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Closed Thread
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Exclamation "Map/Campaign Projects" Posting Rules

The Short Version: Follow these rules or your thread will be deleted.

Greetings, map and campaign developers!

With the recent reorganization of this section of the forums, a rules-code has been drafted to improve efficiency. All threads in this forum must follow the rules presented below, and furthermore, such threads must use the below format. Minor deviation is allowed, but not by much.

Originally Posted by <Map name>
<Map name> - <DEVELOPMENT>/<TEAM (link to TEAM)>/<BETA (link to BETA)>/<RELEASE (link to RELEASE)>
~ <Creator>



  • <Member (link to profile)> - <Position>



The thread creation rules presented below must be followed to the letter:
Thread Creation Rules
  • Your first post must contain at least 100 words.
  • Clear, concise English must be used.
  • No 1337sp33k or other abbreviations should be used in your first post.
  • Images displayed within your post must either be 640 x 480, or thumbnail links. Anything bigger must be attached.
  • Progress should be recorded and updated regularly.
  • Global posting rules apply.
  • IMPORTANT: By posting here, you choose to receive and honourably accept fair criticism.
  • IMPORTANT: Linking to external development-related sites is allowed. However, this forum was created to serve as more than a web portal. At minimum, the content guidelines above must be met on this end, regardless of coverage on the external site. That being said, having more content externally than on Wc3c is frowned upon, even if you do meet the previously-mentioned criteria.

The following rules must be followed when posting in already-created threads:
Posting Rules
  • Clear, concise English must be used.
  • Global posting rules apply.
  • No flaming, trolling, baiting, or the like.
  • IMPORTANT: The creator will accept your criticism, but you've got an obligation not to abuse that privilege. Any negative comments must have a clear explanation, or they'll be looked upon as flaming and dealt with harshly. At the same time, explanations aren't required for positive comments, but they're strongly encouraged.

Follow these rules, and the forums will be a much nicer place.

Any thread created that does not follow the above guidelines will be given 48 hours to change, and then, if not changed, will be deleted. Any post that doesn't follow the posting guidelines will be deleted immediately and will result in negative reputation.

Threads created before the 26th of April 2006 will not be required to meet the above guidelines. However, anything posted past that point must do so. Furthermore, If a thread-creator of a thread posted before the 26th of April 2006 updates their post after that date, they will be required to alter it to meet the above guidelines.
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Closed Thread

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