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Closed Thread
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Old 05-20-2008, 11:07 AM   #16
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Submissions (2)

ashujon will become famous soon enough (33)ashujon will become famous soon enough (33)

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The Heretic - 2 points

Probably the best hero at this competition (though all heroes are fine).

Art: all is made qualitatively enough, standard textures are perfectly used. Spells supplement a demonic image of the hero.

Spells: here too all is wonderful. Good effects have very much liked, and well approach for melee maps. Combination Damned Damnation + Revenge has especially liked. Also interestingly

for example has to take with itself of the butcher with low HP, to make the way on base to the enemy, to blow up the butcher (wonderfully that before explosion the unit is accelerated) and to blow up still a farm and to use a scroll of teleport... Nice!

Ah yes, very much it was pleasant that it is possible to dispel buff from a damnation

More I shall describe nobody, and once again I shall tell that all heroes very good) (but Heretic the best)

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Old 05-20-2008, 11:37 AM   #17
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Submissions (4)

Toadcop is just really nice (299)Toadcop is just really nice (299)

Approved Map: TcXSpell Making Session 10 Winner

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Duhh it was hard xD... and i made a perfect decision =)
i give
1 POINT to Tidal Lord cause i really liked the qualitative well made model (epecialy the way how textures was used and the teamcolor parts.) and yes thats all =) i won't spend other point on some on else cause it would be unfair from my side to the other pizdatyh heroes.
aka i see no clear winner here.
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Old 05-20-2008, 02:25 PM   #18
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2 points to Heretic.

Although the English for the tooltips was awful, the model was nice, the spell effects were snazzy and the hero didn't feel too "AoS"ish.

Honourable mention goes to the Ogre Clan Shaman, with an awesome knock back skill.
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Old 05-20-2008, 06:33 PM   #19
Captain Griffen
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Submissions (2)

Captain Griffen is a glorious beacon of light (497)Captain Griffen is a glorious beacon of light (497)Captain Griffen is a glorious beacon of light (497)Captain Griffen is a glorious beacon of light (497)Captain Griffen is a glorious beacon of light (497)

Approved Map: Warlords[Quicksilver #2] - 1st Place


Bone CrusherThat ultimate is just awesome. The animation is so excellently done, the abilities are nice (although I have my doubts about how well they'd fit with melee, that'd apply to all the heroes). And the geomerge actually looked pretty good.
Ogre Clan ShamanNicely skinned, and I liked the abilities as well. Felt a little lacklustre, but I think that his role was nicely laid out in a subtle way, particularly with that ultimate.

One point to each.
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Griffen is correct, you are not.
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I say!
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Submissions (3)

Sunwarrior25 will become famous soon enough (30)Sunwarrior25 will become famous soon enough (30)

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I gave these guys a whirl, and two stick out for me.

1 point to the Rift Stalker. His combos worked quite well, and, although I bought him at level 10 He managed to knock back the opponents. His skin could use a little more work, but it's fine where it is.

1 point to the Ogre Clansmen. I didn't get a chance to play him... them to their entirety, I was able to experiment with those very useful Bloodrunes.

I would just like to comment on another favorite: the Brood King. Although he might sound fun, I ended up chasing all of my units that got caught in the Bug Ball - which is bugged (pun not intended). I selected a few of my units, included the Hero, and used Ctrl + 1. Whenever I tried to select that group afterwards (to coordinate my attacks), it automatically selected the "Missile" unit.

Everyone else did fine, I think. Great job guys (and girls)

Alright, I have gotten a chance to play these Heroes. And I think that the following two deserve one point each:
  • Rift Stalker - This guy's combos were like nothing I have ever seen before. Just creep until level 6, and this guy kicks rear. His skin wasn't my favorite, but it fit his personality...
  • Ogre Clansman... Men? - Although I didn't have the time to fully test this guy in a melee environment, I did get a chance to see his Blood Runes . From what I have seen, He... They, might hold his... their own in one of those very annoying rushes.

Good job to both of you.
  • A note on the Brood King. I found the Ulti bugged. While it did what it was supposed to do, I was unable to select group 1 (Ctrl + 1), and was redirected to the "Missile" unit whenever I tried to. I'd appreciate it if this were fixed. The Brood King also had a tendency to die against the AI, whenever I was forced to protect an outpost. Good job anyways.
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Missing You All at Wc3c
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Submissions (18)

Tim. is a name known to all (503)Tim. is a name known to all (503)Tim. is a name known to all (503)Tim. is a name known to all (503)Tim. is a name known to all (503)

Approved Map: PiratesSpell making session 3 winner


Very nice work by all entrants. As many are aware by activity on the modding end of Warcraft III has been...absent, of late. I am glad I was able to make time to review the entries for the second Hero Contest. Now, on to my votes!

Hero Contest:
Bone CrusherBeing a modeler myself I can respect how well the hero model was done for this entry. I have not modeled in over a year, but unless there has been major changes it's not always that easy to modify existing models. I felt the ultimate's animation was very well done, however I might have mimicked the Shadow Wolf's particle emitters and lightning. Aside from that the ascetics were quite effective. The abilities themselves seemed like they would fit well into a Wc3 melee map. The first ability did not seem to take pathing into consideration, however, and I flung several peons to their doom within the trees. My only other issue with this hero was it's voice set. It seemed to only have 2 pieces of dialog, which after playing with for five minutes became extremely monotonous.
IncubusAgain, from the perspective of a modeler the unit was unique. It had some interesting animations, and the skin was very clean. As for the abilities I was not so much impressed by the shield, as a blue shield animation did not seem to fit in with the rest of the hero's theme. The ultimate also did not seem flashy enough, it just appeared as though a unit died and the hero got health. Some kind of effect would have been nice to signify what happened. However the hero itself seemed to fit very well in the game, and I could easily see it being integrated into the Tavern on a melee map.

So, Bone Crusher gets 1 point, and Incubus gets 1 point as well.

As previously stated, nice work to all, I'm glad to see the community is still lively.
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Dragon.Head has little to show at this moment (1)


I would like to vote as well, if I may. I just went through a go with the entries and all of them were pretty excellent.

1 Point to Clan Ogre Shaman : The abilities were great, I really loved Crushing Blow, the animation was perfect for it! Although I expected a farting ogre, sleeping ogres work too! :D The skillset and the hero are cute :)

1 Point to Bone Crusher : The animations were excellently made, I love the way the wolf is summoned! The uppercut skill was pretty fun to play with, but abuseable and can hurl a Hero into a bunch of trees, effectively taking 1 Hero from the enemy permanently :O I felt that his passive stunned for too little :|

Rift Stalker : Well the skin wasn't too good, I don't know what it was supposed to be, a robot? The first skill was fine, but the others are way too complicated for a melee hero :(

Incubus : The model was good, although the portrait lacked talk animations :D The first and second skill were pretty neat! But that's it, the others felt like fillers. The shield could have been auto-cast with a lower cooldown, it only blocks 1 targeted spell. The ultimate.. Didn't really feel like an ultimate to me. Charm works like it, but quite better since you get control of the target. I feel it is underpowered and also lacking in the artsy department :(

Ancestral Guardian : The model looked really awesome, quite badass for a dragon! :D The skills synergize quite well. One thing though, Sleepwalker's tooltip says it protects the target, but it doesn't really do that when I target it on an enemy unit :D Fiery Spirit is super nice! It's too superpowered though, but very cool.

Brood King : I liked the model, and also the cutie spiderlings :D The burrow skill is good I guess, in fact, too good for hero rushes. Instead of going for a Blademaster, you could go for this hero and just burrow and unburrow on acolytes gathering gold. Atleast until the enemy gets a dust of appearance. Spider shield was cute! Although I don't know how much damage is reduced, maybe I overlooked at the tooltip..

Hakkari Overlord : I personally love the Naga model and the skin is very nice! Great job there! The skillset could have used more thinking.. Crimson Copy was a pretty good Mirror Image alternative, Gale of Retribution could have used some other ways to get a windy effect. The ultimate is pretty good though, useful when a unit is going to die, you can deny exp and gain 6 more units! :D

Tidal Lord : The model was very excellent! I liked it alot :) But sadly, the skillset doesn't do it enough justice! Dampen went in the opposite direction, it silences after a unit casts a spell. I see that after that he can't cast his other abilities, but it seems to me it's only really good against channeling spells. So what if I got silenced? I threw a hammer at you which stunned for 5 seconds and dealt 300 damage! Surge becomes obsolete when Overpower is on, you drain more mana than you steal, and when there are no more nearby units with mana, it'll all go down the drain. Drown(I forgot the 2nd skill name) is good, and becomes better with Overpower, but that's the only firepower of the hero. Once you're out of mana or silenced, you can't do jack sh*t. The skillset could have been thought out of more :(

Arcane Pilgrim : The skin was.. Different, pretty neat imo ;) He's a very powerful supporter, I loved how most of the abilities were different versions of Blizzard skills! <3 Arcane Link is a pretty cute idea, Spirit Link ftw! :D I also love the mana burning version of Incinerate! Very clever. The drakes are very useful for scouting and adding some firepower to your troops, the nether portals looked nice :) Energy Sphere lasted for too long and had too long cooldown, players usually don't stay in one area long and certainly not as long as the duration of this ultimate. It should have lasted shorter with a shorter cooldown and lesser channeling time, that makes it more useful. No points for this though :( But this is 5th place in my top-list :D

Divinder : I haven't noticed any custom art, but this definitely has alot of potential! Blessed Hammer is a pretty good channeling crowd control skill! Although it'd be hard to aim it at a specific target.. Guardian Spirit is also a nice buff, and I like the synergy with Meditation Aura. Divine Punishment is an awesome ultimate! It'd own those fast attackers with low damage(a ghoul?) but slow attackers with huge damage(mountain giants) don't get as much ownage. 4th place in my top-list! :)

Heretic : This Hero was well made. Damned Damnation could have had a better name, but it's really nice against an army with low hp units and high hp units! Revenge is also very good for denying exp and dealing damage. Victim felt a little like a filler skill though, it was kinda random in my opinion, but it's still a good defensive skill. Hell Gate looks good and owns your mom! I really love the theme and cohesion, a pentagram and if it's below 666 hp it's annihilated.. <3! But what really lacked here was the terrible english in the tooltips, but that's not too much of an issue :D 3rd place in my top-list ;D

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Submissions (22)

abriko is a jewel in the rough (159)abriko is a jewel in the rough (159)


My top :)


What i'm looking when i'm playing is to have fun. The ideas for this bone cursher, simple but nice and well done, give me fun. The hero is really consitent and his spells are easy and fun to use. He can be played in melee game but also in RPG game.
But i think you rework the ultimate. Make a morph ability and change the last spell for each form, or something else instead of a temporary transformation.


Nice hero, easy, powerfull and well done. The bone crusher is his friend ^^ His only problem is that the spells are very easy and if the player play it 1 hour, it can be very boring. Not a great difference between the level and the level 10.


His spells are great... but his ultimate sucks a lot !!! What the hell is this ulti ? there is no coherence with the others. So rework it. I think that the conversion ( changing an enemy to a allied unit) can be very great ! Because after that, you can use the second spell to kill the unit and deals more damage. Limit the conversion by the level of the unit, and add an expiration timer so the player can't use the unit for something else.
With this ulti, the hero can be played in RPG :)

..oh and i don't like the model. He looks like a knight not really dark and animations sucks for a man.


The model sucks a lot !! -.- What a pity ! Because the spell are great, coherent and fun. I could give 2 points for it if the model was better.

Hakkari Overlord

The graphic for the spell of the double is ugly and poor... but this hero can be fun in melee game, on the battlefield. His ulti is a nice choice and give ideas for a good gameplay.

And the top of the poor heroes :

Brood king : Ugly model, ugly effect, what the hell is this ultimate ? O.o
Blazefurry : Useless and complicated. Stop calculate and do it for the fun.
Arcane Pilgrim : Give me money to play it ^^
Divinder : Boring
Fel shaman : 0
Rift stalker : can be fun but rework it, he is limited and model is so ugly.


Hakkari Overlord : 1 POINT
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Old 05-21-2008, 05:41 PM   #24
Procrastination Incarnate

Development Director
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Submissions (19)

Anitarf has a brilliant future (903)Anitarf has a brilliant future (903)Anitarf has a brilliant future (903)Anitarf has a brilliant future (903)Anitarf has a brilliant future (903)Anitarf has a brilliant future (903)Anitarf has a brilliant future (903)Anitarf has a brilliant future (903)

2008 Spell olympics - Fire - SilverApproved Map: Old School Alliance TacticsHero Contest #2 - 3rd PlaceSpell making session 2 winner


I distribute my two points between Bonecrusher and Ogre Clan Shaman.

The thing that influenced my vote the most was how well the Hero worked in melee. While many heroes might have had more impressively coded abilities, they often didn't work particularly well in the melee environment or were just too complicated. There were many cases when the tooltip didn't really tell me what the ability really does, and I don't mean only the submissions from people who are bad at english.

Saying that this influenced my vote the most does not mean that it was the only thing I judged by, though. I wasn't really taking Bonecrusher as a serious contender until I used his ultimate, when I went OMGWTF like many others. It looked like a really bland submission up until that point and then suddenly it was totally badass. Then I noticed other details like the roll animation when you hit an obstacle for example. I was really impressed what custom animations did with that model, maybe it's all just mind games and artificialy created low expectations but darn it, I was impressed. The tooltips of the spells might not have been the best and it was difficult to say how balanced the skills really were, but in terms of working and fitting in melee they were still quite good.

The Ogre had a solid skin too, but that's not what made me choose him, merely prevented me from not choosing him. It's the abilities, they were well coded and simple-yet-effective and classic and funny, in that order. Most importantly, they all worked in melee, you could pick any of them as your level 1 skill and go kick ass with it. The knockback one was a bit extraordinary but then again we all like to show off our coding skill by moving units around on periodic timers, I think a large majority of heroes did something like that. The rest were simple, they didn't need half a screen's worth of tooltips to explain exactly what they did. Sleep as an ultimate might seem a bit odd, but considering it's my favourite skillset I shouldn't really complain.
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Here-b-Trollz has a spectacular aura about (149)

Hero Contest #2 - 2nd Place


2 Points to Ogre Clan Shaman

I thought this was the best hero in the contest. The skin was really well done, although it would have been awesome if there would have been a few more defining features - while I realize this is supposed to be a wc2 ogre shaman, it still looks a bit too much like the other ogres to be a hero.

The skill breakdown:
  • Knockback:
    The knockback was really simple, but a hero like this needs a knockback. The animation already on the model makes this spell hilarious to watch, although I thought maybe the collision range on the knocked back units was a little large (I could see units getting knocked back with clear visible space between them and the 'ejectie').

  • Bloodlust:
    AoE bloodlust is also incredibly simple, but this one is kinda just fun to watch - I feel like my heart starts racing when all those red and orange FX start up. It's also nice because it is recognizable as a wc3 skill, but is a more powerful, slightly altered hero version (for instance the difference between heal and holy light).

  • Runes:
    Runes... what can I say... I loved using this spell. I would probably suggest using images as Cas said, but this spell synergies really well with the knockback, and in some cases bloodlust (if you are running away, the bloodlust gives a bit of a gap in which you can drop a trap, then run more - it's an effective deterrent). Again the red was just invigorating.
  • Hibernation:
    Hibernation was the only skill that really disappointed me. Sure, it works well, but I felt it wasn't... 'cool' enough. The one thing I liked about it though was that it was extremely effective at keeping him IN combat - even though he couldn't attack. If you took him out of the fighting for only a few seconds and casted this spell, he'd be at full hp and mana as soon as it finished. So props to you on that, but I'd have rather seen a spell where he jumps into the air and pounds the ground with his ass and THEN falls asleep. :p

That's why my two cents go to the Ogre Clan Shaman (nice job guys).
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Submissions (23)

AnemicRoyalty is a name known to all (524)AnemicRoyalty is a name known to all (524)AnemicRoyalty is a name known to all (524)AnemicRoyalty is a name known to all (524)AnemicRoyalty is a name known to all (524)AnemicRoyalty is a name known to all (524)

Skinning Contest #14 WinnerSkinning Contest #15 WinnerHero Contest #2 - 1st Place


ok, this was a tough call, since there are so many brilliant entries in this contest.

i give one point to:
Tidal Lord
Excellent hero all round. Easily the best art-wise, well balanced, adds a new dimension to the game and is fun to play. It seems to be inclined towards an AoS style hero, but so are some of the more recent blizz ones as well, so I guess thats ok.

and i give one point to:
I don't care if it's imba as hell, this hero was extremely fun to play. Not to mention the art was brilliant as well, my jaw hit the keyboard when I realised it was an animation submission.

As I said, it was a very tough call - there was not one entry that I tested that I didn't enjoy. All had excellent spells and excellent artwork xD
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Shadow Daemon
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Submissions (2)

Spec has a spectacular aura about (118)Spec has a spectacular aura about (118)Spec has a spectacular aura about (118)Spec has a spectacular aura about (118)

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I tested all heroes and gave them special marks for several parameters: design, spells, balance and playability. Any of this parameters varies from 0 ("govnovo", "shitty") to 9 ("neviebenno", "awesome").

Hero Name
DesignSpellsBalancePlayabilityTotal points
Ancestral Guardian998834
Arcane Piligrim988631
Bone Crusher788730
Fel Shaman787830
Hakkari Overlord898833
Ogre Clan Shaman886830
Rift Stalker899834
Tidal Lord987832

Top 3:
1. Heretic - very good submission, non-standard theme (hmm, I guess that this hero is a mixture of Death Knight and Firelord ^_^), but a little imbalanced with passive skill. It was quite fun to test (especially with exploding spell).
2. Rift Stalker - this one is artist was able to make skin only, not custom model - that's a pity. But imho it's most balanced hero in the contest. Synergy and effects of spells are really nice.
3. Ancestral Guardian - hero design is almost epic. Model looks awesome. Ultimate is very strong (almost imbalance). Recurring dream seems to me very strange - guardian stays on the cycled conveyor, huh? :)

So... One point to Heretic (due to "neviebenno"), and another one point to Rift Stalker ("ahuenno").
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Worker Ant

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Submissions (36)

jigrael is a splendid one to behold (695)jigrael is a splendid one to behold (695)jigrael is a splendid one to behold (695)jigrael is a splendid one to behold (695)

Hero Contest #3 - 1st PlaceBattle Droids Model Competition Winner


Im not an excelent melee player, in fact I think Im below the average lol, anyway I had fun with the heroes, with some more than with others. So my votes:

1 point to Ogre Clan Shaman, his spells were for my taste the most fun and well done. I had lots of fun with this one. Nice skin, I would have wanted another theme but in fits nicelly into war3.

1 point to Bone Crusher: animations, need I say more? I think its spells where very cool, that mixed with Chriz awesome skils made an enjoyable game. One thin that bothered me is that this hero looked too small, I know its animations that need to be judged here, but hell if only the contest where more open to artists...

As I said Im not an expert melee player and I almost dont play war3, so my votes are based in the fun I had while playing the map, more than in synergy between spells or that stuff. Ofcourse I kept both eyes open for bugs.

So why didnt I vote for the others? Ill mention some:

-Ancestral Guardian.- I was playing and all seemed fine, but at some point I casted that shadown spell and my hero somehow became the shadown so he earned an eearie and slow responce to my commands. That bug was a great anoyance, I couldnt take him out of battles..., thats why I wont vote for him.

-Fel Shaman.- It lagged when I used all the spells in combination, plus that the bones followed the hero was...not well done, if it were been smooth it would be okay, but it was choppy(the bones moving on the ground). Also at level 10, I could go alone and kill EVERYTHING, this hero is not well balanced.

-Incubus.-All spells okay, its just that the model was too bleh to look at (sorry TDR, but I know what u are capable of, this is not a good example, I specially dislike the particles)

-Brood King.- Some nice spells, but he looks too much like a crypt fiend, plus I found a bug in the model, at some point I realised that some of the spiders that follow the hero had disapeared, and that they didnt cause ripples when walking on wather, not much of a problem really, but as I said he looks too much like a crypt fiend, also his ultimate is weird.
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I must say, pretty much all of these heroes but a few (won't name them because that would be discrimination) were of great design and were very well thought out, but there is one i think who deserves special mention

Bone Crusher- Wow, this hero truly blew me away when i saw him, everything about him just flowed, his passive roar seemed an imaginative touch to the hero that the other heros just seemed to lack, charge attack and an uppercut combo was a cleverly designed set of skills that work beautifully together, and of course, this orc isn't complete without being able to mount his wolf! One of the best hero designs i've seen for awhile. Awesome job by them!

Though i must admit..that dragon had a pretty win ultimate..

Wow, i forgot to mention, that both my points were put towards the bone crusher, sorry about that.
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Burning Rose
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Both Points are going to the Tidal Lord.

Most of the Heroes seemed completely thrown together, despite some pretty cool art and effects. One thing I want to say is that Ability synergy means very little if it's a passive thing (Example, the Diviner.... (I think... The guy with the hammers) having a spell that gives a buff and also helps with your passive aura means nothing, really. You can completely ignore the synergy and it's the same playstyle, which is a problem.).

I really loved the Tidal Lord because you could use his spells well together to do Okay, but combined with his ultimate he could burn practically all his mana in a burst of fun! Then he had the mana spell, which used well in the right positioning helped him regain mana after a burst.

I know that all sort of "well, yeah. That's what the abilities do", but it felt really intuitive, as opposed to a lot of the Heroes. And the Synergy actually changed the playstyle, as opposed to a lot of the other Heroes. In addition, that is a freaking sweet model, and I'm assuming since this is a combination Art & Code competition I'm assuming our vote should be at least a little influenced by that.

Other Stuff:
Nether Gate: Freaking Cool. Wish you had put more stuff together to fit with this.
Ogre's Knockback: Really awesome spell, but not particularly fitting IMO.

An AoS with control over creeps? CRAZY!Battle for Maelaru, v0.93c, is out and can be found here! Help me test it!

You can also find the map, Patch Notes, and the website, here!
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