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Old 01-24-2009, 01:58 AM   #16
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. GraveReaper: ==I made it==
  • 2. DeadEye: 2nd place was an incredibly difficult decision for me (first is by necessity my hero...). I couldn't decide. This ole guy won because I found myself coming back to it again and again, and he truly felt like a Warcraft hero. The blending of top-notch artistry and skills that fit in well made it for me. Actually, it was the ultimate that made it for me. It's possibly the coolest spell I've ever seen. Anyway, fantastic job. Keep it coming Dusk and Jig.
  • 3. ArcaneRanger: At first I thought this ranger should be the winner. The visually splendid icons as well as beautifully constructed anims, model, and skin were definitely good. The skills were obscenely cool, and this was another submission I kept looking and drooling at, multiple times. But he was slightly cheap, and didn't feel as Warcraft-y as Deadeye. What can I say, though, a wonderful effort.
  • 4. DarkApothecary: This guy's skills meshed well, and the artistry felt perfectly in tune. He was really a complete hero. However, when I chained all of the spells, the clouds got a little dense. Still, good job to both of you.
  • 5. DreadBerserker: He was a nice dude. I wasn't perfectly happy with his skillset, and the skin, though of good quality, seems a little patchy. But I had fun playing with him, and he felt complete.
  • 6. Annelord: His skills were fun to play with. But damnit, TA didn't submit the model and this guy felt pretty incomplete without it. The ulti was awesome, and I loved spawning little minions to hack at people. The choice of little purple fan clouds as health boosts was a nice touch too. I would say the consolidation aura was my favorite, it looked beautiful in action. Good job Pyro.
  • 7. Behemoth: He had an interesting model, and the skills were fun. But 4 green icons? Come on, it was repetitive. The orb skill looked strange with the immolation effect, I think you could have used Sargeras' eye for that. Also, the model didn't properly use the chest attachment point (cloak of flames didn't show up visually), and the wavey cloth didn't look good from behind.
  • 8. AvengerOfFaith: This was a cool guy, who was clearly worked on a lot. But I wasn't feeling the model, and the skills were either too flashy or too uber. I also broke Sternkreist quickly by moving around.
  • 9. DemonHuntress: Gah, she could have been a total badass. The skills just needed those icons SO badly, and she of course needed a real custom model, not a texture filtermode change. A nice effort on your part, Anitarf.
  • 10. TheUnderRuler: He had an interesting skin, but it was overkill in the fabric department. The skills seemed a little cheap, and he had an anti-climactic ulti.
  • 11. MageHunter: I had fun running around with this guy, but at the same time, the model was off. While this was a complete hero, it didn't strike me as a unique one nor one with an interesting skillset.
Good job everyone. No matter the results, all of us should be proud we actually made a hero with our partners through to the end. Except of course those artists who didn't finish. Congrats.
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. ArcaneRanger: The Arcane Archer wasn't what I had in mind, but I have to say, I found some problems.

    Focus Magic was the one I liked the best. Mainly because I was able to kill cannibalizing Ghouls the easiest with this ability. The research tooltip doesn't say anything about mana cost per second, so I thought the intention of the ability was to use a lot of mana to get the most out of the time it takes to get the full amount of damage. Apparently not, though. Another issue I had was the faraway hotkey, N. Why N?

    Enchant is a great investment, but only if the Ranger had 100 mana at the time of casting. The only times I found this useful was to snipe down heroes. As it started going to later in the game, this got more and more useless as I leveled up my Archmage for Brilliance.

    Even though I got Diffraction Arrow, I never used it once. I never really found a time when it was useful, because I was better off with the Archer not moving than moving somewhere else. What put me off was that the mana cost got higher.

    Arcane Arrow is quite nice, actually. The AI is stupid enough to get hit by all of the bolts, so I got kind of lucky.

    In terms of usability, I was having a lot of problems by having the Arcane Ranger as my first hero. He's more fitting to be second. It's somewhat too late if he's the third, because by then Focus Fire is useless and Enchant is less needed.

    Then again, Enchant got really gay, because I tried to stack Gloves of Haste... Plus Endurance Aura. Whew. Not to mention, isn't his movement speed a little too fast?
  • 2. GraveReaper: Just by the name, I could tell that this was going to be another hero that I should get Meat Wagons with.

    Until I saw Impact. With that, he doesn't really need the Meat Wagons for corpses. Then again, maybe it's better to have them, because this costs mana for a corpse, two, or three. It's good to know that at least this guy can support himself with the key function to make him work.

    What's odd about Plague Flare is that I get vision of the poison. lol. This skill is kind of unfair, because it gives the hero invincibility until he reverts back into position. Plus, the poison KILLS, when DpS really shouldn't unless it's an ultimate or something. Entangling Roots isn't really poison, if you know what I mean.

    When I saw Graverobber, I thought the hero would store corpses like the Meat Wagons do, but of course not. Haha. But, what exactly had a 30 second cooldown? Was it the gathering of the corpses part, or the critical HP activation? Or is it both? By the wording of the ability, I couldn't tell. On a side note, I think 30 seconds is a bit too long, considering that this that I'm doing this in a melee scenario.

    Infernal Assumption is alright, but I think this is the only ability that uses the corpses of Graverobber other than Graverobber, itself. This was when I realized that the Grave Reaper's damage was really poor, even on level 10.
  • 3. DreadBerserker: Hmm... This guy...

    Juju Spear is... okay. I don't really like distance-based spells, especially for a melee map. I'm not saying that I hate them, either.

    Inner Juju is pretty whacked out. I mean, the critical is alright, but... 7 HP regen per second? That's a lot. More like, unreal. Plus, it gets higher? 14 and 21 for 2 and 3 consecutive kills, respectively? Holy crap. Then again... On a side note, how EXACTLY does this work, logically? lol

    I felt that Intimidation was far too weak. If you're expecting an enemy to hit you, you want them to miss. However, if they don't miss, then they'll get return damage. I think the Keeper of the Grove's Thorns Aura already shows how crappy return damage is. Return damage only works for melee attacks, doesn't it? If it doesn't, the ability doesn't specify whether it's all attacks or not. Then again, it's a buff that works solely on the unit itself, so maybe it's not as bad as the situations I used it in.

    Shadow Clones was pretty interesting, but I wished it was more specific on how this was helpful to the Berserker. Do the kills of the clones count for the hero's Inner Juju? That's what I was wondering, but considering that the Berserker himself killing all of the units, I couldn't tell.
  • 4. DarkApothecary: I don't understand. If this hero is meant to be an Undead hero, why is the default team set to Humans? lol

    Noxious Fumes doesn't say how much it heals per second in the research tooltip. I'm assuming that it's the same as the damage per second? And holy crap, I think the duration on this ability is too long. It lasts 45 seconds, dealing 10/16/22 damage per second? It's not whether or not enemies will stand in it; it's how long Undead allies can be in it... 45 x 22 = 990 total health restored. Wow; no wonder why I felt like I could live forever. Tranquility is only 30 x 20 = 600. It's an ultimate too.

    Atrophy doesn't say anything about the AoE of the spell. 70% Movement Speed and Attack Speed reduction is too much, by the way. For 14/16/18 seconds, as well... In comparison, the Mountain King's Thunderclap stays a solid 50% MS and AS, and only lasting 5 seconds on units (3 on heroes). There's a power imbalance, right here.

    Catalyst is kind of counter intuitive, so I barely used it; only mostly against heroes. The units that you want missing you are the ones that hit hard and have spells. That only includes heroes, because I don't remember any regular, hard-kitting unit with a spell. It sort of works against casters, because of their auto-casting abilities, but they all have magic damage and only hit around 8 - 11. Other than that, the Destroyer, Druid of the Talon's Raven Form, and Druid of the Claw's Bear Form are the only things to be casting this on. I was also trying to cast it on Mountain Giants, but the damn idiots wouldn't Taunt enough to make it useful.

    Plaguebearer is unfair to Death and Decay, because the plagued ground lasts for 90 seconds?! DnD only lasts for 35 seconds. Plus, I felt that this was way too cheap: 125 mana. In comparison to other heroes, Doom costs 150 and DnD costs 250. Did I forget to mention that DnD is channeling, but this isn't? Even more unfair. :(

    This hero is better as the first, because a maxed Atrophy makes things too easy. Then again... any of his skills, when maxed out, are too good.
  • 5. Annelord: The Annelord, I have some real issues with.

    I remember a lot of people saying that Annelids is too weak. Well, for me, I got the Annelids too strong. Let's see... What did I do... I used this on a Mountain Giant, Tauren, Knight, Abomination, and a grounded Chimera or Frost Wyrm (love ya, Web). I used Fester, Frost Nova, and Death Coil and bashed them to death with my army, and ta-dah! 600+ HP Annelids. The terrible thing about this, is that I got FOUR of them for using a measly 50 mana, when the casual summons cost 100+.

    I don't really have anything to say about Fester. The only problem with it being that it an unconditional DpS spell. Oh yeah, I'm still confused with the research tooltip on this. On level 1 it lasts 14 seconds, but on level 2, it lasts 12 seconds? But on level 3, it goes back to 14. Then I learn level 1, and now it says it lasts for 10 seconds. Wtf?

    This is the most rigged aura in the game. Consolidation Aura works on ANY unit, and gives a percentage of the dying unit's life to ALL allies in range? You've gotta be kidding me. What the heck's the range on this, anyway? *goes to check* Holy crap, 900? Ah, so rigged. I remember this in the battles, too. One of my Abominations died, the aura thingies went floating into every one of my units, and my whole was healed... for losing ONE unit. Plus, I was focus-firing on the other army, so I was getting even more life. It's so cheap... I like the concept of the aura, but it is significantly OP right now.

    Ah... The ultimate. I loved it, but hated it. Death and Decay plus Hivebeing... And it was- wow. Let's just say that I felt really bad for the CPU, because they were trying to run away, but couldn't, and they were in DnD, too... Then I was thinking, "This and Earthquake...?"

    It didn't matter whether or not I got the Annelord first or last, the % of damage thing on the Annelid's conditional HP is just too good against a unit with a lot of HP. As in matter of fact, since the high HP units are late game, the Annelord was better late game.
  • 6. DemonHuntress: Huh. I didn't know what to expect out of her. After all, I am going in the contest folder's map order.

    Personally, I found Pounce more funny than functional. But, I don't know if it was a good idea to use it, though. I mean, she's ranged, but charges up to a single target. The damage isn't that great, too. Storm Bolt's better than this ability, was the way I saw it.

    Firestorm was cool, until I used it in a group of enemies. It hit so little... It's really fast though, thank goodness. There's really nothing else I can say. If there are more units, it seems to randomly target whatever, so long as there's something in range. In a regular situation though, it's not really worth using this, because no player will attack you with just one or two units.

    Elusive Steed doesn't make quite as much sense as I thought it would. Does the evasion work while she's Pouncing? I think it did... I'm not sure, though.

    Hunting Grounds doesn't list how long it lasts, so I wasn't sure when I should've gotten out of the AoE for this to work. Her ultimate is okay, though. I don't really like the fact that it's not good right away, because her other skills have to be better in order to get better.

    I don't know when to get her... Getting her last is pointless, because everyone would be too strong and she would be too weak. Getting her second still sounds too late, but I can see problems arising if she's the first hero. It's too troublesome to keep her in a fight, and expect her to live. Or do well, for that matter.

    Huh. For once, this is a hero that needs more, not less.
  • 7. DeadEye: Hmm... DeadEye wasn't as bad in riggedness than some others. But still was. Haha.

    Barrage sounded cool, but I was misled when it tells me that there's a small area, medium area, and a large area. I was expecting the growth to be in more close relation to Force of Nature, but I guess not. This only hits a certain amount of units, too, so I'm impressed that this ability wasn't so over-the-top. It reminds me of Forked Lightning, but slightly better. Good job, I guess.

    Rickets is alright, too. The armor reduction is pretty high, even if it is just for one target. And the slow was killer. It doesn't deal damage though, which is what makes it good.

    Mmmm, Graverobber was what made me actually want to get Meat Wagons and their Exhume Corpses. I just created a trail of corpses and it let me do some nasty stuff, as I'll talk about... It works quite well, actually.

    Quench Life is pretty neat, but it has one flaw. I kept reading the description over and over to make sure I was reading it right. "Deals 30 damage per second to all enemies in range and distributes it to all allies in range"... right? That was when I had a devilish idea, so I decided to make my trail of corpses into an enemy army, and used Quench Life in their faces. So, as they were being stupid and tried to kill Dead Eye, there were so many enemy units that he was getting more life than he was losing. Evidently, Quench Life makes him a one-man army if he's the only one in range... Aw, and I thought this guy wasn't rigged. LOL

    The way he is now, he should be the second hero. If people want to make full usage of Graverobber, that's until tier 3. Then again, if you get him earlier, Graverobber and be leveled early, so that you require less corpses to get it working.
  • 8. MageHunter: Almost done...

    Arcane Shock isn't bad. It's a Silence that deals damage. Not too bad. It hits less than most damage spells, even those with side effects.

    Uh... I have to say that any image ability that lets the images deal damage too, is too good for melee maps. Not only that, but they only take 125% more damage? I think the Blademaster's images take 300%.

    I don't really like Mana Tap. If she's supposed to be a Mage Hunter, why does she have a chance for feedback? Not only that, but the chance of it happening is pretty low. I think it would be better if the amount stolen was less, but there was always a 100% chance. It's too bad that the mana that the images take too, doesn't go to her. Then it would be better.

    There's not really a point in Mage Tracking. I don't see how she's supposed to home in on units with mana? I don't get why she has this, when there's no access to getting around the map faster (even with the Archmage).

    Her images make her kind of rigged, but her ultimate suggests otherwise. Kind of odd, I think.
  • 9. Behemoth: Mmmm... The Behemoth was less liked.

    He's supposed to be a tank, but why is he so good at it?

    It's weird how Unholy Skin is in the first ability slot, because it's passive. It's tradition that every Wc3 hero who has a passive has it in the third slot. I don't quite understand the reason in this, though, because the Behemoth has no way of guaranteeing that he'll be the target. As in matter of fact, if you know you're not supposed to hit him, why would an enemy bother? The CPU probably could care less, but when you're up against a human player...

    Chaos Orb... I don't like how I'm forced to wait for the spell to activate. It hits more- sure, but in a melee map, it needs to be possible for a hero to always move if they're channeling a spell. I found it really irritating, because he'd be standing there when the enemy has already left. The Undead have Unholy Aura for a reason though, I guess.

    Dark Synergy is really unfair. I have to say that now. He hurts an enemy unit and gets healed 10/20/30% of his MAX life? There are reasons why WcIII's heroes don't have health-based spells. Because there are so many items that boost HP, they become too strong when the hero has loads of HP. Take this guy for example: I gave him all of the tomes and items that buffed his life, and he had about 1400-ish at end game. 30% of that is 420 damage and health.

    Re-Construction has two sides to it. It's too terrible if nothing ides, but it's too good if even a few things die. By the way, I don't think that he was getting healed 30 health per unit death. Or, maybe it's because so many units were dying that it just looked like he was getting all of his HP back even though he had lost more than half.

    It's not very fair how this hero has so many means to heal himself, when no other Undead hero does- only going through the Death Knight, but even the Death Knight himself is limited at his own healing. But this guy, he gets life back just as fast as he's supposed to lose it. Oh yeah, I got a big whiff at his super high Intelligence. 42 Strength, but 46 Intelligence at max level?

    The Behemoth was better off as my first hero. He was just too good at living.
  • 10. AvengerOfFaith: The Avenger of Faith is an interesting concept, but he has one major problem.

    Sternkreis was pretty fun to use (Hammerdin? O_o). Having it be like an alternate attack was a good idea. However, the research tooltip only says that it costs mana, then health. It doesn't say that the amount of lost changes. I found that thoroughly disappointing until I got the Archmage. Maxing out Brilliance Aura was the best thing that ever happened to his guy. Things got better (and possibly imbalanced in a way) when I got the Paladin. He could live forever until both the Archmage and Paladin died.

    Call of Gouryella was alright, but only because the game ended before my Paladin hit level 6. When my Paladin was getting closer to learn his ult, I started to think, "This could cause some problems." But- not really; just Ressurect first, then use this. This is the best spell that the humans ever had against the Undead. Not only does it limit massing, it blinds already living units, too. It's my kind of spell. Simple, yet effective.

    I felt that Faithfulness is not necessary; not for the Humans, anyway. The Humans already have more than enough healing abilities; I don't see why they would need one that sort of does it, and acts like Anti-Magic Shell at the same time. It may only be for one unit, but that unit could make all of the difference in a fight. By the way, my allies were Night Elves and using this with Starfall or Tranquility kind of made them invincible...

    All was well, until I found about his ultimate. Enigma is rigged; there's nothing else to add. It's thousands of times better than Blink, when Blink is already too good. Plus, he gets life steal and 25 Strength? 25 Strength is 25 bonus damage and 625 HP. That's more than Avatar and Metamorphosis. Avatar's +500 HP, 20 bonus damage, and Spell Immunity and Metamorphosis' +500 HP, ranged attack, and chaos damage look like crap in front of this. Oh yeah, what's worse is that it's cheaper than both.

    Regardless, I think this hero was best as the last hero one would want. Like I said, I was having issues with him being first because Sternkreis needs Brilliance Aura or Holy Light to be more useful. Also, I don't like his really random damage. 8 - 41 damage on level 1?

    I can understand that Enigma was put in for the Avenger of Faith's functionality, but apparently there wasn't enough balance in mind. Sorry, this is a no go for me, melee map or AoS, or whatever. Enigma's insta-blink is just way too rigged.
  • 11. TheUnderRuler: Can someone tell me why the map doesn't compile? Uh... I tried to look for a way to fix it, but it crashed the world editor?!

    I can't really test this if it doesn't work...
All heroes were played according to the race they were initially placed in. Maybe unlike some of the voters here, I decided to TRY to play normal melee games using these heroes. This gave me a better understanding of the quirks (the good ones and the bad ones) that each hero had.

Overall, the reason why the Arcane Ranger is in first, because I found the fewest problems using him compared to the others. Even though there were a noticeable amount of typos, I'm not here to grade a hero based on legibility.

Despite what you guys will read what I type, I had a lot of fun playing the heroes. Thanks!
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. Annelord: Well this hero is unique in it's own ways.
    After playing this hero I realized that it's aura was there for only 2 things
    1) Survivability
    2) Fester and other related spells. (Flame Strike/Blizzard/Rain of Fire)
    If you were to hit your own units, and they are low on life anyway (your meat shields). The aura will restore health to other nearby key units and meat shields improving your armies survivability. (Note that I haven't been playing a lot of melee lately). Fester is just your normal AoE damage while Incubator is your delayed summon. (Delayed summon because of the fact the target had to die or the buff needed to end). When Incubator ends you got even more units to run in with and eventually over power your enemy if you target the right ones.

    Good job for the solo entry Pyrogasm.
  • 1. ArcaneRanger: Wow this hero is nasty good late game. I mis-used most of it's abilities but oh well lets get to the point.

    Ranger hero is what've been missing from the human lineup I have to sadly admit and this filled it up quite nicely I have to admit. Focus Magic, a very good ability that mis-used. It's like a permanent shockwave with a very little hit range, however if used properly (Surround a couple of units) and use it in a line it is devastating, follow it up with Arcane Arrow then buff yourself up with Enchant and you'll be whipping your opponent down to pieces.

    Diffeactive Arrow... lets say it's an alternative blink, didn't get to use it a lot but I can see potential if you are using the Mountain King as your second hero (I went along with Paladin), stun then swap, you'll never miss due to the fact that the stun on Storm Bolt is 5 seconds on units.

    A very good hero Mc! and Vexorian and well thought and planned.
  • 1. DeadEye: I love simplicity in heroes, makes it so much easier to understand everything. One of the few things I failed to do with my hero but lets get back on topic.

    Barrage, is just your stand AoE hitter, pretty useful I'll say especially for an ranged agility hero. Rickets, I think it was personally designed as a "disable" ability and I would prefer to get this ability second opposed to Graverobber, because Graverobber requires corpses so it wouldn't be useful early game.

    Quench Life... Oh my gosh it was fantastic. Bit of a FX overload bit hey it is an ultimate.

    Good job jig and Dusk, perfectly executed, art and code wise.
  • 1. DreadBerserker: = I made it =
    There were still some flaws in this hero but what you get done is what you get done.
  • 2. DarkApothecary: Good thoughts, not good enough for ladder.

    It's cool how he is related to potions, at first I thought Noxious Fumes was AoE and thought it was really good... unfortunately it wasn't and it was around himself. All of his other innate abilities prove pretty bad as well, Atrophy could of got buffed with some damage and Catalyst could of been a little more deadlier if other potions were on the target.

    I never got the chance to level to 6 because the hero got removed randomly after I used Wand of Illusion on it...
  • 2. DemonHuntress: Great abilities and eye candy... But I reckon that if the artist didn't pull out you would of got a really good model of a demon huntress instead of a "ethereal" huntress.

    Code of been tinted red an least imo.

    But anyway good job Anitarf for pulling it off.
  • 2. MageHunter: Running low on time when I reached up to here so lets get down to business.

    When I first looked at this hero without looking at it's skillset I'm like, hey it's a hero/caster killer. Looking at the skillset now it's more of a mana disabler rather than what I stated before. So I'm kind of disappointed in it.

    The ultimate is not suited to a ladder type gameplay as well...
  • 2. TheUnderRuler: The skin is a bit weird IMO. And the abilities... They work well together I suppose and for the summoning ability, Channeling? You should leave that part out since you only "channel" to summon. The passive, I don't know. Ultimate... this just makes TheUnderRuler another Undead support hero which the Undead already has.
  • 3. AvengerOfFaith: Avenger of Faith sounds like a hero based from the silver hand.

    Though I wasn't impressed by the hero, I liked the Blessed Hammer based technique, if only if it was on cast and not auto cast.
  • 3. Behemoth: It has a passive and a spell for a tank, and 2 spells for a caster...

    And they don't work well at all. If you really wanted a melee caster please take a look at the existing ones. And I have to admit the model is ugly.
  • 3. GraveReaper: Love the concept, not the skin.

    I want to point out one thing, his AoE attack, you should never for a ladder hero make return to any sort of point unless it is for another effect.
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. DeadEye: I made this.
  • 2. ArcaneRanger: I think the combination of art and style really sold me on this one. I honestly am a big fan of the laser beam skill, it's probably my favorite of the entire contest. (Except that it hits allies, but that's a minor detail)
  • 3. Annelord: I feel like the skills chosen had a lot of synergy with one another that I appreciated, but as a whole -- even ignoring the lack of art -- something just felt awry. It didn't feel like a hero that belonged in any of the races, which bothered me.
  • 3. DemonHuntress: This hero had some really cool skills, but I think they could've been tweaked for the melee environment better. I really wasn't a huge fan of the ultimate, but I absolutely adored the pounce and the firefly skill (whatever it was called). I think with the proper art it would've really come to life, but even then it choked up at the ultimate.
  • 4. DarkApothecary: This hero had a bit of potential, but I really hated how so many abilities felt like the exact same thing when used. There were two skills that threw potions, and that's cute and all, but really boring. Outside of that, I really like the way the model was done, looks way cool.
  • 5. Behemoth: I liked the way the hero felt. I don't know what it was, but it just felt cool. The idea of a really big abomination hero excites me since I could totally see you going places with the idea. The skills were questionable in their design at best, but the idea was solid.
I wanted to make sure that my vote was in on time, so I didn't get a chance to post any awesome feedback for a sizable chunk of the heroes. For that I'm sorry. However, if you want more information on my thoughts, poke me about it and I'll give you a more detailed rundown.

Good job everyone! <3
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Hero Contest #3 - 2nd Place

Default Hero contest III

  • 1. ArcaneRanger: -- made it --
  • 2. Behemoth: Good model. Another ultimate that I liked though the rest of the spells didn't amaze me that much.
  • 2. DarkApothecary: Good model. The ultimate is a good idea. The rest of the spells I can't even remember them after playing them.
  • 2. DeadEye: Barrage looks excellent. It was risky to take such a cliche spell idea and make it still look good, but it worked. The buff stuff is ok. I don't think the invisibility fits with melee at all, and the ultimate was just too much.
  • 3. DemonHuntress: Honorable mention for that move to evade skill, not very wc3ish but I liked it. It had no art so.
  • 4. TheUnderRuler: Honorable mention for the morph into bats idea, it is a very simple object editor only idea, but honestly the only one I truly liked in this pack. (It had a massive pentagram of fire for god's sake...)
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. DeadEye: Model + Icons = awesome. Abilities are well made and put together. Although the ultimate is insanely overpowered, this hero is near perfect IMO.
  • 2. Annelord: Too bad the model was never done, but I <3 your abilities. Especially your parasite-like ability. The passive is awesome, and works well with a lack of healing on the undead race.
  • 3. ArcaneRanger: Awesome skin. Funny how the best 2 models are both archers. Anyway, the abilities were alright, although I still argue that swap is useless. Ulti looked good.
  • 4. DarkApothecary: The model looks pretty decent and the abilities are fun to use. The gas seemed to be coded wrong and kill the unit without giving you the kill. Only thing this hero lacked was the "amazing" factor.
  • 5. DreadBerserker: The model looks alright. The abilities were put together somewhat nicely. The nuke was weak for its high mana cost, but the passive was imba with the regen it gave him.
  • 6. GraveReaper: Not too bad. The sfx was a bit over done. The model is ok at best. The hero just didn't fit with the melee gameplay as others.
  • 7. Behemoth: So, a tanking hero in melee. Not too bad, although the sfx looked ugly and tanking heroes are generally useless to the melee gameplay.
  • 8. AvengerOfFaith: Odd odd hero. I don't know what to say except that there are heros better and worse than this.
  • 9. MageHunter: I did not like this hero at all. Just doesn't fit the melee gameplay, at all. The model looks alright however.
  • 10. TheUnderRuler: Model was meh. The abilities was horribly put together. The ulti was...not so great.
  • 11. DemonHuntress: Abilities were useless and did not fit to the warcraft gameplay at all. The model is meh...
Some of the lower ranks did a pretty nice job. It's just that they didn't match the high quality of some.
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. ArcaneRanger: Wonderful art, spells were fun enough, and very "laddery".
  • 2. DeadEye: Wonderful. Especially the art.
  • 3. DarkApothecary: It was a very nice hero. Really loved the art.
  • 4. Behemoth: <3 the art, the hero was overpowered stat wise, but good concept.
  • 6. GraveReaper: Not bad.
  • 6. MageHunter: Nice enough.
  • 7. DemonHuntress: I didn't like the art overmuch, and the hero was average.
  • 8. DreadBerserker: I liked it well enough.
  • 9. TheUnderRuler: It was meh. The art didn't swing for me.
  • 10. Annelord: What art? It was hardly custom, no? Hero was nice, but I wanted a "finishing skill".
  • 11. AvengerOfFaith: Art was very good. Hero, quite frankly sucked.
I'm in a super rush to get this in. Sorry for lack of comments, I'll try to post some after vote has concluded.
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. DeadEye: All skills and model just great.
  • 2. ArcaneRanger: Everything fine.
  • 3. GraveReaper: Nice skills, not good as possible model. Too much acid coloring.
  • 4. DreadBerserker: Overcomplicated skills.
  • 5. DarkApothecary: Most skills including ultimate overcomplicated.
  • 6. TheUnderRuler: Ultimate and model not looks well.
  • 7. Annelord: Standart(?) hero model, bad attack projectile.
  • 8. Behemoth: One of skills using pause. Pitlord model with butcher skin terrable.
  • 9. AvengerOfFaith: Triggered attack looks bugged, as model.
  • 10. DemonHuntress: Bugged model, bad concept, MHlike skill.
  • 11. MageHunter: Skills a way too simple, one of skills standart.
Actually DeadEye ArcaneRanger and GraveReaper share first place, others have overcomplicated skills or bugged model\skills.
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Skinning Contest #14 WinnerSkinning Contest #15 WinnerHero Contest #2 - 1st Place

Default Hero contest III

  • 1. ArcaneRanger: Definitely my favourite.
    Excellent model and great use of textures, although I dislike the sorceress' cloak and the mouth lacks an inside part.

    Personally I found a few of his spells difficult to use to their full potential, but I appreciate their power and purpose.
  • 1. DarkApothecary: ==I made it==
  • 1. DeadEye: Artwise, man I don't have to say anything - it's pure awesome. There are some slight wc3-style breaks that bug me, but they pale in comparison to the overall character and general badass this model oozes :D

    Barrage was fine, fits in well with standard wc3 ladder spells.
    Rickets seemed a little underpowered, but as it combines frost arrows and acid bomb in one, it's probably understandable.
    Graverobber felt out of place to me, especially for a ladder ability. It seemed as if it was designed to be effective only at max level - IMO, it'd work better if it always required one corpse and simply increased the range.
    Ultimate, well what can I say? Greel <3

    A fine quality and very solid entry.

    P.S., love the hero names xD
  • 2. Annelord: On the one hand, I love the idea of it being a supporting hive being, on the other hand it's imbalanced as hell. Consolidation Aura is madly overpowered. Fester could probably be different, it seems a bit out of place. Incubator is great, I just wish it had some rockin' custom art. Ultimate is fine, huge area horrible-death zone >:D

    Shame that the artist wasn't able to finish, this is still quite a solid entry.
  • 2. DemonHuntress: Shame that TDR didn't finish, would have been great :(

    I liked the ultimate and the passive, the Firestorm skill just seemed out of place.
  • 2. DreadBerserker: Texture was really badass, even though I disliked the hole that alpha'ing out the nose left. The bone mohawk (?) seemed a bit random as well.

    Fun hero to play, although his regen was quite overpowered.
  • 3. AvengerOfFaith: The model seems to have some issues with event objects - he leaves splashes of blood rather than footprints.
    I absolutely loved the icons though, they're epic.

    Sternkreis was a bit overpowered (although visually appealing :3)
  • 3. Behemoth: Quite cool, high concept idea, although the cloth seems out of place. The vertebrae also seem to have some unwelded verteces. The three legs just don't do it for me though, and he seems a bit front heavy.

    Unholy skin seems a bit overpowered, the fact that it affects ranged units seems a bit out of place.
  • 3. MageHunter: Model was ok, a bit bland although that has been fixed since. Biggest beef I have with the model is the godawful Sylvanas portrait - surely you could have used something better looking like the Archer, Sorceress or even Jaina?

    Spells were quite good, although I felt the first skill was a bit overpowered and the second could have been more unique.
  • 3. TheUnderRuler: Texture was quite nice, if a bit cluttered. The model edit, however, really made it unique and effective. Portrait camera seemed a bit off somehow.

    The skills were a bit imbalanced, particularly the passive. I also felt that there were too many effects in each skill, ladder abilities need to be a lot more simple. Overall pretty good though.
  • 4. GraveReaper: Mixed feelings on this one. The model edits weren't anything spectacular and the textures were largely CnP and a bit messy at that. I did, however, quite enjoy the ultimate form's texture (despite the CnP) the face looked good and the ring of flaming skulls was badass xD

    The ultimate spell appeared to be bugged, the second skill causes the ultimate to end prematurely when cast. Also the spell duration bar didn't change and ended randomly.
Sorry about the last-minute vote!

Congratulations to everyone who entered and finished this contest, it's been another roaring success.

Extra special thanks to Kyrbi0, for managing to get our entry in solo after I finished the art and disappeared :D
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. DarkApothecary: ==I made it==
  • 2. DeadEye: Art
    - Simply stellar. Perhaps one of the greatest models (to-date) for Wc3. Part of it, though, is just the simple fact that I love the Undead. Skeleton Archers may not be my favorite unit, but it's just so cool of an idea.
    - That being said. The model was great. If the idea was "hero-version of Skeletal Archer", then you Win already. The little things that made it more "heroic" (pants, TeamColor heart, spiky pauldron, boots) were great.
    - This deserves it's own bullet: the bow-arm was amazing.. One of the coolest ideas I've ever heard/seen. Originally I thought jigrael did this by himself, but I hear Dusk came up with the idea itself. So, credit where credit is due; coolest idea by Dusk, perfect implementation by jigrael.
    - As an aside, I really loved the personality you worked into the hero; his winking portrait anim and "loose arm" Stand anim were hilarious (I mean, I wasn't laughing aloud, but it was a great touch).
    - Also, I never died in-game the first time, but in Magos, I saw the Death animation; I love how you further "sealed the deal" by including a makeover of the regular Skeleton death.
    - The SFX were something to behold. Simple, yet did their job perfectly. (Personally, I almost thought they weren't flashy enough, but that's more a matter of taste. Mine being bad. xD)
    - 3 different Spell anims, each with different SFX, were what made this guy feel unique.
    - The icons were very nice as well. My only gripe is that they are just a bit "non-Warcrafty". Like, lined up next to another Wc3 icon, they would look a tad out of place.
    - However, they all fit with each other, which is very important (except "Quench Life").
    - Further, the icon was nice, but a bit too much white. The edited version on THW looks nicer, with the purple-y background.
    - Barrage: were those custom "evil arrows"? Or just the Black Arrow? Either way, the death-explosion was awesome.
    - Rickets: Hmm... Why no custom buff? Heck, even a recolored Cripple would've been very nice.
    - Graverobber: Probably no effects needed, although a toned-down version of the Wand-of-Illusions thing might've been cool. Meh.
    - Quench Life: Did you make those green flamey-things? I can't recognize them if not. But very nice and fiery. :P

    - This is what made me vote this over the Arcane Ranger. To me, both are winners (literally and figuratively; 1st/2nd place are already filled up with these two), but this guy just exuded "elegance". Arcane Ranger was very ladder, but was a bit more complicated in general. Anyway, this isn't the place for comparison.
    - Now that I understand the historical significance of the name, it's great. I'll still always think of "Dead On", which doesn't exactly fit, but the reaction is tempered by knowledge to the contrary. Nice work.
    - The Proper Names of the hero are something most people overlook(ed). However, I really appreciate some creativity with the names, which you easily supplied. "Ack' Dem'Bonz", "Crux Cadava" and "Rickt Ezzeraht" were personal favorites; yet all were creative.
    - The hero's Role meshed with his Theme, which both meshed with the abilities, which meshed with the icons (which, ultimately, meshed with the model/anims/SFX). Like well-oiled clockwerk, this guy produced.
    - Except for one thing; the ultimate. "Quench Life" is a cool enough name; nothing has "Quench" anywhere, and it's a sufficiently cool word in and of itself. :P. However, it was all green. The icon is what glared most glaringly. Sweet visual, jigrael, but it stands out amidst the grey/purple/black theme from the rest.
    - That being said: What was this hero's Role (if you can pin it down)? I mean, I see a debuff that's good for focus-fire, running or chasing, a multi-target Direct-Damage skill, a passive Utility which lets him be invisible (although he still Attacks, unlike Shadowmeld; could be annoying) around corpses, and the "sap enemies/heal friendlies" AoE ultimate. What's the point of the hero? (<-not trying to be rude)
    - Barrage: Cool, and simple. What can I say? Good way to deal damage.
    - Rickets: Loved it. A creative debuff that has multiple uses. More than that, it totally fit Theme-wise (Rickets... ha, perfect!). Again, the only thing I disliked was lack of a custom buff.
    - Graverobber: Very neat (both effect-wise and design-wise). Not sure what Litany meant exactly; however, it smacks just a bit to me of an ability that would fit better in an AoS. But it functionally went very nicely, and of course fit thematically.
    - Quench Life: I think I already talked about this one. Oh yeah, it worked on Burrowed units (intentional?). I did like, however, the minimum range you set it at; effectively, it can keep him alive if there are enough enemies in range, but all they have to do is use generic 600-range Ranged units and focus fire. Nice. (Although you did not put the range in the tooltip. What was it?)

    - The tooltip says his ultimate is "Dead Men Walking". As cool as that potentially sounds... :P (already addressed)
    - Barrage is already used in-game; the Siege Engine upgrade. (already addressed)

    - Again, amazing job Dusk and Jigrael. You guys (finally) worked together to create a solid hero entry. There's not much to say; although it was close, this was certainly my favorite between the two "leaders" in this thing.
  • 3. ArcaneRanger: Art
    - Wow. While cool models admittedly become less cool with time (= desensitized), I have to say this one went extremely well. Fits nicely into Wc3, etc etc. The cape is a tad "starchy", as someone put it; flopping stiffly behind him. Other than that, I detect no errors (with my obviously supreme modelling skillz :P).
    - Especially love the team-color gems on his bow-staff (haha), and the sweet mask/tiara combo.
    - The portrait is great, as well.
    - Icon fits the hero perfectly, albeit not so much in Warcraft 3 itself, such as next to other Wc3 Hero/Unit icons. Meh.
    - The ability icons, however, not only fit the Theme and Role exactly, but they also fit the abilities themselves and transition nicely. Commendable job, seriously.

    - Alright, an Archer hero; new (ish) and useful. But a Mage+Archer? Ingenious. Adds an Agility hero to the Humans, which they were lacking, and some good ranged/magic support (although they do have a lot of "magical assault" hero abilities already...)
    - Focus Magic was cool. Good, unused name. Useful, new effect. Very Blizzard. However, it seemed to turn off at random times right after casting. Where'd you get the sound byte?
    - Enchant also made sense, although it reminded me a bit of Searing Arrows (actually, I would've based the tooltip more off of Searing Arrows.) But the effect was different enough to count.
    - Dif. Arrow was freakin' cool. Very simple effect, just like Nether Swap in DotA. But the awexome arrow projectile made it nice. Love the Swapping ideas you gave in the thread.
    - Arcane Arrow... Cool. Nice damage, very "ultimate-y", and fits the hero perfectly. Although I would've gone with a different name, given the word "Arcane" in the hero's name (not always necessary, of course). Something like "Nexus Arrow", due to it's pyramidal nature.

    - why couldn't the stupid words go away! It was much harder to soak in the sweet graphics with that stupid disclaimer. Move it to the [Quests] tab or something :P
    - the hero tooltip should lose a space between "adept at" and "shooting".
    - Need more hero names. "jr"...?
    - it almost looked like he was moon-running; like his Movespeed should've been set higher because his legs moved so fast.
    - As much as I prefer the "(hotkey)" form of hotkeys, Blizzard always incorporates them into the name itself. I think. :P
    - his attack-projectile needs to travel a heck of a lot faster, IMO
    - "Diffeactive Arrow"? I'm pretty sure that's not a word; did you mean "Diffractive" or something?

    - All in all, superb job. Minus the few bits I mentioned above, it was a solid entry. Maybe a bit confusing overall (not so much that the abilities were confusing, but just the many facets to each ability; like the Warden's spells).
    And now, I'm going to save some superlatives for the Deadeye, so I don't sound ridiculous. :P
  • 4. Annelord: Art
    (Given the circumstances)
    - The removed weapon appears entirely removed; no residue. Nice. Also, the poison-sfx on his hand helps fill the gap.

    - The only thing I will complain about is what you could've changed; the icons could possibly fit together better (then again, who am I to whine? :P), and Fester definitely needed a buff of some sort. It was hard to tell if it was like a trap (units that enter this AoE get hurt) or, as it was, a debuff.
    - Loved the purple-water of the Aura. Veeery nice effect when it splays out.
    - Further, I actually fell in love with your hero/theme choice for this one; in the absence of a real model, this was perhaps the next best thing; literally. It just looks kinda wormy (face/hand tentacles), has a good icon, etc. And the idea of a Faceless One hero (though that wasn't your point, and wouldn't fit lore-wise) is cool, also.

    - Wow. This also seemed like a very simple, awexome hero.
    - Pretty much all the abilities were simple, contained 1-2 effects, and were easily understood. Also, the synergy was evident; Consolidation Aura and Incubate both are helped by Fester, allowing you to A: gain reinforcements and B: heal your troops the more units die.
    - Incubate: Seemed like it should damage the target unit a bit, or slow them down or something. And/or damage/kill them when the Worms came out. Also, somewhat more confusing than the rest, but not much. Great icon; glad you found it. :P Also, you used the worm-icon; why not worm-model? Regardless, this was a solid summon spell, if a tad complex.
    - Fester: probably very nice, but it was hard to tell; no buff of any sort. Also, it seemed to last less than 14 seconds (though I wasn't counting). Finally, 26 dps for 14 seconds at lvl 3?? That's, like, 364 damage total! Just saying, that seems like a lot. However, solid spell, good synergy.
    - Consolidation Aura: at first, I thought the name was off; doesn't really fit in with a "GRAWRG SPAWNING WORMS" hero. While I still think that (:P), that word fits the effects perfectly; it's as if he's Consolidating the life energy of those who wastefully die. That being said, the spell worked perfectly, looked good, and synergized well with the rest. Kudos.
    - Hivebeing: Wow, what a cool name! Wherever did that come from? :P Anyway, this was a good example of an Ultimate; lots of stuff happening, big AoE, extremely powerful effect. That being said, I'm not totally keen on the synergy; it slows them down and really lowers armor... Alright. Great ultimate, but I'm not sure how it works with the rest. (Unless... didn't you say Fester/Incubate did physical damage, which means it has to go through armor? If so, then Win.) ... Do the tentacles actually deal damage?

    - Why couldn't you make the words go away!! :P
    - *sniff* No custom Proper Names?...

    - Can't really explain it; at one point, Fester left it's buff on the Annelord permanently (but without damaging him), and Incubate wouldn't work when I Burrowed Crypt Fiends and vice versa. Check the replay, near the end?

    - A cool hero. Solid idea, well-executed. With some tweaks (and, of course, some cool custom art), this would've done even better.
  • 5. DemonHuntress: One of the few heroes I don't know anything about. Humm...
    (Given the circumstances)
    - I actually really like the "ghostly" thing; made it look unique. However, I thought only the mount would be spectral? Meh, guess it's all based on the concept (which was?...)
    - However, the panther mount should've had some kind of glowy trailer particles.
    - But what's with the lack of hero glow? Just lack of time?
    - Buff icon of Elusive Steed wasn't the same as the Research icon.
    - Pounce: maybe a "pow" kind of effect played when she Pounces?
    - Firestorm: Meh; Faerie Fire SFX looks pretty, but doesn't exactly make me think "firestorm".
    - Hunting Grounds: In dire need of some effects. Maybe an effect for the AoE, or a buff-effect on her when she's in the Grounds, and/or on enemies... Something. It was impossible to tell if she was buffed up or not (other than watching the tooltips).

    - Hm. In general, I liked it. But more than that, I think it had a lot of potential.
    - My first and major gripe was the Theme itself: "Demon Huntress"? Why, out of sheer curiousity, didn't you take the advice of the Grandmaster of Design himself (Dusk) and do "Emerald Maiden"? Seriously, every one of her spells could've been modified to that end, and with the proper SFX, turned out really nicely. Plus, it would've fit in the lore incredibly well (protector of the druids and the Emerald Dream; like a Faerie Dragon + Priestess of the Moon/Huntress). Instead, you opted for a thematically-identical remake of the Demon Hunter (DH + Huntress)?
    Ok, got that out of my system. :P
    - Pounce: simple, useful, and nice. My only complaint was the lack of a parabola; however, since I don't know how much work that would entail, I'll leave it at that. It could target air units, too (cool), and did everything you'd expect (damage/stun/knockback). Nice.
    - Firestorm: Cool. With some actual fireballs, it would've been an actual storm of fire. Good damage ability (if a tad weak). However, what really got me is the "stand-still channeling" part; absolutely no synergy with the rest of it! This hero (it seems) is all about mobility; with Elusive Steed being the cornerstone. You can run around and around in the Hunting Grounds, and Pounce is just more mobility; but for this, you have to stand still! What?!
    So if this had been a toggle, or a "active cast - now keep running and it keeps shooting", alright. Even better, if you active it and she starts running in a circle, dodging enemies (no collision) and shooting fire.
    - Elusive Steed: cool name, fitting icon, neat effect. I liked it. Could potentially synergize with the other 3 (except for Firestorm), so not bad. Also, I liked how it made sense with the model.
    - Hunting Grounds: I must say, awexome idea. I'm always looking for cool ability ideas in these things, and this was it. AoE Faerie Fire + Engineering Upgrade? Who would've thought! That being said, it seemed to do it's job, and although the suped-up Elusive Steed seemed impossibly good, that's probably what was intended. Nice ability; fits the theme to a 'T'.

    - Needed hero glow; SRSLY.
    - Soundset = meh. The Night Elves have so much better; Shandris, Tyrande, and best of all, Naisha. Three to pick from; unused, too.
    - Not built from altar.
    - No custom Proper Names.

    - Nicely polished, and a cool theme. Only wish that Theme was different; wouldn't be a difficult switch. Oh, and the Art; custom art would be nice (but I can't hold that against you).

    A-Emerald Maiden
    - Pounce
    - "Faeriestorm"
    - Elusive Steed
    - "Dreamwalk"
    Meh? I'm aware that "faeriestorm" is a terrible name. :P
  • 6. DreadBerserker: Art
    - Overall, I like the skin. At first, I thought the purple-ness of him was overdone and too flashy, but then I compared with other Undead heroes and found it to be pretty normal.
    - Favorite would definitely be the head; in fact, the Portrait is the best part. The skull-face thing is cool, as well as the bone-mohawk. The lack of nose is kinda wierd (especially because the teamcolor shows through it), but it makes sense, after all. Maybe a model edit to squash the nose flat, then reTextured to look like a bone hollow instead of blank space?
    - Critique: the skull-part of the face could've been blended better to the 'zombie-skin'. And/or, just extend the bone-plate down onto the mouth/chin, so it's like his entire face is a skull, with the skin ripped back?
    - Fits well with the other heroes, in battle. Distinctive mohawk makes it easy to see.

    - Meh, icons are pretty much fine, but could fit better. Of course, a hero icon would be nice (the skull being prominent).
    - (Of course, I understand your situation, so don't get in a tiff): But I would recolor the "Juju Spear" to have greenish-starry magic (different green than Troll Regeneration), Inner Juju is fine, Intimidation is a good icon, but also probably a re-color, Shadow Clones is neat (unused icon), and as an ultimate, can probably stand out a bit.

    - Juju Spear needs better/different sfx; didn't stand out very much.

    - Hmm, so an Undead Troll. Nice. Like a warrior/berserker, who got a little too reckless and suddenly found himself fighting for the other side, lol. Alright.
    - Nice Proper Names.

    - Juju Spear: Nice. Simple, and effective. The floating number for the damage was a nice touch. It seemed like it should have a super-long range, though, to take advantage of the "more range = more damage" bit. :/ Still, very solid. Tooltip could possibly be reworded for clarity.
    - Inner Juju: Hmm. First off, while it's not necessary to put a Passive ability in the 3rd slot (*cough* Flame_Phoenix *cough*), it's highly advisable; mainly so people don't misclick the 3rd and hit the Ultimate. But also, since you went with "Juju Spear" and "Inner Juju", it would've been nice to see them separated.
    Secondly, of course, I said you should only use "Juju" once. :P It begins to to ruin the effect if used over and over (not as bad as this, but...)
    Now, the ability itself
    - Inner Juju: Wow. Very nice. I'm glad how this turned out. But (at level 3) is that "21 HP regen per sec"?? If so, that's insaaane! Too high. However, it works well. Maybe too well, given his ranged attack. Also, after you Research it, the tooltip reads "Inner Essence". Also, it activated even when you killed your own units (possible hax?)
    - Intimidation: Hmm, cool in theory, but strange in practice. It was hard to tell when he damaged himself (as opposed to just normal Missing) (although this is perhaps more an issue of Art). Also, see below; it was good for the Role, but the Role was corrupt, IMO.
    - Shadow Clones: Hum. Cool. Kinda like Mirror Image, but more combat-oriented. However, it seems like they moved real jerkily. Also, a set amount of damage doesn't make sense; it would be better if they were like real Illusions; X% of DB's damage/HP.
    Also, I don't see how this fit with the Theme. Well, he's an Undead Troll, so ok, but who gave him 'shadow-magicky powers'?? :P

    - Couple of spelling/grammar errors in tooltips
    - Not built from altar
    - After researching the spell "Inner Juju", the tooltip showed it called "Inner Essence".

    - Not a bad guy, and I really love both Trolls and Undead. Zombies for Zul'jin, and all that. :P Perhaps, if I hadn't messed with original idea, it would've made more sense??... So my apologies, if this guy didn't work out because his Role of "off-tank/single-unit killer" didn't work out. :/
  • 7. MageHunter: Art
    - Not a bad model. The recent improvements have only made her better; shame they couldn't be implemented sooner. Still, not bad.
    - I must say, though; it's a terribly uninspiring hero (like, in real life). Low-profile, nothing flashy, little that stands out about her. I would almost use her as a unit in the race. Too flashy (*cough* Under Ruler *cough*) can be bad, but this was a little too low-key.
    - Icon = little strange, but not bad.

    - Arcane Shock: I liked the custom "zap" on this one. Icon was nice, although it didn't fit with the rest.
    - Energy Clone: Bleh, just Mirror Image.
    - Mana Tap: Bleh, just Feedback.
    - Mage Tracking: No real SFX for this, aside from the owl. Which was a tad out of place; isn't she supposed to be a Blood Elf? :P No nature for her.

    - I think this idea could've really gone places, which I appreciate. However, it needs a bit of work.
    - Creative Proper Names, there.

    - Arcane Shock: Ok, damage/silence. Too simple; Silence + damage? Who knows. Sure is effective though.
    - Energy Clone: = Mirror Image. Lame.
    - Mana Tap: Not just Feedback, so booyah. However, the "magic resistance thing" seems like an aside, and doesn't fit the skill. Nice effects, though.
    - Mage Tracking: Makes sense for her, but I'd like something more "ultimate-y". Like "finds and Silences all non-creep enemies with Mana", or something. However, this sounds like something from HoS, which I appreciate. :P

    - The icons didn't match well. Very random.
    - You took the time to come up with some names! I hate to overuse the phrase, but I appreciate that as well. Too many people overlook that aspect of a hero.

    - Not bad. However, not one of my favorites, just because of the random-osity of the Theme/Role displacement. If that didn't make sense, I guess I could just say "needs some thought/work". But not in a bad way; very cool idea. :P
  • 8. AvengerOfFaith: Art
    - Haha, the hero leaves Blood Splats instead of Footprints. Could be interpreted as the Stigmata, so neato. xD
    - The icon was good; however, it lacked a Disabled
    - Spell icons were un-Warcrafty, but depicted the spells well enough. Bleh.

    - The model really wasn't as bad as I thought. I mean, not like I expected garbage; I just personally thought the glue-screen stuff would stick out too much. And it did. :P But not as badly as I would've thought.
    - The pauldron/shield crosses were glaring and bright.
    - No hero glow (on origin or weapon!)
    - The cross-flail could've used some 'heroification'; it was somewhat epic, but needed more size and general "oomph". (and did I mention hero glow? :P)
    - Finally, the portrait could've been moved around a bit; as it was, the guy's face wasn't a central aspect of the camera.

    - Sternkries: Veeery nice. I liked the custom spinning magic orbs; simple and with a nice trailer. The spirally led to a nice effect. Also, the caster SFX were good.
    - Call of Gouryella: The art was nice for this as well. The in-game pillar of light was perfectly in place, and the yellow glow (though I only saw it once...) looked OK, but was way too huge. The "undead dissipate" thing threw me for a loop, however. Also, the ignited corpses could've just used a regular Fire doodad; the one you used was hard to see.
    - Faithfulness: Art = awexome. I loved the custom buff; very detailed and colorful. Delightful. :P Personally, it would've looked nicer attached to Chest or Origin, since it was tall enough for it, and "HP regeneration" is rather visceral (and thus, the body should be the focus). Would nicely highlight the target unit.
    - Enigma: O_o. I was not expecting that. Very awexome. I love the black/purple clouds that cloak his character (+ some shading?). Very nice. Fits the icon perfectly. Could've used some extra "flash" or sound effect whenever he blinked.

    - As a concept, the hero was like an uber-Paladin; specifically a higher-order. Actually, I have no idea how to articulate it. Regardless, it's a little too similar to an existing hero type in that race (the Human Paladin, to be exact), IMO.
    - Custom Proper Names! Yay.

    - Sternkries: I don't know if this is a word in another language. Unfortunately, it's not in English, which is the base assumed language for Warcraft 3. (Now, I'm not trying to be languist (racist + language), just saying).
    Anyway, design. "Autocast" was confusing since it was "Activatable" (like immolation). The effect was nice, though; dealing damage to enemies in a spiral (though somewhat unconventional). Mainly, I liked how this ability removed his attack; gave him a different functionality as sort of a "ranged supporter", more versatile.
    - Call of Gouryella: Same here. You could have been talking about some god in the Human pantheon or something (i.e. "Call of Thor" or "Call of Anubis"), but since it's not common knowledge, that's still a flimsy excuse.
    Design again. Hmm, this was (to borrow from Litany) a non-sequitor; just seemed strange. Is he a tank, that would benefit from the Taunt + Evasion? I never saw them missing. Also, the "burning corpses" thing made little sense, and had little gameplay relevance. Personally, I would do this with just Taunt + Evasion, yet if I had Evasion, I wouldn't necessarily want everyone attacking me...
    - Faithfulness: Better (name-wise). Still a tad awkward; "Faith" or "Testimony" or "___ Faith" might've done better.
    Knock-knock, who's there? Design. Ok, the last one wasn't so out of place as this one. It's nice alright; fits the Theme. But not the Role. Why does a (seeming) Tank hero w/ Ranged Support suddenly have this single-target Buff? Maybe a little AoE-around-caster action would make sense (too powerful?). Maybe I'm just crazy. It just seems like the wrong kind of spell (Role-wise) for this hero; Theme-wise, it's fine.
    - Enigma: Meh, name-wise, not bad. Definitely a word, and a good unused one to boot.
    On to Design. Very ultimate-y. Fits his role nicely (however, +25 Strength!? Crazy-rigged! :P). I don't know if killing units happens that often, but as a melee hero, that can be kind of hard (to focus-fire and get kills), so +25 HP/MP might need to be buffed, actually. The blinking was neat, but I don't know how it fits in, Theme or flavor-wise. Like, if he turned into some Shadow-Demon, with a Nightwalker-esque ability to transfer between planes (Material Plane -> Twisting Nether, for example), then that would make sense.
    --EDIT-- Oh! Now I get it! The blink is made precisely to combat my gripe; the "melee units can't get last-hit kills often". Ahh! Ok, that makes sense and is cool. :P Needs some lore behind it, but neat.
    Finally, I don't exactly see how this "uber-Faithful Crusader" type hero suddenly goes all "Demon Hunter ultimate-EMO" and joins the Dark Side... But it was interesting. :P

    - TOOLTIPS!! Why didn't anyone go to an English translator! Seriously; I don't even care if it wasn't myself; just talk to someone who speaks English fluently, and get them to spellcheck. And grammar check.
    - And/or, there were certain bits that didn't follow Blizzard tooltip conventions ("autocast" vs. "activatable", "unresistable damage", etc)

    - You impressed me somewhat, when I thought it wouldn't. There where quite a few inconsistencies with his overall art and design (tooltips, texture, portrait, model, spell icons, spells, names), but I saw a solid idea behind it (granted, the idea was "Paladin v2.0". :P). Still, I think this is worth voting over.
  • 8. Behemoth: Art
    - Bleh. While I appreciate the amount of work that goes into a model and everything, this one did not do the hero justice.
    - Portrait = terrible. Did his head collapse?
    - The cloth over his shoulder acted wierd when he moved
    - The missing leg made no physical sense
    - The melding of dragon bones + abomination flesh, while cool on paper, didn't translate well into polygons.
    - However, the weapon was really cool. :P
    - The spine was pretty neat, as well.

    - The icons seemed to fit rather well. Seemed like too much green... But then, so was mine. :P Nice edit for the 2nd and 4th abilities, especially.

    - It's a shame you didn't take any suggestions earlier; while I won't claim to be a design guru, some changes might've made this make more sense overall.
    - However, I must say I like the idea of a "Tank / Caster" hybrid.

    - Unholy Skin: Meh. Useful effect for a tank. But the "gooey" skin thing didn't make sense. Also, the Howl of Terror art is out of place on this spell.
    - Chaos Orb: Not bad. I kept getting stunned, but assuming it works, it works well. Maybe more "caster-y" than would've made sense.
    - Dark Synergy: Meh. Seemed to work fine. However, yet another "caster-y" spell; I would think he needs more abilities to show his "brutal Abomination" side, y'know?
    - Reconstruction: Hmm, I actually liked this. Brutal, yet also magicky. Cool effects. Would've liked some kind of "corpse missile" instead of walking Skeletons (lol). Also, nice usage of Corpse Explosion. :P

    - Tooltips didn't follow naming convention (light-blue "cooldown" indicator, while nice, is unnecessary.)
    - Some grammar/spelling mistakes
    - Less Intelligence; he may be a caster hybrid, but not that much.
    - No new Proper Names?? Brutillus is the regular Pit Lord's name! Dang. :/

    - All in all, not too bad; but not super-awexome. Could've been reworked in some places to great effect.
I must apologize to everyone; near the end, I procrastinated and ran out of time to judge. Therefore, I was reduced to tiny snippets, and didn't really delve into the hero's concept/design well enough. So my apologies. Still, the order stands as a general "how it felt".

Again, great work by all. I love these things, and it was great to see the community come together like it did and produce such amazing stuff! Everyone definitely put forth an effort, so thanks. Can't wait to see the results! :P
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Hero Contest - Fourth place

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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. Annelord: I designed and finished it without my artist, so I feel accomplished.
  • 2. ArcaneRanger: Like the Deadeye, this hero felt like it had a distinct personae. Not only were the skills excellent, but they all added up to make him feel exactly like what he is: a magically infused ranger. I particularly liked the ability that switched places with a struck unit because it opened the door for particularly interesting strategies, which made this hero stick out among the pack, as not many heroes did this.
  • 3. DeadEye: The hero has character! It really feels like he has a place in the game, and by itself the whole thing makes sense thematically. Okay, so the ultimate was a bit out-of-nowhere (and imbalanced if you attack an army solo and use it...), but I don't think it mattered that much. The rest of the hero flowed very well, and nothing was complicated, in my face, or annoying.
  • 4. DarkApothecary: This hero was pretty different from a lot in the respect that his purpose was not to simply beat the living shit out of everything in sight. The abilities were more focused on effects (debuffs, etc.) than dealing damage, and I think it worked. It loses out to the Deadeye and Arcane Ranger simply because I didn't find it as fun to play with, but that's not to say it wasn't fun. Some bugs here and there, yeah, but beyond that this hero is pretty solid.
  • 5. MageHunter: I found the theme to be very solid on this hero, though it does overlap a bit with spellbreakers a bit, which made it slightly less appealing. I think there were some balance issues (cooldown and duration of silence on the AoE skill), but as I didn't really balance my hero too much, I sort-of ignored this. It was a bit repetitive to play after a while, so I found it slightly above mediocre.
  • 6. Behemoth: I think you could have really gone somewhere cool with this idea, but it just didn't get there. There was a bit of synergy (Chaos Orb and the passive, I guess), but not too much. Sort of just hack-n-slashing. I didn't really like the ultimate very much at all; it seemed like it simply didn't do very much because Chaos Orb did more damage (albeit in a smaller area), and Dark Synergy restored far more health.
  • 6. DreadBerserker: I understand that this guy is supposed to be an off-tank... but Undead already have 3 tanks (I guess the Dreadlord sort-of counts). He might have been better placed elsewhere, though it probably doesn't matter too much. The skills themselves didn't have much interaction, and you just sort-of used them whenever possible. Nothing too special, in my opinion.
  • 8. TheUnderRuler: I must congratulate you on "Vision of Paradise" skill; I liked it a lot. However, the rest of the hero was a bit lackluster. The zombie/ghoul/something else spawning skill wasn't very effective or interesting. The ultimate was pretty much just Storm Earth and Fire, but less interesting because each of the units was the same and all you could do was attack. I suppose the pentagram skill was okay, but I felt like it didn't really do anything at all in battle. Also... theme? Lulz.
  • 9. AvengerOfFaith: I didn't like this hero because he seemed a bit hard to play well, and the theme was pretty lacking. The first skill was cool for what it was, I'll give you that, but it didn't really seem to do anything useful; attacking was much more effective. The ultimate was boring (+25 strength and a possible blink on attack...) and could be detrimental to the hero instead of beneficial. 4 health regen is... meh, and the other skill was too hard to use. Also, he lost mana way too fast.
  • 10. DemonHuntress: Damn! This might have turned out well, but I'm sorry to say that I just don't feel good about this hero at all. I saw it as having no theme, really. Pounce was a good skill, though the animation was horrible; however, it seemed not to interface the passive, really. Firestorm, in addition to being a real WTF?, also went against the passive because it required you to stop moving. The ultimate seemed to compliment Firestorm and Pounce in that they both were spammable, so it made the spam better, I guess. The passive itself is a cool idea, but I don't think it's really for melee. Perhaps in an AoS where you are going to be moving around a lot it makes sense, but in melee you simply aren't and you can't keep microing your hero to do so. I think this could have been a great hero, but the way it is it really does not sit well with me.
  • 10. GraveReaper: I really disliked the ultimate because it was just too convoluted for melee in my eyes. Perhaps it would have been better if there had been some way for you to tell how many corpses the hero currently had, but there wasn't. Also, the corpse collection skill never really seemed to work past the first corpse, and when it did, the animation for it wasn't very pleasing. I think a hero that uses corpses readily could be cool, but you tried too hard and ended up with a hero that didn't function too well. Also, the nova skill seemed out of left field entirely (he already had a damage skill...).
I ranked them all, but I really only judged on design. Art is great and all, but I think it's really more about the hero here.

Also, I know my entry is imbalanced as fuck.
Originally posted by Rising_Dusk
Your spells are mostly ignored because they are not very cool so we aren't very excited to review/approve them, but you are incredibly persistent and won't give us an excuse to graveyard it. That is generally what results in a resource being ignored for a long time.

The Spell Request Thread Done for, unless someone else wants to revive it...
It lasted a damn long time.

Please; Ask for Help Appropriately

Originally posted by Kyrbi0
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