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A few weeks ago I began work on an orpg... here are some details about the orpg

Guardians Orpg: Wrath of Nature

The Kingdom of Fularias has rarely seen war. A strictly neutral nation, it relies on heavy trade with most of its neighbor kingdoms. But, as Fularias expands, they destroy the very land around them. The further they expand, the more hostile the inhabitants of the land become. Eventually, the forces of nature strike back, led by an unseen force. Fularias' untrained military will need assistance if they are ever to keep their newfound enemy at bay.

The hero branches are..

Squire -->Soldier/Thief/Scout
Alchemist -->Acolyte/Initiate/Warden/Cleric

This is only the first job change. Expect more in time!

So far two dungeons have been created.
First Dungeon is the Gnoll's Den, a relatively plain beginners dungeon
Second Dungeon is the Broodmothers Lair, a more interesting dungeon with a couple of traps along the way.
I am also trying to keep a wide variety of enemies available. For example, the gnoll assassin is a unit that deals very little damage (6-7), but attacks very fast and has evasion and critical strike.

The questing system is a "buy the quest" system. The story is translated through the quest description, making them completely optional to read. This way, if someone only wants hack n' slash, that person may have hack n' slash.

At the moment I am having a great deal of trouble with terrain and triggers (especially leaks, which I plan on reading up on soon). This is also my first attempt at creating a map (a tough project to start on ) If anybody is interested in helping out, whether it is through ideas or work, please pm me.
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