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I awoke to a new existence....an existence of pain which ebbed and flowed like the tides of the boundless oceans of this world. The first thing that came to my mind was the recognition that I was no longer alive but I was one amongst the walking dead. Half-rotten, barely holding together...my spirit grasping loosely onto the decrepit shell of what used to be called "human". Oh, but little did I know I was to become something beyond by any mortal understanding human...thus I would defy the tyrannous stars and I shall break away from the paths which the gods themselves had lain before me....

I could remember little of what was before...

I know that I am Seth Demicrious...a noble son of the house Helion. I was attacked by assailants sent by the Usurper...my life was taken in the most unkind and abrupt fashion. I can remember being the blackness of the catacombs that belonged to my particular branch of the Helion family...although my body was in all forms of the word "dead"...my spirit...my SOUL...can distinctly remember wandering the halls and grounds of my family's home as a poltergeist. Then, like a hound tied to a short rope, I was dragged back to my lifeless corpse.

And so I awoke from oblivion.

I heard voices as I neared the exit of my crypt. Promising glory and revenge in exchange for service. Were these the gods? Nay. If the gods pitied me so, I would not be damned to this cursed form.

"And how can I carry out the will of bodiless spirits in this sorrowful form I inhabit?"

And so the dark gifts were bestowed upon me. Draconian wings upon which I would descend upon my enemies, claws to rip out their throats, and new found strength that was alien to me. In comparison to my past life, I found mankind to be a fragile thing. Easily breakable. Such a thought would suit me well in the future.

I set about slaying those who took my life. Following their paths from forest to citadel. I practically destroyed an entire empire from the inside out! Never have I felt such insidious energies flowing through my veins....never have I been so confident in my strength as I was now.

I found myself with the Blades of the Fallen...the swords which once were wielded by the dark Seraphim, Judas...and it was with those blades that I slew the usurper. I set ablaze the capital and cast the defiled corpse of the false emperor down the stairways that led up to the palace he had claimed for himself so many years ago before my death.

I left the fallen empire to it's own devices as I set about finding out more about my mysterious benefactors...I was not serving gods as it turned out...merely ancient spirits who sought to make ready the way for their return to near-god hood. HA! I would not be fooled so....

I severed contact with my benefactors and set out to claim the energies of these powerful entities.

When I slew my so-called masters, I absorbed their powers into my own. How ironic it was that the one whom they used to destroy their own enemies became an enemy himself.

With my new powers, I returned to the fallen empire and raised from the dead those who took my life. I bound their will to me and they became my loyal centurions. To them I gave the legions vast of the undead.

The skull emperor they called me in those times.....

....then I found the Way Gate to Ragnos....

When I found the legion and armada of the ancient Proteus standing at the ready upon the barren lands of Ragnos, I knew that it would be I who would take command. While my old kingdom became rotten with the decay of the Lich that I left in command, I began to forge a new one amidst the stars...across the multiverse. With each new world I conquered, my legions expanded. I ceased the cycle of creation as I channeled the souls of the dead, the dying, and the living (when it was called for) into the lifeless shells of the Golden Legion - my grand army.

At the center of my new dominion arose the Throne of Burning Gold; a golden throne ablaze with the powers of the multiverse - of life and death itself - surmounted upon the zenith of ten thousand steps.

My hunger did not end there.

I even dared to make war with the heavens!

The gods didn't stand a chance against me.

I struck them down with a mightly blow. The Seraphim were impaled upon iron stakes, the Titans were beheaded and the gods were bound in heavy chains. I feasted upon their divine powers and I became in all way shape and form a deity.

How foolish I was to think it would last.

The new gods who remained hidden away, being brought into life on the very worlds that I acted as regent over, led a rebellion against me...casting me from my throne and releasing the souls that made up my legion vast. The golden throne and the remaining legions as well as my armada were left on the world of Ragnos.

And I?

Well....for my transgressions I was chained to the pillars of the abyss. My wings were ripped from my back and my powers were returned to the ether of the multiverse.

And so here I exist...in this hell. Tormented by the souls of those I have not released from my service....

There is a legend that says that two great warriors shall fight over the Golden Throne...who so ever wins will become the God of Gods and in effect regent over existence...

Perhaps this is not punishment.

Perhaps I am merely buying myself time before the end...

Perhaps this is only the beginning.
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