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Default warcraftIII_HDExpansion_pack_Nirvana(with naga race)

warcraftIII_HDExpansion_pack_Nirvana(with naga race)
I'm chinese,sorry for my poor English.

since Blizzard dont update Warcraft III,so I made this new pack version since 2012.

As this version is like 60% done,and highly balanced ,i post it here.

if you still like warcraft III esports, you really should try this. : )

There is a new race called NAGA in this mod. Also, there are a lot of new neutral heroes

can be chose. Every race is added a new hero. Lots of war3's models(units, structures,

trees, etc) are replaced with new models and skins.

It's very simple to use:
This is a mod of Warcraft3. To play this mod, you need to put all files(not folder) of

Nirvana into the root directory of your war3 and run Nirvana.exe. The mod will not modify

anything of your war3, which means you can still play the original war3 by running


attention:Nir_Plugin_CursorBind.dll or Nir_Plugin_Manabar.dll
It's used for binding cursor when you windows war3, and show manabar.
you can delete these two files,my friend, or you just trust them.

here is some screenshot,(some of them is eraly version 0.10 and in chinese,dont care

about that ,I have made Enlish version of newer vesion 0.11)




you can have a fast view in this youtube video:

you can download this new version Here.

If you can open china website ,here is my website:http://www.war3nir.com

at last,about play online:
there is no difference between Nirvana and warcraft3,
Local area network can work too,even you can change Nirvana.exe name to War3.exe open
new version as Frozen Throne.Play Online will be ok as long as Nirvana have the same

version ,I'm sure about that since we have detailed tests for a long time.
In China,we use HaoFang platform to play with each other.
download from here:http://www.cga.com.cn/
You can try this platforom too because it's used dummy IP technology,the net ping only
decided by the host player.
of course,foreign platform use Local area network is better.

about balance changelog (in english) ,I still only have chinese changelog,
hmm. I will translate the txt later.
in principle,Nirvana don't change most of Frozen Throne data based on newest version 1.26

, we only add new things.
very very few units changed :such like experience book -20 experience,
tanker -50 Hp,
POM(Priestess of the Moon )'s owl added attack damage and a new spell.
Goblin Shredder takes 50 less lumber
Banshee can curse tanks
Acolyte can upgrade to revive .
I Strongly recommended that you use the TEst map in maps/nirvana/
to test All units!

we have A match of this new version to test the balance and have more fun,it's called NEL
(Nirvana Expansion-pack League). online cup

#2 NEL finished on February 16th.

Champion: Lawliet 2000RMB

2nd place: Remind 1000RMB

3rd place: vila 500RMB

4th place: tbc_bm 300RMB

if someone intrested this, you can watch the replays ,they already packed in a folder

called NirvanaMatchNEL_Replay.
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