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Old 12-07-2006, 09:28 PM   #1
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Default Magnum123's Unofficial Modeling Contest. (Original theme usually not seen in contests

Theme: Video game characters. I selected this theme because its a theme rarely seen in Warcraft III modeling, yet its one with potential for some really cool models. Video game based models are in the highest demand for map makers as well, so if this contest is successful, it will provide a huge service to the modding community as a whole and increase the site's reputation along with it. I will not judge or participate.
-Needed posistions: Judges (preferably 3). Participants (preferably 4).
-Divisions: There are several divisions, each based on a certain genera.
1. Action: Games that typically have lots of real time platforming or heavy combat. Example series: Mega Man, Contra, Sonic, Mario.
2. Adventure: Don't really know how to describe this genera except there's lots of exploration, puzzle solving, and some combat. Example series: Legend of Zelda, Myst, Day of the Tentacle.
3. RPG: Long epic quest, gain experience, often times with a party. There is also the action-RPG sub group. Example Series: Disgaea, Final Fantasy, Tales, Castlevania (Symphony of the Night and games after it.)
4. Strategy: Self explanitory. Either turn based or Real Time. Examples: Dune, Command and Conquer, War Hammer 40k.
5. Rythym: Play according to the beat. Example Series: Guitar Hero.
6. FPS. Example Series: Halo, Doom, Pain Killer.
There are others that I may have forgotten.
-Rules: 1. All model styles are welcome. The most important thing is that it looks and works nice in-game. This is a contest for all skill levels.
2. One entry per genre per person. If you made a model for an action game, you can enter another if its not from an action game.
3. No models from Blizzard games. We have tons of stuff like that already.
4. You may not use games that come from another license (game based on a movie, TV show, toy, etc). Characters that would break this rule: Goku, King Kong, etc. Exception: Characters made specifically for the game are allowed. Examples: HK-47, guys from Organization XIII, etc.
-Deadline: The deadline for entries is April 1st. Models take a long time, so the dead line is set to be long on purpose.
-Scoring: Competition divisions are based on genera. (Action game models won't compete with RPG models.) However, there will be a overall best model competition. If anyone wants to judge, we should also think up special awards, such as for high origininality or something like that. Scoring (weights assigned by judges) will be in several categories.
1. Overall construction quality: How nice does it look in-game? Are there any structural problems? (bugs or something like it).
2. Likeness: How well does the model resemble the character its based on?
3. Efficiency: How efficient is the model's use of polygons? Does it have way too many to be effectively used in a map? (Should be judged relative to the likely difficulty of the character in terms of polys.)
4. The outer coat: How nice is the skin? Some models that would theoretically be great wind up being average because the skin isn't very good.
5. Effort: Does the model look like a hack job, or does it look like a lot of time and effort was put into its creation.
6. Ease of use: How easy is the model to implement into a map?
-Prize: All participants will receive rep for taking part. I haven't come up with any unique prizes for winners aside from more rep. Maybe someone with graphical art skills can come up with something cool.
-Good luck to all participants and most importantly, have fun!

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This is not going to happen, trust me.

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This might have attracted more interest had you not spelled "genre" and "ganera"

its pronounced "Zh/Jauner"

EDIT: So, i really need to pay attention to dates...

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2 . . . years?
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