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This was a completely improvised story made at 2am on msn messenger in front of PaulH. It's basically about our WoW characters (If we get WoW) that we created. Tareth is paul's paladin, Ozzic is a warrior and master smith, and Nerias is a rogue. Enjoy!

Tareth stood in the grand courtyard of the Stormwind cathedral, holding in her steel gloved hand a tattered scrap of paper. An owl had swept down and dropped the paper into her hands only a minute ago. She had untied the string, and rolled out the tiny parchment. Upon it, were the words

"The Rusty Dagger inn. Wait there as long as possible.

-An old friend."

Tareth scratched her head, and wondered who it could be. She could remember no old friends. If it was that damn Knight of the Order Cassius trying to get her to date him, she would have his head once and for all. She sighed, rolled up the scrap of paper, placed it in her pouch, and headed off towards the Rusty Dagger inn. She knew the Rusty Dagger well. Although she was a paladin, and should not be mixing with such people, she liked it there, and went often, much to the joy of the guards of the cathedral, and used her as an excuse to get a drink, and possibly even score one with her. Tareth was beautiful, and the envy of many of the women in Stormwind. She considered her beauty both a blessing, and a curse. On one hand, it attracted a lot of men, and on the other hand, it attracted a lot of men. Like that damn Cassius. He had been hounding her day and night for the past three months, asking her to date him, and he would not take no for an answer. He was one reason she did not like the Rusty Dagger, because the only way she was able to get rid of him, was to start a bar brawl. She chuckled as she thought of Cassius' last encounter with the Jarrick's fist, resulting in Cassius in a neck brace.

She reached the Rusty Dagger, looked around for anyone that may be trying to get her attention, and, finding no one, went inside. She sat at her usual corner table, and watched the two men, obviously drunk, dancing recklessly on the middle table while she waited for the waitress to arrive. She heard the scraping of a chair next to her, and reached down under her table. She grabbed a gnome by the scruff of his neck, and dragged him out from under the table. "Erm... hello, Tareth. What a pleasant surprise to see you here...erm... hehe..." Tareth placed her face in her palm, and said "Ozzic, what are you doing here? Have you been following me?" Ozzic put on a big grin, and said "Erm, no... well... okay, yes..." Tareth sighed, and said "And exactly why have you been following me?" She placed the gnome in the seat next to her. He brushed his high spiked hair back, and straightened his goggles. "I wanted to know who this old friend of yours is... are they a lady?" said Ozzic, raising and lowering his eyebrows quickly, and flashing a big grin at Tareth. Tareth shrugged, and said "I don't know. I have no memory of any old friends." Ozzic snapped his fingers and said "Darn. Guess I'll just have to wait for them to show. When are they coming?" "I don't know. It doesn't say anything about it," said Tareth as she took the paper out of her pouch. Ozzic snatched it from her hand and said "What!? I must say your friend is the most unorganised person I have never met." He slouched in his chair and folded his arms. The waitress came and Tareth ordered an ale. "Oh, and get him half a pint of ale," she said, pointing her thumb at Ozzic.

Ozzic continued to slouch in his seat, grumpy that he would have to wait and see if he could try out his charm on this mystery person if they ever showed up. A few minutes later, the waitress returned with their drinks, and left with a smile. Tareth picked up her ale, and began to drink. Ozzic sat grumbling until Tareth prodded him. "alright, alright. Just stop poking me," he said, and picked up his tankard. Three pints later, or one and a half for Ozzic, a beautiful young Night Elf came through the door, looking around. She saw Tareth, and began to walk over to her. Tareth seemed surprised. Could this be her ‘old friend?' Ozzic elbowed Tareth, and said "Is that your friend!?" Tareth looked on at the Night Elf, and said "I have no idea. She's coming towards us, so she must be." Ozzic's goggles fogged over. "WoahWoahWoah....WoahWoahWoahWoah...WoahWoahWoah!!!" he said, slowly increasing in volume. He took a handkerchief, and rubbed his goggles. The slender Night Elf sat on a chair opposite Tareth, and ordered a glass of water from the waitress. The beautiful woman turned her thin, graceful Elven form to look at Ozzic. "Who's the gnome?" she asked softly. Ozzic's goggles fogged up again, and he fell off his seat.

Tareth looked into the Elf's faintly glowing eyes, and said "A better question would be 'who are you?'" The Elf looked at her in surprise, as if Tareth had offended her somehow. "You do not recognise me, Tareth?" Ozzic gained a grip on the edge of the table, and pulled himself up saying "Oh sure, the hot Elf knows your name, yet she doesn't know the name of the greatest ladies man in Stormwind!" The Elf frowned, and said "Greatest ladies man in Stormwind? Where are your... ladies then?" Ozzic looked around, and said frantically "Err.... I sent em home... er, yeah... they were, uh... tired out.... erm, yeah... from... all the.... shopping they did today... um… yeah..." The Elf raised an eyebrow, and said "Indeed?" Ozzic gained his hold upon his seat again and said "Oh yeah, I give em lots of gold to buy stuff with, you know, seeing how I'm such a great guy and all..." "Say, you wanna have some quality time with the gnomemeister?" Ozzic shuffled onto the chair next to the Elf. She elbowed him in the face, while looking at Tareth. Ozzic somersaulted over, and landed on the other side of the inn. The horde of men at the middle table all looked at him, and burst into laughter. One laughed so hard he fell off his seat, only increasing the level of laughter in the inn. "Not now, gnome. I have more pressing matters to attend to." Ozzic took a notepad calendar out of his pocket, and a pencil. "Great, so when can I pencil ya in?" "This is not the time," said the Elf.

"Tareth, do you truly not recognise me?" she said, turning back to Tareth. Tareth shrugged, and said "I have no memory of any old friends, no less a Night Elf." The Elf sighed and said "Then what Renith said was true." Tareth looked puzzled, and then said "What? What are you talking about?" The Elf took a pouch off her thick purple belt, and opened it. Inside was some kind of silver dust. She pointed the pouch's end at Tareth, and smacked the back end. The dust blew out, and into Tareth's face. She coughed, and waved her arms about, dissipating the silvery dust. "You will see. I am Nerias, ex-Priestess of the Moon. Do you still not remember me?" Tareth looked into the Night Elf's milky white eyes, and... she remembered.

The window of her mind was opened, and her mind's eye looked out upon a dark, crumbling tower in the dead lands of Lordaeron. At the base she saw herself, and the Elf, Nerias. They stood at the tower's huge wooden door. Tareth had attempted to kick it down, but it was too thick. Nerias simply walked up to the door, and knocked on it. A skeleton opened the door a crack, and looked through. "Yes?" it said in a voice like sandpaper scraping on a rock. The skeleton was rewarded with Nerias' weapon, the claw of a giant felwood spider, through it's eye socket. The skeleton collapsed to the ground, and Nerias pushed the door open. Tareth quickly muttered a few arcane words, and a bright light blasted the skeleton to pieces. They ventured into the tower. Her thoughts flashed forward, to when Tareth and Nerias had reached the top floor. The whole room was filled with stacks of books and bones. The odd essential organ lay around on tissues in various places. Tareth and Nerias stood, weapons ready, at one side of the room, while a gaunt man in long, tattered robes and wielding a staff flanked by two zombies stood at the other side of the room. The man pointed a gnarled finger at the two women, and the zombies advanced. The old man raised his staff into the air, and began to chant in an ancient tongue. Through a broken window in the tower, the clouds could be seen above, swirling and spiralling. The centre of the swirling clouds was the tower. Nerias stabbed her spider blade into the gut of one zombie, and tore upwards, ripping him from stomach to collarbone. It could hold itself together no longer, and collapsed, the gaping hole too much for it. Tareth swung her massive maul, crushing the ribs of the second zombie, and slamming it into a wall. They turned to face the necromancer, but were instead faced with over twenty skeletons.

The necromancer had summoned all his available bones to create a small army to protect him. The necromancer himself had fled through a trap door he had been standing on. The skeletons advanced, and the two women lunged, thrashing their weapons about, shattering bones everywhere. After they had disintegrated all the skeletons, they dropped through the trap door to follow the necromancer. It seemed the necromancer was not the weak and cowardly man they thought. He was standing at the bottom of the trap door passageway, and had been charging up a spell. The two women leapt at him as the spell blasted from his staff. A huge ball of red energy hit the two, and threw them backwards. With a last chuckle, he darted off into the rotting forests of the Tirisfal glades before Tareth blacked out.

Tareth snapped out of her daze, and looked at Nerias over the table. "I remember..." she said quietly. "But… what happened, and why did we not wake up together?" Nerias sat back, and picked up her glass of water. The waitress must have come back while she was in her trance, thought Tareth. "Renith told me that we were discovered by the warriors of the Scarlet Order. They nursed us back to health in our unconsciousness, and then they sent you to Stormwind, and myself to Darnassus. We were unconscious for over three days. I suppose that could be called a coma instead of unconscious." Tareth asked "When did all this happen?" Nerias replied "Over four years ago." Ozzic was sat in his chair again. He scratched his head, and said "But if this... whatever Tareth was seeing... happened so long ago, why did you only just come here?" Nerias bent down close to Ozzic's face, and looked at him with her beautiful eyes. His goggles fogged again. "Because I only just found out about it too. Only a day ago did Renith give me this faerie fire powder. It brought my memory back. The moment I saw you in my memories, Tareth, I knew I had to find you, and give back to you what was once stolen."

She sipped her water, looking at Tareth, as if expectant. Ozzic looked at Nerias, and said "So you've done what you came to do. Why aren't you gone yet?" Nerias glanced at Ozzic, and said "because, my dear little gnome, I am not done here. Tareth, I know this may seem odd, but... will you be my friend again?" Tareth looked up in surprise at Nerias' words. "What?" Nerias placed her water on the table, making a wet circular mark on the wood. "We were friends then. We were happy then. I wish to become your friend again." Tareth, thought about it for only a second. "Yes, I would be delighted to be your friend again." It was then that the door opened, and three men in armour strode into the inn. Two of the cathedral guards... and Cassius. He stroked his large moustache, and glanced around the inn. He saw Tareth, and grinned. He and the two guards walked over casually to their table. Cassius picked up Ozzic, and threw him out of his seat. "Cassius! You can't just do that to Ozzic!" Cassius laughed and said "Hear that, Jeb!? What, are you dating him? C'mon, what's the matter? Am I not good enough for you?" Tareth folded her arms, and said "You're not good enough for anyone." Cassius grinned and said "Aww, that hurt, babe. But I'll forgive you. If you give me a kiss..."

Nerias sighed, and put her arms under the table. One of the guards, Jeb, put his arm around Nerias' shoulders. "Hey, beautiful. New here? Me, Cassius and Deck can show you a good time." Nerias waved her left hand at him, and brushed his arm off her shoulders. "No thank you, I can find my own way around this city without your help." Jeb looked angry, and grabbed the back of Nerias' seat. He spun it around and said "no one say no to me!" He was then hit in the face with the side of Nerias' spider blade. "And no one says 'no one says no' to me!" Tareth smiled, and balled her hand into a fist. Cassius raised his hands. "Not again! Please, not the face!" Tareth's fist connected with Cassius' nose, throwing him backwards off the chair. He moaned "ooh, my achin' neck." Deck picked up a chair and swung it at Nerias. She dodged out of the way, and it hit a large man in the back. The chair smashed, and the burly man got up. He grunted, and swung a punch at Deck, throwing him across the room. And suddenly, all hell broke loose. Everyone was fighting, including Cassius, Jab and Deck. Altogether there were about forty people swinging punches, chairs, broken bottles, and the odd chicken leg at each other. Nerias grabbed a dazed Ozzic, and she and Tareth began to run for the door. Ozzic came out of his daze, and looked ahead. He was under Nerias' arm. He looked next to him, and grinned. He didn't take his eyes off that spot for quite a while. They ducked and dodged punches and flying bits of wood, until the door was in sight. Then Cassius stepped in the way. He was furious, and drew his sword. "You people have irritated me for the last time!" he yelled, and ran at them, sword high. Tareth growled, and charged headlong into him with her shoulder. Her shoulder smacked him straight in the gut, and threw him out into the street. Nerias, Ozzic still under her arm and Tareth ran out into the streets. It was night time by now. They ran forward, treading on Cassius as they went.

The next morning, Tareth was walking through the cathedral when she passed the main hall, and saw the paladin Demethes berating a battered and beaten Cassius, Jeb and Deck. They were all lined up in front of Demethes, still wearing their dented and crumpled armour, while the paladin paced back and forth in front of them, waving his arms about. Tareth caught random words and sentences like "hopeless," "bumbling idiots," "would have expected you to have won," and "obviously need more training. She couldn't help but giggle as she passed.

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