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Default Object Editor - Auto Fill Function

Say you have an ability with 50 levels (not likely but just say). You have 3 options. Make it trigger based and modify variables to make the ability do what you want, slowly change 50 fields (or more depending on the ability) with the ability editor, or use the auto fill function.

This will not work if you dont have some kind of formula planned for the ability values.

What the auto fill function does is it fills in all fields of a particular data according to a formula you set.

In this example, I have a 15 level blizzard. Right click on the Data Damage field (or another field dealing with numbers) and something like this should appear.
Zoom (requires log in)

Click on the auto fill levels and a window like this should pop up.
Zoom (requires log in)

F has two sections in it. Whenever I say 'value at level #' or 'value' by itself, I will be referring to the numbers in the right column. when I say skill level, I will be refering to the numbers in the left column.

  1. Start From Value, the changes will start taking effect on the level after this one.
  2. The Base Value, skill level (start from level value) will be set to this value
  3. Previous value factor: What this does is it multiplies the previous value by the Previous Value Factor.
    Example: Blizzard base value is 30. Previous value factor is 2. This will cause level 2 blizzard damage to be 60: [value at level 1(30) x Previous value factor(2)] and 3rd level blizzard to damage 120: [value at level 2(60) x Previous value factor(2)] and so on for all levels.

    Formula: Value At Previous Level x Previous Value Factor
  4. Level Factor: This adds the current level number times value in Level Factor to the previous value.
    Example: Blizzard base value is 30. Level Factor is set to 1. This will cause level 2 blizzard to be 32: value at level 1(30) + [level of skill(2) x level factor(1)].
    Level 3 blizzard will be 35: value at level 2(32) + [level of skill(3) x level factor(1)].
    Example 2: Blizzard base value is 30. Level factor is set to 2. This will cause level 2 blizzard to be 34: value at level 1(30) + [level of skill(2) x level factor(2)].
    Level 3 blizzard will be 40: value at level 2(34) + [level of skill(3) x level factor(2)].

    Formula: Value at Previous level + (skill level x Level Factor)
  5. Constant Factor: this adds the value in the field to the previous value
    Example: Blizzard vase value is 30. Constant Factor is set to 2. Level 2 Blizzard will be 32: value at level 1(30) + Constant Factor(2)
    Level 3 Blizzard will be 34: value at level 2(32) + Constant Factor(2).

    Formula: Value at Previous level + Constant Factor
  6. Preview window: what it will all look like when you press OK
Hope this helps people wanting to make insanse skills levels.

Woo! Found out a something very useful with autofill on text fields.
Zoom (requires log in)

This is what you should see when activating autofill on text fields. The Replace With Level field is the important part. It takes a integer basically and what it does is if the checkbox is checked, every number in the current Base Text field matching the number in the Replace With Level field will be replaced with the current level of the spell.

Base Text: Number 1 4
Replace With Level: 1
Then 1 will be replaced with 2 for the level 2 text and 3 for the level 3 text etc.
Level 2 text would be: Number 2 4
Level 3 text would be: Number 3 4
4 is unchanged since it is not in the Replace With Level field.

14 will be changed because the games views it as one four so
Bast text: number 14
Replace with level: 1
level 2 will read Number 24
level 3 and so on

This means it is now much easier to create high level skills and edit them since the data displayer (thats what I call the stuff between the < >) will automatically be set to display the correct level information.

If this is confusing you then just open the autofill window on the level 1 text field and click ok. This will most likely get you the effect you want.
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Old 10-08-2004, 10:59 PM   #2
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Nice tutorial. 5/5 I never even knew auto fill existed...
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Old 01-02-2005, 09:10 AM   #3
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YAH I LOVE U, never knew it existed and omg i did a 100 level spell without it THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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Sorry, I know its off topic, but I like that grey-ish object editor skin you have. Is it just my eyes, or is it a bug with the thumb-nail, cos my one seems to be more white-ish then your one, but your one looks better.

If it is a skin for the object editor, where can I get it?
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If someone gives you rep (so u both get mass rep, lol)

If you need to spread it, give it to someone random! (that means to me, btw )

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