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Default Sir Beaverlot and the darkness rising!

Hidden information:
The sky crackled as the dark knight approached, his eyes gleaming with red eternal fire, his cape waving into the air when the wind was at a complete still, the boots were lifted off the ground with black swarms covering them, the dark knight grew ever close to the secret artefact that was put inside the Palandonis Fortress, the guards unaware of such evil that approached, the darkknight carried a mace of black energy steel, he hit the wall once, it crackled and dust flew on top of him and all
around him, the wall almost smashed the dark knight hit it again when he was disturbed by a horses roar, he turned around to find a knight on his horse prepared to strike, the knight charged, all the dark knight could do is watch the knight race down the hill and tread on top of him, the dark knight was slammed onto the ground, when the knight jumped off his horse and said "I am Sir Beaverlot, protecter of the land, and you monster shall be destroyed! "Oh don't you see? Sir Beaverlot i've already won! all i have to do is summon my master and you shall be destroyed and i shall gain my goal the scared blade of Zorious the defiler!"
Sir beaverlot only smiled and threw his axe straight at the dark knight, "Hah is that all you got? my minions could do better than that!", The darkknight brang out his sword and engaged Sir Beaverlot sword to sword and sheild to shield. "Axious Magonus" the winds blew heavy and rain began to fall, crackles of red lightning throughout the sky, "This is the land of light and i shall not fall! DARK KNIGHT" and with that war cry the sword of the dark knight shattered into a thousand peices each falling one by one.

Chapter 2: The Armies of the dammed
Hidden information:
The dark knight fell to the ground to get his judgement, with that sir beaverlot held his sword high in the sky and a bolt of holy light banished the dark knight into the inter Arcane prison of souls. Sir beaverlot knew that the dark knight had summoned the army of the dammned, the sky kept cracklinng and it grew darker, Sir Beaverlot jumped on his horse(or known as royal steed) and rode off into the capital of the land to see the king, King Gallious the 15th. It took a long time but he finally approached the gate and a horn blew and the massive gate openned, he rushed over to the kings quarter, he found him sitting upon his throne which shined a golden sparkle of gleaming light, the king looked puzzled but said "ah Sir Beaverlot have you looked outside theres not a bit of light in the sky at all!", Sir beaverlot stood taller and said "My king, there is an army on its way to destroy the last remaining fortress in this land, well to be exact this city!". The King's face went pale, and was more puzzled than before. "My King we must do something before its too late!", "Your right sir beaverlot! Well really i can't think of anything! An invasion arriving less than one hour! Sir Beaverlot take command of the forces i think i'll just sit here..."
"You heard the King! Get ready they'll be here soon and when they are we will make sure they fail to ruin the land!" It was half an hour and the men were lined up on the walls ready for the incoming army then badda bom badda bom the drums of the dammned, their army stretched over the entire horizon.
"Sir... Sir! how is this possible?" "Just keep carm SOLDIER!" Sir Beaver lot gave the order to fire, immediatly the catapults fired and hit down bits of the army, the army of the dammed picked up speed and was rushing to the gate, torches of fire and battle axes each soldier of the dammed was carrying, "VOLLEY!" order sir beaver lot and a volley of arrows blacken out the sky with raining death. much of the army was desimated untill, "Ladders sir! their using ladders to scale the wall!", Sir beaverlots forces were getting slaughtered in a matter of minutes with no solution to the ladders problem, "Tacticle retreat!", all the remaining forces retreat when a great scream came from the sky, it was a bunch of griffons to come to there aid, the griffons swooped and dived picking and dropping the soldiers of the dammed, it was over the darkness had fallen. "BAH Mortals i shall over come you next time! and sir beaverlot you shall fall..."
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