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Fladian has a spectacular aura about (92)Fladian has a spectacular aura about (92)Fladian has a spectacular aura about (92)Fladian has a spectacular aura about (92)


I'm completely out of inspiration at the moment, to be honest. There could be multiple reasons for this, but whichever it is, it affected me from writing a decent story -- and my tiny-income for the last month on school. It's not just the inspiration either, I seem to have forgotten how to write certain things, which also includes that I seem to make more mistakes than usual.

Perhaps I'm just listening too much to the radio :P

Eitherway, this section of the forum looks quite... dead. That's a shame, since it is a nice forum part. I guess I'll post something myself but don't ask me what the story is about; I'm gonna write like I used to write in the past -- write the first thing that pops in my mind. Though the start will probably be (somewhat) similar to all other stories, since I still seem to suck ass at the start :P

-(writen when finished)-
Well... it's not a drama, like I usually do. It came out pretty much different than I expected, to be honest. Do note that I fell asleep (for about 11 hours :P) when they entered the restaurant. It also ended up being somewhat longer than I expected, I guess I lost track of time when I started to write (read: I fell asleep). Now to start on the story of Plastic Angel.
Have fun reading it.


A loud 'hey' woke me up out of my deep thoughts. I was completely surprised to see a man dressed in a suit next to me. Perfectly dressed from below the waist a bit more chaotic above it but his red hair - what looked more like orange to me - was a complete mess.
"What do you want Chester, I'm out for lunch", I answered the moment I recognized him. He was still several feet away and running at me, but he could hear me just fine.
Chester Hancock has been a colleague of me recently at a local hospital radio studio. Chester Hancock, Bernie Hopkins and me are the only three people who use the hospital radio, though there is someone else as well, but only Chester seems to know him. Bernie and I have been friends for five years but we are only doing this temporarily because of the money. As a student, you always try to find a way to get some extra money, even if it is only a little. After Bernie and I saw an advertisement of that the hospital was asking people for their local radio station, we just couldn't refuse. We signed up and given the job nearly immediately because there was no one signing up.
On a monday, Bernie and I are together in a special show for kids and I am doing the afternoon shows between 3 PM and 5 PM, every day, except on a friday.
"Let me join ya' then, Mr. Wade Boyer" Chester answered me sarcastically when he finally reached me. "I'm hungry too."
"Sure, but, what are you doing here anyway?" I asked him as I looked at him with a questionable face. Chester is usually on the air during 11 AM until 1 PM, he is doing mostly things for kids than anything else. It's somewhat unfortunate that none of the kids in the hospital ever met him.
"Ah, come on. You know better than anyone that your friend, Bernie, is sick, don't you?" Chester told me with a serious look on his face. Being serious is something that is rare for Chester. A serious face doesn't even fit him when you would meet him for the first time. "I'm supposed to replace him for today."
"Yes, I know that, Chester. But I mean, it's nearly 12:38. You still have about half an hour to go", I told Chester with a little anger in my tone. A lot of kids in the hospital were listening to Chester on the radio for amusement. If I would be a kid and stuck in the hospital, with no games or whatsoever with me, then I'd probably listen to him every time as possible too. Kids who will be waiting for him the whole day long would be extremely disappointed if their radio would be silent all of a sudden, instead of hearing the familiar goofy voice of Chester Hancock, or 'Cheesy's Hanging Cock" as he called himself towards the kids.
"Oh, don't worry. They won't mind if I leave half an hour early" Chester answered me while making a broad smile, clearly showing that he is missing one of his front teeth. It would look disgusting if you'd let Chester walk in a suit and let him act politely.

"What?! Of course they will mind!" I screamed at Chester, making a serious face while imagining how the kids would feel. "Of course they will mind that they don't hear their trusted Cheesy's Hanging Cock!"
Chester was clearly surprised when I started to shout at him. He took a step back and his smile completely disappeared from his face as he listened to the words I spoke.
"Hey, Wade" Chester started, once again with a serious look. "You really don't think I'd leave 'm alone, do ya'? I may never have met them and will never meet 'm, but I still care for 'm all." Chester continued, without even the slightest sight of humor in his voice, or eyes. For once, Chester was very serious and I never knew that this subject was a soft spot of the always funny, Chester.
"I spoke in a tape of thirty minutes last night, so I could use it now."

With a now relaxed face and an even more hungrier stomach, I finally understood Chester. Chester isn't always the funny radio DJ that called himself 'Cheesy's Hanging Cock' but really cared for the kids.
"Uh... I'm sorry, Chester. I shouldn't have yelled at you" I answered, with my head down, showing that I was really trying to apologize to Chester. I was not able to look Chester in the eyes and quickly turned my head to look directly into a toy store's etalage reflecting my image to my eyes again. With the image of Chester in my head, it was nice to see my own reflection once again. I noticed that my blond hair was getting too long again and that I was in dire need of a hair cut again while I thought to myself that I could have used better clothes than those I was wearing now. Just with my jeans and a sport-jacket, it just didn't do the trick that Chester made with his halfly-dressed suit.
"Doesn't matter, ye' just be not used to me yet" Chester told me a wink. "But let's go and eat. I'm on the air again in an hour and a half. It be friday after all. I always have two shows on friday since Boy and Stuart left."
"Who are Boy and Stuart?" I asked while we started to walk to a nearby restaurant.
"Boy Britt and Stuart Clemons already left their positions. You and Berrie have taken over their position. Ye' no need to worry 'bout them." Chester explained to me with his broad smile on his face again. While entering the restaurant with his broad smile, some people even managed to recognize him, even though that was not very surprising. Not only has Chester been working at the hospital radio station, he also lives nearby. Or so he told me.

"Hey ol' man! Be Angela workin' today?" Chester suddenly shouted and increased his pace to the bar, leaving me stunned and surprised behind near the entrane.
"The name is Frank and, yes, she is working. She's over there", the man behind the bar replied to Chester while pointing to one of the waitresses who was writing orders from a more elder couple.
"Great! Then, it's the usual for me!" Chester quickly told the man named 'Frank' and looked at him with his well known smile again. "What do you wan-..." but before Chester could even answer his question, he noticed I was still standing near the entrance. He expected that I walked with him to the bar, which he was clearly mistaking in.
"Chester, you can't order at me! You have to..." Frank started to tell Chester with a desperate face, knowing, if he wouldn't say it now, he would never be able to say it. But Frank broke down his own sentence before he got Chester's attention. With a loud sigh, Frank grabbed a paper and a pen and started to write down Chester's order.
Unfortunately, Chester couldn't be stopped with just that. He curled his hands a bit and placed it next to his mouth and started to shout "what do you want to eat, Wade?!"
I slapped myself, while repeating 'I don't know him' a few times until I finally faced him and decided to do the same. I curled my hands a bit, placed it next to my mouth and started to shout. "Do the same as you, Chester, if it isn't too expensive!"
All the people around us started to smile after seeing the two of us shout at each other even though we just could walk at each other. Some people were thinking where they heard our voices before, because they sound so familiar to them. Unfortunately, it was clearly a mistake to have said the name 'Chester' in my sentence. The moment I mentioned his name, the waitress named 'Angela' turned around with a red face, quickly looking around, searching for Chester.
Chester found the situation quite funny as he turned around and orderd two of the same meals.

The moment we sat down and our meals were being brought in I expected the strange situations to stop. I couldn't imagine how wrong I was. I only expected Chester to greet the girl, Angela, or something similar even though I imagined something else, I know that doing that is impossible. For the first time in my life, I had to make a note to myself in my mind -- with Chester, everything is possible.
"A mighty thank ye', Angela" Chester smilingly said as his plate was placed on the table while the waitress - which just can't be a coincidence - who happened to be Angela, was hanging over the table to place my plate on the table as well. It was clear that she was trying to avoid Chester in any way possible as she was completely ignoring him and tried to look the other way, looking me straight in the face.
"You know each other?" I asked to break the ice with.
A loud and exciting 'oooh' could be heard from people in the restaurant who all had their eyes focused on us. I clearly said something wrong as Angela's face was starting to get red and Chester suddenly started to laugh more loud than usual.
Struck with confusion and surprised that we were in the spotlight, I got a bit red as well, not being used to be looked at by at least twenty people. As being used to be on the radio, or otherwise being a student, it is not very common that you are being in the centre of the spotlight, especially not in a restaurant.
"Angela be my girlfriend for years, ain't ya' Chester quickly asked Angela the moment he stopped laughing. But even though he wasn't laughing anymore, his big smile, which revealed all his teeth, was still clearly visible. Still with the same hole at the front of his smile, clearly showing that he is missing one of his teeth. The moment Chester finished a sentence, a loud cheering could be heard from the other customers and even from Frank, the barkeeper.
I immediately looked at Angela after hearing what Chester said. I quickly slapped my face to make sure I was not dreaming. Angela struck me as a shy type, which was somewhat surprising for a waitress, but when I would look at her body, I can understand why she was hired. Without exaggeration she has a nice looking body, something that Chester would never be able to get -- or so I thought. I quickly looked at Angela and patiently waited for a confirmation of what Chester said. A little modest nod from her confirmed it for me.
I pushed myself against the back of the chair, looking exhausted as if I just fought a bear -- and lost. Sweat could be spotted on my forehead, my jacket pushed a bit down, which made me look like a slob and Chester sitting on the other side of the table, laughing at me for a reason I did not know, which only made me feeling less comfortable.
I didn't even notice that I was sitting like that for a full ten minutes. I was completely unaware that Angela went on with her dutties and Chester already started on his pile of sandwiches.
"What be wrong with ya', Wade? Ye' not like the sandwiches?" Chester asked me, to pull me out of my stunned look. With a bit of a worried tone but not to be taken serious while Chester kept his smile on his face.
"N-No! No!" I quickly said, nearly shouting. I immediately grabbed one of the sandwiches and started to devour it, which left Chester in a surprise. "It tastes good!" I said while roughly taking bites from the sandwich. Chester could only look at me with his mouth open and a sandwich half in it, while he looked at me devouring the sandwiches like a wild hyena who just captured and was now eating his prey.
"Ye' okay?" Chester decided to ask me after a moment of silence. "Ye' are eatin' as if we are doing a race to see who can finish their lunch first" Chester added to it as he was still looking at me with a surprised, but happy face.
Not noticing I was eating so rough, I decided to ask in an attempt to be funny. "Aren't we?" I asked Chester as I took a last bite and left the sandwich, half tortured on the plate. Chester's reaction was something for a yearbook, as I saw his eyes looking around him without him turning his head, as if he was screaming, 'don't leave me here with this maniac. He's probably gonna eat me next!' or anything similar.
"Uh... right" Chester replied to me, easily visible that even Chester was at a loss for words.

The time passed and I didn't even notice it was 1:40 PM already. I didn't notice that Chester still eating a sandwich either. Come to think of it, we started to eat before it was 1 PM. How long has he been eating?!
"Hey, Wade. Can I ask ye' a question?" Chester suddenly spoke up, as he dropped his sandwich to his plate. Chester looked at me with a scary look in his face, as if he just saw a ghost behind me -- scaring even me.
"S-Sure, what is it?" I replied with a scared voice.
"Did you mind what happened earlier on, with Angela?" Chester asked me, this time, without a smile or anything from his usual style; this time it was more in a serious tone, a tone that you would use if you want someone to give you a serious answer.
"N-No, not really. She's your girlfriend after all, and I was just surprised."
"Liar", Chester suddenly told me with a broad smile on his face once again. "Ye' did mind it! I could read that from ye' face!" Chester mockingly yelled at me, taking the attention of a handful of customers again.
"Then why did you want to know?!" I yelled back at Chester with a red face, clearly showing that I was embarrassed because of his reaction.
"Oh, okay, okay. I'll make it up to ya'" Chester replied to me as he turned to the bar where Frank was looking at us with a hopeless face. Making the gesture of 'ah, what the heck.'
"Hey! Ol' man! I'm gonna pay for my friend, Wade, as well!" Chester yelled through the restaurant again, just like he did when we just entered it. Chester really never heard of the word 'embarrassment' or 'shame', but hey, sometimes it is fun to have someone like him around.
"Not at me you idiot! Tell that to An..." Frank started to yell at Chester again. But when he saw that Chester wasn't listening, like usual, Frank grabbed another paper and wrote something done while sighing loudly again. I'm sure it is funny to have a customer like Chester every day, but it might be annoying as well. I personally prefer to eat in a quiet place, but Chester clearly thought the opposite.
"Shall we go, Wade?" Chester asked me while he placed a cigaret in his mouth, without lighting it. A little nod from me confirmed that we'd leave and I saw Chester walk to Frank already.

"So, Chester, you want to pay for your friend as well?" Frank started as he pulled the cigaret from Chester's mouth, leaving Chester with a bitter, but satisfied face. Chester is apparently used to it that he isn't supposed to smoke in the restaurant, but like a lot of other things, he could care less about that.
"Yeah! I sure am!" Chester confirmingly yelled at Frank, catching the attention of some of the customers, who turned them selves to Chester.
"Okay" Frank mentioned as he looked down at a paper, to see how much Chester had to pay. It only took a few seconds until Frank looked up again with a sarcastic facial expression. "That's €20,- then" Frank mentioned as he placed the bill on the bar.
"Aight", Chester answered with as he pulled his wallet out of his pocket. The way he pulled it out, reminded me of a western movie how cowboys always grab for their guns. I even spotted myself thinking that I was waiting for him to say, 'hands up.'
Suddenly a smile crossed the face of Chester, a smile that became bigger and bigger every passing second. It did not take long until Chester turned to the barkeeper, Frank, and gave him a €10,- with quickly adding "Frank, how long do we know each other" after it.
"About 5 years, why? If this is a trick, I'm not letting you go until you pay the bill." Frank answered Chester with while looking a little confused.
"Oh, no! Don't ye' mistake me. I'm gonna pay the bill!" Chester quickly defended himself with as he looked Frank with kind eyes. Eyes that would fit more with a puppy than with Chester. "I just wanna ask if ye' can borrow me €10,-" Chester smilingly added to it, in a quiet, but humoristic tone.
Without further delay, Frank gave the €10,- bill back to Chester and within a second, got the bill back into his own hand. A satisfied Chester mentioned: "there, see ya' tomorrow" and we left the restaurant, leaving Frank stunned by his own stupidity.

In a way, I felt relieved the moment we entered the studio again. Perhaps because I knew nothing strange could happen anymore, or I was just happy that Chester had to go on the air immediately, since he was already a minute late; fortunately, it was quite common that Chester is either a few minutes early, or a few minutes late.
"Hey, you're early, Wade" was suddenly said to me. After all the surprises earlier today, I wasn't even a bit surprised when I heard someone talk to me out of nothing. After all, it was a familiar voice, and I knew it better than anyone.
"Carl!" I spoke up with a smile on my face as I turned around. Carl Cline is one of the patients of the hospital who, for some reason, visits the radio station when he is feeling well. Chester is personally always annoyed when Carl is around, though Berrie and I usually enjoy it. I guess Chester is just annoyed because Carl laughs too much about his jokes and often sees the core of the joke the moment it is being told. For the one who makes the joke, it is always irritating and makes you feel bad because you think you're too clear or not funny.
"Aren't you supposed to start in an hour?" Carl asked me, a bit confused while he pushed some of his long hair out of his face. Chester, Berrie and I knew why Carl always came here on a certain time and on a certain day. How strange it may sound, Carl is afraid of having a hair cut. We never figured out why, but he is just afraid of having one -- as if he has a relationship with his hair. But then again, I have a "relationship" with my hair as well, though not the hair that grows on my head.
"I have a day off, so I thought I'd come earlier to the studio."
"Aha. So, where is Berrie?"
"I'm sorry, Carl. Berrie is sick and is home, sleeping, probably" I answered Carl with while making a worried face. Berrie was still a close friend of mine and I felt kind of bad that I can't even visit him. At second thought, if I would visit him, he'd probably throw a plate at me for not showing up on the radio. Sometimes my life is full of hard decisions.

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeelcome! Ye' now enter the lair of the man who smells the worst like chees and something else too! I am Cheesy's Hanging Cock! Welcome!"
Carl and I quickly turned around to the glass window, where we could see the famous Cheesy's Hanging Cock behind. The way Chester introduces himself was a way that just cannot be forgotten -- by kids.
"Today's program will be adjusted! I was actually planning of my normal day routine today, but we have an unexpected guest today." Chester spoke up on the radio, that could be heard throughout the entire building. Logicwise, it did not take long until other people from the building came down to watch Chester sitting in the small room.
"Of course, all of ya' know him already. Or at least, if ye' don't just listen at me here. But then again, I can't blame ya' if you do, I be after all, Cheesy!"
The moment Chester finished his sentence, I quickly looked around to see someone who isn't familiar to me. But searching was something that I did in vain, there was no one who I didn't know. But I already understood why after hearing Chester's following sentence.
"Ye' all know him 'cause he rides the radio waves! Yea', here he is! 'Wade the Wave!'"
To anyone who feels like hearing it, it has been a while. ^^
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i will never read that, i would rather give birth to every asian person with big heads out of my penis than read that
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ok read it, very good
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Let the birth of more asians begin, and damn flad, that took you one day to write?
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Fladian has a spectacular aura about (92)Fladian has a spectacular aura about (92)Fladian has a spectacular aura about (92)Fladian has a spectacular aura about (92)


I already said, I need to be inspired by someone or something until I am back to my old self regarding stories. Or I should listen less to the radio, which won't be likely :P

Mostly, the reason why it took me so long to write this story was because I got a visitor halfway and when I wanted to continue, I was too tired. So I decided to stall it for a day.

Regardless, Plastic. If you haven't spoken with [Death] yet; then I'll say it. The story for your RPG is done.
To anyone who feels like hearing it, it has been a while. ^^
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Originally Posted by Negativity
ok read it, very good
You read that in 6 min? Wow, you read fast!
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So is that the Racist Fladian or the Hacked Fladian posting?
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Fladian has a spectacular aura about (92)Fladian has a spectacular aura about (92)Fladian has a spectacular aura about (92)Fladian has a spectacular aura about (92)


I think it is a moron posting under the name of BadFurDay.

Stop complaining already.
To anyone who feels like hearing it, it has been a while. ^^
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Originally Posted by BadFurDay
So is that the Racist Fladian or the Hacked Fladian posting?

Wow, dude grow up... Get over it.
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Default Aha

Cool story.
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