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Closed Thread
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Old 01-11-2009, 07:10 PM   #1
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Hero Contest #3 - 2nd Place

Default Hero Contest #3 - The Poll

This thread will contain the votes for the hero contest III, some instructions:
  • Download the hero contest entries: HeroContest3.7z
  • To vote, you go to http://www.wc3campaigns.net/schvote.php?contestid=2 .
  • Do your vote, a vote involves on ranking the heroes from best to worst, the lower the rank you give to a hero, the better the entry will place.
  • Ties are allowed, a tie happens when you give the same rank to two or more heroes.
  • For every option you rank, you must provide an explanation.
  • If you have nothing good to say about a hero, you can decide to pick "-- No vote --", notice that all heroes you don't vote for will be considered tied at the last place.
  • All what matters is the order of the ranks, the numbers don't matter that much (for example, 1-3-7 is the same as 1-2-3)
  • For more questions/problems, feel free to contact me.
  • The poll ends Sunday Jan 25th, 2009. This should give everybody enough time to test and vote extensively, no extensions.
  • The top five heroes will be selected using the Schulze Method and pass to the judging phase.
  • [If you are a contestant: Make sure to vote for your submission in 1st place with no other submissions tied, use "==I made it==" as its reason. Make sure to also rank other entries...
  • If you made any mistake with your vote, send me a PM asking me to remove the vote (So you can vote again), if the request is well-justified I will do it.
  • To discuss the votes, go here .
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. Behemoth: Awesome ((Edit by admin): He made it)!
  • 2. DeadEye: Pretty sweet, solid model, cool skills.
  • 3. ArcaneRanger: Very badass SFX and skillset.
  • 4. Annelord: Loved the ultimate sequence.
  • 5. DarkApothecary: Didn't really get a feel for this guy being useful in an actual game.
  • 6. TheUnderRuler: Kinda cool, didn't care for his ultimate though.
  • 7. DreadBerserker: Eh.
  • 8. MageHunter: Seemed like alot of stuff was copied from the Anit-Mage from dota.
  • 9. DemonHuntress: Didn't seem to flow right.
  • 10. GraveReaper: Horrible Skin.
  • 11. AvengerOfFaith: Bugged, if you used the Blink on an item he would blink twoards the center of the map.

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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. ArcaneRanger: This guy was awesome. His spells were very nice. Flashy, but not overly so. I didn't really get the point of the switch-arrow, but it looked nice. I didn't get why "Enchant" remove your mana, but I realized it was returned. I liked how he was really simple to use, too. Outstanding job, liked him loads more than your last submission.
  • 2. DeadEye: Another magnificent submission. I could feel the character coming out of this guy, it was amazing. My only beef was he didn't feel so much like a ranger, but he obviously was. Barrage and Graverobber were alright. While the ultimate was crazy cool, it didn't make me think "Wow this guy is a ranger" at all, and I feel it should have. The model felt kind of out of place but it was okay.
  • 3. Behemoth: I don't think he really fit in with the other undead. He was just way too bright. His abilities were really sweet though. I loved ripping the shit out of my enemies. Tied for third, I say, I just think he should have been a bit darker, he was far too fleshy and not dead enough.(Ha ha?)
  • 3. DarkApothecary: Yay, this guy was pretty fun. First main beef was that Atrophy and the next one (apologies for forgetting the name) were nearly identical in their visual effect. It kinda bummed me out when I couldn't tell which ability I just used even though I was in control. But he was overall one of the best.
  • 4. Annelord: I liked this guy, he felt like a melee hero. The Annelids had very low HP though, and died incredibly fast. His Ult was pretty awesome, too, and would be really useful. I realize you lacked lots of artistic involvement (the mace on the hand was removed was all I noticed) and that's really the only reason I knocked you down a place. Great Job, Pyro.
  • 4. DemonHuntress: Argh. I realize it probably took some work, but it's like, an ethereal huntress. In my opinion it was pretty lame. The abilities were cool (I guess the Ult is more useful in an actual melee game), so GJ Ani. I just wish that the model was a bit cooler, you'd be up there farther, at least for me.
  • 4. TheUnderRuler: The model was too close to the already existant dreadlord for my tastes. However, his moves where pretty cool. Great job, he was fun to just smash creeps with and repeatedly spawn pentagrams and then summon some demons. Good job.
  • 5. AvengerOfFaith: Interesting. His toggle was pretty nifty, but I expected it to spiral at them, haha. The ult was pretty okay, I didn't really like the blinking too much. You could like, blink into deep water, but that's not your fault. For stuff like this use Dusk's Terrain Pathing system. Anyway, a good job again, I just didn't find him too fun.
  • 5. DreadBerserker: This guy was okay. I wasn't a huge fan of the skin though. Don't get me wrong, I love your skins, END, just not this one so much. His ultimate was okay. Like, unkillable mirror images. Ooh, I just noticed that heal, that's neat. His passive was pretty neat too. Good work.
  • 6. MageHunter: Meh. I guess the hero was okay. Wasn't really exciting. Nothing really else to say...
I could not test GraveReaper, it told me "The game was not found" when I tried to open the map, I don't know why. Sorry about that. Otherwise, excellent job everyone!

If I missed anything really important with someones hero, please point it out in the discussion thread.
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Hero Contest #3 - 2nd PlaceModeling session 2 - Chimeras

Send a message via MSN to Mc !
Default Hero contest III

  • 1. ArcaneRanger: ==I made it==
  • 2. DeadEye: The idea of an skeleton archer turned to a hero might not sound too amazing but with a proper model and epic skills it could have been just great. The skills didn't help too much though.

    The model is really nice, I simply love his face. The bow is also truly amazing, and his spell animation is great. But the voice does not really fit into a skeleton archer, no matter how epic or not this one is.

    Still, I didn't like much the barrage spell, it's too common and overused for many archers, making him look as if he were one skeletal archer more. Rickets was a nice buff, which seemed to fit on him. Graverobber was a truly interesting spell, which gives the archer a tad bit of originality, and fits him quite nice. And about the ultimate, it was nice and flasy, I just feel that if the enemy side does not have anyone with the ability to stun the spell is just unstoppable, but then again, Big Bad Voodo is similar on this aspect.

    Another thing I don't really like is the name, heroes usually have quite common and generic names, but DeadEye sounds too much like a proper name more than anything.
  • 2. DreadBerserker: The idea of an undead Troll is plainly amazing, and not too common. Trolls are already an interesting race, but when becoming undead they could have a lot of possibilities,

    The skin is nice and clean(although his face reminds me of the joker xD), and fits well the wc3 environment, just lacks some cracks on the skull and other details. It would have been nice to get an icon for him, but well, the skin was nice anyways,

    I understand trolls are always related to health regeneration, but with the abilities this troll has he can easily regenerate all of his life. I don't understand why the shadow clones should also regenerate life, it's just random and not too balanced.

    The Juju Spear was truly nice as an everyday spell, simple and useful, I liked it. Also Intimidation was a great buff spell. These two spells saved the rank a bit.
  • 3. DemonHuntress: If we change the name so it does not sound like a female version of an already existing hero, the idea was fairly nice, mainly with an etereal cat and all.

    Now, I'll have to admit this was the most fun hero of all. Pounce might be an overused spell, but it worked as the everyday spell. Firestormm does not sound too night elvish, but it's just nice and flasy, and makes you want to use it. Elusive Steed is the greatest passive I've ever seen, with the evade while moving part, it helps you feel like a real mounted warrior.

    The ultimate was the least fun of the spells, but considering it made the other spells better, it was nice and useful.

    Too bad it only uses placeholder art though.
  • 5. DarkApothecary: The very idea of an undead hero that uses potions and other alchemy-related things is great, mostly considering all the plague he could spread. But perhaps on this hero it was a bit exaggerated.

    The model and skin are nice and fit well in wc3, although the mask is a tad bit random the rest is truly nice. One thing that kills the hero is the voice though, you have this quite creepy looking undead hero with a scythe, but he speaks like a goblin.

    The spells were nice but quite too simple. Noxious Fumes is just a cloud with damage, and atrophy is too similar to other spells. The good thing about the Catalyst is the synergy it has, but there isn't much to it anyways. Not too much fun, but the hero isn't boring either.

    Now an spell that quite kills all the hero (almost as much as the voice) is the Plaguebearer one. It's too massive and imbalanced for a melee game. When one starts the plague it seems fairly unstoppable and also leaves ugly things on the ground. I just didn't like this spell.
  • 6. TheUnderRuler: Although undeads are no longer friends with the Burning Legion, the idea of a more advanced dreadlord is somewhat nice, but it might feel a bit repetitive.

    The model is nice, and managed to look quite different from a common dreadlord, and fits greatly the idea of the hero. I don't like the fact that the mouth is too red, and in the portrait (mostly when using red team color) it's too difficult to notice it. Too bad he doesn't have a custom icon, but the skin is fairly nice. The voice fits him well.

    About the spells, Infernal Resurgence is too typical and quite excessive for a normal spell, I don't like too much the fact of having a huge fire star as an everyday spell. Day of the death lacks some awesomeness, although it fits well with the hero.

    Now a spell I didn't like was Vision of the Paradise, it's also too massive, mainly considering is a passive. I just don't like how noisy and excesive it is, I mean, it's just too much of a knockback spell for a hero of this kind, I don't think it fits well too.

    Now, the Frigthening Form was just amazing, it's great, it fits great to the hero and is fun to use. This spell was the best of the 4, and a good reason to raise the hero's rank.
  • 7. Behemoth: The concept of the hero was truly interesting. Not only did it use to be a Necromancer, but now it's a hulking beast. With the proper abilities this could have became a great hero.

    The model and skin are fairly decent, but not too impressive. The model lacks attachmets points, so it could be considered unfinished. The mouth in the portrait moves too much and somethimes the teeth go below his neck or something. He also lacks an icon, but well. The voice fits him nice though.

    About the spells, all of them are rather boring in my opinion, considering all of them are just damage and damage... For a huge beast which used to be a necromancer he seems to have forgotten his magical capacities. Reconstruction was quite interesting, but not really fun. Overall, the spells are not directly bad, but they all just seem to focus on damaging easily making it boring.
  • 8. Annelord: The idea of a rotten undead zombie with lots of worms comming out of its body is amazing, and could be used for great spells. Sadly enough, the idea couldn't have an artist finishing his work, and the spells are not as great as they could be for this concept.

    The hero itself wasn't too much fun, but there were some things that must be mentioned. The incubator spell could be used on the insects generated by the incubator spell, generating more insects that could generate more and more insect, it shouldn't target summoned units. Fester wasn't an awesome spell either and it was too boring. The Consolidation spell is also too strong, mainly considering you also gain hit points when your insect pets die. And the ultimate, although useful, doesn't quite fit the hero.
  • 9. AvengerOfFaith: Although humans already have paladins, these don't represent well the 'fanatic holy warrior' kind of hero. A crusader(Or Avenger of Faith) could have nice abilities and easily look epic.

    About the model, the crosses are way too odd ingame, and the overuse of glue textures don't fit well with other cartoony units. Two things are terrible about this model though, the lack of hero-glow and the bad camera on the portrait.

    His spells were quite too massive. It's good to be flashy and all, but Sternkreis is plainly exaggerated. The light of Call of Gourgella is also too huge. Combining inmunity to magic and life regeneration on Faithfulness is also a bad idea for balancing.

    Enigma was quite the best spell, but it lacked a nice teleport fx when moving, so it makes it look odd.
  • 10. MageHunter: A Mage Hunter is an interesting idea, as she should have plenty of tactics to trick these casters.

    The model isn't truly great, but it doesn't feel bad either. One terrible thing is the size of the eyse and the lack of detail for a hero. The voice fits her well though.

    Now, the hero herself wasn't quite fun. The Arcane Shock was too imbalanced considering it merged both damage with silencing spells. The energy clone is truly just a summoned that relates directly to the hero, and mana tap is a simple (but quite good) buff. Of all the spells the Mage Tracking seems to be the nicest, but it isn't too awesome for an ultimate.
  • 11. GraveReaper: A hero that is made of random corpses sounds great, but only if made the proper way. This one didn't follow too much of its concept.

    The skin is plainly terrible, too blurry and it does not seem to fit wc3 too much. The firelord one looks too much like the firelord. Of course it's a good thing he has team colored shoulder pads and all, but the skin somewhat kills the concept. The voice should have been changed too.

    The hero is pretty imbalanced as well, with too much damage and all. The Impact spell shouldn't create corpses (mostly considering the hero regenerates with corpses). The Plagueflare is way too massive for a normal spell and does too much damage. The Graverobber spell removes the chance for ghouls to cannibalize and necromancers to raise dead, and considering this is an undead hero it just kills an important part of this race. And the infernal assumption is just a simple metamorphosis. Not too awesome.
Remember that I don't know anything about coding nor balancing, so I can't judge well many things related to these two aspects. I mostly based my votes on General Concept or Idea, Art and Fun, as you can see on the comments (the 'fun' part is where I talk about the spells themselves)

Awesomeness = #Rep / #Posts
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Default Hero contest III

  • 2. ArcaneRanger: ArcaneRanger - 2
    It seriously annoys me that I am playing Undead with a freaking ranger, I am not even going to talk about wc3 saga on this... The model seemed quite nice however except for the name (Sylvanas Cousin!?) but it was quite funny. Some of the icons were quite old and suffered minor changes but I liked them as well, IMO MC! did a good job in deed. About the spell, the first ability was not bad, a nice channel spell that although doesn't fit the hero and is quite useless in higher levels, it is always nice. The mana ability is weird ... Sure it trades the mana of the hero, but it is annoying, when I heal mana under the buff, the mana healed won't appear when the effect of the spell ends. it's just like I never healed mana at all... The move ability is quite nice and I like the detail "arrow must hit enemy", since it is quite realistic; however this spell has the tooltip wrong as it repeats some text. The ultimate is a cliché IMO, a spell done many times before, but changed into a nice purple arrow.
    This is a good submission.
  • 3. AvengerOfFaith: Avenger of faith - 3
    Quite a stunning hero at first. The model is well done (although I didn't understand why his footsteps were blood) and the combination of icons seems good. However, the some icons (the hero per example) lack a DISBTN icon, and so when we press f10 the icon turns green, which is obviously negative. About the spells, the spiral spell was quite nice. Another cliché spell changed here with a funny twist. However it bugs, first I though the hero would play a defense animation while in that form (but then something happened he always kept it) but that is minor. The bug that really annoyed me was the trade of life/mana. When the hero doesn't have mana, he loses 20 hp, but hell he loses mana as well, and we shouldn't! he should regenerate until the value of 20 it for God sake! The light explosion spell is also very nice IMO. The regeneration skill looks a crappy change from inner fire or some other custom ability (didn't see the code) but the ultimate is almost pure gold. Instant blink to any position ... although not hard to do, I wonder why this idea never occurred me. I find it obvious that the strong link in this team is the modeler (no offense for the coder) which although made some minor mistakes, also made a very good job. Oh and btw, the theme fits nice with human as well and, for a change, the tooltips are not bad. This would be a candidate vs Vexorian hero, if not by the simplicity of the code (except the first skill, that one is quite hard).
  • 3. DeadEye: DeadEye - 3
    A nice hero in most aspects. The model suits the race will as well as the icons, although the portrait could be better IMHO. About the spells, most of them are not much complicated, except for the ultimate, which I think it is pure awesomeness, although it could create some rays to to the healing units. The passive skill is unbalanced however. As I expected, a good job from dusk.
  • 3. DemonHuntress: DemonHuntress - 3
    Another impressive hero. Although the model could be a lot better and the codes could use some fixing. In the model the portrait usually fixes a wrong area, or shows nothing at all. In the spells, the buffs totals steal the magic of the spell, I know how you made some of the spells just by looking into the buffs, the passive skill and the ultimate are some of them. The ultimate is in this case simpler than the other spells and the jump could be better with some more lifting, but I admit I enjoyed the hero.
  • 3. DreadBerserker: DreadBerseker - 3
    The model is nothing special here and neither are the icons.The hero also doesn't fit the human race at all, it would be an obvious hero for orcs. Also, for some reason people fail to understand that passive skills are always in 3rd slot. About the spells the first one seems to bug if I can't see the enemy, everything is fired, but the bastard takes no damage at all. Without that I must say Av3n did a pretty good job. I was starting to think he was a newb, but now I see how I was wrong, this spells require knowledge and the ultimate is something really nice. I kinda feel motivated to try CG DD after seeing this magnificent hero, good job Av3n.
  • 4. Annelord: Annelord - 4
    Well the model seems like it is missing one hand and if we keep in mind wc3 saga, the forsaken want the scourge dead, they wouldn't join it. Also some of the spells bugged, especially the aura which only healed units when it freaking wanted to. Also the tooltip of the first spell is wrong and most spells are not as "WOW" as I though specially the ultimate, which made me quite disappointed, besides being a normal spell it was unbalanced... Also the fact that the poison buff also can KILL YOU really pisses me of, but since this is about gameplay, I wont consider this into my vote.
    Also, who created the model of the hero? I didn't see the modelers message in the welcome message, maybe I didn't look well (I wont consider this important).
    Sorry pyro, maybe next time I give you better score.
  • 6. Behemoth: Behemoth - 6
    Well, this is is the worst case of balance I've seen so far ... The hero fits in the scourge, although it is uglier than the rest it is a nice abomination hero in deed. The model is as ugly as hell, but is a nice model I think .About the spells .. First passive abilities (according to blizz heroes) are always in 3rd slot, not in 1st. The passive ability seems to bug damn hard on units, since they somehow stop their attacks for no reason. It also affects ranged units (if they are not in contact with teh skin, why the hell are they taking damage?) and mechanical units (how can you freaking poison a sheet of metal and kill it!?). The orb ability was something between cinematic and channeling, I seriously don't know ... and the steal life ability was unbalanced has hell, but quite nice also. The ultimate is quite violent, but it is just the hero style. IMHO i see over all a lack of eye candy in this hero's spells. The icons were not bad also, however some of the tooltips were insanely hard for me to understand.
    If I gave poor Pyro a low score, this can't get a bigger one ...
  • 6. DarkApothecary: Death Apotecary - 6
    Another blow to the wc3 saga, the apothecary actually tries to kill the scourge in here:

    Anyway the death apothecary has quite a nice model with an weapon the movie does bot, but still the model is well done. It just pisses me off the voice, seriously, the doesn't match the model. About the spells, they were GUI and quite simple most of them and many had bugs. I didn't see any enemy unit missing the target and the ultimate bugs hard, it just leaves green smokes and effects in the map for no reason.The tooltips were also good I think.
    Because this is GUI, I hope you understand I can't give you such a good grade as I did to others who learned vJASS.
  • 6. GraveReaper: GraveReaper - 6
    The model looks a clown and I am not sure if it would fit undead... also the icons are all pretty basic except the last thta is a modification. Also the spells of the hero bug, his first ability bugs bad with the passive one (which should have a PASBTN icon and not DISBTN) and its second ability bugs even harder with the ultimate because if I use it, I lose morph. I am quite disappointed with this hero in many levels, I expected better.
    Also, the map for this hero is not compiled ...
  • 6. MageHunter: MageHunter - 6
    Shame this is GUI, it is actually a great submission with good ideas, I even learned a few tricks myself (ultimate rocks). Th model is quite good, but there is only 1 custom icon, however the other icons fit good the spell and the slots, I am impressed. About the code, there is not much to say, it is GUI and not MUI (unfortunately) so I can't give it high ranking but I really liked the hero.
  • 6. TheUnderRuler: TheUnderRuler - 6
    This is a contradictory submission, there is code in GUI, JASS and vJASS, organization is a complete mess. The model is good, but again the portrait could be better, and there are no special icons. About the spells, I find them funny, but the code just messes me up completely and I have strong conviction spells are not MUI.
Well, here is my vote. I know it wont please many people but I always had mind the other participants and the effort of the creators. In the end I decided take 2 points from all heroes so they could get better grades. Again this is a complicated time for me, and I am happy and lucky I actually managed to see all submissions in only 2 days. My regret is that I only had time to join the Olympics, I would like to see my own hero here too, but I didn't had time and I tried to be as benevolent and fair as I could.
Hope you all understand my vote, maybe next time I will join this contest which I think it was a sucess, so many good heroes and ideas together =)
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. MageHunter: -I made it...

    Note to the guy that sayed it sounds like the hero from DoTA-Neither me or Linaze played DoTA...
  • 2. ArcaneRanger: The abilities are very interesting, and the model is awesome. It is pretty much balanced and has no bugs, at least not that i noticed. Good job!
  • 3. AvengerOfFaith: What i really liked about that hero is the spell effects. They are very cool, and look very blizz-like. I like the spell ideas aswell, and the model is nice. In other words-keep it up!
  • 3. DeadEye: The model is very good, and the spells are awesome! I liked the gameplay and, well, basically anything.
  • 3. TheUnderRuler: The effects of the spells aren't really that great, but the model\skin is very good. Also, the spells are pretty nice, and the hero is balanced. Nice.
  • 4. Behemoth: Very nice hero, although i didn't really liked the model. The abilities, however, are fascinating. And the sounds fit the hero perfectly. However, the hero was very unbalanced. While the other hero's managed to (hardly) destroy a big(red) camp of creeps, this hero basically destroyed the whole camp with full health :\
  • 4. DarkApothecary: I really like the model, and that ultimate is kewl. The spells are nice, and the ideas are nice as well.
  • 5. Annelord: The hero was very unique and the abilities were nice, but there were some things i didn't like, like the ultimate.
  • 5. DemonHuntress: I liked most of the spells, but the gameplay was pretty boring. The ultimate is a bit weird. I really hoped to see a model here, too bad your model weren't made in time.
  • 6. DreadBerserker: The skin is pretty nice, but i think the main idea wasn't that good. The spells preformed very well, but again, the ideas were pretty bad, i think.
  • 9. GraveReaper: Unopenable in warcraft. Also, from what i see, the skin\model isn't very good.
Good luck guys!
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. Behemoth: -only two complaints...i dont like how all the attacks have green pictures...also he seems a bit too fast for a big character

    -awesome/original attacks! well done!

    -the ultimate attack is PURE GENIUS!
  • 1. TheUnderRuler: -perfect,perfect and perfect!

    -my favorite character to be!

    -love the ultimate attack

    -love the attacks

    -the passive ability is awesome!!
  • 2. DeadEye: -awesome ultimate attack and the animations were great!

    -attack pictures were distorted...

    -passive ability might be a bit too cheap

    -awesome display pictures!

  • 2. GraveReaper: -very creepy...i like it

    -very nice images

    -original attacks...passive ability is very useful and the attacks are great.

    -ultimate attack is good, animation for this attack is also neat. One thing though is that I wish it would give you more stat increase since most ultimates that are similar to this heroes' give more stats.
  • 3. ArcaneRanger: -confused with the 2 character spawned...both did the same thing!

    -good attacks all of them...but no passive ability!

    -ultimate attack was pretty neat!

    - i liked the ability to switch places with someone! very neat and useful and also it can mess with your friend's heads :P

    -neat character design...i like! plus the light forces NEEDS some good heroes cause damned forces have most of the good heroes!
  • 4. DreadBerserker: -Liked the image although it is similar to a preexisting hero...would like it better if it was a completely new image.

    -Liked the ultimate but it would be better if I could have full control over their actions (ie: if i needed to escape, i could leave one behind to take the damage.)

    -Good abilities, useful passive ability.
  • 5. DemonHuntress: -original attacks...all 3 were good

    -image next to the stats was a bit off-centered though (like alien's image)

    -ultimate attack can be a bit useless since the hero has to be in that area and does not have much use besides spying
  • 7. Annelord: -seems a bit too weak

    -could boost up the attack damage of the attacks, but decrease the time duration of the attacks to even it out
  • 10. DarkApothecary: -display picture was distorted

    -attacks did no damage and only decreased attack speed...with the exception of one attack which did SOME damage.

    -ultimate attack requires an undead creep and there were not many to test it on...useless ultimate attack
  • 11. AvengerOfFaith: -Did not like the health drain move

    -Ultimate was a bit weak

    -"Metamorphosis' " image was only a darkened image of the normal image. Either change it completely or not at all.

    -no passive ability :(
  • 11. MageHunter: -image seems a bit distorted

    -passive ability doesn't help in single player games and will not help in the end of a game (only drains >100 mana !!!!)

    -ultimate is pretty useless since in Dday, the mini-map already shows heroes.

    -although original character
Light forces needs a new GOOD hero more than the damned forces do since most of the good heroes reside in the damned forces...
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. MageHunter: I don't really understand the voting, here at WC3C, but I vote 1 (Best) for this Hero, anyway... Reason is because I really like the idea, and the spells. It just looks like it could easily fit in (which was the reason of this competition, right?)! Model also looks quite good, even though an icon is a little bit funny! ^^
    Other heroes don't look so "fitty" to me :/
  • 2. ArcaneRanger: Uuum... nice texture!
  • 3. DeadEye: Great model, and an icon too! :D
  • 4. GraveReaper: Rawr, nice idea! Good icon!
  • 5. DarkApothecary: Nice model! ^-^
  • 6. DreadBerserker: Cool :D But it should use different icon
  • 7. AvengerOfFaith: Look, bit, weird...
  • 7. Behemoth: Nothing special... either
  • 8. DemonHuntress: I don't like the icon that is using, Priestess of the Moon is already using it
  • 9. Annelord: Nothing special...
  • 10. TheUnderRuler: This one looks the most unfitting
voting is very complicated :(
Yesterday is history, tommorow is a mistery, but today is a gift, that is why it is called present.
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Linaze will become famous soon enough (50)Linaze will become famous soon enough (50)

Default Hero contest III

  • 1. MageHunter: ==I made it==
  • 2. ArcaneRanger: High Elves ftw! Nice model, good use of in-game textures and animations. No direct flaws, the abilities were also very nice. Extremely good work!
  • 3. DeadEye: This skeleton archer is more badass than any of it's kind, I like the model very much, the abilities were also very good.
  • 4. TheUnderRuler: Looks a tad bit too similar to the dreadlord IMO, the spells were, however, very nice, especially the ulti.
  • 5. DreadBerserker: Very good skin, too bad you didn't do a custom icon. Anyways, the abilities were quite nice.
  • 6. AvengerOfFaith: I think the model of this hero was nice, even though it didn't really look like a hero. The abilities were really nice.
  • 7. DarkApothecary: A bit confusing and messy hero until you learned to play it, the model was however, quite good.
  • 8. Behemoth: Felt too much like an undead-ified Pit Lord, I did not like the model too much.
  • 9. Annelord: The model wasn't that great, some of the abilities were average whilst some were lacking a bit.
  • 10. DemonHuntress: Not much too say here, I think the hero was lacking a bit overall.
  • 11. GraveReaper: Bad skin, didn't really like the abilites that much either.
Good work all!
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In Flames
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Submissions (3)

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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. ArcaneRanger: Really awesome model, spell fx, and icons.
    However i really didnt like the bonus damage ability...it was quite sucky...other abilties were quite cool, but the laserbeam-ability was a little bit weak.
  • 1. DeadEye: Really awesome model, Really nice skillset, fits the hero quite well (maybe a little overpowered).
    However i didnt really like the Special Effects of the Ulti though (it certainly looked good, but didnt fit to the ability itself), and the sounds were quite annoying aswell...
  • 2. Annelord: Well although the art-part of this submission was really lacking, i got a real melee feeling about this hero ...i liked the abilities really...although some were kinda simple and the summon spell was kinda weak... (since in real melee the opponent could simply backup the unit .. and the spawned summons would be too weak..)
  • 3. AvengerOfFaith: Nice model, although it didnt look to heroic ...
    Sternkreis ability was really nice (althouh slightly overpowered)
    second ability was quite nice aswell ... third one was kinda boring ...
    Ultimate was a really nice idea, although not realised perfectly (bugs) and i dunno if it would be balanced enough for melee maps ...
    Icons were nice, although DISBTNs were missing.
  • 3. Behemoth: Really nice model, skin was lackin though ....nice icons ...
    The passive ability seems to be bugged, since units randomly didnt attack at all ....
    The Effect of the orb-ability were to small ....and the life-regen -ability was overpowered ...but the ultimate was nice.
  • 3. DarkApothecary: Really nice model....
    Nice skillset ideas, but they were kinda unbalanced, some were to weak (third spell) and some to strong (ultimate)... aswell the ulti-thingies stayed much too long.
    The cool thing about the spells, is, they really fit to the heros theme.
  • 3. DemonHuntress: I liked the model, although it was definitly not as good as some of the others...
    I although would have liked some more Special Effects regarding the spells, ...esp regarding the Ulti ...
  • 4. DreadBerserker: Hmm ..i didnt like skin too much...
    Skills were kinda ..boring somehow...and not fitting to well to an undead hero.
    aswell they missed real action (fun since 2 of them were kinda passive) / no nice special effects.
  • 4. TheUnderRuler: Nice model...although not too much changed compared to standard model...
    Solid skillset, although i did find ulti kinda boring.
  • 5. MageHunter: i really hate this Icon :/
    and the model is good but not perfect...
    solid, but kinda boring skillset.
  • 6. GraveReaper: I didnt like the skin/model too much, icons werent that good aswell.
    I did like the second spell ..though..
    Sadly this hero had a bunch of bugs..
    e.g. my corpses didnt heal me during ulti ...and second spell blah ..
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. DreadBerserker: I love Av3n's work!
  • 2. ArcaneRanger: Very well done all around. Very polished in both effects and spells. Ready to step into a WC3 map!
  • 3. DeadEye: Great model
  • 4. AvengerOfFaith: I love this model so much I'm putting it in TBR!
  • 5. TheUnderRuler: Skin was just ok but these spells were easily my favorite to play with!
  • 6. DarkApothecary: Love the model... what a scary dude.
  • 6. DemonHuntress: Seemed very unfinished.
  • 7. Behemoth: This guy was AWESOME! Love this model!
  • 8. MageHunter: I like the idea, but more of a dota hero than a WC3 hero.
  • 9. Annelord: Didn't really move me.
  • 10. GraveReaper: I like the skin but the spells weren't that great in the effect department
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. ArcaneRanger: I like the model, like the spells, like the icons and like the effects. I just think that as a hero, he is most customized and fun to play with.
  • 2. AvengerOfFaith: I like the whole idea of the hero, but the model could still be improved to look more hero-like. For example, the crosses at the shield and shoulder pads could be a distinctive surface, not just painted on (not sure I was clear). Spells go very nicely, I like them all.
  • 2. DeadEye: There are a lot of good models created for this contest, but I certainly like this one the most. Just look at it. When I first found out you'll make a skeleton archer, I thought it was a waste of time. Boy, was I surprised. The whole art section deserves the highest grade. Still, the spells deserve some nice custom effect. Rickets has the same effect as Cripple. Spells were ok, i didn't liked the barrage at first, but once I've played some time, it was very usefull. The only reason this is second is that I thing that the Arcane Ranger deserves to hold the first place by himself as he was completely new.
  • 2. DreadBerserker: The skin is done as good as it can get. Love it! Spells are also good, though I don't like the spear counting the distance passed. Though that may just be me.
  • 2. TheUnderRuler: You've taken the Dreadlord to the next level. Excellent done. The effects are really, really good. I'm primary thinking of Day of the Dead. Spells description could be shorten to fit a melee (melee hero as a hero for a melee game) hero more.
  • 3. Behemoth: The model screams for a custom icon. Very good stuff. Spells are interesting, perhaps more balance, I'm not sure (perhaps I'm just that good).
  • 3. DarkApothecary: I don't see why he has a beak, or is that some sort of a mask? Besides that the model is awesome. Noxious Fumes needs to be better done. If you kill an enemy with it, you don't get bounty. Quite irritating. Plaguebearer could use some more love effect-vise. Other than that, he's pretty cool.
  • 3. DemonHuntress: This hero isn't done. It's tooltip is the same as the Priestess of the Moon, and it's model is just half-transparent, I was quite disappointed. The spells were quite good, though, Elusive Steed doesn't stack with Endurance aura. Still, I like them all.
  • 3. GraveReaper: A very likable hero. Skins could be improved, sure, icons are cool. The spells sounded too confusing, but after a while I got use to it.
  • 4. Annelord: No hero tooltip, and the selection scale is too small for such a big unit. These are small points, but the presentation should be important. Anyway, as for the spells I like Incubator and Hivebeing. They all go pretty well though.
  • 4. MageHunter: Model was ok, actually it's the only thing that I liked, to be honest. Spells weren't quite innovative, I liked Arcane Shock, but that's it. Also, I don't think you've chosen the best icons for the spells, separately they look good, but together not so much. Still, a valid effort.
There is not a worst hero, just heroes that need more love. GJ to all, really.
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Submissions (2)

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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. DeadEye: Great model. Very great animations and very cool spells to.
    He's also very balanced, because the spells didn't make him imba, but just fine. 10/10
  • 2. DarkApothecary: VERY awesome model. This would have been my #1 vote, however I don't like one of his spells that creates the "sleep" effect on the ground. After a while I had hundreds of those on the ground. 9/10
  • 3. ArcaneRanger: Great Model and great spells. A typical ranger hero. Good Job. However the competition was too good to make it to the first place for me. 8/10
  • 4. TheUnderRuler: Nice hero and some nice spells, however his ultimate was kinda easy. Also a pretty nice model edit. 7/10
  • 5. DreadBerserker: Nice skin and some nice spells. 5th place. 7/10
  • 6. MageHunter: Very nice model, however his spells were very easy and not so impressive. However a 6th place. 6/10
  • 7. DemonHuntress: An oke hero. I don't get his ultimate that much, but he has some nice abilities. 6/10
  • 8. AvengerOfFaith: Nice hero, has some nice spells, however his ultimate is completely bugged and overpowered. Using it on an item makes the hero go to the middle of the map.
  • 9. GraveReaper: Don't like the skin, and the spells are also a bit weird.
  • 10. Behemoth: Don't like the skin and don't like the spells.
  • 11. Annelord: Don't really like the idea, and the model, but this is just my opinion.
Overall a very good hero contest!
Everyone who made heroes atleast made betters then what I would have done if I entered the contest.

Good Job!
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Litany is a jewel in the rough (219)Litany is a jewel in the rough (219)Litany is a jewel in the rough (219)Litany is a jewel in the rough (219)

Default Hero contest III

  • 1. Annelord: Concept: Too bad the artist bailed. The concept has legs... well, so to speak. Definitely the best of the bunch.

    Incubator: Solid utility ability, but the way annelid life is determined is no good.
    Fester: Smells like Flamestrike. Could use a twist/some novelty.
    Consolidation Aura: Ties into the concept nicely. I assume the synergy with Incubator is intentional, which is an interesting, roundabout way to work life leech. Percents still don't jive with ladder, though, and even if they did this would get out of hand very quickly.
    Hivebeing: Nice flavor/idea for a visual, but the mechanical implementation obviously fell through.
  • 2. ArcaneRanger: Concept: Unlike the Dark Ranger, this Ranger doesn't feel very rangery. Perhaps Arcane Archer? In any case the concept is fine. It's actually surprising Blizzard didn't make a Legolas to complement the Gimli MK in the first place.

    Focus Magic: A non-single-target drain is kind of interesting, but ultimately too easily outmaneuvered.
    Enchant: I suppose activation instead of autocast differentiates it enough from Searing Arrows, but just because he's an archer doesn't mean he needs three arrow abilities. If Searing Arrows Redux was the best you could come up with, why not try a non-arrow ability instead?
    Diffeactive (?) Arrow: Diffractive Arrow, I guess? Anyway, mechanically speaking something like this could probably work in ladder. The flavor in this case is just weird, though. It's a friggin arrow, guys.
    Arcane Arrow: Pretty much what you'd expect, but kind of underwhelming.
  • 3. DarkApothecary: Concept: I too am a fan of the awesome bird-masks physicians wore during the plague.

    Noxious Fumes: Mostly good, but the 10% thing is iffy.
    Atrophy: It's a "concoction", not a spell, so the name is off. Effect is fine.
    Catalyst: The flavor is almost right, but shouldn't a catalyst increase the effects of other abilities? And why does it cause a miss chance on its own, other than the fact that mechanically it needs to? Why not some other effect, perhaps one that you can justify with flavor?
    Plaguebearer: Needs fine-tuning, but in principle something like it should work. Note that fine-tuning could mean anything from changing the allowable targets to making it an AoE spell. You'd really have to run it through the gauntlet of mechanical possibilities to hit on the right configuration.

    This guy is happy I ignored art and implementation. Lots of bugs and lackluster visuals.
  • 4. DeadEye: Concept: It had to be ranged, so why not an archer? Neither brilliant nor lame, which is exactly what you want in a ladder hero.

    Barrage: Barrage is already a ladder ability, so the name has to be replaced. Otherwise it's a solid multishot.
    Rickets: Great name--for an AoS. Sadly, for all that it's probably my favorite ability name of the contest, it doesn't suit ladder. The mechanical effect is passable.
    Graverobber: The flavor is kind of there, although I don't see how the name describes the ability at all. In any case its effect is impossible to quantify over the course of a game, and that tends to be bad for ladder.
    Quench Life: This one's a thematic non sequitur. On a different hero I might like it, but it's really out of place here.
Everyone else creams themselves over art without giving much consideration to suitability of flavor and mechanics, so I ignored art and implementation completely (no bonus points for pretty or bug-free). I also only ranked submissions that were competitive once art and implementation were excluded. In other words, I reviewed the design, the whole design and nothing but the design.
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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. ArcaneRanger: This hero is a perfect balance of Warcraft-feel and awesome skills. Focus Magic made me smile like a 6 year old on Christmas everytime I cast it, while his Enchant left me dealing awesome damage and "wtfpwning" all in my path without being rigged. His movement spell works wonderfully and adds to a whole new branch of gameplay to the hero. His ultimate just rips apart enemies both in numbers and visuals, even though I question its balance due to its ability to instantly kill Farms and other such weaker structures. My ONLY real problem with this hero was Enchant's special effect falling below the ground, which would be easily fixed by either changing it to a flame effect on the bow or simply moving its attachment point to his chest instead of his origin. Great job!
  • 2. DeadEye: Damn you Team Dusk. Damn you for your ability to create such epicness out of thin air. The model PERFECTLY catches warcraft's "feel" if not goes over-board in its cartoonyness. The first skill is a sort of boring arrow-based nuke with flashy FX, while the second is just a ladder skill (no harm in that if it goes with the theme and gameplay, but its still uninteresting) His passive is quite lovely, except for the fact that he still auto-attacks while invisible, leaving the player running back and forth or mashing the STOP key to keep him from uncloaking. His ultimate is an old Dusk ability with a new twist and (pardon my expression) "jizz in your pants" visuals". It all works quite well in a ladder match and fits Warcraft as a whole, perfectly, if not too much.
  • 3. DarkApothecary: Another top notch model/skin from AnemicRoyalty. Nothing I can complain about at all. I must congratulate him for getting the walk-animation down PERFECTLY! I wish they had chosen a different unit-voice instead of the cartoony Alchemist, but the relation to his theme is obvious. His skills do not reflect the overall greatness that is this model. His first is great but does fairly little in gameplay-effects. His two other level one skills are repeditive debuff concocstions that I believe could have been melded into one skill. His ultimate is quite lame. Very little "poof" to disguise the fact that the game is litterally switching out the target for another unit, who is in itself quite uninteresting.
  • 4. DreadBerserker: A great skin from THE_END that rose above his generic nuke, passive and ultimate and his contradictory debuff. Perhaps if they found a more interesting way to integrate death and regeneration instead of stacking on critical strike.
  • 5. AvengerOfFaith: Like other custom models, this one fails to capture the "warcraft" feel, but in itself isn't bad at all. His first skill is a great conversion of a great Diablo 2 spell. His second skill's gameplay effect does not really live up to epicness of its SFXs. His buff is simple and effective while having a great buff-effect. I have no complains with his ultimate other than the fact that it really has NOTHING to do with the Hero's theme. Oh, and the teleportation cooldown makes it feel glitchy and frustrating.
  • 6. GraveReaper: This hero is a pleasant surprise, since I speculated it to be my pick for Worst before I had tested. His skin is of amateur quality, but the effort is evident. The Copy-Pasted shoulder pads make him look silly though, since I believe them to be from a lobster. The icon is messy and blurring and lowers the overall effect of the hero. His first skill is simply a delayed storm-bolt that shoots corpses and creates corpses at the target's location. This mesh of skills is very silly and unneeded, while also looking like crap. His second skill on the other hand, looks wonderful, while doing fairly little in game terms. His passive is kind of foolish, and should not have been the focus of ALL his skills since the cool down is quite large and frustrating and the idea of "sucking" nearby corpses to you just to grow bigger is kind of silly. His ultimate, like his second skill, has a lot of aesthetic appeal, but ends up doing fairly little and being ending fairly quickly.
  • 7. TheUnderRuler: The model is quite interesting but is thrown off by a bland skin. His first skill is really quite good in both effect and SFX. The way his summon-skill flowed was kind of annoying, in that the units would sometimes just sit there upon summoning and having multiple summons meant that I couldn't just double-click summon them all. His passive was just goofy as hell, and swayed off his over all theme, while his ultimate was great except for the glow of the bats and their annoying collision size.
  • 9. Annelord: First of all, the model change was VERY minimal, being only the Left arm of the Hero. Despite that, the arm model wasn't bad, but it's missile animation ruined it, since I expected some sort of green, foggy missile similar to what is poring from its arm instead of a red fiery smoke that's Birth animation is too short to stay alive from firing to hitting its target. The summons are lame; functioning as meat-walls. The debuff is interesting and possibly the only skill that might work in a ladder game. His aura would be quite rigged considering the amount of units that would die in a single battle, and the range of the aura, being able to effect the players entire army if placed well. His ultimate is esthetically pleasing but its effect is lackluster and doesn't live up to its persived usefullness.
  • 9. DemonHuntress: A horrible model edit attached to an interesting hero that had a unrelated name and theme. Perhaps if its name was Crystallis, going with the light, crystal theme instead of the demon, fire theme which its skills and model obviously do not represent.
  • 10. Behemoth: Like many custom models, this perticular one fails to capture the "warcraft-feel" that stands warcraft out from the other games of the genre. This model and skin are pretty low detail and the overall Hero looks sort of odd with half of its body being fleshy mounds and the other half being the skeleton of a pit-bull. The spells were iffy in all areas. The passive was unengaging and confusing since it explains that fleshy-plague or whatever splashes on the attacker, but it effects attakers of all ranges, including far away ranged units that are obviously not "splashed" by anything. The other skills use SFX from Warcraft that don't really fit very well, except for the skeletons that are created due to his ultimate. His heal-nuke is simply over-powered and is very unengaging, due to its lack of luster. His ultimate glitches enemy units, causing them to stand still without care of any damage their taking.
  • 11. MageHunter: This got my Worst vote because, although the portrait looked fairly well, the model and skin itself looked pretty shabby in game. The model was pretty unoriginal; turning the Demon Hunter into high elf-looking character. The skills were unoriginal and were based off a common hero-theme from DotA, which is taking advantage of the fact that Feedback applies to Mirror Images and simply adding in a Silence that deals damage as well. The ultimate would be incredibly rigged in ANY warcraft 3 ladder match as well, even though it was at least a little bit original.
congrats to everyone!
mmm tastey!
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