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Closed Thread
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Old 05-23-2008, 02:33 AM   #31
Join Date: Sep 2007
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MegaStaff has little to show at this moment (0)


Hello, this is my first voting in a contest so ^^

I checked every hero and I was really impressed. Nearly every hero is done with lot of art and work and it was funny to try them in single player.

That said, I will split my vote between RiftStalker (I don't think I even need to say why I pick him, he's far superior to all the other heroes in my eyes: amazing skin+interesting concept+eyecandy spells) and BroodKing (for this one I really love every skill he has, even if I think his ulti would need a rework to make it a bit more useful/easy to aim because the idea was original and funny!). And this is it. Great job guys!
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Old 05-23-2008, 07:27 AM   #32
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My two votes are added for:

Rift Stalker because I really enjoyed the idea of first casting a spell and then dealing lots of damage. And I also think these spells are rather complex through improving each other and all of that. My first vote for that one!

My second vote is for: Heretic! Why? Because I liked the idea of Damned Damnation and also Victim was a really fun spell. The ulti is too imba and the second mana spell was crap... but anyway... i enjoyed these two spells that much... you got my second vote!
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Old 05-23-2008, 11:40 AM   #33
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admin notice:

This vote has been declared invalid by the administration, the reason we ask for an explanation for the vote was to avoid this sort of random votes, sorry str1der, at least you were honest though.

A really hard decision. I liked all the heroes with no exeptions, all unique and fun to play. Animations are of high quality as well There was no way I could chose only 2 amongst the 12 so I made my choice quite randomly.

I choose
Tidal Lord
Rift Stalker
being the first and the last in the list, and the ones with coloured map names.

P.S. Don't hate me... much
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Old 05-23-2008, 09:22 PM   #34
Vast Graphics Animator
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Submissions (17)

Chriz. has a brilliant future (831)Chriz. has a brilliant future (831)Chriz. has a brilliant future (831)Chriz. has a brilliant future (831)Chriz. has a brilliant future (831)Chriz. has a brilliant future (831)Chriz. has a brilliant future (831)

Hero Contest #2 - 2nd PlaceSkinning Competetion #3 - Elementals


Incubus - 1 point

Had an interesting model, though it was a shame it couldn't be polished due to a last minute creation. I can relate though. The gameplay was fun and I love that the animations were incorporated into the skills; the first and second especially were very fun and impressive. He was a very enjoyable hero.

Ogre Clan Shaman - 1 point

Fit most well into a melee game, and I personally liked the ultimate ability, I thought it was unique and served a decent purpose. The texture was nice as well, and it fit with the in-game ogres. I personally thought he was the best for a tavern because of the fact that he was based on a creep race as opposed to most of the others, mine included. His knockback skill was fun to play with.

Impressive work guys. And the rest as well of course, as everyone stated.
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Old 05-23-2008, 10:02 PM   #35
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Default vote for tidal lord

I vote for the tidal lord. I believe that his spell where he nukes an area and coverts killed units to mini tidals was extremely fun, especially when his ulti is on. The mana steal spell was a bit limiting in that most units dont have mana, but it would be great against a bunch of caster units.
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Old 05-24-2008, 12:33 AM   #36
Join Date: Mar 2008
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Scarlet has little to show at this moment (0)


Uhm, sorry this is so late.

I'm voting for the Tidal Lord for a few reasons - firstly, aside from a few minor things, I really liked the skin used (intimidating though that permanent, malevolent grimace may be!).

Next would be the skills (Duh!). I felt they would fit best out of all the entries in a standard melee game, as they were all simple and (excepting Dampen) quite useful, so to speak (Overpower would probably be, well, overpowered!). Still, though, the synergies between skills were obvious and it would be neat to see the hero in action in a ladder game (albeit with a few changes!), hence why I'm voting for it.

So, yeah, there's my vote! Good luck to everyone in the contest (even though you can't see this just yet)!
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Old 05-24-2008, 01:37 AM   #37
Free Software Terrorist
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Submissions (37)

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Hero Contest #3 - 2nd Place


Vote! one day left:

To add some suspense to the poll I decided to set the votes invisible for the last half, don't worry, the posts are in a safe place and will show up once the poll ends. Have fun voting.

Remember that you must post in this thread assigning your two points to one or two entries else your vote doesn't count (If you post your opinion in the discussion thread, it doesn't count as a vote) I would also prefer if your post included a detailed explanation for your decision. Another tip: try possitive criticism towards what you liked rather than being negative about what you didn't.

BTW, due to some requests for more time to correctly tests the 12 submissions, we are giving you one more day to vote in the poll.
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Old 05-24-2008, 01:05 PM   #38
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Submissions (1)

AceHart will become famous soon enough (28)

[Quicksilver#1] 2nd place


All Heroes reviewed. Playing only, no coding.
In three "categories":
- model, look and appearance
- spells, playability and looks, working, use, personal taste, ...
- doesitwork, would I actually want to use him in a game
0-10 points each(*).

In order of appearance when loading:

Tidal Lord:

Model 10
Spells 7
Doesitwork 3

Clearly my favorite model in the pack.
As for actually using him... I'm afraid I somewhat missed the point here.

Total: 20

Ancestral Guardian:

Model 8
Spells 7
Doesitwork 5

Sleep Walker is doing what exactly?

Extras: +1 on the weirdo factor of the model. I actually wasted time just walking him around.

Total: 21

Arcane Pilgrim:

Model 6
Spells 7
Doesitwork 6

Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a pink Firelord...

Extras: +1 on the spell book (there's an icon missing btw)

Total: 20

Bone Crusher:

Model 7
Spells 5
Doesitwork 7

I've already seen this Hero.
Or, rather, I've already seen this somehow, somewhere... hence the 5 only in spells.
He might work though if you used him in a melee game.

Total: 19

Brood King:

Model 8
Spells 5
Doesitwork 5

Either Aura of Decay doesn't work, or 50% is just not enough, or it actually worked and I missed it entirely.
The Spider Ball is interesting, but I didn't really get what it is supposed to do, sorry.

Extras: +1 on the <escape> menu

Total: 19


Model 6
Spells 5
Doesitwork 5

Reading the spell description somehow left me with this "does Pi * Sqrt(Int + Level)^0.35 % chance"-feeling...
I.e. I was running him around a bit, and gave up.
Not my type.

Total: 16

Fel Shaman:

Model 9
Spells 6
Doesitwork 4

Critters Call is doing what exactly? (Minus the part you see)
Or Blood Thirst.
Actually, only the Ultimate was clear.
Too complicated to use...

Total: 19

Hakkaro Overlord:

Model 6
Spells 6
Doesitwork 5

"lvup" is a somewhat weird abbreviation. It also doesn't do what it says as it sets you at level 10 instantly...

Extras: +1 Weirdness Award on Crimson Copy, +1 What-The-Heck Award on Blood Offering

Total: 19


Model 6
Spells 8
Doesitwork 7

12 year olds have nothing to do on a battlefield :P
"Damned Damnation amazes 6 enemies"... yes, that amazed me amazingly. Otherwise one of the better spells here.
Hell Gate... so, yes, it damages structures. Didn't get the rest of the description...

Total: 21


Model 8
Spells 6
Doesitwork 6

Flames are overkill.
Impale isn't new either.

Extras: +1 on Arcane Burst, -1 on Consume

Total: 20

Ogre Clan Shaman:

Model 4
Spells 6
Doesitwork 8

Runes are somewhat difficult to use.
Yes, I might actually use that thing in a game.

Extras: +1 on an Ultimate that puts your own Hero to sleep.

Total: 19

Rift Stalker:

Model 6
Spells 7
Doesitwork 6

He seems to have a permanent Critical Strike.
Clearly a killer.
Not exactly balanced vs default melee Heroes

Extras: +1 on Spectral Aspect

Total: 20

Strangely enough, that would put "The Boy" & "The Dragon that couldn't" in the top spots.
As such, I give one vote to "Ancestral Guardian", and one vote to "Heretic".
These votes are final, even if it turns out I can't add a couple numbers.

Overall, the testing, while somewhat long with the number of Heroes / Spells / Submissions, was never boring.

Now, if only a better modeler had teamed with a better coder had teamed with a more creative mind...


0-5: needs work, or a different reviewer
6: good
7: better
8: best
9: amazing
10: ludicrous

Numbers don't lie, don't they? YMMV
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Old 05-24-2008, 02:45 PM   #39
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Posts: 536

Zazzadar is on a distinguished road (10)


First point goes to: Tidal Lord because I felt its abilities were all in keeping with the theme of water and were useful yet simple, no overbearing wall-of-text tooltips here. I though Overpower especially was a clever ultimate, and the fact it’s a toggle rather than an “activate for xyz seconds” makes it just that bit cooler. The art for this hero was also my favorite of them all, it really did feel like a water version of the firelord and was good quality without being so incredibly detailed it stuck out like a sore thumb next to regular blizzard units.

Second point goes to: Bone Crusher, the art here wasnt as impressive but it did what it needed to do in terms of the mount ability (which I found very amusing and a good idea :)). I really cant get over how immensly cool both Uppercut and Charge were - fantastic job here.

Extra little note: To the makers of the Arcane Pilgrim, the Nethergate ability for the summoned drake was outstanding - really made me smile.
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Old 05-24-2008, 07:05 PM   #40
la la la
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Submissions (14)

2-P is a glorious beacon of light (425)2-P is a glorious beacon of light (425)2-P is a glorious beacon of light (425)


I'll only mention the two heroes I'm voting for, hope that's ok.
There are so many cool heroes, but I don't have the time (motivation =P) to comment on everyone.

One point for the Hakkari Overlord. (Best abilities)
+Simple spells that fit to the abilities of the other melee heroes.
+Good spell interaction, especially Crimson Copy which greatly boosts the effectivity of the first two spells. And every spell is still useful on its own.
+Blood Offering (ultimate) is my most favourite spell of all heroes. It's such a tricky spell, you have to be really careful with casting it. It can devestate your army when used wrong but also give a tremendous advantage when used well.
-What bothers me about the spell is that it doesn't consider the hit points of the units. It should sacrifice the "weakest" units with the lowest hit points.
+A hero that can live without a nuke spell.
+Crimson Copy has such a cute spawn animation. :)
+Surprisingly good skin. Looks ingame a lot better than on the preview images.

One point for the Incubus. (Best art)
+What a bad-ass model. And even fits into WC more or less! The steel claws and feet are so epic.
-A bit too much fire on the model for my taste.

Was a tough decision between him and the Tidel Lord. I chose the Incubus at the end because of his first two abilities, which make great use of the model/animation. (The spare effects of the Tidal Lord's spells don't do justice to the model.)
Sadly, it looks like Anitarf had no time to polish Spell Shield and Consume Soul, the effects are very... boring.
+He has a good assortment of abilities. Especially Spell Shield impressed me.
-The ultimate seems kinda plain and stupid. Something like bonus life (and mana) for every nearby dying unit would fit better to him IMO.
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Old 05-24-2008, 09:52 PM   #41
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Posts: 43

dhobby has little to show at this moment (0)


I vote for Vexorian's hero, Ancestral Guardian I believe. Sorry I don't remember the name of Vexorian's partner but the model is pretty good too. I like this hero mainly because of the "Shadow Protector"(don't remember name but it makes a shadow on the targetted unit. The shadow attacks) skill and the fairly good model. On a side note I found a bug where if you're in ulti mode and you die and ankh revives you the health degeneration aura is not properly removed. The hero will continue to degenerate until it dies a second time. Screenshot position: 1st row, 1st column from the left

My second vote would go to the Bone Crusher. It has an an interesting idea for an ultimate(getting a mount). Unfortunately it doesn't feel like an ultimate. Overall this hero is the type I like to play, Tank-based. Uppercut(I believe thats the name) and Charge(not sure of name) has great synergy. Uppercut's animation is smooth but Charge has a bug where if your into an obstacle(building) the Bone Crusher continues to try to run toward the designated location for a certain amount of time. He can't cancel the charge. Just in case I got the name wrong this vote goes to the hero in the picture in the first 1 row and 3rd column from the left of Vexorian's screenshot post.
Searching for Jass and GUI proof reader
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Old 05-24-2008, 11:59 PM   #42
KrewL RaiN
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Submissions (5)

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Default KR Votes

Brood King +1

I felt this hero was very close to melee style, with simplistic and interesting spells. Only drawback was the ultimate, which really didn't fit and wasn't very useful, cause your taking your units out of combat for random hits on enemy's. You eather get lucky with a lot of hits, or completely take your units out of combat and they end up bouncing somewhere else. This hero would of gotten 2 points if the ult wasn't meh.

Arcane Pilgrim +1

This hero has a lot of interesting potential. Its unique with its caster support/ani caster ability's but he seems more of a secondary hero choice with his current skill set. Most casting units are teer 2/3. The ultimate burnt my eyes out, but a crazy mana regain = more caster fun. Could chance the tide of war with more priest healing with an extra nuke spam for example. But this ult wouldn't really see the light of day since I really feel its a secondary support hero.
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Old 05-25-2008, 12:57 AM   #43
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Blue.Frog has little to show at this moment (0)


A) Fitting into melee
B) Quality of texture
C) Quality of hero
D) Coherence
E) Skill fun-factor

Based on the above criteria, the two heroes that I thought deserved points were the Fel Shaman and the Hakkari overlord.

Fel Shaman

A) The skills just worked for a melee hero. His life-steal buff is an example of what I would call a "perfect" melee skill. It's simple, effective, and has great utility. His critter spell seemed out of place with his other skills, but it was fun to cast, and the basic idea of it (mass slow skill that could be used to block a retreating army) would serve well in a melee game. His passive is really cool, too. This would be another "perfect" melee skill. His ult is the skill that I liked the least. It did fit well into his skill set though. The extra attack speed works with the life drain buff and his passive.

B) I really liked this hero's skin. It was adequately detailed and went perfectly with the theme of the hero. It's also probably the only owl bear skin that I've seen that I liked. There's not much else to say.

C) The spells seemed to work when I tested it (they didn't bug or break down). The effects for the spells were just right. Nothing over the top (most melee heroes don't have over the top effects).

D) Except for the critter spell, the other spells worked together nicely. The critter spell seemed like something thrown in there at the last minute because the creators couldn't think of another spell to go with the skill set (but I could be wrong.)

E) The critter spell was fun to cast. The other ones were cool too.

So, one point to the Fel Shaman

Hakkari Overlord

A) First skill worked as the typical army and self buff. The toggle able life drain aura could have been better. It works, especially if the hero is surrounded by enemies, but it just seems eh. The third skill was just awesome. Probably one of the most badass effects that I've seen. That's a problem though, as the effects for that skill are too much for a melee hero. What the skill actually does is just right though. The ult is fine as well, no complaints there.

B) KR made a very clean skin that goes perfectly with it's model and theme. No complaints at all.

C) The effects were all quality. They went with the theme of the hero, had visually appealing effects (third one, although great, needs to be toned down).

D) The spells don't really combo, but that's fine, because they're all useful.

E) All except the second skill were fun to cast.

One point to the Hakkari Overlord

If I had 4 points to distribute, I would have given the other two to the Ogre and the Tidal Lord.
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Old 05-25-2008, 02:49 AM   #44
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Posts: 2

Kings_Mercy has little to show at this moment (0)


Im going to put one point towards bone crusher, because i love his ult isnt some super imbalanced i win move its more of a chasedown move. Something to use after youve been widdling down their health for awhile and they are trying to escape with those few remaining points of life. I also really liked the furry. A third of a second doesnt seem like much but once hes surrounded and being attacked the skill becomes amazing, loved it.

My second point im going to put towards Brood King. I like the spider shield because of how it is set up. Its not a spider summoned takes damage dies and you have to make a new one. Its basically dmg reduction per hit at the cost of mana. I can see that saving him when hes running with low health and that lead enemy unit is getting in an attack every few seconds. I also really like his spike trap. I love the aspect of a sneak attack, i can also see using it to toss enemy units closer to towers.

I liked stuff on the other heroes as well, such as the netherdrake for his scouting ability i could see where that fast scouting could be really handy. I really liked the skin on the fel shaman, i dont know why i just really liked it. I like the idea of the overlord casting crimson copy and then having the real version and the copy use lifetap, i could see that as an awesome group killing combo. I liked the ogre clan shamans crushing blow skill i can see coming up from behind a group hanging close to your base and slamming a nice chunk of them into some towers or even into some creeps.

Anyway my points go +1 to Bone Crusher and +1 to Brood King.
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Old 05-25-2008, 03:13 AM   #45
Mc !
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Submissions (101)

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Hero Contest #3 - 2nd PlaceModeling session 2 - Chimeras

Send a message via MSN to Mc !

One of my points goes to the Ogre Clan Shaman, it has a good combination of spells as well as a great skin, the spells go perfectly with an ogre's personality, the ultimate could have been a normal spell though, but anyways, a great hero.

And the second one goes for the Tidal Lord. It's a great model (even though,the team colored parts don't really fit in my opinion) but I don't think the spells are related enough with water, yet the spells were nice and worked well together..

Awesomeness = #Rep / #Posts
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