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Obscurity, the Art

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Default Level 3 - The Mausoleum

Level 3: The Mausoleum

Ghastly apparitions haunt the room just beyond sight, lurking and striking from all sides to confuse and overwhelm you. Remember that out of sight does not mean out of mind; just because you cannot see them doesn't mean that you cannot hurt them. Area of effect skills will keep the crowds in check while you take out that which sustains them!

Four shadow necromancers channeling their mistress' energy from out of sight lurk in the marked squares of the room. In order to reveal them and the other enemies for a few seconds, you need to destroy the braziers! Destroying them lights up the room, making enemies visible for a few seconds. Once all of the necromancers have fallen, the banshee herself will begin her onslaught.

Master's Time:
180 Seconds
Mara, Phantom Queen
Mara is an invisible boss with very low life. She will unleash icy orbs at a party member every few seconds which can kill entire groups of your team! This orb combined with her icy nova technique make her deadly to groups and quite capable of overwhelming any healers. Keep split up and always move around! Every so often she will blacken your screen and continue her attacks. Just keep running! When you surround her, she will push your team back, so try to move in individually when you do!

Crystalline Fantasies
Her tears will fall from the sky upon the whole room as icy spears that slow and deal massive damage per second. Use whatever means necessary to survive the onslaught! If you get the chance, damage her while she's visible!
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