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Old 05-09-2009, 04:00 AM   #1
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Default Tips For Winning

I haven't gotten past the 2nd tomb yet (I always play public games), but here's my little guide on how to at least do alright:

General descriptions of some specific features of each class that we find useful. I have not used the sorceress or assassin yet.

Archer: Powerful attacks with Barrage and fire arrows! Make sure, being a ranged unit, you don't just run and not use your abilities. If you're at a safe distance just shoot something.

Necromancer: Bone wall is amazing. Use it to hold up bosses and monster groups so you can start the killing.

Berserker: A pretty good tank as long as 2 or so paladins are supporting - otherwise useless. His hammer attack that knocks back can be very powerful against clusters of enemies.

Paladin: Absolutely necessary. Every ability is quite useful. His instant healing and damage protection spells are the difference between winning and losing, especially for tanks. Endurance is your friend coupled with some wisdom.

Assassin: So far we've found to be totally useless. Being a melee attacker with the life of a sorceress you can already tell why. If he does anything but run he's killed instantly.

Sorceress: Don't know much about, but she can call down meteors that are really powerful.

Tomb 1:

Start off by spending your skill points generally on the 2 main ones that affect your hero class's spells. Then start killing kobolds until you reach level 2, in which you should immediately start chasing the main kobold that's gunning around for the speed bonus. Get your ranged units on it! Ranged heros are very useful always keep them attacking. Try using bone wall to block the runner.

The boss is seen as impossible at first, however he can be defeated at ease if you know what to do. When he says "MOOOOOOOOOVE" that means just run and split up, because he's untouchable and will kill anything in his path. When hes done with that group up and consider using bone wall to slow him down if your team is in good health, otherwise every smack will hurt the weaker heroes. I cannot stress ranged units enough in attacking and using their abilities at all times! Keep up the attacks and he will go down in time.

As for tanks, paladins and berserkers can tank VERY well as long as there are 2-4 paladins there to keep up the healing and damage reduction spells while the ranged units keep up the attacks. Just keep up the healing paladins!

Tomb 2:

Quite difficult if you get split up. Bone wall is absolutely necessary!

We generally tended to split up into 2 halfs and go down each half of the map taking out the crypts. Keep up the tanking and have the ranged units go right for the crypts and it will be completed easily.

Now the boss is difficult and time consuming. To kill him you have to slay him and then you will see a revival timer. Kill him again before it reaches 0 to put him down forever. Each kill increases the timer by 15 seconds. Remember to have those ranged units always target him! His skeletons will revive with each one killed. Fire arrows and focus fire to bring him down along with lots of bone wall and tank/heal combinations.

That's all for now, I hope this helps!

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First of all i played the map with only 4-5 people so no fullhouse and we make it most of the time to the hydra.

Level 1 is easy, either split up in fair groups or stay at the spawnpoint and gain exp. Then kill the Key Guy. The Tauren is abit tricky but works out quite easily.
As stated get away from him when he says mooove. But its better to keep his SP on the eye. If hes full he will do the charge. Also dont place Bonewalls or else everyone in the team will be damaged.

Level 2
A must have would be here an necromancer, if there is one this level is also easy. One team choose a side and the second team containing an Necromancer will be spamming Bonewall. To block a whole site. Later when there will be to many skeletons just get some aoe bitch to kill them. Important at the boss, dont summon. He can steal the summons and you will have a hard time. Just keep him tanked and heal the tanks and dish out enough damage. You need alot of damage to kill him fast, caus when he dies the first time you need to kill him again in 60seconds.

Level 3
Tricky one, really. You must destroy the torches to make the enemys visible. Then kill them. Also you can hit them with your aoe spells! Theyre just invisible after all!
A Necromancer can force the enemys to attack the wall, but he wont last long.
So try to destroy as many enemys as possible and stay in movement.
The boss is the same invisible and not much to do just keep the torches on.

Level 4
Since its fixed now i cant say much. The boss way fcking easy without any scripting.

Level 5
Here We fail, all i know is to destroy the wooden pillars.
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Level 4 is much harder now. I got there with my clan and we actually lost to her, so yeah. She's crazy with her new skill and new AI, so yeah.

Level 5 you have to destroy the pillars to make the boss vulnerable, then you have to kill him and survive Jumanji.
Originally Posted by ClichesAreSt00pid
Assassin: So far we've found to be totally useless. Being a melee attacker with the life of a sorceress you can already tell why. If he does anything but run he's killed instantly.
Oh man that's not true. Hunters have the highest single damage potential in the entire game. I've crit for over 2k on bosses before with a Hunter and their mobility is unmatched by any other class. They can get in and out of combat so easily. Yeah, they're not a tank (They actually tank pretty well with 25 alacrity), but they do huge single target damage. That's their role.
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iv noticed the posion nova from a necro does alot of damage, you just need to get close enough to a crowd for it to be in full effect.
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