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Default How to make my Hero's portrait better?

Ok, we have two portrait (Actually two models with camera)

1/ A Bad portrait with black background:

2/ A Good portrait:

So my question is simple, is there anyway to make my Hero's portrait better?
I tried to export HeroShadowHunter's teamglow geo, then import it. Everything works, i also have a good portrait but a red curtain appears right after his head:

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You need to make a copy of the Stand animation and rename it to Portrait, then use geoset anims(?) to make sure the portrait background only appears in Portrait...
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For one, you must have a Portrait animation and preferably a "Portrait Talk" one as well. Then you must place a team-glow plane behind your unit's head, and carefully plan it so that the glow seems to appear just behind the unit's head, so it's a trial-and-error thing(I suggest using Magos' Model Editor and Oinkerwinkle's Vertex Modifier for that, but of course all modeling programs work). Then you use geoset animations to hide the team-glow plane in all animations except for Portrait and Portrait Talk. After that you can use Magos' Model Editor to position your portrait camera how you'd like it. First rotate and move the camera around to get a nice view, remove the current camera and right click in the camera manager and chose "Create New from Current View". Call it whatever you want and voila! You got a good-looking portrait.
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