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Default Gehenna

LOL I just wrote this now... even though it took me a couple of hours...


In the distance Khallen can hear the thundering of the approaching storm, a storm like none the world has ever seen, in his mind he keeps replaying the moments that have lead up to this event. An event that his hand alone has caused. The day that the world ends. Gehenna!

Nerox, his greatest captain and oldest friend moves closer to him, with a distasteful look in his eyes.

"Khallen! Are you satisfied!? Has it been truly worth it!?"

Khallen looks the captain in the eye and grins. Then draws his blade, and drives it into Nerox's Skull.

"The world is coming to an end old friend, and I am truly glad"

Everything grows quite, everything starts growing black, Khallen looks up into the sky and raises his arms. The end has come.

Chapter 1: Awakening

The lands of Siltheros has always been in turmoil ever since the king died. Brothers Killing each-other, because each of the counts wishes to lay claim to the Throne, they deny the thought of having a young prince such a Khallen someone who's only nine-teen, to rule the lush and rich lands, each of them succumbing to their own greed, and lust for power.

The sun barely rises before there is a hard knock on the Prince's door.

"Prince Khallen! Prince Khallen!"

Khallen rises from his bed and opens the door to find Angor the mage outside his door.

"What is it Angor!?"

Angor looks at the prince with fear in his eyes.

"My prince it is Falen, your cousin!"

Khallen starts to get mad at the old mage and speaks with an angered tone.

"You woke me because my cousin is here!?"

The Mage is silent for a moment and starts to mumble.

"My prince... He isn't just here, he has come with an army. He wishes you killed so he can take the Throne!!!"

Khallen quickly rushes towards the narrow window in his chamber and sees the army on the Hill just outside of the Capitol City.
He quickly rushes past the Mage shouting.

"My father is barely dead for a few weeks and already the power hungry warbands want my head so that THEY can have MY throne!? Get the Council ready, and also bring Nerox! NOW!"

Khallen moves swiftly towards the armory, he puts on the Armour his father wore, and takes up his father's sword and shield, after which he makes his way to the war room, to meet with his advisors.
He is greeted by them, though it is not a warm one.

One of the Council men speaks out before Khallen can even be seated

"My Lord, Falen's army... is just too Large, the forces we currently have here in Norheim is just not enough"

Khallen looks at the council man.

"Then do you just suggest we surrender!? He has come to murder everyone in this room! If Falen wishes a battle then I say let's grant him one!"

Nerox's eye catches Khallen, and nods. Then he says:

"My Liege I have served your father through worse times, and I will also serve you to whatever end, I think our best option would be to ride out and meet the enemy head on, that way we can keep the city and your people out of danger"

Most of the council-men start objecting, but Khallen slams his fists into the table and yells, and the Council grows quite.

"I want all the troops assembled at the Gate, we will go forth and punish this treachery"

Khallen rises from his chair making his way for the door, and Nerox follows closely behind him, as he leaves the war room he can hear the whispers of the council, most of them saying that they are doomed.

The both of them make their way towards the gate, Khallen can feel that this might be his end, but in his mind he promises himself that he will at least take Falen's life with his.

Khallen can see that his Generals at least remained loyal, and that most of them knew that they would die, he, Nerox and his Generals ride towards the gate where most of his men have already been assembled.
He orders that the gate be opened and move with the men he has outside of the safety of the walls. He knew that the Nerox was right, the City would not be able to withstand a siege for long.

He raises his right hand and speaks.

"Men of Siltheros, this is a sad day indeed, when kin must fight against kin. But we go forth to protect our lands and to ensure the safety of the kingdom, we cannot! We will not be defeated"

In his mind he knows this is only pretty words, words that have no meaning, Khallen was never even a real fighter, he has only two battles behind his name, and even those battles would've been lost if it was not for Nerox.
Khallen then lowers his right hand and orders the charge.

As him and his men make their way up the hill they are greeted by follies of arrows, and then by cold steel.
Falen's army outnumbers them by ten, a mere thousand troops against ten-thousands, the odds are surely stacked against Khallen.
But he will not have his Father's throne and name smeared by the taint of a greedy count.

As the battle rages on Khallen can see Falen standing at the top of the hill, he makes his way towards his enemy, slicing and hacking through troops to get to him, he knows if he can defeat Falen that all this would end, that the city will be safe.

"Falen you Cowardly Dog! Come and face me!"

Khallen is but a few feet away and rushes towards his cousin.
Their Blades meet in a symphony of chaos and order.
But his cousin has seen much more battles and quickly over-powers the young prince, knocking him down to the ground and puts his foot on Khellen's Blade.

"Ah... my young cousin, I didn't think you'd come out and face me, I thought you'd cower behind those large walls like the bastard you are"

Khallen gets angered and Screams.

"BASTARD I wi....!?"

Before Khallen can finish his sentence Falen lifts up his sword and punctures it through Khallen's chest.
Everthing starts to grow dark, Khellen can hear his cousin laughing in the darkness.
Nerox rushes towards Khallen yelling.

"No I cannot be too late, I swore to his father I wouldn't let it happen!"

Khelling can feel the darkness consuming him, then in an instance he sees a black figure, a figure that is taunting him, a horned figure.
Day turns to night in an instant and Khallen rises where he fell.
Nerox falls to the ground trembling.

" I am too late..."

Khallen's eyes turn as black as the dark sky and he takes Falen by his throat and rips it open, Khallen lets loose a gruesome roar as Falen tumbles down the hill choking on his own blood.

A Darkness has Risen in the Land, and it seems even darker times lay ahead of Siltheros.
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