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Closed Thread
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Old 03-01-2008, 03:55 AM   #1
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Default Meshes Don't Stay Together When I Move Bones

Before I start, I did use the search button. By looking at so many questions, I can see that people around here get mad quickly .

For time-sake, I will not give specifics:
-I create 5 cylinders all on top of eachother, all different meshes (like the wc3 art tool doc said).
-I create 5 different bones within each cylinder.
-I make each of the meshes into skin for each of the bones (like in magos tut).
-I move the bottom bone, the bones and meshes move.
-BUT the meshes dont stick together, and it looks really crappy. (I select bone edit mode) <- Am I supposed to do this?!?
It looks like this:

I went through the tut with the snowman. Im going to try it that way. I think I was doing it right.

-you are supposed to make new cube primatives for each mesh.
-you are supposed to link the MESH to the BONE(cube) <- select mesh first then bone? Does it matter?
-you are supposed to link bones in a line if they are in one cylinder (like pic) do you have to link from bone 1 to bone 2 AND from bone 2 to bone 1 (double link?)? Or just from bone 1 to bone 2

-When I select all of the bones (cubes). and do the "Configure Controls" should I see something happen? Or am I supposed to save it and reopen it? (I dont think its doing something
-When I go to "More..." -> "User Property Editor" -> "Geometry Properties" -> then I check the "bones" box while selecting all of the bones(cubes) in the select mode. But when I go to the "select by name window, and uncheck the geometry box, the bone(cubes) disappear. So, they arnt boxes...
-When I move a bone(cube) the entire model moves, not just that mesh when I have all of the bones linked.

What am I doing wrong?

Im going to be gone skiing tomarrow, so I wont be able to reply until later.
I hope to hear back!

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Old 03-01-2008, 09:05 PM   #2
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...what vertion of max are you using?
IF you are using vertion 5 with arttools:

-You can tell warcraft that even a mesh is a bone...just configure it as a bone in the User Property Editor, meshes configured as bones wont apear ingame nor in previewer. By default all meshes are set as meshes.
-The bones work in heriarchy, if you link bone A to bone B then bone B is the parent and A is the child, so if you move bone B, bone A will move too, if you move bone A, nothing will move...

Hope this helps...if you are using max5 that is...
Goodbye W3c. Great people and moments here. Time to move on

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