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Old 04-29-2006, 10:05 AM   #46
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 103

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Azazel_ will become famous soon enough (35)Azazel_ will become famous soon enough (35)

Approved Map: NOTD Aftermath

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Default NOTD Aftermath 1.3 released

Aftermath 1.3 Change Log
Release Date April 30, 2006
General Themes of Change
- Increased military accuracy and storyline improvement
- Quality and efficiency improvement


Bug Fixes
- Added a security measure to prevent an occasional bug where your SMAW rocket continuously fires.
- Fixed Predator MQ-3 movespeed issue. (Robinson)
- Eris now does not level up.
- Fixed a problem where ranks for dead players would not update. (ffflash)
- Fixed a problem with Fuel Synthesizer and Burst Fire.
- Fixed a double convoy issue caused by bringing a Rifleman from support elements to town. (PO_Berserker)
- Corrected some Predator MQ-3 name issues. (PO_Berserker)
- Fixed a problem where you could jump outside the map playable area. (Robinson)
- Munitions Count by Officers no longer displays Predator MQ-3's ammunition. (Pipedream)
- Fixed an issue with Convoy XP during failure. (PO_Berserker)
- Minimized a problem with Wave 7 Unknown Parasite. (Tharikifa)
- Fixed a problem that occured when typing -battalion and -undead. (Tharikifa)
- Fixed a bug where Illumination Rounds continue to work after shells are depleted. (Nap)
- Fixed a crash that occured when Atrien 12 is used on Moirae before Moirae kills an infected human host. (Robinson)
- Fixed a problem where the 2 marines on Atrien 12 drops didn't have to reload.
- Fixed a problem with ACA toggling. (lil_nicky888)
- Fixed a problem with ALO's Transceiver. (PO_Berserker)
- Fixed a bug where your unit would be removed if you were next to the selection helicopter during Wave 2. (PLaSTiC)
- Fixed a bug where you would not respawn if killed by Shiva in DM. (JvCooL)
- Fixed a bug where Pfc classes were not available to Privates in Boot Camp mode. (Dronz)
- NVG now works correctly in DM mode. (USMC-Delta)
- Predator MQ-3 now has 25 additional armor in Boot Camp mode. (USMC-Delta)
- Loki's armor changed to Undead armor. (Tharikifa)
- Tartarus' attack type changed from normal to Undead attack. (PLaSTiC)
- Players who do not pick a class within 3 minutes will be assigned a Rifleman. (Yupp)
- Corrected a buff name issue with Bite of Fury. (Tharikifa)
- Updated armor and attack type tooltips. (Yupp, Tharikifa)
- Replaced the smoke grenade model with a known model by JetFangInferno. This may resolve the crash issue with smoke grenade.
- Fixed a ping problem when Moirae isn't killed before Loki arrives. (ChaoS)
- Marine will not display 'low on mags' message if he has a box in inventory. (Pipedream)
- Fixed a problem with MOH and Machine Gunner.
- Minimized the occurance of Satellite Imaging occuring at the same time as Chapter intermissions. (Yupp)
- Marine Corps forces now share vision with dead players during Chapter 3. (DB)Diablo)
- Predator self-inflicted death message now reads 'Predator MQ-3 has destroyed itself'. (USMC-Delta)
- Fixed a problem where Marines who left before the MQ-3 was picked would not ally MQ-3. (PO_Berserker)
- Fixed occasional jass triggered sound problems.
- Fixed a bug where another player selecting the Predator made the last Marine slot be unable to pick any Marines. (PO_Berserker)
- Fixed a problem where players could plant any amount of sentries during the pause when the timer hits 0. (Yupp)
- Minimized a problem with Optical Scope. (Achsin)
- Fixed a problem with Roshan's frenzy tooltip. (Tharikifa)
- Claymore tooltip updated. (Yupp)
- Leavers now will not get Objective XP.
- Updated Ammo Feed tooltip to reflect new class name. (Tharikifa)
- Covert Operations and Force Recon skills now work in DM mode. (Yupp)
- Increased Desert Eagle's cooldown slightly to minimize triggered sound crashes.
- Fixed a bug where killing yourself for First Blood gave you 2 kills. (Yupp)
- Nanosteel Net buff corrected. (Tharikifa)

New Features and Improvements
- Infantry Unit Leader (SSgt.) Class added.
- Support Element Marines now have NVG. (Demon12)
- Modified Rank XP structure.
- M242 now can be assembled by Marine Engineers. (Demon12)
- Officers now have Infrared Chemlights. (Demon12)
- Claymores can now be set for Controlled or Uncontrolled Detonation.
- Disarm added to Delta Operator and Force Recon.
- Reduced corpse decay times from 90 seconds to 30 seconds. Reduces lag on slower systems. (Pipedream)
- Increased Fuel Transmission range bonus from 30 to 40 per level.
- Waves removed. (Demon12, JUNKIE)
- '-aca' command message added during ACA activation. (ki3nf3i)
- Vital Signs (First Aid Skills 4) added to Navy Corpsman. (Dronz)
- Communications Tower now has Energy Generator. (Demon12)
- Bradleys now have a secondary machine guns similiar to the USS Independence. (DB)Diablo)
- Tactical Nukes on final wave now hit close to Prometheus' location if there is visual by at least one player. (DB)Diablo)
- Nuclear Strikes take an additional 5 seconds longer before detonation after warning ping. (USMC-Delta)
- Nuclear terrain wipeout now matches Shiva's kill zone. (USMC-Delta)
- Forward Observer's SMAW replaced with GLPS passive ability.
- Total player capacity increased from 8 to 10.
- Creep behavioral change.
- Communications Array now has one charge of EM Radiation.
- Increased USS Independence's HP from 650 to 2000. Corresponding increase in difficulty.
- Force Recon's Evasion replaced with RAVEN System.
- There is now a small chance for XML-9C Shiva to be airdropped on Moirae Wave.
- Difficulty adjustments in the last Chapter. (Syrus)
- Slight reduction in M320 damage. (Syrus)
- Atrien 12 canisters are now perishable. Charges reduced from 5 to 3. (Tharikifa)
- Killing player controlled mini-marines now result in Article 15s. (Tharikifa)
- Updated F22 Model. (Illidan(Evil)X)
- Minimarine inventory capacity increased from 3 to 4.
- Ammo Feed loading time decreases as Ammunition Link improves.
- Improved loading time. (Pipedream)
- Changed callsign Willy Peter to Whiskey Pete. (JvCooL)
- Reduced the energy cost of Engineer's Thermal Detonator from 200 to 175. (yukie)
- Reduced the volume of tinnitus effect slightly. (Syrus)
- Players are now seperated into fire teams of up to 5 players each.
- Residence 41 defense mechanism now creates 2 turrets. A step to minimize smoke grenade related crashes.
- Barrage Dispersion ability added to Forward Observer. (mxpal)
- Reduced vision range of Marines by 200. Reduced creep HP slightly.
- Improved Bradley AI slightly.
- Team location command (-tl) now added. Pings the location of all fire team members.
- Graphic text loading screen incorporated.
- Tier 2 codes added.
- Effects of U-238E and AP ammo reversed. (Pipedream)
- Nerfed Critical Strike Level 1. (Pipedream)
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Old 04-29-2006, 11:09 AM   #47
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iNfraNe is just really nice (266)iNfraNe is just really nice (266)iNfraNe is just really nice (266)iNfraNe is just really nice (266)iNfraNe is just really nice (266)

Approved Map: Mortar Ball

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Wow, thats a HUGE update :) gj
Ever so slightly active.
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Old 05-11-2006, 12:51 PM   #48
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Submissions (1)

Azazel_ will become famous soon enough (35)Azazel_ will become famous soon enough (35)

Approved Map: NOTD Aftermath

Send a message via MSN to Azazel_

Just updated to NOTD Aftermath 1.3b. The change log is on the first post. I will be taking a break this month and will continue heavy updates at the end of June 2006. Among the upcoming features will be simultaneous objectives that will train and develop the players's ability to utilize and command their seperate Fire Teams. A new Assaultman class will also be introduced.

We have continued our support for Chinese users with the release of NOTD Aftermath 1.3b CN. I would like to thank CX for his dedication to the hours of translation work. The Chinese version will cater to our users from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

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Old 06-16-2006, 04:45 AM   #49
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Hey I was wondering how come it's so hard to find anybody hosting this map on b.net? I can't host myself so that why I'm not but I would love to play it. . . is there any clan for it that I could join? Or some specific channel that notd aftermath gamers gather on? Great map from the one time I did get to play it. Being a fan of dotd I can appreciate this game being the next step in its kind of map.
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Old 06-16-2006, 02:03 PM   #50
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Submissions (6)

PipeDream is a glorious beacon of light (463)PipeDream is a glorious beacon of light (463)PipeDream is a glorious beacon of light (463)PipeDream is a glorious beacon of light (463)


Try channel notd on USwest, I think the same on USeast. clan 3cho on blueserver is another good bet.
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Old 06-16-2006, 02:24 PM   #51
Art mod
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Datajax will become famous soon enough (50)Datajax will become famous soon enough (50)


This map, along with most survival ones requires you to find people in clans who describe themselves as 'Pro'. Quite frankly calling yourself pro at a computer game map seems a bit absurd, but oh well.

There were some issues while I was online in a game recently Azazel. I'm sure you've been made aware of most of them as I think one of these was from 1.3 not 'b', though I couldn't find an updated fixture list.

1) The sniper is capable of increasing his agility stupidly high amounts but using the usual scope ability but aiming it off the map. Not exactly sure how the guy did it, his grammar wasn't fantastic (think classic Bnet junky)...

2) Is the claymore walling, though I think this issue was resolved, not played the new version properly to find out.
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Old 06-18-2006, 07:06 PM   #52
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I tried channe; notd on USwest and it was virtually empty. There was 1 person there and he afk, like not responding to anything I said. . . what's blueserver? Don't look at me like I'm a retard I'm just no hardcore wc3 pro. . .

edit: Ok nvm I found clan NoTD on b.net and now I have no problem finding games.

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Old 07-01-2006, 09:30 PM   #53
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Why can I no longer go onto the "Clan NotD channel. It says that it is restricted and you cannot join it. Why is this?
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Old 07-01-2006, 11:56 PM   #54
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Tim. is a name known to all (503)Tim. is a name known to all (503)Tim. is a name known to all (503)Tim. is a name known to all (503)Tim. is a name known to all (503)

Approved Map: PiratesSpell making session 3 winner


Maybe because no one from the clan is currently in the channel?
"oO and if anyone called Tim. trys to make an account then kick there butts." -Mavus, moderator of the GTW forums

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Old 07-08-2006, 05:52 PM   #55
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Submissions (1)

Azazel_ will become famous soon enough (35)Azazel_ will become famous soon enough (35)

Approved Map: NOTD Aftermath

Send a message via MSN to Azazel_

NOTD Aftermath 1.4a will be released tomorrow. I am entering semi-retirement as of this point of time. The two points raised by Datajax has been addressed. Roughly 2500 hours of concentrated work has been put into the development of this map since its inception in September 2005.

I urge map developers to work on more rewarding efforts like AoS, TD and simple mazes. This category of map should only be ventured into if you have a genuine passion and willing to wait for the results of your work over an extended period of time.

NOTD Aftermath has been a genre defining map and I am thankful for the support in its development. NOTD Aftermath is also the first zombie survival map to acquire Blizzard's Spotlight Map status. NOTD Aftermath is the product of a community's vision, persistence and collective effort.
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Old 07-09-2006, 02:58 PM   #56
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Re....really nice!!!!

One of the bests maps I played!!
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Old 07-09-2006, 05:46 PM   #57
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Submissions (1)

Azazel_ will become famous soon enough (35)Azazel_ will become famous soon enough (35)

Approved Map: NOTD Aftermath

Send a message via MSN to Azazel_

Aftermath 1.4a Change Log
Release Date: July 9th, 2006
General Themes of Change
- Bug Fixes
- Deathmatch Mode Improvements


Bug Fixes
- Fixed a problem where Riflemen Jumps turn them into Medivh.
- Fixed a fundamental error with the item system.
- Fixed a problem where the Colt would not reload if you had no magazines and acquired more later.
- Fixed a movespeed issue with Predator MQ-3.
- Minimized a problem with looping SMAW missiles.
- Fixed a problem with Satchel primer message not being displayed.
- Fixed a hotkey conflict with Illumination Rounds and Laser Designator for FO.
- Mini Flamethrowers now will not reload when their energy reaches 0. Buffed Mini Burst Fire.
- Road Flares now do not grant vision to the opposing Team in DM.
- Minimized a problem where some sounds are still clearly heard during Tinnitus.

New Features and Improvements
- Reduced Assaultman's Speed and HP slightly.
- Combat Maneuvers now only affects a smaller area around the Delta Operator. A measure to reduce some problems related to CM.
- Assaultman's 5th Demolitions Skill added.
- Delta Reload time decreased slightly with each level of Covert Operations. (Conquest-NOVA)
- RAVEN Level 5 skill tweaked to Raven X-2 Mines. Greater speed and blast radius RAVEN Mines. (Agent47)
- Updated NVG icon.
- Fractures have a higher occurance now.
- Pet's Grow! skill now has 0 cooldown.
- Hazard Time added to Deathmatch.
- General improvements to Deathmatch mode.
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You need to make the night environment fog a little brighter or something. I love the game to death when it gets into the morning with the fog and stuff but I don't like it as much at night.
Do something to make it easier for people to go out alone. Every time I die it's because im reloading. I think more people would play it if it was easier to go out in squads. Anyways real life marine tactics work well in this game. I can't remember one of the names but I think peeling is the other.
A defensive maneuver when overwhelmed with enemies. Marines take turn shooting and pulling back, in real life this is to make it seem like there is more of them than there really is.
Can't Remember This One's Name:
Marines take turn shooting and reloading, so a constant fire is put on the enemy.

Groups of 2-3 of marines knowing these tactics and using them do well in NoTD.

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Submissions (1)

Azazel_ will become famous soon enough (35)Azazel_ will become famous soon enough (35)

Approved Map: NOTD Aftermath

Send a message via MSN to Azazel_

Thank you for the feedback illidan92. The dimness of the night is an incentive for players to use the Night Vision Goggles, which would give you relatively clear vision. This is a design preference, and I will talk to more members of the community and evaluate their views as well.

I am happy to hear that actual Marine tactics work well in NOTD Aftermath. NOTD Aftermath 1.4b will be released in two weeks.

Aftermath 1.4b Change Log
Release Date: August 12th, 2006
General Themes of Change
- Bug Fixes
- Deathmatch Mode Improvements


Bug Fixes
- Fixed a problem where CM spells could be destroyed.
- Fixed Wild Touch buff icon. (Dronz)
- Fixed a source of crash when disarming non conventional mines. (manze)
- Fixed a recurrance of the dead player ranking up multiboard bug. (Ætherbeast)
- Some safeguards added related to exploits with Surveillance Sentries. (neorevenge)
- Combat Maneuvers now slows down air units.
- Reduced the chances of a rare crash during EM Sphere activation. (Demon12)
- 'Must target a ward' message changed to 'Must target a mine'. (neorevenge)
- Fixed a TOT Mission hotkey problem. (cryowraith)
- Fixed a problem where human controlled mini Corpsmen could not cure Disease. (neorevenge)
- Fixed a problem that caused Fluffy cinematic not to play. (Demon12)
- Fixed some Gargolye AI issues.
- Fixed some odd movement issues with F-22s, Black Hawks and Apaches. (Demon12, Amoyensis)
- Fixed some DM issues.
- FO's Laser Designator now produces the correct effects. (ichimaru-gin)
- Fixed an exploit with civilian walls. (killer211)
- Fixed a problem with the item system. (cyrowraith)
- DM Fire Mission times are now accurate. (Losing.Sanity)
- Mini Flamethrowers now cannot attack with 0 energy. (Dronz)
- Fixed a problem with Engineer's Nano Processor. (manze)
- Item stacking now works correctly with multiple boxes.
- Minimized a problem with idle Zulus.
- Fixed a bug where The Sheep could rescue civilians in Wave 7. (max)
- Corrected detonate tooltip. (DronZ)
- Fixed a rare problem where Game Over message would appear multiple times. (max)
- Mini marines now do not attack when manning the M242. (USMC-Delta)
- Minimized a problem where mini-marines do not lose the selection indicator after unmanning the M242. (USMC-Delta)
- Fixed a serious problem where using Combat Knife in DM causes TK issues.
- Fixed a vision problem with Comm. Array after it is destroyed. (kann[nIx])
- Slow effect from Combat Maneuvers now more accurate. (USMC-Delta)
- All Combat Engineer shotgun attacks now play correctly.
- Minimized an ammunition problem with Colt/DE when low on magazines. (killer211)
- Fixed a typo on Cocoons mission log. (Yupp)
- Fixed a typo on First Contact. (o-kagachi)
- Corrected Smoke Grenade tooltip typos on Delta Operator and Assaultman. (human4lyfe)
- Flamethrower will now reload correctly if he has 0 fuel during USS Independence resupply. (Stratoss)
- Fixed a problem that caused a variance in Hellfire and CAS damage.
- Minimized a problem where spamming Attention caused the animation to remain permanently.
- Flesh Composite now cannot spawn near town in Wave 4a. (Demon12)
- Changed 'can't impale this unit' text to 'Monofilament Cartridge does not work on this unit'. (manze)

New Features and Improvements
- All Fox Company Marines are now equipped with at least a Composite Armor. (Dronz)
- 5 second additional revival time in Deathmatch if killed by a player with lower kills than yourself.
- 10 second additional revival time for being TKed in Deathmatch.
- Additional hints and guides implemented in Boot Camp.
- Close Air Support kills in Deathmatch are now attributable to players.
- Game Mode and Difficulty now selected by Player Red/Host only.
- Boot Camp disabled in Single Player Mode. (cryowraith)
- Increased body armor weight.
- Weight added to more items.
- Chordatas now attack mines.
- Colt cooldown increased from 0.06 to 0.09 seconds. Damage reduced from 235 to 230. (Amoyensis)
- Improved XP and medal system.
- Improved DM gameplay and quality.
- Shiva missiles will now not ping in DM.
- Artillery barrage on Wave 3b is now further from town. (allenaw88)
- Smoke grenade now affects air units. (Zero)
- Mini Infantry Unit Leader, Sniper and Marksman added. (aetherbeast)
- LZ secure time increased from 20 to 25 seconds. (killer211)
- Some civilian men now use inventory items. They cannot carry weapons.
- Dark Clouds sub-mission added.
- Coding improvements made.
- Reduced Jump energy cost from 25 to 15. (illidan92)
- Wearing armor now slows you down for 3 seconds.
- You can now stack magazines with a full inventory and a box with spare capacity.
- Rifleman limit increased from 7 to 10. (Dronz)
- Colt and DE firing sounds are now 3D.
- Article 15 explanation given in Boot Camp. (Stefan)
- Navy Corpsman now carries a Combat Knife. (Stefan)
- Reduced Cannibalize cooldown from 10 to 5 seconds. (Reaper)
- Second Save now gives you the ability to earn medal progress. (Conquest-NOVA)
- You can now save up to 3 times in a game.
- Disabled Boot Camp mode in Nightmare. (Death_Phoenix)
- NVG is slightly more effective now. NVGs will now produce a sharper glare during the day.
- Critical Strike and Napalm maximum level increased from 5 to 7. (USMC-Delta)
- '-mymedals' command disabled on Chapter 3 until Prometheus' death or death of entire squad. (D1G1TALRON1N)
- Designated Marksman's Optical Scope ability adjusted. (lil_nicky888)
- White Phosphorus now only affects organic units. (D1G1TALRON1N)
- Forward Stations now usable for both Team Leaders.
- Navy Corpsman and Flamethrower class limits increased from 1 to 2.
- MQ-3 Predator now uses similiar attack fuel system as Flamethrower.
- Most structures can now be attacked.
- Atrien 12 drop will not occur during Moirae mission if the average rank of the squad is below GySgt. (cryowraith)
- TX-1 now adds 100 damage to Designated Marksmen, Mini Marksmen and Mini Snipers. 40 damage to other classes. (Conquest-NOVA)
- A seven question test is asked when Gunnery Sergeants are promoted to 2nd Lieutenants.
- Fire Teams now spawn relatively close to each other. (Ukyo)
- 'medic' correction notice only occurs when a chat string contains "medic " or only "medic".
- '-showmedals' command added to show medal list to all players. 'mymedals' now only displays for the triggering player. (Dronz)
- fifty percent less chance of getting fractures in solo games. (Demon12)
- IUL movement speed reduced slightly. IUL can now use Tactical Stance on himself.
- You now cannot reload with a full magazine. (human4lyfe)
- TOT Mission kill zone expanded from 900-1500 to 2500-3500. Artillery Shells used increased from 25 to 60. (Stratoss)
- Machine Gunner kill calculation factored to 60%.
- TOT Mission requires are now Level 5 Forward Observation Skills and Level 3 Fire Mission. (lil_nicky888)
- Quick Fire key added in Marine Actions.
- The Cloud now does not spawn after Prometheus' death. (DronZ)
- Units now cannot jump when trapped by the Nanosteel Net.
- Kevlar armor type renamed to M9 exoskeleton. (Demon12)
- Airfield Defense mission is considered a success only when at least three flights take off and the Communications Tower remains operational.
- Chain Explosive damage increased from 3000 to 6000. Reduced stack limit from 15 to 6.
- Chain Explosive Case charges reduced from 5 to 2.
- Surveillance Sentries are now items. Mission XP allocation altered.
- MQ-3 Predator's Stealth can now target any mechanical unit.
- Bite of Fury and Devour now have two levels. (Demon12)
- Combat Knife alternate icon for switching to firearm added.
- Added a mining pick weapon to some civilian men. (Monkonspd(scr))
- Burst Fire energy cost reduced from 35 to 20. (Stratoss)

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Default A Come Back.

NOTD Aftermath has been rebranded to (and is now a product of) Starlite ever since the dis-nouncement of our retirement from the project due to massive support from the undying fans to revive it because of the inspiration by NOTD Aftermath's philosophy that its not just another Warcraft III map, its an idea.

Recently, we have recruited a new member into Starlite by the nickname, R1ch@rd. His presense will further strengthen our position in spreading NOTD Aftermath's core values that is hard-coded within its 21,000 lines of codes.

In NOTD Aftermath 1.4b, you will see most of the changes taking place in the Deathmatch mode, in accordance with our current objective to move on to another spectre of the Warcraft III market, parallel to that of DotA-AllStars and further away from other survival map. The gap between Dota-AllStars and NOTD Aftermath have yet to be reduced but on the 17th August, 2006, Starlite has just launched a massive operation (codename Operation Starlite) launched on all servers of Warcraft III (took part by players of NOTD Aftermath map that was planned months before).

On that day, Starlite community launched massive hosting of NOTD Aftermath map for download as well as introduction by guiding new players on first-time-playing. The support overwhelmed the most commonly hosted DotA-AllStars map. This is an example of NOTD Aftermath working it's way from the outside core engine of Warcraft III by the public mass of Starlite, not in binaries. There have been reports of custom game channel filled with the map itself in almost all Battle.Net servers as well as screen shots taken during the operations where at least 300 new players downloaded the map on the day itself as well as a positive spike in official NOTD Aftermath (Starlite) site visit.

For the future, the map development branch of Starlite on NOTD Aftermath will be focusing on the graphical aspect of the game through public contributions by way of ideas, comments and art-work itself. Starlite is now actively publishing more guiding materials contributed by players of NOTD Aftermath in it's main page by the week and quality of articles is increasing. Most readers find the articles helpful and easy to read in their journey to further perfect their playing styles in NOTD Aftermath.

Apart from that, Starlite also had begun another project that took off humbly but bullish in its objectives called Databank (sister product of NOTD Aftermath map). It is not something new as Databank has been established at the same time NOTD Aftermath map peaked it's fame. Only recently, do we put in more focus in bringing Databank back up to it's latest operating state to keep up with new features demand as Starlite's NOTD Aftermath map referrence library.

There has been support for a call on second NOTD Aftermath map and gossips went that Starlite's map development team will make a parody version out of it if high interest bet on it. The thirst is never drenched, as the popularity grow and the idea behind NOTD Aftermath began to be taken seriously, Starlite feels the stress from it's wide reach of audience and welcomes any positive contribution anyone wants to offer to turn that idea into something real, where the only return Starlite can offer is the feeling of belonging to the greater cause.

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