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Closed Thread
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Old 09-07-2004, 04:57 AM   #16
Join Date: Mar 2003
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Saboera is on a distinguished road (10)


Population Zakhemenia
-Zhetal Class ----- others...
Contains prisoners, they act as gladiators
-Zhepack Class ----- Low class
-Soldiers ''Males'' **called Matri**, Equipped with full plates and spears, they do the hard labor in the society...
-Blacksmiths Assitants ''Females'' **called Heta**, Incrust jewels and make finition on armors/weapons
-Nurses ''Females'' **called Zetric**, Help Zedics or act as doctors in homeplace
-Foragers ''Females'' **called Yuzuk**, Forage the Lukres Berries from the Lukres Trees
-Zhetack Class ----- Medium class
-Blacksmith ''Males'' **called Hetra** (Equipped with Renforced Full Plate and Giant Hammer, wear and anvil and small forge hammer)
-Doctors ''Males'' **called Zedic** (Weaponless, wear a Reinforced Full Plate and a Medical Kit on their back)
-Officers ''Males'' **called Matrick** (Equiped with Full Plate and Two-Handed sword)
-Jankis ''Males'' (Weaponless, wear a Modified Renforced Full Plate with encrusted Drum, Boost Morale)
-Zhakena ----- High Class
-Kerolite ''Females'' (Weaponless, wear Magically Burning Full Plate, use Kero magic, help Hetras)
-Champion ''Males'' **called Matrickes** (Equipped with Renforced Plate Mail, Bracelet Sword, Shield and flags)
-Zheratum ----- Top Class
-Emperess ''Female'' **called Zaka**, this female direct the nation

Race (Humans)
-They are human
-males are really bulky
-females are thin
-Pros Males are Strong and female are agile
-Cons Males lack of agility and female lack of Strengh

Culture Zakhemenia
-Sense of honor
Basic Laws, do not kill, steal, force females for reproduction, use range weapon...
any unrespected rules = prison
Every male is born as a soldier, melee combat only, range weapons are forgiven, males and females are pretty even
-Eat only Lukres Berries and Various Herbs, Roots
-Drink Water and Various Local Drinks
-Shumack, God of war
-Trisha, Goddess of Kero Magic
-Multush, God of Plants
-Kilvan, God of ??? Known only by the Zaka
-Overal religion(s) Description(s)
-Janki worship Shumack, Trisha, Multush
-Matri, Matrick, Matrickes worship Shumack
-Yusuk, Zedic, Zetric worship Multush
-Zaka worship Kilvan
-Heta, Hetra, Kerolite worship Trisha

-Taking a location on the map made by the cartographer (the contest will designate the cartographer)
Lukres Trees
Various Medicinal Herbs
Located near volcanoes

Architecture Zakhemenia
-Buildings Look
-Strong and Strange Metal buildings

Well Im going to bed soon, i got classes tommorow!!! all hail migthy graphist classes!!! Will update this post with time

Heres a Matrickes aka: Champion
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Old 09-07-2004, 05:44 AM   #17
kimchi man
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kimchi man has little to show at this moment (8)


haha this is perfect. Im taking Culture Anthropology this semester and i think this little project thing might help me.

I might participate , I gots this idea of a sort of nomad/zergish type race. Where they use the land and eviroment to their advantage. Masters of land, They use ambushing and trapping techniques for enemies. Kind of like mcguyver whatever situation/land there in they will figure out a way to use it to their advantage.

There are some things I don't understand tho. Someone said no existing School of Magic. what the heck is School of Magic?

muhahaha this sounds like fun, I probally going to give up halfway through it like every other project I do =/.
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Old 09-07-2004, 09:23 AM   #18
Happy Druid
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Muoteck is a jewel in the rough (160)Muoteck is a jewel in the rough (160)

Troll Anatomy


Saboera, i swear you read my mind. I just made map and started to do this for rpg game. Who are you, some kind of telepathic master? ;)
I'll post my one once ill finish all dawings
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Old 09-07-2004, 11:39 AM   #19
Lost Knight
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Concept Art Moderator
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Submissions (2)

icbm1987 has a spectacular aura about (110)icbm1987 has a spectacular aura about (110)icbm1987 has a spectacular aura about (110)icbm1987 has a spectacular aura about (110)

Concept art session 5 - Super Villains

Send a message via AIM to icbm1987 Send a message via MSN to icbm1987

I'll get my race up soon...

I call the swamps...

And he was lost...

Lost upon the winds of time...

Searching... for his lost Lord.
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Old 09-07-2004, 12:05 PM   #20
Marco Polaris
Join Date: Sep 2003
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Marco Polaris is on a distinguished road (10)


Originally Posted by icbm1987
I call the swamps...

Dang it!!

Oh, well, I'll think of something.

I noticed Shadow X's first, though I'll say that you certainly explained it out better.

Last edited by Marco Polaris : 09-07-2004 at 01:53 PM.
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Old 09-07-2004, 03:40 PM   #21
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Posts: 875

Saboera is on a distinguished road (10)


haha! im happy this thread is acttracting

ok well heres some more precision for kimchi, School of magic are like the typical other games magic categori, like abjuration, necromancy, enchantement or fire, ice, water, earth, ect...

Ok now some tips for creation, Base yourself on animals (like humanoid with bird head), existing cultures, existing religions (without copying them)

Btw the name and cartographer contest thread is up just look at the sticky posts again if you didnt saw it

Hope you all have fun like i do ^_^

Icbm, if its get too chaotic here feel free to snipe the useless threads

Last edited by Saboera : 09-07-2004 at 03:51 PM.
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Old 09-07-2004, 04:56 PM   #22
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StormrageJunior has a spectacular aura about (89)StormrageJunior has a spectacular aura about (89)StormrageJunior has a spectacular aura about (89)


I've already think to create this sort of thinks (a new civilisation) and I've create (it was 2 years...) an original alphabet, mytology, and realised the paper models of the most typics buildings...
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Old 09-07-2004, 05:50 PM   #23
Marco Polaris
Join Date: Sep 2003
Posts: 468

Marco Polaris is on a distinguished road (10)


One race apiece, right? I have a couple of ideas, but I'll go with this:

Kobran (Kobrani plural)
Working class: 55% (Artisans, smiths, hunters)
Military class: 40% (Warriors, commanders, cavalry, siege engineers, guards, scouts)
Ruling class: 5% (Councilors, arbiters)
Arcane class*: 15% (Battlemages, magesmiths)
Divine class*: 15% (Clergymen, warpriests, templar, bishops)
Other**: 25% (Prisoners of war/slaves, ambassadors)
Heroes: Hsithss T'hor (the Nation Slayer), Rammbin T'hor (the Brother Seeker), Hhasth Nm'bak (the Ruthless Crusader)(deceased), Rethrryn G'hash (the Exulted Hand of God)(deceased).
Rulers: Z'rraak T'hrim (Burdened Arbiter of the Nation), Rrhugark Baas (High Council member, Archbishop of the Church of Heraskus, G'korkass Lint (Highest of High Council members), Mrennsakk Goe't (High Council member, Lieutenant to the Arbiter).
*This class is ingrained into the three main classes of working, military, and ruling, and so is not part of the main percentage.
** This in in addition to the main population, and is displayed in comparison to it.

Look: The average kobran has a height of 6 1/2 feet, with a lean frame and pebbly scales (except along the jaw, lower neck, and front - there, they resemble the belly scales of a snake). They have long, flexible necks (typically half a foot long) and their heads are dinosaur like, but with a cobra-like hood, orange red snake-eyes, and the barest hint of lips. Their forearms are somewhat long, with two fingers, and thumb, and two "wing-fingers", which are typically folded tightly to the forearm. When their wings are unfolded, kobrani have a wingspan of about 12-16 feet. Their legs are shaped similarly to a frog's, to allow for excellent jumping. A kobran's six toes (three on each foot) are prehensile, but they are rarely used that way. Typical kobrani tails are 4-6 feet in length.
Kobran are typically various shades of green, with possible mottling and/or stripes. Red and black kobrani, while uncommon, are not out of the ordinary.
Characteristics: Kobrani have incredibly fast reflexes, which typically guarantees them first strike. They are natural jumpers, and the only known race capable of climbing trees with their feet (allowing them to use their hands for other purposes). They fight primarily as skirmishers, picking off members of a units two or three at a time until the whole troops is weak enough for a straight assault.
Pros: Amazing climbers and jumpers, can reach places beyond other races. Highly mobile, and skilled at archery. Remain focused on designated tasks on the battlefield.
Cons: Vulnerable when flying. Slow to change their field of focus. Unused to forming tight ranks.

Society: The kobrani race is devoted to protecting its peoples from the ravages of other nations. All other races are seen as potential enemies, and alliances are tentative at best.
Rulership within kobrani borders is performed by the Arbiters (Shield-Bearers), who swear an oath to defend their charges from all outside threats. Arbiters usually have a position in the military. Second to the Arbiters are the Councils, who serve as advisors to the Arbiters and keep a sterner eye on the economic condition of their lands. Relations between an Arbiter and a Council are typically of mutual respect, although frictions are not uncommon. If a member of either branch dies, then the Council would select the new Arbiter, or the kobrani people would select a new Councilor.
Warriors are idealized in the kobrani culture, and almost every kobran has fought for glory sometimes in his/her life. The working class is respected for the services it does, but for little else. Kobrani sorcerers are on about the same level as a captain, thanks to the damage they do to their enemies. Clergymen, however, have little more than the faith of their following - although that can be a powerful weapon, indeed.
Manners/Attitude: It is hard to know much about the kobrani race, for they are extremely xenophobic, deeply suspicious of all outsiders. It could take months, or even years, of acting in good faith before a person could gain the trust of a kobran, and if they fail to meet the kobran's standards at this time, they are rejected forever.
Kobrani believe in working hard at all times - every action you undertake is a personal competition with yourself. They are also unlikely to keep idle - there is always something else they can be doing to ensure their safety and security. Some people joke that they even work hard at play - "Party like a kobran on duty" is one such popular expression (if one rarely used in front of a kobran!). Kobrani have fiery tempers, which they contain within an icy demeaner to those who anger them. When a kobran does blow his top, the unlucky offendor had best escape, before he becomes the outlet for the reptile's wrath.
Kobrani society is egalitarian, although males seem to be quietly favored.
Laws: Kobrani laws are typical, though far stricter on outsider and travelers than on its citizens. "Slaves" are prisoners of war who have chosen to earn their freedom through hard labor; once free, they are escorted to the borders and banished. Kobrani law hgihly favors capital punishment and other harsh penalties.
Trade: Despite their dim views of other races and nations, kobrani do allow trade between borders. The main exports of the kobrani are the exotic spices and sugars of their forest, pelts and caged specimens of the more dangerous animals, and rights to the silver and iron deposits within their woods. Deforestation is only allowed in areas where the kobrani think it will promote the growth of the forest. Kobrani imports are few, the chief import being cattle - the reptilian men seem to enjoy the taste of a cow's meat and milk. Oftentimes, a kobran will only accept gold coins as payment - gold has a religious significance to the kobrani, and seeking it out to deliver to the priests is considered an act of faith.

Gods: Heraskus, the Forger of the Sun, is the chief deity of the kobrani, and is said to hold at bay the great ice devil Kroviskka, Drinker of Life (who rides the Moon), and his countless minions (the stars). Other dieties involve the forest (Svervisch, the Mother of Trees), smithing (Gvoresh, the Iron Shaper), and war (Arbaktrus, the Shield-Arm of Heraskus).
Overall Religion: All kobrani worship Heraskus, for the Church claims that it is for their faith alone that Heraskus chooses to fight the ice demons. Other deities are worshiped where their power lies (for instance, Gvoresh is called upon to aid in the crafting of steel). Every kobrani community has a communal bonfire lit every night, where the priests come on holy days to preach to the people.

Environment: The kobrani's homeland is one of huge forests, with giant tress that reach hundreds of feet into the air. These forests are warm, but not very humid (like the rainforests can be).
Vegetation: Brimming with trees; some decidious, some coniferous. Ferns are common. It is also not unusual to come across dangerous stretches of poisonous brambles - these are planted intentionally by the kobrani to discourage intruders or safeguard trade routes.
Wildlife: The mainstock of the kobrani forests (and primary sources of food) are the several breeds of deer and antelope that run quietly through their domain.
The primary predators are the raptors, although leopards can be found in the upper layers of the forest. There are also several varieties of poisonous snakes, a multitude of rodents and vermin, jungle drakes, and giant eagles. According to the kobrani, there are also other, more dangerous monsters, but there is little proof of such at the moment.

General: Kobrani architecture functions differently from other races, thanks to their incredible jumping skills and ability to fly. Stairs often have larger steps, and sometimes are done away with altogether, and exit hatches can be found near the ceiling of a building to allow the inhabitants to fly away from the danger. Buldings designed with invasion in mind often do not have doors, only the ceiling hatches, to slow down invaders who cannot fly.
Housing: Kobrani houses are built near the canopy, within the branches of the tallest trees. These are simplistic log cabins, though the roofs are often covered with leaves to disguise the building from above.
Religion/Military: Public buildings are built closer to the ground (often on it), using limestone (or marble, where it's available) in a distinct Aztec design, although Kobrani structures have a more rectangular shape.

Arcane Magic: Almost all kobrani spellcasters are sorcerers, who draw their magical power from their own veins. Kobran magic focuses on energies, the best known of these three being Fire, Lightning, and Thunder (heat, electricity, & sound). Kobrani sorcerers focus on spells almost primarily for dealing damage, and most serve in the military.
There are kobrani that tap into the magical "flows" of the jungle. They are isolated from the main community, and are more likely to contact other spellcasters of different nations to aid them in their studies.
Divine Magic: Kobrani priests tend to focus on both their gods and their forest in worship. All revere Heraskus, and many pay homage to the other deities. Some kobrani have a divine connection with the forest - these few often remain aloof even from their kin, spending days on end in communal with their environment.
Psionics: Kobrani are very weak psions, and do not seem to understand the principle of the matter. They have a hard time defining between psionics and arcane magic - even the sorcerers. Psionic kobrani are typically just seen as "lucky" or perhaps "blessed by the gods".
Technology: Kobrani have almost no technology to their name. Their technological level is set at just roughly past the invention of steel, and the manner of which it weighs them down in flight has limited its use severely. Gunpowder is a disturbing, unnatural substance to the kobrani, and they do not allow it in their borders, just as they do not allow the loud, clunky machines that some races use. Kobrani understand some things about alchemy, although they hold a belief that the blood of an animal can bring specific enhancements to a brew.
The single (and most important) invention of the kobrani is the composite bow, a weapon which has become very popular and widespread among all races since its creation. Kobrani are also attributed to the creation of the large, one-handed bastard swords, but most don't consider this actual invention, since the weapon merely takes advantage of the kobrani's natural arm size and wing strength.

And by the way, I believe a race should be able to divide spells according to element (to some extent). For example, since kobrani worship a fire god, why should they not favor Fire spells? I've got the inkling of an idea for the schools of magic, myself, if you'd like to hear it.

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Concept art session 2 - Battledroids


>< Naibsels!!! :p so great... wat was i doing :)

Icbm shut the fuck up on the Union thing, we ARE getting things done if you actually pay attention! Even if it was a joke sorry I'm not into the kinda of humour that mocks something me and others have put time in.

As for this race project thing. You should make a forum since if it continues as a thread it will surely die since of the misorganised and many race designs.
So is this still gonna be a 1 race thing or a 5 race thing since every1 doesnt want to do the same thing... we can actually work it out separately with people working on a race in teams but with general boundaries.

Like set up a main idea and a vague idea of each race and then 1 team can work on the World history involving the races (the race team will only tell the main team what their race history shud be like and the main team's writers shall write it and involve the other races.).

The main team should consist mostly of creative writers and a few artists that'll be treating subjects like: World Map, Territories, History, Creatures, etc.
While race teams will work on: architecture, economy, military, politics, appearance, clothing and weapons, culture and traditions, etc.

I think that this should even be worked on with Phases...
PHASE ONE: Create the world its creatures (enslaved, tamed,) lesser races (shudnt be elaborate), the world and its vegetation... regions... give em names make a big huge map while having an idea where the races shall reside.
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Happy Druid
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Muoteck is a jewel in the rough (160)Muoteck is a jewel in the rough (160)

Troll Anatomy


Should we only post brief description here?
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Beam has a spectacular aura about (81)Beam has a spectacular aura about (81)Beam has a spectacular aura about (81)


Sounds fun. I'll have a go at it.
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Old 09-08-2004, 01:47 AM   #27
Marco Polaris
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Okay, to keep things straight (and because I'm a little bored) I'm going to take a moment and list the current races:

The Moon Lunatics (as of yet unnamed) - A race of warrior women and scholarly men. Inhabit the coastal shores of their continent.

The Axrians - A race of intrigue and politics, who live by many rules . . . which are not always followed. They inhabit any land they can take.

The Zakhemen - A race of organizers, with whom everything is seeped in honor and tradition. Inhabit the mountainous regions.

The Kobrani - A race of draconic reptiles who want nothing to do with outsiders. Inhabit the deep forest regions.

The Tharaii - A race of advanced practicers of magic and psionics. Inhabit the mountainous regions.

The Unterhunde - A "race" of undead slavers. Inhabit the dark underground caves.

The Alkar'da - A race of brutal savages, who constantly wage war with one another. Inhabit the harsh prairies/steppes.

The Parasites - A race of insectoid genotypes. Inhabit the desolate marshes.

The Cresavians - An eclectic race of ethereal demons. Inhabit the lands beneath the ocean bed.

The Calos - A furred race of castes and law. Inhabit the eastern mountains.

The Chzk'norr - A race of monastic seekers of enlightenment. Inhabit the highest mountains.

Tell me if I misinterpreted anything.

Last edited by Marco Polaris : 09-14-2004 at 01:43 AM.
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Originally Posted by Marco Polaris
Okay, to keep things straight (and because I'm a little bored) I'm going to take a moment and list the current races:

The Moon Lunatics (as of yet unnamed) - A race of amazonian women and scholarly men. Inhabit the coastal shores of their continent.
I prefer Maidens of War. They definatelly arn't savage like amazons.
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Saboera is on a distinguished road (10)


wow its getting interesting, id like to thx everyone who posted and will post, and maybe we could call some kind of forum (that would be cool), i doubt i can be of assisstance here however (i have no idea how to call a forum), if we do i wanna be a mod
^-^ I would like to lead this if i can ( since its my idea =p ) i recently aquired the title of artistic director at school lol.

Making your whole race will need more and more description and work but for now just a quick description like we did is good, its give an overall idea of what we create, its make me really curious and hungry to know more about...

maybe an interesting point here, if its get done, maybe the modelers will get interested and make models or i know 2 writers in my class, maybe we can get a war3 project or a book out of this, its would be so cool to see that WE made the design of all the stuff, just to read a book where you create lotsa stuff would make me happy in my pants >o< !!
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Pokemon Trainer
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Shadow_Strike is a jewel in the rough (168)Shadow_Strike is a jewel in the rough (168)


the kobrani reminds me of rictus.... in a few ways....
Did you - check the toilets on the left?
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