defias. i was led to Van Cleef to get my red leather bandana but then he said that i passed the first test. all i could remember was more paddling as the second test. THEN i got my bandana.

holy crap this thing was uncomfortable. i couldnt breath properly but a defias smuggler told me id get used to it...i hope he was right. first i was stationed around some abandoned farm. all these people kept on trying to kill me but me and a few dark caster people kept killing them...heh stupid noobs. then after killing enough nooblets i was promoted to run a small smuggling rig near this huge tower thing. it was cool cause we kept getting these shipments of drugs, weapons and in one box there was a huge snake!

when i asked one guy where we get all this stuff from he sais that pirates send it up from stranglethorn vale. so being the curious cat i am i took off my f*cking uncomfortable red leather bandana and started to swim down the river.

once i got to the end and after killing a crap load of crocodiles i found myself at this weird town called booty bay. i automatically thought it was going to be full of whores and liquer but it turns out goblins suck. and theyre women are ugly...and not very open.

i then asked around where i could find the pirates. after having a bunch of these stupid things chase me i was thrown out of another area. thankfully i was thrown into the pirate camp! i explained i wanted to join them and about 100 paddling adventures later i was a pirate! arrrr!

our first mission was to board this boat that goes from booty bay to ratchet. once we got on there were a bunch of trolls and orcs yelling things like "loktar aadargal!" and one cow person yelled "|\|00|3!!!" which i can only think means noob. after slaughtering them and making a killer burger from the cow guy we got into ratchet. well if i learnt anything from booty bay i knew the goblins wouldnt like us. well they didnt so we had to kill them. but this time a few goblin women were more open but a pirate killed them before i could get further

we then headed over to the other pirate encampment and fell asleep for the night.

the next morning i saw a orc! i was gonna kill him before i relized he was a fellow pirate! well i really wanted to know how he communicates with the rest of the pirates so after asking around it turns out he speaks common too! go figure! so i started to talk with him and he taught me how to speak orc. and guess what...|\|00|3 does mean noob!

after learning the different languages from the different pirates (who knew it was possible to learn murloc?) i headed out into the barrens because the pirates kicked me out for having afair with Ticklewickle a local goblin.

i have been kicked out of a group again because of my actions.

now the scariest shit ive ever seen is in the barrens. crazy freaking huge monster things called kodos tried to eat me but i killed them all. i started to head south. after getting lost after being chased by a large group of the horde i ended up right infront of Theramore. i heard about this place. well apparently they heard im a jackass so i was chased onto a boat. god dammit why does everyone hate me?

i ended up in this depressing dead forest area witha bunch of night elves. thankfully i dont think they hate me so i made a few friends. one friend i made called Leetnerogue went out with me to hunt these weird dieng animals but she died. i told her not to dance without any armour on! i cried for days. i remembered the good times about her telling me about her exotic peircings and her constantly dancing. when i went to burry her body a bunch of cloth fell out of her bra. and a buldge appeared in her crotch. i quickly relize that Leetnerogue was a MAN!!! i reported this to the local guard and they explained this happens alot cause people are pervs.

i was now disgusted with humanity. i wanted to find a way to end it all. so i ate the meat of a dieng animal...then i fell asleep. when i woke up all i heard was "get the intruder" so i looked around for a horde but i relized the guards were coming for me! i looked at my hands so i could get out my sword but they were rotting....i just said outloud "SHIT! im a fucking undead person now? wtf this is bull shit! why the fuck cant i be normal?" the swearing got the night elves more angry and they chased me out of darkshore. check off another group that doesnt like me.

now i was pissed. im a fucking zombie that has no friends....blah blah blah.
i then saw something in the distance! it was another undead guy so i asked for assistance. it turns out he was a mage so he teleported me to my new capital city.

i then emerged in the Undercity. i was advised to talk with queen sylvanas to get caught up on the goin ons of teh forsaken.

it turns out that the undead are just a bunch of goth freaks! death this shadow that burning death here darkness there. i got sick of this shit. the one place im accepted and it turns out theyre losers! i just wanted to end it all and this time id make sure of it. i told tichondrius that dreadlords suck balls and he sliced me in two. but then i heard voices come from somewhere i couldnt place. i felt as if i was dreaming.....

I woke up suddenly outside the cathedreal steps early in the morning, well rudely woken up i say. stupid priests....

the end...or is it?


I cant sleep. Really I cant. Im awake in my room all the lights off, laptop open and running, MSN is on, no one talking. Browser open sulking sites. Staring into the darkness behind my screen.

What if somethings there? What if theres a giant bug? I read something like that, the government contacted aliens and theres TONS of species and one of the evil ones looks like insects! Cloaking divice and just watching my type away on my computer about him. Should I call him a him? Maybe a it...what if its a she? What if their social barriers arnt barriers rather there are none?

What if I never sleep? Well I know I will. Of course I will.

Maybe Ill wake up later tomorow. No I need to wake up early, should I sleep now? Now Im typing I should finish up...but what is there to finish up? Itll only finish when I decide to sleep...which certainly isnt now.

Why is that emotion dancing? Its just some smiley face with arms and legs sticking out of it dancing! Hm....

What ever happened to me sleeping? And why am I just typing everything that comes to mind?

I hear buzzing, sounds like a mosquito near my ear, I know there isnt its just my head. But still reminds me of the toture in the dark with a mosquito buzzing by your ear. You thrash around thinking youve killed it...only to hear the buzzing. Then you hide under the covers...buzing stops....your heating up all sweaty during the summer...buzzing starts. Mosquito IN the covers with you, West Nile can kill you.

Really sleepy, why did I type that? What if I get flammed for typing this? What if this isnt a story? What if it gets closed, its happened before. But not like this, oh well.

Why does my computer click? Is it trying to talk with me?

I would sleep but what if theres a super intelligent insectoid and it is going to kill me? No it wouldnt. But what if I see it? I wouldnt its super intelligent. What if I turn on a light then go to my bed? I dont know why but light always makes me feel better...we humans certainly arnt nocturnal.

I bet all the emo kids out there who say "darkness is my home" and shit must get scarred and turn on a light. Its not like they are like cats and can see...or buy night vision goggles. Its scary seeing into the abyss like this. You know where everything is...but what if theres something new?

Ill turn on the light and close my computer...or stumble in the darkness. I choose light.

Long Gone

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Woaw. ill let you know when i finish your 5 pages portfolio!.
give me a day :P
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KingGigli will become famous soon enough (50)KingGigli will become famous soon enough (50)

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BUMP sorry but Bladefists revivals sent this to teh second page...UGH.
Long Gone
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KingGigli will become famous soon enough (50)KingGigli will become famous soon enough (50)

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UPDATE: I added "I cant sleep." to the post, will update description of it later.
Long Gone
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