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Old 07-22-2008, 06:33 AM   #46
Join Date: Jun 2008
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Dregonx has little to show at this moment (0)


Can you make it where theres a hero only version, where the AI uses a hero to attack other players, buy items, level skills, uses any summoned units from items or spells in addition to them selfs, retreat to fountains to heal etc.(More specifically, pre-placed/Revived/Created Heros) From what I hear it's pretty simple but I honestly don't know because I only know how to work with the normal AI Editor. AMAI in melee maps is pretty cool though, it's way better then the normal AI for sure.

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Old 09-17-2008, 10:37 AM   #47
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Eiswanderer has little to show at this moment (0)


hey.. gj so far with amai.

my suggestions:
(i guess they are very hard to program because the are even hard to to as human player)

implement moves like
- tp-ing out of a surround (which means instand death)
- using invul or anti magic pots when opponent uses coil or bolt on your hero (the hard thing here is to use the pot while enemy is casting, i.e. bolt / coil is flying. to let it look realisticly you maybe could do a function which makes the usage dependend of the distance (far distance: more often use than less distance) and also from chance (let's say in 30-50 %)).
- last but not least surrounding (maybe that's hardest to program). it hasn't to be a 4 unit surround like in pro's, but lets say, if human plays mk with mass footies and bolts his opponent, footies should (realisticly) surround the enemy hero.
- path-blocking (maybe even more difficult)
- i saw hu use staff of preservation, so i guess ne does it as well. mb implement priorities that secondary heros are staffed out more often than other units - and - in addition equip them with a staff of teleportation so that they can rejuv at moonwells and immideately teleport back to their army (on a full health target preferably)

but i guess that are features for amai 5.0 professional or something ;) if i would know how - i'd help you ;)

kind regards.
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Old 07-30-2009, 04:19 PM   #48
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Pepe.la.menace has little to show at this moment (0)

Idea Difficulty management


We are a small group of player using AMAI in insane mode (normal is not good enough now). The problem is that Insane AMAI is far too strong. So to have fun, we usually play 3 humans players vs 2 Insane weakened (between 70 and 80%). This give a resource ratio of 3/3.2 (@ 80%). In 3x3, we are just above 50% but below 60%...

This is quite fun, BUT, it could be greater.

The problem is that being used to kill 50 % grunts with a few gouls is not very real... When playing against humans, it gives a strange feeling of weakness...

Would it be possible to control the amount of money AMAI gets from mines and wood without changing the HP ? (only limiting resource rate)

That way, it would be possible to play in 1 vs 1 between normal and insane.

AMAI is a great tool, go on for 3.00 !

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Old 08-02-2009, 08:48 PM   #49
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@Pepe: hmm. Unsure of the best method to allow configurable harvesting limits. I'll look into it if i can.
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Old 08-18-2009, 09:08 PM   #50
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azaleA has little to show at this moment (0)



I often see that the AI is creeping something but leaves it at the half because he thinks that he can't finish it. So he wastes a lot of time to creep one camp. It is possible to define creep patterns for the AI on specifics maps? I think that would improve the creeping alot.

For Hu, I would improve the build order so that the archmage leaves the altar with exactly 2 foot men. And imo Hu tower a bit to much (he always builds 3 Towers). That results to a late tech. I hope that AMAI will get very imba :D Keep it up guys!


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Old 09-08-2009, 11:48 PM   #51
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Sorlag has little to show at this moment (0)


I'm gonna help with:

UD vs OR

orcs should train more grunts and raiders (with the upgrade) and use the snares (of course)
orcs should train less HHs
orcs should use more the combo BM + SH (inv + passive critical strike chance // healing spell + polymorph)
orcs should abuse more with BM while creeping with the second hero + expanding
Undeads should have a high chance of starting with the fiends builds
Undeads should rush the burrows sometimes (mainly while the orc is teching or building the t2 builds)
undeads should train more destroyers

UD vs HU

It would be REALLY cool if the human had a high rating of fast expanding and massing towers, trying to make the match into a late match. It would be even cooler if the HU started with paladin and abusing it somtimes, usually the AMAI should go:

1st MK 2nd paladin + BM (maybe)
1st AM 2nd MK 3rd paladin

some gerenal strategies:

knights + gyros
gryphons + gyros
spellbreakers + gryphons + gyros

UD vs NE

UD should rush with 2 crypts on tiny/small maps like: terenas stand, escho isles and turtle rock if the UD spawn closed to the NE

some general strategies:


abons + wagons
abons + fiends + destros
mass gargs + destros
mass gargs + 1-2 frost wyrms


mass archers/talons
huge huge huge huge mass dryads


Heros should teleport out of surrounds (At least have a high chance to do it)
AMAI should try to surround more often
Towers should be built behind the "big" buildings to protect it
AMAI could tower rush sometimes !!! ^^ (that would be really really really fun)
AMAI should rush more often (mainly on HUvsNE, UDvsNE, etc) and kill the wisps, acos, burrows, and buildings that are still being built
AMAI should try different strategies based on map and spawns
2x2 should be improved by doing strategies like:
NE + NE: double mass hunters rush; one goes mass dryads and the other one goes mass bears)
UD + UD: double ghoul rush; double mass fiends + some abons and destros (just to count the casters)
etc etc


I know these changes might be not easy but I'm just trying to help ^^. I have a lot more things in mind, I might post later.
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Old 09-08-2009, 11:49 PM   #52
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Sorlag has little to show at this moment (0)


double post

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Old 09-10-2009, 06:46 PM   #53
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z0rgy has little to show at this moment (0)


The build order and also build positioning is really messed up :) if that was fixed it would be really cool!
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Old 09-10-2009, 07:03 PM   #54
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z0rgy has little to show at this moment (0)

Default Hero TP

When a blade master attacks the computer hero and eventually the hero turns red, if the blade master goes into wind walk, the computer cant detect this and doesnt tp when should.
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