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Default The Black Road 2.1 Spoiler Series

On behalf of the TBR developers, project members and staff from all realms, I'm pleased to let you guys in on some of the upcoming stuff we've got in store for you with the new map release - TBR 2.1.

Credit for this list goes to my buddy BlazingEdge, who made this thread over at the TBR forums. I'm just passing it onto you charming fellas here at Wc3c

(Note that everything posted here is not final, and may be subject to change)

Spoiler 1 - 01.01.2010

Atlas bulks up.

Rock on! Literally.

Spoiler 2 - 24.01.2010

Uranus says hi, in a mannerly fashion. You might notice one of the new item procs as well.

Spoiler 3 - 14.03.2010

BlazingEdge's Assassin finally found himself a girlfriend.

The Assassin's pickup lines need improvement.

Perhaps these new-found boots will impress the love of his life?

Spoiler 4 - 21.03.2010

During this week we've been reporting (and Av3n has been fixing) bugs concerning TBR's new equipment system.
The equipment system is slot-based, meaning you cant wear two items of the same item class at the same time.

Here you can see the total stat calculation, which may helpful in terms of itembuilds, and other stuff. We're planning to enhance it into showing Evasion, Crit and other procs.

Here you can get a look at the equipment system page, as well as one of the new Class items. We decided to make class items Rings and Amulets, to better fit the equipment system.

Here are some of the new items and their respective bonuses.

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gj with that, Neo ;)
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Updated. Stay tuned for more.
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